Camping with the Sister In Law Ch. 02


When we woke up in the morning things were… awkward. Neither of us knew what to say or do. In my opinion it was one of the craziest best nights of my life. I loved it. I loved being inside of her. I loved filling her cunt entirely. But it was more than that. I also loved her. In that moment in that night. I really did. I still love my wife! I still am crazy about her! I can’t love two women at the same time, and sisters to make matters even easier.

The morning was rough, but Emma and I powered through the awkwardness. By the next night we had solved the problem. It was clear we just weren’t going to talk about it. We were going to act like nothing happened and live our lives as friends and brother/sister in law once more. I guess I was on board with that. It was definitely easier than confronting the issue.

We hiked. We swam. I hid boners. It was a pretty fun weekend once we had gotten through everything. That is until the very last hike. We were at the top of a mountain in a totally natural place. Emma’s ass was really working on the way up the mountain, and I just wanted to rip off her clothes and take her there. Good idea right?


So we just sat there. On the mountain. Her looking out to the view and me just gazing at her, her body, her face, her hair, her legs-

“David.” She laughs easily and her face beams. “Stop staring.”

“Sorry Emma.”

“So… should we talk about what happened? How we-“

“Um…” my voice was strained and high pitched. I was definitely comfortable with this conversation. “Great…”

“I don’t think-” she started but didn’t finish that thought. Her words trailed from her lips. Those lips.

“Yeah. Maybe we just-“

“Go back to normal? I mean. We have to! Right? We can’t. It was a one time thing. It has to have been.”

“Yeah. This would ruin everything with Sarah. For both of us.”

“Is it fair to her?”

Of course not Emma. None of this is fair to anyone!

“No. It isn’t.” I said it. I shouldn’t have. I should have eased her concerns, but I didn’t.

We sat there. In silence. The act of what we did, the enormity of it all, it washed over us in this quiet place. Serene and surreal. It was just a moment and it didn’t really resolve anything, but it is what it is. So we stood up, walked down the mountain, and cleaned up camp. The weekend was over, the trip was over, and all ideas of me being a good person was over.

It all happened so slowly the night it happened, and the rest of the trip flew by. Until the bus trip back, which was just as packed as on the way there. The only difference is that Emma didn’t hesitate to sit in my lap. This time I sat down and she immediately got on me.

She leaned back and I felt her lips brush my ear as she whispered, “It’s crowded. Do you mind?” Do I mind? Hell if I know! But christ your ass is amazing.

I shouldn’t have thought that because the moment I did I could feel my friend start to wake up. This made Emma shift slowly from side to side on my lap. It caused her skirt to ride up a little.

“It doesn’t seem like you do” she whispered as she continued to gyrate.

Jesus! “Jesus.”

“You know. Maybe. Maybe we could have fun one more time. Just a little. Here on this bus.”

That was all I needed. I put my hands on her thighs as she leaned back into me. She melted into me as I slid my right hand up her thigh and up her skirt.

“What if someone notices Emma?”

“Then they’re gonna get a show. I’m wet as fuck and I need your cock in me right now.” She lifted her ass for a moment just to undo my zipper and release the beast.

No arguments here. I lifted her up as she leveraged her weight off me by leaning Silivri Escort into my chest.

“David” she gasped into my ear, “please. I need you to-“

I cut her off by putting the tip in. Her panties slid to the side and the back of her skirt pushed up. This was weird. What were we doing. We weren’t subtle we were gyrating, we were smelly, we were in heaven. But I ignored everything in my head telling me to stop and slid my cock deep inside of Emma. Her cunt wrapped around my cock pulsating in heat and as wet as the ocean.

“Fuuuuuuuuck David. Fuck my tight little cunt. Fuck me like I’m your slut.”

I wanted to get a little weird. I grabbed her face.

“Emma you aren’t my slut. You’re just a slut. One of many. Just another whore to play with and throw away.”

She fell back into me as I thrust with each word.

“Oooooooooh. Oooooooooh yeah”

I looked around as her moaning got louder. People were starting to shift and look at us uncomfortably. Three people in particular: a man standing near us, an older woman sitting next to us, and an unbelievably hot 18-20 year old blonde on the other side of us. She leaned forward and looked up Emma’s skirt and then hurriedly went back.

I took a chance and winked at her. She looked down, hands in her lap, and shifted uncomfortably. Jesus David, that was creepy.

