Candy Striper Kitty


When Samuel Granite saw the buxom little candy striper jiggling past his private hospital room he knew that this was his chance. He quickly wrapped his hands in bandages and then called out.

“Hey! Nurse! Nurse! Could you please help? It’s an emergency!” Samuel was in his fifties with gray temples. A broad muscular guy who was used to getting what he wanted and what he wanted was to take advantage of some young hospital hottie.

The young candy striper turned away from the snack cart she was pushing and blinked at him a little vacantly.

“I’m not a nurse, sir. I’m a candy striper.” She stuck out her top heavy chest. “Candy Striper Kitty!”

Samuel tried not to smile. The girl certainly was something in her little red and white striped pinafore. He found himself admiring her long legs in knee high white stockings, and how her uniform showed off her nice round bottom and just barely stretched around her large breasts. She had a small white crop-top on underneath that only just barely held those knockers in place.

She cocked her head – a cute little white cap perched atop the blonde bun of her hair.

“Thank goodness you are here, Kitty!” he motioned her closer. She immediately began to trot up to the bed, very obediently. He held up his bandaged hands. “Please shut the door, honey. It’s kind of embarrassing.”

The sweet child shut the door and came to the bedside, full of concern and tenderness.

“Kitty, can you keep a secret?” he asked. The girl smelt of strawberries and was even more impressive up close. Those tits were so large and full for her slender frame.

She bit her pouty lower lip and nodded.

“Nurse Ginger is going to get in so much trouble unless you can fill in for her,” he said, looking at her sternly.

Kitty gasped and clutched his muscular arm. “Oh no! I especially don’t want Nurse Ginger in trouble.”

“I know you don’t,” said Samuel, enjoying how her hands were feeling his bicep. Very promising. “But Nurse Ginger hasn’t been by to relieve my swelling today and I’m afraid it’s almost too late. I’m going to have to report her to the doctor.”

“Oh NO!” said Kitty. “The doctor is sure to give her a good hard spanking!”

Samuel raised his eyebrows. Did they do a lot of spanking around the hospital? That was… No, he needed to stay on topic.

“A very hard spanking,” said Samuel. “Unless…”

“Unless?” Kitty blinked vacantly.

Samuel gulped and broke into a sheepish grin – here we go. “Unless you can step in and do Nurse Ginger’s job.”

“Oh, I’m good at jobs!” Kitty bounced in place, her large breasts jostling under her little crop top.

Samuel let out a small groan.

“Oh poor, baby!” Kitty said, misunderstanding the source of Samuel’s distress and hugging his arm. “You are suffering!”

“Heh, sure am. But I’m glad you are here, Kitty.” He slipped his bandaged hand around her waist and patted her ample bottom softly. Fuck the pinafore only just covered her ass!

“What’s the job, Mr. Granite?” asked Kitty, wiggling her bottom in pleasure. “We need to get you better!”

“I need you to be very professional, Kitty,” said Samuel, pushing the girl back to standing.

With big serious eyes, the girl nodded.

“I’ve got this swelling that the nurse has been relieving twice, sometimes three times a day.” Samuel put a hand to the bed sheet. “But it is very personal. You need to be very discrete and not talk with anyone else about this. It’s candy-striper/patient confidentiality.” The girl was looking at him with her pouty lips open and her empty headed stare. “Do you understand, Kitty?”

She slowly nodded. “I- I guess so. So don’t tell nobody? What about Nurse Ginger?”

“Especially don’t tell Nurse Ginger,” Samuel said firmly. “She’ll be mad at herself for forgetting and putting me in such distress, but Kitty…” He held out his hand and the candy striper girl took it. “She’d also be very jealous that you did her job. You’d get a VERY hard spanking.”

Kitty gasped, trying to step back, but Samuel held her hand firmly.

“Mmm-maybe I shouldn’t do it then!” Kitty’s eyes were large and darted nervously to the door. “I don’t want a spanking!” She bit her lip and furrowed her brows. “Mmm-maybe you could relieve the swelling yourself? Just this one time?”

Samuel held up his bandaged hands and Kitty made a little mew of disappointment.

“Kitty!” Samuel said in a shocked voice. “You’d leave me in terrible pain, all because of your own selfish worries?”

“No!” Kitty’s voice was high and whiney. “But Mr. Granite, Nurse Ginger spanked me in front of all the other candy stripers and orderlies the last time. I was soooo embarrassed!”

