Carol Attends First Spanking Party


Chapter One: Their First Party

Before leaving after a night of spanking and sexual fun, Debbie told Ray and Joy that she would love for them to join their spanking club, and that their monthly meeting would be the coming weekend at a hotel located nearby. She explained that check-in begins at four, cocktails at five, but most members don’t begin arriving until seven or eight. She said that she and her friend Marion usually get there between eight and nine PM, and always rent a room at the hotel for après party fun. She also said that she and Marion usually register as tops, while their husbands register as bottoms.

Ray immediately asked if the two girls were also invited, and Debbie informed them that as long as they were 18 or older they could join. Joy then asked her about Linda’s mother or any others in their informal group, but Debbie asked that they keep the guest list to just the five of them, with Linda’s mother included. Joy was also delighted to learn that the club does allow members to register as switches, so she could be both a spanker and spankee during the evening.

“I’m sure that others will be welcome, too,” Debbie said. “However, I can only invite so many as my guests. Why don’t you guys join us as our guests this month, and if you decide to join you can bring others as your guests later.” Everyone agreed that was a good suggestion, and plans were made. They also decided to rent a two bedroom suite for the après party stuff, even though no one planned to do any sleeping that night.

While all the planning was being discussed, Carol continued to see her parents in the video with them locked in pillories. She continued to picture herself in that situation, and wondered if the Debbie’s spanking club used such devices. As the conversation continued, she was becoming wet again and knew that after Debbie and Bill left she probably would need to jill off.

The following Saturday was one of anticipation for Carol. Since moving in with her uncle, she had gone from a conservative high school girl to a sex starved spanking slut, and could not wait for the fun to begin. Linda and her mother, Mistress Grace, arrived at Ray’s house about six PM, and the five of them went to the hotel and registered together.

When they arrived at the spanking club registration desk, they explained that they were all the guests of Debbie. The girl who was handling the guest registrations, a blonde with big tits, explained that unlike other spanking clubs, this one was a hybrid of a BDSM and straight spanking club. Although they don’t promote or practice bondage, BDSM or sexual slavery, the group was slowly changing to one where exhibition and humiliation were becoming the norm.

“In fact,” she commented, “at last month’s board meeting the dress code was changed. Starting with this month’s meeting, anyone registering as a bottom must be nude from the waist up and also must have both ass cheeks bare. He or she can wear either a ‘g’ string or thong to cover their pussy or cock, but the ass cheeks must be bare, visible, and easily accessible to all. Switches can be clothed above the waist, but must also have their ass cheeks bare. Tops can wear whatever they want.”

She also went on to explain that the badges were color coded, with tops wearing blue ones, switches donning yellow ones, and bottoms red ones (pun intended). And, all the badges must be worn on the left side of his/her chest for easy viewing. This, of course, meant that many of the women would have them stuck on their left tit. Then she explained the couples vs. singles rule. Any bottom roaming the floor alone was subject to a spanking by any top or switch who also was alone. But, if the bottom was with a top or switch, any other top or switch wanting to spank that bottom had to offer a trade. “So, anyone wanting some ‘strange’ needs to roam alone”, she explained.

“What if two bottoms are roaming together without a top or switch escort,” Linda asked.

“Then both are subject to instantaneous spankings by any top and switch walking without the company of a bottom,” the big tited receptionist explained.

“Also, last month we changed the oral servitude rule,” she added. “Before midnight no sex of any kind is permitted in the main area. Spanking only. However, at midnight the rules change. Anyone receiving a spanking in the main area after midnight is required to thank the spanker with five minutes of oral servitude. No exceptions. This means if a guy is spanked by another guy, the spankee must suck the spanker’s cock for five minutes. Likewise for bitches.”

“Boy, this is more rules than we have in our neighborhood club,” Ray commented. “But, it sounds like fun.”

“OK, who’s the tops and who’s the bottoms?” the receptionist asked.

“Ray and I are tops,” Linda’s Mom, Mistress Grace, replied. “The two young ladies are both bottoms for now, and this bitch here (indicating Joy) will be a switch.” Both Linda and Carol were surprised at Mistress Grace’s reply, but both nodded their heads in agreement.

