Carol , the Carpet Guy Ch. 02


CHAPTER 2: A Sequence of Events

We remained aloof and professional through the whole tour. I went to the van and dragged in all my equipment, and began cleaning in the living room.

Carol sat at the breakfast nook in the kitchen, drinking her coffee. I worked in the living room about twenty to thirty feet away, but I could feel her eyes on me as I worked. I saw her staring at me through a wall of mirrors behind her sofa, and I could see longing in her gaze.

Maybe that was in my head, but her eyes on my body as I worked began to turn me on. She never looked down at her magazine. She merely continued to stare from across the rooms.

I felt an erection growing and tried not to think of her or to watch her watching me.

Distracted, I hit the sofa very hard with the head of my vac, and a large glass lamp that was on a table behind the sofa toppled over. It crashed to the floor.

“That’s okay!” Carol shouted, running from the kitchen.

I felt like a clumsy oaf. I turned off the vacuum.

“Really,” she said, hopping onto the sofa on her knees and reaching over the back of it. “It’s just a cheap lamp. It’s not worth anything.”

As she bent over the back of that couch, her skirt rode up, revealing the most gorgeous ass I had ever seen.

She wasn’t wearing panties, only a snap crotch body suit. The thin white crotch could barely contain the bulging mound of her vagina. All three snaps were being pulled by the stretch material and were barely holding those crotch flaps together.

Both her soft, white ass cheeks were fully exposed, muscular, round and perfect.

I realized only then that Carol had stopped speaking, and when I looked up from her amazing bottom, her horrified face stared back at me through the mirror.

“I’m sorry!” I said, my face burning red. “I am so sorry!”

Carol dropped the shards of glass she had retrieved and sat back on her feet, covering her behind with her skirt.

She looked very upset.

“Really,” I said, “I shouldn’t have stared like that. I am so sorry. It was disrespectful. I’ll just pack up my shit and go. Dave can send someone else.” I began to pack up my equipment.

“Harry!” Carol shouted. “Harry, it’s okay. It wasn’t your fault. It was mine.” 

She put her hand on mine, stopping me from rolling up my hose. It felt like electricity flowed between us, even in that glancing touch. She yanked her hand away and we both took a few breaths, unable and unwilling to break eye contact.

Carol blinked and shook her head.

Acting like nothing happened, Beşiktaş escort she said, “Finish the job. Just forget about all of this… this really screwed up attraction thing we have for each other… and finish. I mean it. Really. We’re adults. Please. I want you to.”

I stopped, stood tall and sighed. “I really do apologize. Ogling you like that was way out of line… especially you. You don’t deserve that.”

She smiled, and said, “I think we’re both guilty of some ogling.”

She shrugged and played with her long white hair. “It’s natural, just a passing attraction. Happens to everyone.” She smiled at me playfully. “Someone wise once told me that it’s how we react to it that matters.”

“But wouldn’t me staying here make you nervous?”

“No. We’re both in control of ourselves. Anyway, what could happen? My kids are playing in the yard. Even if we wanted to do anything, which we won’t, my kids would prevent that. So, please, Harry, clean my damn carpets already.”

She smiled and went back to her nook.

I cleaned up the lamp and finished the living room. As I prepared to bring all my equipment upstairs to the bedrooms, the doorbell rang.

I listened as Carol answered her door.

“Hi, Peggy, how are you. Come on inside, I’ll make a fresh pot.”

“Hi, no, that’s okay. I’m all coffeed out. Are the kids available for a play date with Jenny?”


“Right now. I can take them off your hands until dinner time, like five o’clock. We just filled the pool.”

Carol paused for a long time. “But… but this is so last minute…”

“I’m sorry. Why? Are they busy, or something?”

“No,” Carol said, sending a worried glance in my direction. “No. Not at all.”

“Then put their bathing suits on them. I’ll wait.”

Carol nodded and went to collect her kids. Peggy stepped into the house and waited in the foyer. I nodded a greeting and carried my stuff upstairs.

As Carol walked by Peggy at the bottom of the stairs, I heard Peggy say, “Wow, what a hot carpet cleaner. Send him over my house when your done with him.”

Carol whispered too loudly, “That’s not funny!”

Peggy chuckled as Carol brought the kids upstairs to change. I ignored everything and went to work on the bedroom carpets.

About forty minutes after the kids left, I started on the master bedroom. There were pictures of Carol’s husband and family on the walls. He looked nerdy and slightly overweight. That surprised me. I guessed she liked him for his brain. Still, he had a huge home and a beautiful Beşiktaş escort bayan wife, so I guessed his earning power had been a factor.

