Camping on the Beach


I never made it out of Cub Scouts as a kid. A friend had invited me when I was in middle school to come to a Boy Scout camp out with his church troop, but it was a bad weekend for me to go so I didn’t. That was my scouting experience until I had two boys of my own. They got into scouting at a young age. They advance through Cub Scouts and on into Boy Scouts. I would assist with their troop sometimes.

Late one spring, they planned a camp out to Padre Island National Park. They would camp on the beach. I was invited to join them and thought it would be a good time to bond with my boys. We would leave after work on a Thursday as the boys had the Friday off. We would travel down in two vehicles.

That Thursday, the vans and trailer were loaded. I would ride with the assistant scout master who was a married guy in his late twenties. He was a tall, dark auburn colored hair, well-built man with brown eyes. He drove, and I rode shot gun.

The boys were in the back talking, playing games, some sleeping. The assistant and I talked a while. He was an accountant and had been married for a few years with no kids. He loved Scouting. To pass the time, he told me stories about some of his scout trips as a youth.

The trip was long. I dozed off for a while. When I woke up; we had made some good time. The driver nodded at me, but we did not speak.

Then with his left hand rubbed a large mass down the left pant leg of his shorts. I knew what it was. We all get hard ons. Maybe he was thinking about making love to his wife as he drove down the long highway and got excited. I could see the outline of the thick shaft and then the clear line at the base of the head and then all of the head. As I was looking at it, he took his left hand and slid it up and down the shaft over the head and back. Then, the hand went back to the steering wheel.

Realizing that I was watching, I quickly turned away. I knew what it was like to have blue balls. He must have been so desperate to get that load out, and I woke up and ruined it. He could have hiked up his shorts and blown that load and no one would have known if I had not awoken.

I felt bad. I wished that I could say ‘sorry man’ and looked over to maybe say it nonverbally. When I looked over, he looked at me and smiled and moved his left hand down to his bulge and stroked it again.

Did he just do it again with me looking? He knew I was looking at him when he did it. This is not what I was expecting. I quickly turned my head to look out the window watching the flat coastal plain pass by us.

I had jerked off with another guy before. I stopped because someone told me it was gay, and I didn’t want to be considered gay. It was very hot when I did it. It always felt so good. I look down at my lap. Damn, I didn’t realize that this had affected me this way. I was hard. When I get hard, everyone knows because I can’t hide it. Like him, I leaned to the left. I had on loose boxers, so it didn’t contain it. There was that snake running down my left leg.

Looking over at him, he was looking at my erection. What was he going to think? This is so embarrassing. Then I saw him stroke himself again. It was several long slow strokes. This was all making me so horny, but I wasn’t going to touch myself, but I wanted too. I wanted to pull out my seven-inch cock right there and go to work stroking my meat until rope after rope of cum flooded out of me. But that was impossible.

Then someone from the back yelled out that they needed to go to the restroom. It broke the connection between the two of us. I was safe for now.

We pulled into a gas station. I stayed in the van as he got out. I watched him. Never had I noticed what a nice ass he had. Those shorts made it look so hot. What am I doing looking at his ass? I decided that I needed to go get a snack. I bought my boys some treats and got something for one of the boys who didn’t bring any money.

Once we got back on the road, I decided to try to go to sleep but he kept popping into my thoughts. When we get there, I am going to have to go stroke one out. Once I do that, I will be fine, I am sure.

When we got to our camp site, it was dark. We used the car lights to set up the tents on the beach. Once everything was up. I said that I am going to take a dip in the waves – actually Sakarya Escort I was going to go out and jerk off – but everyone thought it was a great idea. Everyone went for a nighttime swim. Crap! Would I ever get some relief?

After the swim, I felt all salty from the ocean. There was a large building with showers not far from where we were camping on the beach. I could go there and take care of my need. I informed the other two leaders what I was doing as I started off with a towel. I really needed to be alone and get some stress relief.

It was a short walk and found that the large shower room was open with several shower heads on a single pole with several poles spread out over the large room. There was no privacy here. It didn’t matter because I was all alone. I pulled off that wet suit and found a spigot and turned on the water. I decided to first wash off all the salt before I would got down to business. Once clean, I turned to my member in need of attention. Just as I started giving it the care it wanted, in walked the assistant. He was just wearing his broad shorts. This was a large room, but he walked right over next to me and turned on the water. He peeled off his suit and out bounced his six-inch cock at full staff. It was based on a bed of red pubes. It was on the thicker side.

At first, he washed around his quarter size nipples with both hands, then slowly slid both hands down together towards his cock until his two hands framed what was a very hard cock stretching for the heavens. It was gorgeous. Was this for me? Did he come to just unload like I did or was it because of me? I looked down and my seven inches were sticking straight out too. I felt this strange feeling in my stomach. It was like a hunger. I was confused at what to do. There was this hot desire but a fear all at the same time.

