Caretaker’s Haven: Warmth


A little note on Vali’s recovery time between orgasms: these characters have been both modified by the succubus who they work for, in a larger system of pets to keep her fed. Vali trains the new pets, where Lyn is responsible for looking after the highest-ranked of them all. This will probably become relevant if I post more. For now… Vali just gets to come twice in a very short time.


Vali’s room was ridiculously spacious – or, perhaps, he was just minimalistic. He cared little for the reason. All that mattered right now was that he’d had enough room to push his bed to the side and set up a low wooden table beneath the (incredibly useful) hook set into the ceiling, a table long enough for Lyn’s slim height to lay stretched out beneath the small, dripping, gently swinging chandelier above him.

Vali had fastened Lyn’s wrists together behind his back before settling him into position on the table. His ankles were chained just tight enough that Lyn could test them once and trust in their strength to hold him. Vali stepped forward and checked the pillow beneath Lyn’s head, gently tucking a sweat-mussed strand of bright hair behind his ear. Lyn pressed into the unexpected touch. His long eyelashes fluttered behind the blindfold.

Another fat green drop of wax dripped from the burning candles, cooling as it fell, until it splattered across Lyn’s already-colorfully-marked skin. Lyn flinched. His little gasp tingled down Vali’s spine and went straight to his cock.

Vali chuckled softly and moved away, reaching up to stop the slow swing of the chandelier. He had to stretch up to tip-toes to check how low the candles were burning. One was getting dangerously low to the stump – any further, and the wax might be too hot, seriously burning Lyn. Vali carefully blew the problem candle out and set the chandelier to a gentle spin.

The next splotch of wax was flung from a candle’s top, arcing through the air and landing on the divot where Lyn’s thigh connected to his pelvis. He sucked in a little gasp through gritted teeth. Vali watched his chest – decorated with the colorful wax – rise and fall in the familiar half-hyperventilation before Lyn sank into subspace.

Vali settled the burned down candle to be taken care of later and, without really taking his eyes off the gorgeous man stretched on the table, selected a thin, springy switch. Lyn’s breath stuttered again at the opening and closing of Vali’s drawer. There was no way he could know what Vali had withdrawn from the toy chest. All he could do was wait.

Vali let him linger in that anticipation for a long moment, surveying the sight before him. Lyn was on the gaunter side of thin, his chest pushed up with his hands bound at the small of his back. Long red hair fanned out around his head. His normal bullshit smile was nearly faded, leaving his mouth soft and perfect, lips parted to allow passage for the little gasps and twitches of new wax landing on his body.

The silence was starting to make him restless. Vali saw him shift a little, turn his head, eyelashes fluttering against the blindfold – and then a gasp slipped past his bitten lips as yet another fat drop of wax splashed right above his vulva.

Vali felt a smirk curl his mouth at how quickly Lyn’s expression contorted before smoothing back to bliss.

He made sure his coat made a sound as he moved, not touching Lyn, but watching him strain to hear and figure out where Vali was. Two drops of wax spattered at the same time onto Lyn’s collarbone. Lyn twitched in pain, his arms tensing before he relaxed again into the bondage and the heat.

Vali halted between Lyn’s legs and flipped the switch around in his hand. The handle – smooth wood, about as thick as three of Vali’s fingers – was the perfect size and weight to run teasingly between Lyn’s lips. Lyn’s reaction was instant. He gasped and rolled his hips forward, trying to work the switch further inside, desperate to be fucked.

Vali didn’t let him penetrate himself. Not yet. He drew the switch away and examined the slick wetness now coating the handle.

“This is all it takes for you?” he murmured derisively. Lyn’s jaw worked for a moment. Another drop of wax fell, and Lyn flinched, gasped, and went lax again, throwing his head back as much as he could against the cushion. Vali’s cock ached with the sight.

His coat swished gaziantep escort as he moved to Lyn’s head. The handle of the switch swiped along his lips, coating them with Lyn’s own slick.