“So we’ll be extra Cebeci Escort careful!” said Samuel, making a mental note to find out when and where these spanking sessions took place. “Go on!” He smacked her bottom, making her squeak. “Lock the door and we’ll get started. Come on!” He smacked her fulsome ass again. “You have no idea the terrible pain I’m in.”

Kitty hurried over and locked the door, then came back, huffing deeply in distress. Damn it, Samuel could see her nipples were rising under her crop top. Was she even wearing a bra?

“Where is the swelling?” Kitty asked, her eyes roving over Samuel’s body. Was she just pretending not to know or was the girl as clueless as she appeared?

He motioned her closer, onto the bed.

“It’s down here, don’t be shocked, but…” He threw back the sheets and spread his legs.

“O! M! G!!!” she squealed, her eyes were like dinner plates. “It is sooooo swollen!”

“Ummmm…” Samuel broke into a proud grin. “Yes, yes, very swollen indeed!” Actually he was only at half mast, but the girl looked as if she’d just discovered the worst case of elephantiasis known to woman-kind.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” Kitty licked her lips and, bless her sweet heart, bent forward and reached out. “You are SO giant!”

She looked up at him eagerly. “May I touch it? Please?”

He nodded eagerly. The whole point of this was for the silly bint to touch it… maybe even more! This was going great.

“G-Golly!” Kitty eagerly reached out and slipped her cool hand around his girth. “You are soooo enormous! My boyfriend Patrick has a nice big cock and it’s a whole three inches!”

Samuel was momentarily distracted because the sweet candy striper began immediately to run her hand up and down his length. Then her words came home.

“A big three inch cock?” he asked, a little stunned.

Kitty nodded quickly, not taking her eyes from Samuel’s thickening prick. “Oh yes, Patrick told me that he has like the perfect sized cock for a real man.” She blinked up at him. “Most cocks are only 1 or 2 inches, I’m so lucky that Patrick has a really big one!”

“So three inches long, not wide?” Samuel’s mind was boggling.

Kitty nodded.

Samuel chuckled as the sweet girl, slipped her other hand down and examined his swollen balls with a reverence that was extremely promising – and very arousing.

“Oh god!” she moaned, smacking her lips. “You’re getting even bigger!!!”

“You- You can see why I need your help,” said Samuel, marveling at his luck. “You need to give me release or else I’m going to rupture something and die.”

“Don’t be afraid,” said Kitty, panting, tightening her grip on his slong. “I’m here! What do I do?”

Samuel gulped. “You need to stroke it. I need to orgasm STAT!”

“Golly!” Kitty’s eyes sparkled. “I usually only use my thumb and finger with Patrick. For you I’m going to have to use both hands!”

Samuel would have chuckled at the scene of buxom Kitty stroking off her mini-dicked, gas-lighting boyfriend, if it wasn’t for the intense pleasure of having the brainless girl stroking his rising cock.

“Oh no!” she moaned, rubbing her thighs together. “It’s getting worse!”

“No, no!” he gasped. “You are amazing but… Oh FUCK!”

“What?” She started back so quickly she fell off the bed, scrambling back to her feet, her little white cap askew.

“Nurse Ginger puts on a protective smock so she doesn’t ruin her uniform from all the… well, from my spunk,” he explained. He motioned at her cute little red and white uniform, and those heaving bouncing knockers playing delightfully under it. “I don’t want to ruin your little outfit.”

She bit her lip, her eyes loath to leave his huge and bewitching member.

“I can- I can go get…”

“There isn’t time!” he interrupted, pounding his bed, making her jump and jiggle. “Take off your uniform! NOW!”

“But-” She looked down at herself, blushing.

“There isn’t time!” he barked. And to his utter delight, she unclipped the straps around her top and pulled down the pinafore. Between her legs there were no panties, just a perfectly smooth little pussy.

She blushed, dropping her hands, which just pressed her large breasts in her white crop top together.

He let out a groan, his cock really getting hard at the sight. Her mouth fell open as she looked at the large swollen head of his dick.

“Take… off… your top too,” he groaned. “Don’t want it to be all covered in cum.”

She gulped, but did as she was told. Now she was only in her little white cap and knee high white stockings. Those big round tits were so firm and perky. A fucking goddess, with the Kolej Escort brain of a simpleton!