Both Carol and Linda were naked except for their Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort stilettos, as was Joy. Mistress Grace was wearing a bustier, but her tits, pussy, and ass were all exposed. She also wore a garter belt, stockings, and stilettos, and had a leather strap handing from her waist. Ray was naked from the waist up, but wore leather pants and boots. And, his leather pants had openings in both the front and rear, so his cock and balls and both ass cheeks were exposed and bare. He also carried a small leather paddle. So, they all met the dress code. They all attached their color coded name tags to their chests and began roaming the room. Since the girls were with tops, they were safe for now. But, Carol knew that Linda wanted to go ‘spanking’ later.

As they slowly walked around the room, Carol could not believe what she saw. In addition to men and women of both sexes naked or near naked, she could hear the sounds of quite a few spankings already in progress. Then she saw the main stage. The stage was against the back wall of the main room, and it contained several spanking apparatus’. It had two spanking benches, a whipping post, a St. Andrew’s cross – and there it was! She saw the pillory. She must have momentarily frozen in her tracks, for Joy had to push her to get her moving again.

“Wanna try it out?” Joy asked. Carol was still speechless.

“Your mother loves it,” she added. “I bet you will, too. And, I still owe you a good spanking for invading my computer earlier this week.”

“Can I?” Carol replied. She knew the jig was up, and that Joy now knew her secret desire.

“How about I book you right after midnight,” Joy replied. “I’d love to see both that ass and mouth at work again.”

“How about me?” Linda asked.

“I think you’d look lovely tied over one of those spanking benches,” Mistress Grace said. “After all, it’s been and while since I spanked your pretty little ass.”

Chapter Two: The Challenge

As they completed their tour, Joy spotted her friend Debbie sitting at a large table in the back of the room. Along with her was another lady, and both had blue (top) badges. Kneeling at their sides were their subby hubbys. Debbie spotted the group, and waved them to join.

“Welcome, fellow spanko’s,” Debbie said.

“What do we have here? Fresh meat?” added her friend, Marion.

“I beg your pardon! You will address me as Mistress Grace, not ‘fresh meat’!” Linda’s mother replied.

Debbie and Joy both looked at each other in dismay. Neither knew Grace very well, but Debbie knew that Marion could be a pushy bitch at times and was afraid where this might be going.

“Ladies, let me introduce everybody,” she volunteered. “This is my friend and fellow Femdom spanko, Marion, and these are our submissive husbands, Bill and Ron. Marion, these are some friends of mine who I just learned are also spanking devotees. This is Ray and his girlfriend, Joy, Ray’s niece, Carol, and her friend, Linda. And, I think you just met Linda’s mother, Mistress Grace. All of them belong to a much smaller, private spanking group and are considering joining ours as well.”

“Welcome all, including you, Mistress Grace,” Marion sarcastically said. “And I apologize to the two tops, including you Mistress Grace, for my comment about ‘fresh meat’. Obviously, I was referring to the two bottom bitches, and possibly their switching friend.”

Grace’s motherly instincts were now in high gear and she was getting very irritated at Marion’s attitude. “Listen here, Marion, or whatever else you’ve been called. These two ‘bottom bitches’ or ‘fresh meat’ as you call them, are my daughter, Linda, and her best friend and my surrogate daughter, Carol. You will treat them with respect or you will become my ‘fresh meat’!”

“Oh, it looks like we have a lively one, here,” Marion replied. “Maybe you would like to back that up some time?”

“Calm down, ladies,” Debbie commented. “Marion, I spent a very lovely evening at Ray and Joy’s home earlier this week, and we did have a lot of fun with them. Grace was not there, but Ray, Joy, Carol, and Linda were all very friendly and good to me and Bill. And, they know how to please, if you know what I mean. And Grace, please don’t take anything Marion says personal. She’s in her female superior mood right now and sometimes that get’s a bit rude. But, she’s always fun to play with!”

Grace was still a bit irritated at their reception. And, in addition to her motherly instincts, her Femdom juices were also stirring. “Well, maybe she’s like to play with this?” Marion replied as she held up her leather strap.

“Sure, just bend over and I will be happy to use it on you,” Marion boasted.

Now Joy and Debbie were also getting aroused, and they could foresee a power struggle about to erupt. But, instead of trying to quell it, Joy wanted to fan the flames. She did not know either lady, but was enjoying the battle of wits.

“Gees, ladies,” Joy teased, “do I hear a challenge on the floor?”

Ray, Carol, and Linda suddenly Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort stared at Joy. They both knew where she was steering the conversation, and they, too, wanted to see some action. So far their visit to the spanking club had been rather boring, and they all wondered who would get spanked first.

