Can’t Spell Joyce without Joy Pt. 12


It was Saturday, a week after Stacie’s revelation. I had just gotten back from a 3-day business trip, and I was a bit surprised when Joyce and Stacie said they wanted to go out together, just the two of them. They were dressed as Joyce decided they should be dressed. Tight tops with no bra, short skirts, and I smiled, I was sure that they were both pantyless, they both liked the idea of being pantyless sluts.

Stacie cuddled me just before she left, and said, “Be ready for us, we are just going to walk around for a while, I have plans for that sexy cock of yours!”

I was more than eager to see what was up, and when I got a text saying, “On our way home, naked and in the bedroom, now!” I quickly complied. My cock was a raging hardon, having a sexy eager wife, and a hot, eager niece was like a dream come true.

When they opened the bedroom door, they both had flushed faces, and quickly stripped, letting my eyes feast on the glorious sight of my wife and my niece, side by side, giving me a big smile as I ogled all their superb chams and assets.

I looked closer, and oh fuck, both of them were waxed, bare, and bald, god, the sight of those well-waxed pussies had me rock hard.

Stacie purred, “Joyce and I went out yesterday, we got matching Brazilians, just for you, lover man. God, walking around with no panties on, my sex so exposed to the wind, the breeze was blowing up under our skirts, and it just about drove me crazy. Ever since Joyce told me about how only good girls were panties, not sluts, I wanted to be a slut for your cock, and I like it!”

Joyce took over and said, “We went to the park, found a nice quiet corner and lay back, hiked up our skirts, and exposed our cunts to the sun and the breeze, Mmmmm, it felt so erotic.”

Stacie purred, “Now, you must be so pent up, Joyce, let’s do what we talked about.”

I watched, my heart thumping as Stacie lay back, and smiled as Joyce climbed on top of her.

Stacie purred, “Now, you have your wife and your niece, stacked up and ready, fuck us, back and forth, until you can’t hold it any longer, then jet your passions into whichever lucky fuckhole is milking your cock.”

I quickly took the position, and Stacie and Joyce were sharing loving kisses, murmuring endearments as I nudged against Stacie’s tight pink heat, and pushed in. Her eyes flared wide, and she let out a soft cry of pleasure as I drove my lust-hardened cock in, until my balls smacked her ass.

“Mmmmm, mmmmmm, so good, fuck me!”

I drew back and started to ride my wife’s heat, doing my best to prolong my explosion. The sweet grip of her cunt was an exquisite pleasure. A minute later, Joyce looked over her shoulder at me, grinned, and said, “My Turn!”

I pulled out, readjusted my cock, and surged in, bringing a squeal from Joyce as I penetrated.

“Oh escort karkamış fuck, his cock is so wet, he’s driving in with your juices making it all slick and slippery!”

Their lips came together, fused in a building vortex of sexual heat, feasting in each other’s mouths as I rode Joyce’s sweet tightness. Before I could explode, Joyce purred, “Ok my loving Uncle, go back to Stacie’s sweet cunt, and explode that built-up load!”

I quickly did so, as Stacie’s tight heated cunt surrounded my prick I felt the quick building, and Stacie purred, “Mmmm, Mmmmmmm, feels so good, hard cock fucking my soft pink hole, gonna make me, oh fuck, fuck YESSS!!”

The hard spasm gripped my cock, and as Stacie’s voice rose to a shriek, I went flying over the edge. I had not stroked off during my trip, and I jetted a hot pent-up load into the eagerly accepting heat of my wife’s fuckhole.

Joyce quickly got her mouth down to Stacie’s just-filled snatch, and sucked and licked her clean, bringing more moans of pleasure from her. It took just a few minutes before Stacie crested, writhing and cooing with pleasure as she painted Joyce’s face with her girl cum.

We lay back for a few moments, then Joyce cooed, “Now that the first fast cum one is out of the way, it’s clear for the longer, more loving ride. Stacie is ready to get the correct way to get her sweet ass taken.”

Joyce continued, “I felt it was time for Stacie to throw off the last shackle of her forced fucking, and that first night, I was able to get her onto her hands and knees and went after her sweet cunt, she tasted so fine.”

Joyce paused, and Stacie took up the narrative, “Joyce is such a fine pussy licker, god, it felt amazing. Before I could explode, I felt her mouth pull back, licking all over my freshly waxed taint, then I jumped as I felt her mouth against my asshole, tongue-tickling at my tight starfish.”

Joyce then took up the story, “I felt her trembling, the nervousness, and I paused just long enough to whisper, ‘It’s ok my sweet Auntie S, it’s just me, your loving niece, eager to make you feel so good, I will not hurt you, I promise. Focus on how good it feels.’ “

Stacie joined in, “Hearing that pushed back the nervousness, and I cued in on the feelings. My tight little ass is so sensitive, and the good feelings started to build, as Joyce gave me an ass munching that was almost too much pleasure.”

Joyce added, “God, licking Stacie’s tight little pucker hole excited the hell out of me, and I ate her back door with a lust-driven hunger. I kept my mouth tight against her asshole, and my fingers wandered down to her pussy, it was time for her to explode while I kept the simulation of her asshole going.”

