Can I Dance For You?


Kelly stood waiting to go on stage her hair and makeup immaculate. Looking in the mirror next to her she smoothed her hand over her stomach and twisted sideways to check her costume was right. She hated working in the week and tonight was no exception. Wednesdays were the quietest and she might as well have danced in her flat for the amount of customers that came in. Fridays and Saturdays were the best nights and this week she was only working one of them. Tutting at only having one busy shift she knew she had only herself to blame, arguing with the boss wasn’t a good idea.

Feeling a hand on her shoulder she looked to see one of the dancers next to her and she smiled. “Hi babes, how is it out there tonight?

“Bloody dead I actually think its worse tonight than it was last week.” Ashley grimaced.

Frowning Kelly hoped it wasn’t that bad but glancing out to the floor she saw that Ashley was probably right. Most of the tables were empty and the ones that had got people at them didn’t seem to be doing anything. A few of the waitresses were standing at the bar chatting and the barman looked bored. Over by the door the doorman was trying to chat Kay Leigh up but from her stance she wasn’t fooled at all. Kelly smiled to herself Dan should really know better Kay Leigh wasn’t interested and she had told him often enough.

Behind Dan the doors opened and a group of men walked in, well things looked like they were looking up Kelly thought. Watching them sign in she hoped they were big spenders she could do with some good tips. It looked like they had money from the clothes they were wearing but then looks could be deceptive.

Kay Leigh dragged herself away from Dan to show the group to a table in front of the stage. Now they were closer she could see that there were about ten of them. One seemed to be a lot quieter than the others. On the edge of the group he sat looking round as though he had never been to a club like this one before. His dark skin and slight build made him stand out from the rest of them but also his intensity. When he looked at the stage he studied it, when he watched Kay Leigh move to the bar his eyes followed her. The expression on his face was that of a child at Christmas wonder and excitement playing across his face.

Letting them settle down Kelly wandered out on to the stage listening to the beat of the music. Her long legs went on forever in her black heels and she strutted over to the pole. With practiced grace she gripped it and swung herself around. As the lights glared she began to dance capturing the attention of the men in front. Limbs flowing she turned and swayed making love to the pole in her hand grinding against it as the music flowed over her. Climbing up she gripped the pole with her thighs throwing herself into her routine then with ease her body whirled and extended encapsulating the men in her sights. Kelly loved the music and she let herself get taken by the beat that throbbed in her head. As the music swept her up she moulded to the pole in her hand before almost seeming to melt onto the floor. Lying on her back she closed her eyes letting the world go away.

Naveed sat and watched the woman on stage. His eyes were riveted to her long limbs and flowing hair. Unable to take his eyes from her he could feel himself getting aroused. Sitting back in his seat he tried to hide his growing erection within his trousers as he listened to his friends making crude comments. As the music ended he wondered if she was going to continue to dance but when she walked into the shadow he realised that she wasn’t. Sipping his beer he wished he was as confident as his friends but he felt awkward when he listened to their banter. Crudity had never been his style, although in the bedroom it was different. His erection grew harder as he thought of the blonde in his bed talking dirty to him. The idea that she wanted him to fuck her turned him on and to be told this turned him on even more. His thoughts wandering he did not realise he was being spoken to until he was nudged causing him to spill his drink. Annoyed he glared at the person responsible.

“Watch what your doing.” He said.

From backstage Kelly watched as Kay Leigh knocked the table the quiet guys drink was on. Her eyes flashed as she saw him speak sharply to her.

