Camp of Blessing Ch. 07


One thing was clear: Aisha, Sister Beth, and Valery were all addicted to Kristanna’s cum. They practically lived for it, not much else had been in their minds the past three days, except when to get their next dose. Aisha was very much aware of who to go for when she needed cum. But for Beth and Valery it was just a cock on the wall. None of them questioned who had such a giant cock and how that hole on the wall came to be there in the first place. By the third day, they didn’t even care anymore.

It turned out that the lock on the door of the Secret room was very old and rather simple. Aisha was able to essentially make a fake, improvised key that could lock and unlock the door whenever they wanted. She gave the key to Kristanna, the room stayed locked until the evening when the redhead sneaked in there. Sister Beth even managed to ease the patrol of the guards on her corridor so that she could also sneak Valery in her room and both of them could scream and moan without the risk of being heard.

The past three nights, after dinner, Kristanna went in the Secret room and waited for Sister Beth to “summon” her, which the nun did without failure. She stuck her cock in the hole on the wall to begin the fun. The nun brought Valery each time, apparently “cleansing her of sin” took time and several sessions.

Tonight was different, however. Kristanna had the idea in her mind all day to reveal her identity to both Valery and Sister Beth. The sex through the wall was getting old and repetitive. She thought about it from every angle, talked to Aisha about her intentions. She felt like at this point they were addicted to cum enough that they would end up rationalizing it in some way. Beth especially, as she was pretty deep into her “angel” narrative, beliving Kristanna to be some kind of divine power. The uncertain variable was Valery. Once the blonde girl knew about Kristanna’s secret, she could get bold and decide to expose her as a freak to the entire school and the nuns. The redhead wasn’t sure if just the fascination for her cock and cum would be enough to retain Valery from doing something like that. After all, she was an annoying cunt, to begin with. Used to bulling others for the fun of it.

On the other hand, Valery was also afraid of her schemes with doctor Schubert being exposed by Beth. She had just a few more months until graduation and would finally get out of this hole, back to her life as a rich, spoiled brat, “Maybe this is motivation enough to keep her in line”, Kristanna voiced to Aisha as they both talked, sitting on the edge of the bed in the Secret Room. The Hispanic girl shrugged, “It’s your choice, girl. I honestly don’t mind if things stay as they are, there is plenty of that cock for all of us.”

As they laughed together, Kristanna realized that she would probably never be more assured than she was right now. The situation was complex and anything could happen. She took a deep breath and let out a sigh, “You know what? Fuck it. I will show my face to them and “wing it” from there. What could happen? I end up branded as a freak in here? That ship has already sailed! Let them talk! Or maybe the nuns expel me back to the Smiths? I’d love it if they did that! I have little to lose.”

Aisha lowered her head looking a bit distressed, “I don’t want you to leave me though.” Kristanna smiled softly and placed a hand on her friend’s shoulder, “Don’t worry hun. There is life after this damn Camp. We will find each other.” Aisha nodded, but there was worry in her eyes still. She launched herself on Kristanna hugging her.

In their embrace, both of the girls heard muffled noises coming from the wardrobe, someone was in Sister Beth’s room. The time had come.



“Stop it! Stop it! Please!” Mary begged as she crouched, naked and crying at the corner of the locker room. The girl was younger, insecure and overweight, always a target for Valery and her crew. This time they were surrounding her after the shower and making pig noises while laughing at her. Julie and Renata were the most vicious ones, actually cornering the poor girl. Valery was behind them, but her expression did not show much enjoyment.

Since she had been caught by sister Beth and taken to her room, Valery had gone into some sort of small existential crisis. The past three days she had been questioning the point of it all. She was never a strong believer, but Sister Beth’s constant talk about “cleansing her of sin” and her so-called “impure soul” was affecting her.

All her life she had misbehaved. Her parents never seemed to have loved her. They didn’t care much, always at work. When Valery did something wrong, they scolded her. But they always talked about how she had embarrassed THEM. Little it mattered what Valery reasons were. “The Krieger family is better than this!” They would say, always placing on her the responsibility to live up to their name. The family Muğla Escort name was what they cared about.

Frustrated, and most of all angry, Valery didn’t accept that she wasn’t a true Krieger. So she surrounded herself with those who looked up to her, saw her as beautiful and strong. And she bullied the weak, to prove how much better she was. But it never seemed to be enough for her parents. Throughout her childhood she kept that up, her behavior always escalating. Until her teenage days, she ended up sending a girl to the hospital with a badly planned prank. So her parents sent her to Camp of Blessing to finish her last year of High School, where she couldn’t embarrass them anymore.

At the Camp, Valery just did more of the same. In her mind, she was showing everyone how much she didn’t care, how far she would go from what they expected of her. Sister Beth had been the first who showed her a different path, who had seen her as somehow “worth saving”. As fucked up as the nun was, she wanted to help, and in her way that is what she did. Over the past days, Valery had experienced sensations she had never before imagined. She gave the nun and that mysterious cock on the wall immense pleasure. It felt great to do it, better than abusing others in the school. Valery had started to see the whole bullying thing as a waste of energy. She looked at all those girls, crying and running away from her, and somehow saw herself taking it from her abusive parents.