“Don’t you worry!” she said, slipping back into bed and snuggling up beside him, her hand slipping back around his cock and gently stroking him up and down. Her eyes dwelling on his swollen cock head, giving it special attention on the upstroke.

“Candy Striper Kitty is here to save you!” she said. Her warm softness pressed against him and he let out a satisfied moan, lowering his mouth to those glorious knockers and nuzzling his nose against them.

“You are best, Kitty,” he said, rubbing her large nipples and then kissing them. “The best.”

“Oh!” She arched her back at the unexpected attention to her breasts. “Th-thanks!” Her hand worked him faster and faster.

“You’re so good at this!” Samuel groaned. “I can tell you’re really going to drain me.” Holy shit, this was the best. A buxom young hottie in his bed, stroking his dick, how could it get any better?

“Oh dear,” Kitty said, her hand not stopping. “You spill a lot?”

Samuel nodded, feeling it building in him.

“P-Patrick does a big load, like a teaspoon,” Kitty said, licking her lips. “He- he has me suck it off his tip.”

“You- are a great girlfriend,” Samuel said, slowly squeezing her breasts. “Patrick is a lucky guy. I- I wish I had a girl who would…” He gasped arching his back, flexing his cock, loving how it felt in her rapidly jerking hand.

“Oh, Oh!” Kitty broke into a smile. “I can do it for you too!”

“W-wow!” gasped Samuel, as Kitty eagerly, very eagerly, slipped between his legs and took him up with both hands and began to suck on his tip. “You- You are the BEST Candy Striper ever!”

Kitty blushed happily and took his whole tip into her mouth, which must have been quite the challenge for her, what with her only previous experience being her micro-dicked boyfriend. And still, an excellent little candy striper, she pumped him faster and faster.

“Oh god! Oh god! You are a fucking saint!” Samuel gasped, grasping the blonde saint’s head and shoving himself deeper down the very surprised little bimbo’s throat. “Just a little bit more and…”

Kitty’s throat convulsed and she choked as Samuel let out a satisfied grunt. Even as she choked on his huge cock, her hands did not stop and as his balls bounced off her chin he blew! He spewed himself into her, making her glug shot after shot of warm thick white jizz. The little candy striper struggled valiantly to take it all, to swallow every last drop, but it was just too much for her and she reared her head up, getting it all over her face and jiggling tits!

“Oh MY!” gasped Kitty, blinking in shock as she was splattered in spunk.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Samuel jerked the girl up. “I’m having a major attack. Quick! You’ll have to take it in the pussy or else I’ll die!”

“Oh no!” said the gullible, horny little bimbo. She immediately knelt over him and obediently spread her smooth pussy. But at the last instance as he guided his tip to her sweet sweet wet pussy lips she hesitated.

“You should know. M- My pussy is all deformed,” she said, blinking at him sadly.

“Wh-what?” Samuel jerked his eyes from her cum dripping knockers.

“It’s super huge,” she said, very seriously. “I have to do special duties to make up to Patrick for it being so… loose.” A high rose color tinged her cheeks.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make… DO!” he exclaimed as he shoved his very large, very hard cock into her slippery smooth, very tight little pussy.

“EEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!” squealed the innocent girl, having never had a regular, much less an extra large cock in her sex starved pussy.

He smacked her ass. “Fucking ride it, nurse! Fucking ride your patient! My life depends on you!!!”

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY MY MY MY MY MY!” Kitty bounced on Samuel’s cock like it was her favorite pogostick, jaming him deeper and deeper. It had hit pleasures that positively melted the little dunderhead’s brain!! “FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEEE!!!!” she squealed.

Samuel did, gasping and groaning, glorying in the sensation of the tight young pussy working him faster and faster and faster. Big bouncing tits mashed against his face. Gripping that lovely jiggling ass and fucking fucking his nut right up and…..

“KITTTY CARLSON!!!” screeched a familiar voice from the door. Nurse Ginger stood with an Japanese Candy Striper beside her. The petite girl with her cute little rose petal mouth hanging open wobbled beside the snarling nurse.

“S-Sorry Mommy!” wailed Kitty, not stopping her headlong bouncing a jot, working up faster and faster indeed. “The patient needs his release!”

“She’s Rus Escort your……” Samuel couldn’t hold it any longer, he let out a deep growl and exploded into the naughty girl’s cunt. Kitty let out an answering wail and bucked and bucked, her pussy squirting juiced down all over his lap. Such a slutty little candy striper!