Didn’t he realise it was an accident she thought, how rude of him to have a go at Kay Leigh. About to step out she saw Dan wander over and decided to stay where she was. The doorman although not that tall appeared to tower over the guy sitting down. After a few minutes everything calmed down but for some reason it still grated that he had been rude to her friend. Needing to get away from it she made her way to the room the girls all shared to get changed. Cluttered with clothes, shoes and costumes Kelly pushed her way through to the corner where her rail was. Although her turn on the stage was over it was nearly time for her to mingle with the customers. Normally she Gaziantep Escort enjoyed this bit; she loved the time she spent away from the stage as much as she liked her time on it. Some of the customers paid well to see her dance and even though there was a no touching policy she had on occasion felt a stray hand stroke her skin. Flirting outrageously she had always managed to prevent it happening to often. Modesty wasn’t one of her strong points, doing the job she did she knew she had to look good otherwise she would not get the money she did. Her long white blonde hair was courtesy of Mother Nature and not a bottle like a few of the girls. In fact her entire body was a mixture of hard work in the gym and fabulous genetics. Stripping out of her stage costume she rifled through the rail trying to find on outfit that suited her mood pissed off and fed up. Selecting what she wanted she walked over to her mirror and dumped it over the back of the chair. Sitting down she picked up her brush and started to get ready.

Fifteen minutes later Kelly studied her reflection and nodded to herself. Dam she looked good, she thought. Her long hair was pulled back in a severe ponytail tied at the nape of her neck. Her curvaceous figure was hidden beneath a figure hugging jacket and tiny skirt. Slowly turning she noted the seams on her stockings were pencil straight and the lacy tops were held fast with the black straps of a belt. The black contrasted nicely with her creamy skin and showing her ass to the mirror she smiled as she saw the skirt barely covered the curve of her bottom. As she rotated she smoothed invisible creases from the jacket tugging it down so that a hint of ample cleavage showed. The silver buttons gleamed brightly in the lights and matched the necklace dangling invitingly around her neck. Slipping her feet into dangerously high heels she picked up the peaked cap and glasses that finished the costume off and smiled broadly in the mirror.

In the club Naveed was disappointed. The blonde beauty had not come back and he was sorely tempted to go home. His friends were getting rowdier and he was just not in the mood for there idiotic antics. Each of the dancers that had been on had been subjected to crude teenage style comments, although not loud enough for them to hear, it was enough for him to wish he had not come with them. Ordinarily he would not have come here but now that he had he would come again. It was quiet enough for him to enjoy it and the entertainment certainly beat midweek telly.

Getting up he wandered over to the bar leaning against it after he had asked for another drink. Sipping it from the bottle he ignored the glass placed next to it and stood watching the girl on stage. Although pretty her looks were not as striking as the blonde. Instead her short black hair was cut into a bob that hugged her head like a cap and her petite figure was almost boyish, Naveed liked his women taller and curvier but he loved the way her body moved to the music. Licking his lips he could imagine both of these women in his bed, their bodies draped languidly against the pillows. Letting his gaze wander around he noticed his friends had gone and he breathed a sigh of relief. Male bonding had never been one of his favourite activities preferring his own company. The inane stupidity of a group of drunken men had always irritated him and he could not believe he had agreed to go out with them tonight. Boredom was obviously a powerful thing, he thought to himself. Well I’m not bored now.

Finishing his drink he ordered another. As he drank he realised that a few of the customers were having their own private dances and he wondered if could get the blonde to do one for him. Catching the barman’s attention he called him over.

“Do the girls do private dances?”

“Sure they do but it costs.” He replied.

“How much?”

“Well, it depends, if you want it in the bar or if you want it in a private room. If it’s in the bar its whatever you want to pay but a private room costs a set amount. Which girl are you interested in and I can see if she is free.”

“The blonde that was dancing when I came in and I’d prefer private room if possible.”

“Whatever you want but remember no touching, any funny business and your out permanently, understand?”

“Sure.” Naveed replied excited in spite of himself at having that body up close and personal.

“Okay, go through the double doors at the side of the stage, up the stairs and down the corridor to the door at the end. There are cameras in there and a button the girls can press if they feel threatened. So like I said no funny stuff.”

Nodding his understanding he grabbed his drink and made his way to the double doors.

Kelly stood watching as the guy by the bar made his way upstairs and hoped that she was the dancer he wanted. Private dances could mean big money for the girls and Kelly wasn’t too proud to admit she needed the money. Gaziantep Escort Bayan Deposits for premises didn’t come cheap and she needed all the money she could earn for hers. Wandering over to the bar she grabbed a bottle of water and stood chatting to Kay Leigh.