“Well, since Marion wants to see the strap used so bad, why doesn’t she volunteer to be the spankee?” Mistress Grace replied.

“Not in your lifetime, which could end shortly,” Marion answered.

Debbie’s carnal urges were now getting stirred, too. She remembered the fun she had when Marion had lost their recent cocksucking contest (see “The Spanking Couples Femdom Cocksucking Contest”) and had to serve as her slave for a day. Maybe she would see that again tonight. “Well, it sounds like we have a standoff, here,” she commented. “Maybe we need a little contest to see who the better woman is.”

“No contest,” Marion boasted. “She’ll be licking my boots soon.”

“Ok, that’s it!” Grace replied. “This bitch needs a good lesson, and I’m the one to give her one.”

Joy saw this as a perfect opening. “How about this,” she added. “Why don’t we have a spanking competition between these two and see who the real top is?”

“What do you propose,” Marion asked.

“How about you two selecting your favorite bottom, and then simultaneously spanking them. Your goal will be to get your bottom to use their safe word first. If your bottom uses his or her safe word first, you win. And, the loser must become the winner’s bottom for the rest of the night.”

Most of the others turned quickly to stare at Joy. What a way to start the evening. Ray, thought, we don’t even know these people and Joy is suggesting that two dominant women have a power struggle. ‘I think that she needs to spend some time on the stage tonight’ he thought.

Mistress Grace could see that she was quickly getting painted into a corner. She really did not know any of these people except for her daughter and Carol. And, she did not want to put Linda or Carol into such a contest, which could last a while. She figured that Marion’s hubby gets spanked regularly, and he probably has a high pain tolerance level. And, she had no plans to be Marion’s bitch tonight.

“Well, Joy,” Grace replied, “Both of these girls are still recovering from a good strapping earlier this week. It would not be fair to them to submit to such a spanking.”

“In that case, I volunteer to be your bottom,” Joy replied. “I haven’t had a good spanking for almost a week. And, I’ll make you a side bet that you can’t make me cry uncle. If I use my safe word, I will spend an hour in the pillory. If I win, you do. Fair enough?”

“Hey, wait a minute,” Carol screamed. “I want to be in the pillory, too.”

“Well, let’s go then,” Marion replied. “Let’s put the little bitch in the pillory and the older two bitches on the spanking bench and see who the better spanker is. And, I can’t wait to have you licking my pussy later tonight after I turn your ass bright red!”

“As much fun as that will be, can we wait until after midnight?” Joy asked. “First, I have reserved the pillory from 12 to 1 AM for Carol. I owe her a good spanking from earlier this week, and I want it to end with her eating my pussy. And after that, a little ‘strange’ probably will do her some good, too.”

“Well how about the loser of our contest?” Marion asked.

“Why don’t we go see if 1 AM to 2 AM is booked?” Ray suggested. “If so, the loser gets pilloried after Carol.”

“Sounds good to me,” Marion replied.

Mistress Grace knew that the die was cast. She could not back out now.

Chapter Three: The Private Punishment Room

“Carol, wanna go see if the pillory is free then?”

Carol knew that Linda was dying to get spanked, and she just wanted an excuse to roam the floor without her mother. But, Carol was still unsure about getting spanked too early, because she figured Joy would spank her hard at midnight.

“If you go alone, you may never be able to walk back,” Debbie cautioned. “Don’t forget: Any bottom walking the floor alone must submit to a spanking from any top or switch who also is alone. I would suggest that you take someone with you for protection until you meet more people. Most of those here are very trustworthy and just looking for some spanking fun. But, there are a couple that are a bit sadistic. Until you learn whom to avoid, I would suggest you not roam the floor alone.”

“Why don’t I go with them,” Joy volunteered.

“Sounds good to me.” Ray added. “And, if you pass a cocktail server, tell her we are thirsty.”

Joy had another motive in mind, and knew that she could force the two young girls to keep a secret. When she registered, she noticed the blonde behind the registration table was wearing a switch badge on her big left tit. Maybe she could get the blonde to give her a spanking, or visa versa. Maybe even trade after midnight. Ray probably would be too drunk to play by then.

As they began walking towards Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu the stage, suddenly the three girls noticed another trio walking towards them. Joy was in luck, for one of the three was the blonde she wanted to ‘meet’. And, she was walking with two young guys who both had top badges stuck to their chests. This looked very promising.