It was then that I heard someone outside and quickly turned my back to the assistant. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see he did the same thing. I thought of everything that would make my erection go away. I wanted it to go down and go down now.

“Oh, here you are,” I heard the Scout Master say. He was just a couple years younger than me. He was a blond, Nordic looking man appearing as you would expect a strong Viking to look. As he peeled off his T-shirt walking towards us, I could see his big nipples and a hairy chest as I looked over my shoulder. He tugged his suit off. The hair ran down his stomach in a trail to his groin where there was a thick bush upon which an average penis sprouted. I had seen him naked before. When we had taken the boys camping at my grandparents, we slipped off to go skinny dipping in the creek. I love to skinny dip. If I didn’t have to wear a bathing suit in the water, I wouldn’t.

He came to join us. I was still somewhat engorged, but I wasn’t hard. I was a thick 5 inches with the vein that runs straight from my base to the head showing clearly. It’s a nice-looking cock. At the gym over the years a few guys had commented on it and some had even offered to suck it off for me. I had always politely turned them down. Yet this assistant scout master was doing something to me that the other guys didn’t.

I looked over as he still had his back to us. His ass was so nice and firm. It was a beauty. Normally I don’t pay much attentions to butts but his was so beautiful. Stop looking I told myself because I did’t want to sprout another hard on here at least not while the Scout Master was here.

It was disappointing when the assistant left so quickly after the Scout Master arrived. I was able to finish up my showering and when I finished so did the Scout Master and he walked back with me. I wanted to go off into the dunes and jack off but couldn’t because someone was with me. Would I ever get relief?

Soon we were all in our tent for the night. The Scout Master got in his cot as he talked to the assistant. The assistant was getting ready for bed and stripped out of his shorts and stood there naked a foot from my face putting his hands on his hips as he continued making a point to the Scout Master. I could see his cock up close. It was soft and about four inches. He was cut. The bed around it looked like a soft carpet. He had nice size balls. I lay there looking at it; wanting it to grow for me. It was a Adapazarı Escort nice thickness. I could see the veins that wrapped around the shaft. I wanted to touch it. It called to me, but I couldn’t. Not here, not now. My dick had filled and was harden. This assistant made me so horny. I felt a wave of lust wash over me. I had to stop this and rolled over. I was so in need of jerking off.

Soon the light was out, and I wanted to strip naked and slide my hand up and down my dick but just couldn’t do it with the Scout Master laying right next to me. Now if the assistant saw or heard me, it would not matter. I would want him to hear my moans and see my throbbing penis. Oh, how I ached. This was so frustrating. No relief came that night.

The next day came and they had all sorts of activities for the boys. I helped. There was quality time with my sons too. In the afternoon they took a break so everyone could take a nap as the boys had stayed up late last night talking in their tents.

I laid on my cot to take a nap while the other two sat outside of the tent. Again, I thought about stroking one out but did not want to get caught. Sure, they did it too, but I just didn’t want to be caught and have a story float around for years to come. Quickly, I was asleep. When I woke up the assistant was sitting on his cot looking at me. I could hear the Scout Master talking to one of the boys just outside of the tent.

He quietly stated, “I hear that you like to go skinny dipping.”

Rubbing my eyes but a bit surprised by the question, “Yeah.”

“That’s cool,” he said as he got up and left. I was left a bit confused by the question that seemed so random. My wood was still in need of relief. It was throbbing right now. They were just outside the flap, and they would hear me if I polished it off now. Oh, how I needed to get this seed out of my balls.

The afternoon was packed with more activities followed by a lousy dinner. The wind was so strong that it was hard for us to cook the food on the beach. It was all under cooked.

I was still horny. It was time to take care of this. I couldn’t take another minute of it. The sun was slowly setting in the west over the island, I stated that I was going to take a walk. My plan was to walk from the area we were on which cars could drive to the part of the beach where vehicles were prohibited in hopes of finding an empty stretch of beach to relief myself. I grabbed a towel so that if there was an empty spot on the beach, I could lay it out on the sand, strip naked, and take myself to paradise. If not that, to go out in the surf, lower my bathing suit and feed my protein to the fishes of the sea. I was going to do this.

I quickly headed out after announcing that I was taking a hike. I wanted to be alone. As I made it past the post where the beach was separated, the assistant ran up to me and asked, “Do you mind if I join you?”

Of course, I minded. I wanted to jack my cock long and hard. That was not so easy with another person. Was I ever going to nut? Not much I could do. I just nodded.