Isn’t it always?

Carol appeared in the doorway of the bedroom, watching me work.

I tried to ignore her, but she watched me with a new expression on her face, the corners of her lips turned up in a mischievous grin.

I turned the vac off, and smiled at her. “What’s up?”

She shrugged and said, “Nothing,, I just decided that it was safe to ogle you”

I chuckled, and nodded. “Yes, it is.”

“You really are hot, like Peggy so obnoxiously pointed out. I just wanted you to know that… that if I wasn’t married… I would definitely… most definitely… be interested. As it is, I just want to watch you… if you don’t mind.”

“I’m flattered. I would be interested, too.” I spread my arms, smiled and said, “The show is free to watch… but the clean carpets will cost you.”

We chuckled and I went back to work.

Moving a giant potted plant away from a corner, the wall was caked with cobwebs and dust bunnies.

Carol gasped, and said, “Wait! I’ll clean that.”

She ran into the bathroom and returned with a damp towel. Then, as she went to bend down and clean, she stopped, obviously afraid to bare her bottom in front of me again.

So, trying to remain covered, she turned her bottom away from me and crouched down into a deep knee bend.

As she tried to wipe the dust off the walls, she tottered to one side and then the other in that awkward position.

I laughed at her. “Do you want me to turn away so you can clean the fucking corner?”

She scowled and then set her jaw in defiance. Carol smiled fiendishly at me, a naughty twinkle in her eyes.

“No. Not at all. I want you to just sit back, and enjoy the fucking show.”

Carol stood up, turned away from me, and, smiling back to see my reaction, bent over at the waist with her back arched.

She gave her skirt a little tug, pulling it up off her butt and completely exposing her beautiful ass.

I felt a full erection throb in my pants. Falling to my knees three feet behind her, I gasped and said, “Oh my Lord!”

Carol laughed, and said, “Hands off, Harry. This is just a show.”

I nodded excitedly.

Carol began cleaning her walls and wagging her ass dramatically from side to side as she wiped.

It was spectacular.

She said, “I don’t know what I was so uptight about. I mean we’re not dead. There’s no harm in looking at what we can’t–“

Suddenly, Escort beşiktaş right then, as if an invisible hand had unsnapped them, all three snaps popped open, and the tightly stretched material that had covered her crotch sprang apart, and simply disappeared.

Carol froze in horror.

I beheld the most delicious looking pussy and asshole I had ever seen in my life, and time stood still.

Carol screamed, “Oh, my fucking God! That did not just happen!”

When she was screaming, I was lunging forward.

I don’t know exactly when I lost my mind, but my tongue sank deep into her vagina’s opening right about the time she said the word ‘happen’.

She did not react well to this.

As I clutched both her thighs with all my might and ate the living fuck out of that hot, luscious pussy, I remember screaming, and crying, and desperately trying to pull her pussy out of my mouth. She even scratched, kicked, punched and pulled hair, but nothing was going to stop me from eating and licking her vagina.

I truly don’t know how long that fight lasted. It could have been thirty seconds or ten minutes.

All I remember is making a meal out of her vagina until long after she stopped fighting.

She laid completely still and quiet on top of me as I savored every contour of her pussy with my mouth, lips and tongue. We had ended up in a 69 position and after several minutes, I don’t know how long, I finally came back to my senses.

It was like a fog lifted.

I stopped licking her pussy, and said, “Oh, fuck. Let me up. I fucking attacked you. Let me up and call the cops. I’m sorry. I’ll tell them everything…”

“Fuck me,” she said in a stern, but hoarse voice. “Just fucking do it.”

At that point I realized Carol’s face was resting against my erection. She was rubbing her cheek against it through my pants. And then I felt her hand rubbing it as well.

“Whip this huge fucking cock out and just shove it in me. I want you to.”

I began unbuckling my belt. Carol’s head lifted, but she stayed in position, her head hovering above my crotch, watching in anticipation for what was about to appear, for what she had been rubbing her face against as I brutally and relentlessly ate her vagina.

As my cock popped out, the tip brushed her nose and lips. It smacked heavily onto my belly.

Her pale blue eyes widened. She opened her mouth, and, as I lifted my erection, she engulfed it. I heard and felt her moan in delight for the first time.

She had remained quiet through my whole assault. Now she began to moan in pleasure as she blew me.

I went back to licking her gorgeous vagina, this time with soft feathery licks and kisses, even breathing on it hotly a few times, just in a feeble attempt to make her feel half the ecstacy her mouth on my cock was making me feel.

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