“Hey Kelly,” the barman shouted, ” your wanted upstairs for a dance, get your ass in gear girl.”

“Sure thing boss.” She laughed. Making her way upstairs she checked that her costume was in order and took a deep breath before going in. As always she looked to the corners of the room checking the lights were flashing on the cameras before choosing her music. This room had always been her favourite, one of five it was more modern in its décor purple and silver complemented the matching chrome poles that stood room centre and a circular leather sofa wrapped itself around the stage offering the clients a full view of the dancers. Smiling at the guy now sitting on the sofa Kelly offered him a drink from the bar. Although here to dance when in these rooms she was also expected to play hostess.

“Whiskey on the rocks.” His voice held the hint of an accent but she was not sure from where. Pouring the drink she handed it to him before going to put the music on. Dimming the lights she strutted over to the pole.

“Can I dance for you?”

Naveed sat on the sofa and waited for the dance to begin. The woman in front of him was even sexier in person than on the stage downstairs. Her legs seemed to go on forever and the excuse for a skirt hid little. His throat felt dry suddenly and he took a sip of his drink, the sharp taste of the orange slid down his throat and he welcomed the distraction. As he relaxed back against the seat he crossed his legs trying to hide the beginnings of his arousal. His imagination was going into overdrive as he thought of her in his bed. The jacket she wore did little to hide her breasts the creamy mounds threatening to burst the buttons on it. As she moved his erection grew bigger, glimpses of what lay beneath her skirt tantalised him. Black stockings hugged her toned legs and the belt clasped them tightly. Her body arched and flowed around the pole as the music played. When she left it to walk towards him he held his breathe wondering what she was going to do next. Her red lipstick gleamed in the light leaving him to think of her mouth around his cock and although her eyes were hidden by dark glasses he thought of them staring up at him. The beat changed and her movements slowed down tantalising him she began to undo the buttons of her jacket. Hips apart she stood before him licking her lips. Naveed thought he was going to come in his trousers, something he had not done since a teenager, as she revealed the bare skin of her stomach. Sliding the jacket from her shoulders she threw it onto the sofa next to him as she turned and undid the tiny zip on her skirt. Wriggling her ass she let it fall to the floor kicking it to one side.

Gasping Naveed had to stop himself from reaching out to touch the pert bottom that was offered to him. Encased in black panties it was barely covered by the see through material. Never had he seen something so perfect as her ass and he longed to see it naked. Licking his lips he realised he was fully erect and wanting to bury it within her tight pussy. Her ass swayed like a slow beating metronome beating time to the pulsing in his cock. Her hands touched and stroked her own body like a lover would caress it slowly and with care. With only her hat and glasses on he knew he was hooked on her. Dancing in front of him in her underwear and glasses was making him sweat. When she placed a foot between his now open legs he sucked in his breath as he let his eyes wander up her legs to the place between her thighs. He dreamt he could smell her arousal and a drop of precum slowly leaked from his cock. Praying he did not spoil it and cum Naveed bit his tongue.

Looking her in the face he tried to hide the lust he felt for her but he was finding it increasingly difficult. Unable to stop himself he spoke softly to her in his own language.

“Dance for me. Dance for me beautiful.” His voice was thick with lust and he was glad she could not understand him.

Her movements slowed even more as the music changed again, the tempo hot and sensuous. Straddling his hips she ground against him rotating her hips as she slowly gyrated against him. She was so close he could smell her perfume and he took a deep breath relegating it to his memory. Sliding down on his seat he put his arms on the back of it letting her body move above him. Closing his eyes for a brief moment he dreamt of seeing her in his bed.

He dreamt of her lush curves pressed against his body as he lowered her to the bed, his hands stroking the creamy skin beneath him. Deliberately he kissed her neck placing one kiss lower than the last trailing them down towards her breasts. He could feel her quivering beneath him as his Escort Gaziantep tongue circled each nipple. Teasing them with his teeth he could feel them get harder in his mouth. Naveeb traced his fingers over her stomach and watched the goose bumps rise on her skin. Pushing her legs apart with his hips he moved downwards until his mouth was level with her bare pussy and inhaled the heady aroma of her arousal.