The waves broke upon the sand. A sea gull squawked overhead. There was the breeze blowing as we walked quietly together. Me, I was hoping that he would get bored and turn back, but then he asked, “You looking for a place to skinny dip?”

“No,” I answered-I was looking for a place to masturbate, jack off, tug my meat, jerk it…

“I thought that you liked skinny dipping?”

“I do,” I responded.

“Why the towel then? It’s too late to sunbathe.”

“I didn’t start this hike with that in mind,” I began. “If I get the chance, I will. Maybe after dark.”

Then boldly he said, “I want to go skinny dipping too. I have always wanted to do it in the ocean.”

“This is the Gulf.”

“Same thing,” he said. “It looks like everyone has already left this part of the beach. It won’t be to much further until no one could see if you were skinny dipping or not. I bet that they could not even tell from here.” With that, he stopped and took off his broad shorts. “What do you think?”

I turned and looked at his naked body with a semi erect cock, “You are crazy.” I started walking again.

He ran up to me. “It feels so good to have the air cool my privates. You should try it.”

“If Serdivan Escort I take my suit off, I will get an erection,” I explained. “Whenever I strip off in a place like this to go skinny dipping, it happens.”

“I am cool with that. Look, I got a boner on. It does the same thing to me.”

His was pointing up it was so hard. It was so full. Damn, there I go. I am filling out like a balloon. There is no hiding it. It’s sticking out there even as the under netting of my suit tried to contain it. He looked at my bulge then me and then my bulge then looks at me with a smile.

How to explain this. “Listen, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I came out on this hike to take care of myself. I really need to get off if you know what I mean.”


Then why wasn’t he turning around?

He added, “I know exactly how you feel.” Then, he stepped towards me and reached out and rubbed my bulge. It was so unexpected. I should have pushed him off but stood there frozen.

Part of me said push him off, but part of me wanted to let him keep going. He looked at me with a deep desire in his eyes. I felt his lust. After a moment, he touched me again as he was stroking it through the fabric. It felts so good, but I felt I had to stop it, but I couldn’t. There was this struggle going on inside of me with part of me wanting this so bad. With every stroke the desire became stronger to go with it. I didn’t want it to end but it should.

He was undoing the knot to my suit, and I let him. I wanted it. I desired it. I was his. Looking down, I watched his hand slipping inside of my suit. Now he was touching me. His warm hand glided along my shaft, up to the head and then back down again. I forgot what another male could do with their touch. He knew how to handle it. With his other hand he peeled my suit off my ass and worked around to pull it over my erection and it fell to the sand. I stepped out of it.

We were both there naked on the beach. I instinctively reached over to his cock. I first felt around the base with his soft red pubes. Then up the hard shaft of steel yet covered in soft velvet. Over the rim of the head to the wet top that was leaking his pre-cum. With it, I slid it back down his shaft. How I had forgotten what a hard dick felt like.

Then the assistant fell to his knees in the sand and began kissing the area around my hard unit. He licked my balls, kissed them, and then sucked on them one at a time before starting up my shaft. Oh, how a man knows how to treat another mans cock. He made it to the head that was throbbing in excitement. He took it into his warm mouth where his tongue swirled around the sensitive underside of the head. I was his. Soon he worked down the shaft as he would slide down and then back up working a little farther each time until his nose was buried in my pubes. He was an expert. Every spot that he needed to hit, he got. I was trembling with pleasure. He could tell I was close, so he pulled off and stood up.

Instinctively, I fell to my knees in front of his burning erection. I first smelled the musky scent of a male sexuality. I was not as patient and drove right in, taking his dick into my mouth and down my throat. I had to have it. I wasted no time and was quickly bobbing up and down the full length of his cock. It was so intoxicating. It was the only thing that I wanted in the world. I wanted his seed. His breathing became heavy and there were moans. My hand felt his tight ass as his body shuttered and shook as his load filled my mouth with its salty taste and bitter after bite. I had just taken his load and swallowed it.

I stood up with my cock still loaded and needing to release. Without a word, he went to work like the champ that he was. He knew how to bring me to a head. I felt it coming from my balls that were tightly against my body, up through the shaft, and then out filling his throat where I had buried my dick. The teasing and the desires of the last bit caused a huge load to flood his throat. After the last rope flowed, I pulled out.

“I think that I need to take a dip,” I said as I started towards the water to wash the sex off. As I did, he slapped my ass and then ran past me into the waves.

Once in the waves we frolicked like kids for a bit-free. Free of all the care of the world. Free of stress. Free to be who we really were.

Soon it was starting to get dark, we grabbed our suits and started back to the camp. When we got back the Scout Master asked, “Did you guys go skinny dipping?” We nodded. “Next time let me know, I want to join in.” If he only knew.

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