Samuel sagged back, the girl still twitching and moaning on his dick, working her hips in little convulsing thrusts.

“She’s your daughter?” he asked the glowering Nurse Ginger. Ahhh, Nurse Ginger Carlson, it said on her name tag. Ooops.

Beside the fuming nurse, the asian girl candy striper was tugging her uniform. “Dis treatment, Ginger-san?”

“Quiet, Yoko!” Nurse Ginger shook the girl off and bustled over and yanked the groaning, naked Kitty off Samuel’s throbbing cock.

There was a high pitched gasp and then something rapidly in Japanese from Yoko.

“You complete whore!” Nurse Ginger shook her daughter. Samuel drank in the vision of Kitty’s knockers swaying violently from side to side. “What about poor Patrick?”

“Patrick’s normal,” gasped Kitty. “He’s not a freak like me and Mr. Granite!” The girl reached longingly for Samuel’s prick, still lolling impressively at three-quarters mast. “Just look at that AMAZING cock!”

And for a heart-beat all three women did look at Samuel’s glistening prick.

He smiled sheepishly, looking down at himself too. His cock gave a nice throb and a large bead of white cum rose up on his tip and then slowly began to run down his underside.

“You are getting SUCH a spanking, young lady!” Nurse Ginger grabbed her daughter by the ear and began dragging her out of the room.

“OOOWWW!! Momma!” whined Kitty. “What about my uniform?” Nurse Ginger already had her to the door, still only in her cap and knee high white stockings. Outside people were stopping and staring at the memorable sight.

“You are a disgrace to your uniform, you SLUT!” Nurse Ginger rushed her out of the room and into the crowded haul. Orderlies and nurses, patients and doctors were all open-mouthed at the singular sight of naked, cum splattered Kitty, wincing as she was marched out, displaying her shame.

“You are not going to be able to sit down for a month, young lady!” Nurse Ginger barked, slamming the door shut behind them – cutting off Samuel’s view of Kitty’s shapely round bottom and finely muscled back.

Samuel let out a frustrated groan. Fuck, he would have LOVED to seen Kitty get her punishment. Oh well, he sure had-

He gasped as small hands encircled his cock and an agile little tongue slowly lapped, lapped, lapped his underside.

“What the-“

There was Candy Striper Yoko, between his legs, industriously licking up the underside of his cock. Her dark almond eyes met his with an eager, very hungry stare.

“We treat you patient-san!” said Yoko. She engulfed his cock head in her mouth and began sucking with amazing vigor.

“Holy! Holy shit!” gasped Samuel, as the small asian girl worked his cock back up to full erection.

“But- But I just had a treatment!” he gasped.

But Yoko wanted more than just a taste of western medicine. She shrugged off her pinafore, revealing a slender, though nicely curvy ivory body and a neatly trimmed black pussy mound.

“F-fuck, you girls not allowed to wear panties?” Samuel wondered out loud as the girl slipped onto his lap and quickly guided his achingly hard dick to her already soppy wet cunt.

“Me help you dick,” said Yoko, gasping with pleasure as she worked herself rapidly up and down him, just his tip at first, plowing the furrows of her pussy lips, juices running down his sides. She was a tight little number. “I be good Candy Girl!”

Samuel didn’t think it was possible, but her sweet submissive smile, her eagerness to please, her firm little titties stirred him yet again. But most of all that tight little asian twat, just awoke the beast in Samuel. He’d already ruined one brainless bimbo, why not one more?!

“Fuck yeah!” he groaned, taking the asian slut’s hips and drawing her down, (the bandages on his hands had fallen off long ago) making her gasp and thrash and just vibrate on his big big prick. “FUCK YEAH!!!”

Luckily everyone had followed Nurse Ginger and Kitty to the court-yard to watch Kitty get the spanking of her life. If they hadn’t they might have heard the high pitched squeals coming from Mr. Granite’s room. They might have burst in and found the perky little sweetie Yoko, naked except for her little white cap, jack-hammering herself up and down Mr. Granite’s improbably large cock, marveled at how the girl’s sweet little pussy stretched and took the massive member.

“IIIIII-EEEEEEEE!!!” squealed the japanese girl, as Samuel gasped and for the second time in the hour shot a massive load into a tight wet fertile little womb, filling the silly girl up to the brink and sending her into spasms of orgasming. She rode him as fast as her young slender haunches could manage, which was quite fast indeed!


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