“Emma, we’ve got a couple people watching. Give the lady next to us a wink. I think she likes us”

Emma’s head rolled in ecstacy as I continued to rhythmically move with the bus. In a slack jaded stupor she smiled at the blonde. She leaned over and whispered to her “his cock feels so good. I’ll bet he’d fuck you too if you wanted.”

I came. Right then and there inside Emma’s tight little pussy.

As I filled her I rubbed her clit and thrust hard. Eliciting quite a reaction from her as she loudly said “Oh fuck! David I’m cumming! David your making your sweet sister in law cum!” Everyone was looking now. Emma was almost falling into the blonde’s lap. The blonde just watched us and licked her lips.

“Emma this is our stop” I said and hopped her off my cock. She leaned on me as we started to move, but not before the blonde slipped something into my pocket. (It turned out to be a phone number and a zip code).

We went home and haven’t talked about it since.


It’s been 2 months since that happened. Since that weekend. I thought that weekend would change everything. But I guess I’m a scumbag because all I’ve done is feel a little guilty and hide it from my wife.

I’m taking her on a trip up north to a ski lodge to try to make up for the whole thing. I know it’s messed up and there’s no making up for it. I just have to live my life as best I can from this point on. I view myself differently, but other than that I think life can pretty much get back to normal.

Emma’s on her way here to dog/house sit for us, the car’s all packed, and Sarah is meeting me at the cabin coming back from a work trip by plane. This should be good. It’ll be good.

*Knock knock knock knock knock* I go to answer the door and find Emma in a stunning tight yoga outfit. God damn! Why doesn’t she at least try to dress homely around me? That would make life so much easier. “Hey Emma. You know the drill?”

She steps in brushing her arm against me just ever so slightly. “Of course! You go drive up meet Sarah. Have a blast! I’ll call if anything happens”

“Thanks Emma. You’re the best!” I lightly kiss her cheek. I’ve done this a thousand times before, she is my sister in law, but it felt different. I lingered.

Emma breathes Silivri Escort Bayan in as she replies “Yeah. Sure.” We pause to look at each other before I finally remove myself from the situation and get in the car.

I’m about halfway to the cabin when I get the call from Sarah. That’s weird. She’s supposed to be in the air right now. “Hey David. Have you left yet?”

“Yeah. I’m about 2 hours in to the drive. Why? What’s up?”

“Storm’s too brutal. All the flights are grounded.”


“Do you think you’ll still head up?”

“Nah. I’ll just go home, send Emma home, and enjoy my staycation tonight.”

“Cool. I’ll see you tomorrow if I can get a flight out.”

“All right. Let me know when you’re in the hotel they put you up in so I know it’s all good.”

Whatever. It sucks, but at least I’ll get some alone time. I don’t get too many chances for that.

As I walk in the front door I remember. Emma’s here. Alone. We had sex. A few times. Christ.

Okay calm down. Just go find her and kick her out. Wait where is she? And what’s that noise? I clued into moans and groans coming from my bedroom. I should cautiously approach it before just jumping in.

Oh well I’m not that subtle so I sort of just go up to the door and open it. What greets me directly to my right in the now open door is Emma with her eyes closed. She’s got the big screen TV playing some porn (pretty sure it’s that incest video I love).

My gaze starts on her face. Her lips puckered and a little slack jawed somehow at the same time. Her brow furrowed as she whispers out loud every once in a while “David. Fuck me David. Fuck your tight little sister in law”.

I step in and close the door behind me. This gives me a better view and I see that what she’s got going in and out of cut is my toothbrush that I forgot.

“Emma you dirty dirty girl”

Emma just about jumps off the bed as she first tries to cover herself and flee at the same time. She figures out it’s just me and somewhat calms down.

“Jesus David! You gave me a heart attack!”

I do my best to respond evenly- “I almost gave you a heart attack? You are using my toothbrush in your perfect little cunt and whispering my name while watching incest porn. And you’re saying what I did wasn’t acceptable?

Emma looks at my face at first, clearly trying to figure out what’s going on in my head. Her gaze drifts down and finally her eyes land on my hardening cock. “Have I been a bad girl big brother?”

I sit at the end of the bed and pat my lap without saying a word in response. Making eye contact the whole time she crawls to me. “Big brother please don’t spank my ass. It will sting ever so, and it might make me wet. Brothers shouldn’t make their sisters wet”.