“Boy, it’s a shame that you’re with these two lovely and very spankable asses,” one of the boys mentioned to Joy as he stared at Linda and Carol. Joy also saw the blonde staring at her, and she figured she was bisexual as well as a spanking switch.

“Hi, I’m Liz, and these are my two sons, Seth and Shawn,” the blonde responded.

“Well, hello,” Joy responded. “I’m Joy, and these two spankable asses are Carol and Linda. And this one (pointing to Carol) will be in the pillory later tonight, just in case you’re interested.” Carol began turning red with embarrassment. But, once again, her pussy also began getting wet.

“How about you?” Liz asked Joy. “I’d love to spank that lovely ass, too. Wanna be my bottom for the next fifteen minutes?”

“Interesting,” Joy replied. “We’re new here tonight. How do the switch rules work?”

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Liz replied. “I can volunteer to be a temporary bottom whenever I see a top or switch that I ‘want to know better’. Or, a temporary top to a bottom or another switch. And, I’d love to top you for a while.”

“And, if I agree,” Joy asked, “what about these two ‘lovely spankable asses’?”

“Well,” Liz replied, “if you agree to bottom to me for 15 minutes, that would leave us a group with three tops and three bottoms. You know the rules. You three bottoms would then be required to submit to a spanking from us. And, I can guarantee that you will want more later tonight.”

Joy looked at Carol and Linda, and saw that both girls were staring at the rock hard cocks jutting out from the boys’ bodies.

“Can we meet you somewhere in about 5 minutes,” Joy asked. “We’re on our way to the stage to see if the pillory is open at 1 AM. I might consider such a deal after we have run this little errand, and if these two ‘very spankable asses’ agree.”

“Oh, we agree!” Linda quickly chimed.

“What about 30 minutes in a private punishment room?” Liz asked. Of course, Joy did not know that sex was allowed in these rooms. But, her kinky genes were now in control of her body, so she quickly agreed.

“Go rent the room, and we will join you in about five minutes,” she replied.

The three girls made their way to the stage and were very surprised. Although the pillory was busy now, the only names on the list after midnight was Carol in the spankee column and Joy in the Spanker column from 12 – 1 AM. Joy quickly penciled in “Grace or Marion” in both columns from 1 – 2 AM.

“Let’s go have some fun,” Joy said to the two girls as they headed for the private punishment rooms area. They quickly found one of the rooms with an occupied sign on the door, but a note attached that said ‘Liz, Seth and Shawn’. Linda quickly knocked on the door, and herd a male voice say “Enter at your own risk.”

The three girls could not believe what they saw. It was a basic room – four walls and a floor. There was no furniture, but it did contain one very large cabinet against the back wall. The cabinet was open, and displayed many different spanking and bondage implements. Joy suddenly remembered Liz’s explanation at the reception desk that ‘our club is a hybrid between a spanking and BDSM club’. Joy now had a better understanding about what she meant. In the center of the room there were four multi-tiered spanking benches. These spanking benches allowed the spankee to be fastened with his or her head down and ass up for better access. They also noticed that the bench had circular holes in the center so that a lady’s tits could hang below the chest support.

“Come on in, bitches,” Liz invited. “Step right up and let’s get acquainted.” As she spoke, she was holding three ring gags. Suddenly, all three girls felt their friends grab them by the hand and lead them to a respective spanking bench. They were quietly put into the proper position, and then the shackles were fastened around each girl’s wrists, ankles, arms and legs.

By now their kinky genes were working overtime, and when Liz asked, “Joy, do you agree to be my spanking bitch for the next 30 minutes?” Joy could only nod her head in agreement. Liz then stepped forward and force a ring gag into her mouth and then pulled it tight behind her head. Seth and Shawn did the same to Carol and Linda.

Suddenly, Liz reached under Joy’s spanking bench and pulled out a strap-on and harness. As she began to put the strap-on, she said, “Girls, I know you’re new to this club. But, just in case you did not realize it before, the rules say no sex of any kind in the main room before midnight, and only oral sex after midnight. However, in these private punishment rooms anything goes. So, here’s the deal. My boys and I love to fuck bitches in the ass. That’s what we’re going do to. We are going to warm you up with 25 lashes with a leather cat, then fuck your asses until we cum or until the 30 minutes is up. If we come before our time expires, then we’ll just have to spank you some more. Your safe word is ‘Red!’ It’s a shame that we probably won’t be able to understand anything you say with those ring gags in your mouth.”

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