“Clean it up,” he murmured.

Lyn obediently opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Vali let him lick the switch handle clean, watching that clever tongue find and swipe along every little ridge he could reach. He glanced up for a moment, then reached for the chandelier with his other hand, once again changing the direction of its spin – ensuring Lyn couldn’t begin to predict where the next burning drop would come from.

This one landed on his belly. Vali pulled the switch away from Lyn’s mouth just to hear him gasp. His lean muscles flexed against the heat. Vali flipped the switch around in his hand and swished it through the air a time or two, letting Lyn tense and relax when no hit came. It was that little moment of unguardedness which Vali chose.

He barely let the switch sing through the air. It snapped down across Lyn’s skin, the wax cushioning the hard blow just enough. Lyn’s back arched against the pain. A soundless little whimper escaped his throat, fingers scrabbling against the bare table.

Vali reached down, unbuttoned, and shoved down his pants before the next blow. They were too stifling. His cock already stood at full attention, precum beading at his slit.

The switch parted the air in a hiss. Vali aimed it precisely, flicking off the hard wax on Lyn’s nipple, barely grazing the skin enough to redden it beautifully. Lyn squirmed.

“Hold still,” Vali murmured. His own pleasure made it a little difficult to keep his tone steady. He reached down and gently swiped his thumb over his dick’s head, gathering precum, and then reached out, smearing it onto Lyn’s lips. “You’re doing good.”

Lyn sucked at Vali’s thumb with an immediate sort of desperation. Vali waited. He kept the switch humming in soft figure-eights at his side. Even when he drew his hand away, he waited, running his index finger down Lyn’s cheek, feeling his flinch as the next fat drop of wax splashed and cooled just below one pec. He waited until Lyn had stopped licking his lips, chasing Vali’s taste, and his tongue was safely back behind his teeth.

The next strike was low, slashing once again across Lyn’s skin to flick off the splash of wax right above his thigh. Lyn twitched with pain. He wasn’t moving quite so much now. His smile was completely gone, replaced with that needy expression Vali loved so much on him – slack jaw, parted lips, relaxed muscles. Under the blindfold, Vali knew his eyes would be vacant and dreamy.

But when he drew the tip of the switch up Lyn’s slit, he still got a surprised little gasp of a reaction. Vali snapped another splotch of wax from Lyn’s body and reached up to halt the chandelier’s spin completely.

He varied his strikes. Several dozen landed across the tops of Lyn’s thighs, flicking his inner thighs, teasingly dancing around his wet pussy. The switch struck candle wax from Lyn’s skin, at times not even kissing the tender flesh beneath, at times hitting hard enough to cut through the wax and startle a soft moan from the painslut. Lyn didn’t struggle. Lyn took each blow with the same relaxation, his skin reddening in perfect latticed stripes to match the wax covering. His swelling clit and the hot, wet scent of his pussy were Vali’s biggest clues to how much he was enjoying this.

Vali had to switch hands, his arm starting to ache. Another strike. He flicked his wrist and the switch responded, landing a perfect, stinging blow on Lyn’s collarbone. Vali leaned forward to check that the redness there was wax and not blood.

Lyn exhaled shakily. His hips rolled, legs chained too far apart for him to close his legs and rub at his clit. Vali once again reached out and drew the tip of the switch up Lyn’s cunt. His free hand grasped his own hard cock.

“You want it?” he murmured.

Lyn was too far gone. He managed a soft gasp, the most adorable little hitched breath, and the halfway-there beginnings of a word which (Vali was pretty sure) wasn’t even in a language they shared. Vali’s grin widened.

He snapped the switch across Lyn’s clit.

Lyn came with a rush and a silent scream, arching off the table as his toes curled and muscles contorted. Slick cum dribbled and spurted from his hole. His skin stretched as he writhed, cracking the wax, the red stripes across his skin moving and twisting with him.