Stacie purred, “God, it felt like I was gonna explode, when Joyce’s karkamış escort bayan fingers went after my pussy, running around and around my clit, I let out a scream of pleasure as I went over, my asshole twitching and puckering wildly against the hot, wet tongue licking at me.”

Joyce joined in, “I was happy to pleasure her like that for the three nights you were away, I did not push anything in, as I wanted my sweet Uncle to have the honor.”

They quickly rearranged themselves, and Stacie’s perfect ass was upthrust, Joyce’s hands gently spreading the cheeks apart, displaying Stacie’s perfect pink starfish.

“Now, Stacie is ready to get the correct way to get her sweet ass taken. Get your mouth in their Uncle and give that sweet asshole lots of loving licks.”

I was happy to do so, and Stacie’s cries of pleasure rose as I happily tongued that tight sweet clench, I felt a warm hand around my quickly resurging cock.

Joyce cooed, “Oh yes, a nice rebuilding cock, let me help out.”

A few moments later I made an ass muffled grunt of pleasure as Joyce slid her mouth over my prick, and started to leisurely bob her head, cupping my balls and squeezing gently, bringing my cock up to a full ready state.

Joyce pulled back and cooed, “Ok Uncle, lay back and let your lovely wife ride your cock, so she can be in control, and can take only what she feels able to.”

I did so, watching the blazing spectacle as Joyce took the lube, and spread a coating up and down my prick, making my cock glisten, it felt almost painfully hard. Then, she spread a coating over Staciles asshole, making her purr with pleasure as the fingers glided over her tight starfish.

Stacie sized up the situation, then decided that reverse cowgirl would be the best way. Once in position, I grabbed her cheeks, cupping them and spreading them gently. I saw the tight pink pucker, glistening, twitching with hopefully, needy lust. I held my breath as Stacie lowered her ass towards my straining prick.

Joyce was now kneeling in front of Stacie, and I felt my cock being nudged at the entrance to Stacie’s ass.

“Okay, my loving Auntie, you are in control. Only take as much as you can, and if you can’t take it just pull out.”

I felt the pressure as Stacie pushed down, and my cock head popped inside her. Stacie let out a gasp and a low moan as she felt the stretch.

“Ohhhh, so hard, gonna get stretched out.”

Joyce was kissing Stacie passionately, making her need flare up, and Stacie slow, slowly squirmed her ass this way and that, and took me in, bit by bit. God, the tightness was out of this world, and my grunts sounded as bit by bit, she slid down.

When she had half of my cock inside, she cooed, “Joyce my sweet niece, can you hold me while karkamış escort I take the rest, please?”

She was happy to do so, whispering endearments to her as Stacie got ready. Stacie pushed down, hard, and she let out a cry as she sat down fully, taking my 7 inches into the hilt.

“Ummmppph, unnnggghhh, ohhhh, ummmm, so big, so stuffed.”

Joyce quickly got to where we were joined and began to lick Stacie’s pussy. She let her tongue lick the full length of Stacie’s pink trail, urging her on towards pleasure.

After a minute, Stacie started to slowly ride my cock, the stroking action of her tight ass as she slid up and then wiggled her way back down was out of this world.

“Mmm, Mmmmm, starting to feel good.”

As Stacie began to rise and fall at greater speed, the length of the strokes increased, and sphincter contractions hungrily milked at my cock. Joyce was doing double duty, letting her tongue lick the full length of Stacie’s sweet hole as it rose and fell before her, then delivering hot licks to my balls.

“Oh god, gonna cum, make me cum, yes, fuck, FUCK!”

Joyce cupped my balls and squeezed gently, as Stacie cried out in orgasm, and slammed herself down hard, and I felt the explosion deep inside her, bring me immediately to climax, as I bucked up to her and spent myself in a shuddering burst of pleasure, squirting a thick juicy load deep in her tight little asshole.


It’s been 6 months, and Stacie has become the wife I hoped she’d be. She loves to prance to bed wearing the hottest, raciest undies she can find, and her lovemaking is hot, wild, and frenzied. She has gotten over the past, when not at work she loves to walk around naked, knowing that the sight of her nudity really gets my motor running.

Joyce graduated 3 months ago, and she is still with us. Stacie persuaded her niece to live with us. The original reason, to help her get over the past, was replaced with the simple need for Joyce’s hot teen sexuality. It’s always exciting as all hell, having two very hot ladies, both of them happy to walk around naked, keeping my interest focused. Stacie likes to go around without panties when she has to get dressed, when Joyce told her about how good girls wear panties, not sluts, she liked that idea.

I love to come back after running some errand, to find them both in bed, gloriously nude, and making hot, sizzling love. Watching them in action gets me ready, and they smile and welcome me to join them.

Stacie now has a full-time teaching position, and she encouraged Joyce and me to make love while she is at work. Often she’ll come home, and find a randy Uncle fucking a hot, lust-driven Niece, she loves to watch me hammer my lust-hardened cock in Joyce’s tight cunt, then she strips naked, and is ready for her turn on my pole.

As for me, well, I’m living the life of Riley. Having a sizzling hot wife, and a sizzling hot Niece, who share me like their favorite candy bar, is the kind of life I quickly got used to, and when they are double-teaming me, riding my prick and my face, leaning towards each other and kissing wildly, I know I’m one hell of a lucky man.

The End

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