Opening his eyes he shook with the need to feel his cock inside her. Her movements were causing him pain and he wanted to end it. His hips bucked against her and he knew she must have felt his erection against her. Looking directly at her he spoke quietly.

“Do you feel it, do you feel it against you?”

Kelly looked down at the guy and knew he wanted to fuck her. His cock was hard in his trousers and his eyes were full of lust. Not immune to his needs she worked her hips slowly over it, rising and falling in time to the music. She knew was feeling horny just looking at him, her nipples were hard and her pussy was getting wet. Glad he could not see her face properly she watched him closely as she stroked her own breasts. Grinding down on his leg she splayed her hands over her stomach rocking forward so she could feel his breath on her neck. Whatever he was saying to her seemed filled with wanting and it turned her on. He spurred her on silently to be more sensual and even sexier than she had ever been. Her movements flowed into each other yet somehow stayed the same. Hearing a moan from within the room she was surprised to find it was coming from her. Holding on to the peak of the hat she pulled it off and slung it across the room before untying her hair and letting it hang down her back. The weight of it brushing against her back sent shivers down her spine. Arching backwards she pushed her hips forward letting her hair cascade over his legs. Sweat glistened on her body. Kelly moaned as she realised she was getting really horny dancing for this stranger. Somewhere in her head she tried to say it was because she had not had sex for a while but she knew that it was because his open lust turned her on. Her pussy was wet and her clit ached but she continued to dance for him.

“Fuck me.” He whispered. Naveed was desperate to cum it was killing him to hold back but he did not want to disgrace himself in front of her. Instead he spurred her on to cum. Her movements were openly sexual now and he could see her nipples peaking over the lace of her bra hard and inviting to the touch. Her hands strayed downwards to her panties and she pushed her hands between her legs so obviously wanting to be touched there. If only he dared, if only he could slide his finger past the barrier that were her panties and push it deep inside her wet pussy feeling her clit as he leant forward to claim her nipple in his mouth.

“Touch yourself,” he groaned gutturally. “Cum for me.”

Raising his hips high he encouraged her to use it, to rub herself against his leg and feel his cock underneath the material. He wanted to hear her moan loudly as she came.

Placing his arms on the back of the sofa he watched her fuck his leg, grinding her hips as she rotated them to the music. Her hands moved up and over her stomach cupping each breast. He moaned loudly at his inability to touch them. They were perfect to suck on and nibble. The nipples were as red as cherries and stood out against her pale skin.

Kelly was beyond control now. Whatever he was saying was making her horny, she had no idea what it was but she could here the agony in each word. Not caring about the cameras she pushed against him wanting to explode all over his leg. Holding her breasts she squeezed and pinched her nipples hard. In the pit of her stomach she could feel it building up, feel herself loosing the will to stop it from happening. Bucking and writhing on his leg she opened her legs wider. Kelly threw back her head and groaned as her clit touched his cock inside his trousers. Riding it hard she rolled and rocked against it pinching her nipples she moved suddenly her orgasm ripped through her body. Shocked she screamed loudly and bucked against his leg. Riding it she fell forward and held on as it echoed around in her skull his words pushing her higher and higher. Twisting and turning Kelly pushed down wanting more, wishing his cock was in her fucking her hard and fast.

Breathing hard she sat up and viewed him watching her. His dark eyes were hooded as he fought to control his own orgasm. Shaking under her he managed to gain control and lower his hips down. She knew that she had acted unprofessionally but as she sat there she did not care. Unsteadily she stood up and collected her clothing walking from the room she left him sitting on the sofa.

Downstairs she stood by the bar.

“Good tip?” Kay Leigh enquired.

“Dam good. Double brandy and ginger ale.” Even to herself her voice sounded shaky.

“You never drink, what happened?”

“Fuck knows but if he ever sets foot in here again make sure no one but me has him.” Kelly said.

“That good.”

“Fuck yes.”

As she spoke the guy walked over to the bar and placed a wad of notes on the bar then turned to leave.

“Excuse me” Kelly shouted after him, “But can I dance for you?”

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