It only took Vali two pumps and a twist before he came as well. White-hot orgasm overtook him. He steadied himself on the table, gritting his teeth to stifle his moan. Thick ropes of cum shot and landed across Lyn’s chest and stomach. Lyn arched his back into the sensation, welcoming the new heat, the slower, sticky cooling of cum over wax over welts.

Vali had planned to fuck Lyn’s mouth first, to tease him longer. But, damn it, Lyn looked so precious and needy like this, coming down from the high of orgasm with his pussy still soaked through and swollen, his body abused by heat and force both. Vali reached up and tried to not let any more wax spill from the chandelier as he unhooked it with a sticky hand. Only a single drop quivered and fell, splashing into a rope of cum across Lyn’s nipple. Lyn cooed and whined. Vali reached down and began stroking his cock to hardness once more.

“Needy, needy,” he chided with a grin. “Cunt or ass?”

Lyn’s mouth worked for several seconds. Vali let him take his time with the question. He blew out all but the tallest candle, and set the scrap chandelier aside with the first candle he’d had to remove, wiping his hand and the switch’s handle while he was at it. Lyn managed the softest little sound. Vali immediately turned and hurried back to his side.

Lyn’s lips were puffy from biting them. His eyelashes fluttered against the blindfold’s soft cloth, his arms tensing as he tested the handcuffs and found them still strong. Vali absently pulled a strand of red hair from where it’d gotten stuck in Lyn’s identification cuff as he waited.

“P-pussy,” Lyn managed to breathe. “Please. Please. Pussy, please.”

He could still speak. Vali could count on him to safeword. The knowledge made Vali shiver, settling the switch still in his hand into a more comfortable grip.

“Good boy,” he praised softly, and drew the switch up Lyn’s cheek before leaning over and kissing him.

Lyn was soft, pliable, needy under Vali’s lips. The longer the kiss went on, the more Lyn just melted. His handcuffs clinked as he once again tried and failed to move his arms. Vali cupped his cheek, penetrating his mouth with a teasing little swipe of his tongue before pulling away. Lyn didn’t lick his lips. They shone with Vali’s saliva.

Vali didn’t wait any longer to move down to the foot of the table.

A swift yank, and Lyn slid – without resistance – down to where his legs hung near-fully off the table. The chains on his ankles slipped from the top of the table legs down to the floor. Vali checked to make sure nothing was pinching, made sure Lyn still had the pillow cushioning his head, then he dug his nails into Lyn’s inner thighs and was rewarded with a small twitch.

He couldn’t wait any longer. Settling the switch on the table beside Lyn, he lined himself up and fucked into him, hard.


Lyn couldn’t tell how many times he had cum. He wasn’t sure what time it was. He didn’t think those things mattered. Thoughts drifted across his mind like scattered clouds, vanishing sometimes before they’d even reached the edge of his consciousness.

Vali was safe and warm and holding him. There was a soft blanket wrapped in a warm cocoon around him. Lyn curled closer into Vali, his body once again slowly beginning to close in on and weigh him down. The pleasant ache of orgasm, of remembered pain, of muscles drawn too long into a restrained position kept him from plummeting out of the nice, floaty space.

Gentle fingers played at the back of his head. A weight lifted. The blindfold had been off for a while, though when Lyn had tried to open his eyes, it was blindingly bright. What was that feeling….?

His hair. Vali’s gentle hand was pulling a brush through his hair, tugging gently, working out the tangles and the sweat. Lyn was vaguely aware that his body was covered in damp. He didn’t think it was sweat. Vali always went over him with a warm washcloth, at the very least, after a session, though Lyn didn’t remember it.

He didn’t remember much right now. The soft sting whenever he moved meant Vali had used a switch, but he didn’t remember that too clearly, either. He nuzzled into Vali’s lap and went still for another few delicious minutes.

The fog cleared more. The tugging at his hair stopped, and Vali gently parted and tied a section of his hair back, out of his face. Not that Lyn’s face was anywhere near the outside world.

His throat was dry, he realized.