I suddenly grab her hair and pull her across my lap. “Obedient sisters speak when spoken to. Good sisters listen and take their punishment they deserve”

Emma doesn’t say anything. Did I go too far? But then her ass starts to wiggle in the air. She needs this. So I push her lower back down onto my cock and spank her ass once. She has a sharp intake of breath. I don’t think she expected me to slap her ass so hard.

Twice. My hand lands without warning for a second time. Her ass is quickly red and she whips around smiling. “Oh David. You’re always so good to me. Treat me like the bad girl I am. Please” I do just that and slap her ass a third time. “Ow!” Her voice is high pitched music to my ears. This time I slap her ass and slide my hand down her bare pussy.

“Oooooooooh. David. Yes. More! More!”

I slap her ass each time she says more. She keeps yelling it out loud for the neighbors to Escort Silivri hear- “More! More! More! More! Mooooooooore!” On that last one I slide two fingers inside her. She suddenly flips off my lap and bends over the bed hands outstretched and ass in the air.

“I think your cock needs to teach me a lesson now David!”

I stand up slowly and get behind her. I drag the tip all along her cunt’s lips and watch her react. She shudders and shakes in anticipation, but waits. I grab her hair and pull her head close to mine. “I have an idea.” And with that I step back. She tries to follow, but I use her hair like reigns and stop her.

“Emma! Do as you’re told!”

“Yes big brother” Her voice is sad and she’s trying to look back to see what I’m doing, but I keep tugging her hair forward as I maneuver my phone. First I take a picture of her like this, and then I do what I was intending to do- I go into the address book on my phone and call ‘blonde woman from train’. I put it on speaker for Emma to hear.

“Hello? Who is this?”

“I fucked my slut of sister next to you on the bus 2 months ago.”

“I was hoping you’d call me eventually. Wanna meet up or something? Have some fun?”

“I’m about to have some fun. I thought you might want to hear my slutty sister Emma scream as I push into her cunt.”

“Sounds delicious” Sounds delicious? Who talks like that? I mean granted I’m not really in a place to judge but still…

“What’s your name?”


“Well Tricia. Tell Emma what you’re wearing and what you’re doing to yourself and she might do the same.”

Tricia begins to speak again and I line my cock up with Emma’s pussy.

“I’m just laying in bed. I was wearing a robe, but now I’m just in my red lingerie-“

I push the entirety of my cock in in one go.


“Oh Jesus. Emma describe it to me I want to finger myself while you do!”

“Big brother just rammed his meaty cock inside of me! In one go and now he’s thrusting into me. He’s gyrating into me. He’s burying his fucking amazing cock as deep inside of me as possible. Fuck Tricia. You need to feel this cock. My sister’s husband’s cock is the greatest!”

“Jesus you two really are kinky. My pussy is dripping! Tell me more.”

Emma relates it as I force her head onto the bed and really start to slam into her. She yells it as I pull her hair with one hand and slap her ass like a fucking jockey over and over. She screams it as I start the whole process over by forcing my cock into her even tighter pretty little asshole.

Tricia started out with some back and forth, but now she’s almost completely silent except for moans and groans. She’s just listening and taking it in. “Ooooh. You two are so hot. Emma please tell me he isn’t wearing a condom. I want to hear you when he cums inside of you. I want to hear you when he-“

“Fuck David! Cum in me! Please cum in me! Start in my asshole and finish cumming in my tight cunt! Please! I don’t care that I’m not on the pill! I don’t care! I just need to feel your thick juicy cum deep inside of me! Please!”

“Fuck David! Do it! Cum in the little bitch!”

“Tricia.” I say trying to keep from cumming but god help me Emma is really working my cock now. “How close are you?”

“I’m cumming!” Tricia shouts over the phone, and this causes my own floodgates to release.

I cum deep inside of Emma.


I cum deep inside her for two shots and then hastily remove my cock and slam it straight back into her cunt!

“Ooooooooooh… FUUUUUUUUUCK!” She lulls and screams as I remove my dick from her ass and put it back in her cunt. I finish pumping my load. I start to collapse on top of her, and feel her cunt muscles milk my cock for all it’s worth.

“Fucking shit David! Let’s go again.”

I hang up on Tricia, and lie down next to Emma.

“Fuck Emma. Give me a minute.”

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