He made a small, hoarse noise. Vali immediately bent over to check on him. Lyn drew back – a bit, just a bit, though the light wasn’t as bright now – and made that little hoarse croak again, unsure yet which words were the ones Vali understood.

But Vali did somehow understand. He leaned to one side, then a gentle hand supported Lyn’s shoulder and helped him rise to a sit.


Lyn obeyed, Vali tipping the glass at a maddeningly slow rate. There was a reason why. Lyn was pretty sure of that. He didn’t care to remember it. Vali would take care of him.

He stopped drinking when he felt full, and leaned back into his lover. Vali shifted his position. Lyn waited patiently until Vali was leaned up against the headboard, then buried himself in Vali’s collarbone, everything settling back into place as Vali’s arms went around him.

Vali was always so, so fastidious about aftercare. Lyn’s mouth curved as the thought crossed his mind. Even during their first time – he’d been cruel enough to drop Lyn nearly into subspace, but had refused to leave until several hours after the scene, pampering Lyn and ensuring he was once again functional. Lyn wondered if it was his way of apologizing for what he did during a scene. For how much he let his sadism rule him.

Lyn loved that sadistic cruelty. It was Vali’s cruelty. Nobody else could make Lyn feel exactly like him, and Lyn wouldn’t much care even if anyone else could.

Suddenly overwhelmed with love, Lyn looked up and met Vali’s eyes. Vali was examining Lyn’s body. A soft smirk twisted his mouth. Lyn reached up and pressed close – though it was Vali who leaned in to connect the kiss, letting Lyn taste that smirk on his lips.

When they broke away, Lyn rested his head back on Vali’s shoulder.

“How are you feeling?” Vali asked quietly. Lyn considered the question, taking stock of his body.

“Hungry,” he murmured after several moments. “But otherwise good. Still a little… floaty. Was it a switch you used?”

“Yes.” Vali shifted his position and released his grip on Lyn. He reluctantly drew away, watching Vali reach for the two clementines chilling in a special compartment inside the water pitcher. Once Vali had them settled beside him, Lyn moved between Vali’s legs, leaning his back against his lover’s strong chest and sighing softly as Vali’s arms went around him.

He watched Vali peel the first clementine. The rind came off in a neat circle. Vali’s fingers were strong, precise, and Lyn loved his every motion as he set the clementine peel aside and brought a single section to Lyn’s lips.

Lyn ate. He picked up the discarded peel and toyed with it, leaning back against Vali as he watched Vali prepare the next little section. Vali’s flaccid dick pressed up against Lyn’s ass. One of his nipple piercings dug uncomfortably into Lyn’s back, but it wasn’t uncomfortable enough to make Lyn move.

“I love you.”

Vali paused, then turned his head. Soft lips pressed to Lyn’s temple.

“I love you too,” he murmured. “Stay here tonight.”

Lyn felt the edges of his mouth curl. Vali blinked at him, his face softening. Lyn returned the slow blink.

There was no trace of Vali’s resting scowl, and by the One, Lyn wanted to kiss him again.

Vali pressed another clementine section gently to Lyn’s lips, and Lyn took it, his tongue swiping at Vali’s fingertips. Vali flicked him. Lyn chuckled low in his chest. He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against Vali’s strong jaw.

“I will,” he promised quietly. “I’ll stay as long as you want.”

He felt Vali’s jaw work. His smile deepened. He cuddled harder into Vali, still obediently opening his mouth for each clementine piece, relishing in Vali’s warm, pale skin against his.

His Vali’s skin. His lover. Lyn’s body still ached, and he relished every little sting and hurt, especially as Vali’s hand smoothed over his skin to rest in the divot of his waist.

His thighs still stung. Vali’s fingers brushed Lyn’s lips as he fed him another section of the fruit. After swallowing, Lyn twisted and leaned up, offering the sweet juice on his lips to his lover.

Vali’s hand slipped behind Lyn’s head as they kissed.

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