The cries from Mary drew Valery out of her thoughts and back to the locker room. She stepped in front of Julie and Renata and pushed them back, “Enough! Jesus, the girl is having a breakdown!” Julie and Renata looked at each other, puzzled at first. But as they saw Mary take the chance to grab her towel and run out of the locker room their expression turned to anger towards Valery. Julie questioned in an intimidating tone. “What is your problem, Val? The past days you are killing our buzz, yo! Ruining our fun, feeling bad for these idiots!? Are you turning into a fucking pussy?”

Renata complimented her friend’s remarks, “Yeah man! Do you have a problem with us?” Valery was still too proud to back away, “What if I do, hmm? What are you gonna do?” Both girls looked at each other, and without warning Julie ran into Valery, shoving her against the metal lockers. The blond girl tried to push back, but Julie’s shoulder was brushing against her nipples, making her legs weak. Any other day before her encounter with sister Beth, Valery would have won that fight. But no she didn’t have it in her anymore. Most had not noticed, but Valery’s body had changed quite a bit in the past days from her repeated exposure to Kristanna’s cum.

The hips and ass she never had before started showing, making her much more feminine. They were nowhere near Kristanna’s or Aisha’s, but the minor changes made a visible impact. Some pants she had would barely fit her wider hips. Her breasts were the ones to be most affected though. While they were big before, they had practically doubled in size, each one now bigger than her head. Her areolas stretched to match, and her nipples would be up to two inches long when hard. Their sensitivity was often overwhelming, certainly distracting.

Julie’s pressure against Valery’s newly grown tits was too much to bear, she moaned with discomfort and couldn’t fight the girl back. Julie pulled away, Valery lost her balance, leaning against the locker to try and stand. Her towel fell and her tits were exposed. Both Julie and Renata were confused to see Valery’s nipples fully erect and dripping milk on the floor. The blonde covered herself with her arms, she blushed, moaning and trying to get ahold of herself. Julie and Renata burst out laughing, “Hahaha what the fuck? Look at this fucking cow! Mooo!” Both began to mock and degrade Valery, who just wrapped herself on the towel again and stood there, with no reaction.

The “party” ended as one of the nuns rushed in the locker room, probably alerted by Mary who had managed to run out a minute ago when Valery intervened. All three of them ended up confined to separate chapels, without dinner until they completed an unreasonable amount of prayers. Kneeling at her small altar, Valery felt tears rolling down her cheeks. She kept seeing flashes of all those times when her parents scolded her, “You are ruining the Krieger name! I don’t know what to do with you!” Then she saw the girls just now in the locker room, “Big-titted bitch! Fucking cow! Mooo!” And lastly Sister Beth, “You are corrupted, your soul needs cleansing!” Maybe they were all right, maybe she did deserve it all.

It was clear not even her friends liked her. She never got anything from her friends at the former school, not even a letter. Julie and Renata were quick to turn against her. They never liked her, they just feared her, like everyone else she bullied. They followed her out of convenience, and once they no longer feared her then Muğla Escort Bayan they treated her like all the losers they bullied. She called her victims pathetic and weak, but now she saw how she had always been the weak one. Valery stepped on others so she would feel better, but that had never worked. The only time when she felt truly amazing was in Sister Beth’s room. The first time that she experienced happiness, bliss even, was when being “cleansed”.

A hand touched Valery’s shoulder, she looked up to see sister Beth standing beside her and speaking with a calm voice, “Enough penitence, my child. Come with me for true salvation.”

For the first time since all of this started, Valery believed in Sister Beth’s words. With a smile in her lips, she stood up, dried her tears and followed the nun to her room.

As usual, Valery stood at the center of the room as sister Beth lit up her candles and prepared the altar to “summon the angel”. When she finished saying the words and pulled the cross from the wall, the hole remained empty. Instead of the cock that usually emerged, only the whispering voice echoed, “It is time you know who I am. Walk to the old room next to this one, the door is unlocked.”

Sister Beth was euphoric, she covered her mouth with both hands in disbelief, “Dear Lord! Finally! Come, Valery, let’s do as instructed!” Both of them walked out of sister Beth’s room and towards the next door. The nun turned the knob slowly, her heart racing. She pushed it and walked in, Valery followed closely. The room was completely dark, but as the door closed behind them a switch flipped and the faint light of the lamp in the room came on. Standing next to it was Aisha, by the foot of the bed stood Kristanna, already naked. Her massive cock and balls hanging from her crotch, unmistakable.

The nun immediately fell on her knees, “You! The new student! Praise the Lord for blessing us with your presence!” Behind the worshiping nun stood Valery in disbelief. She stared at Kristanna’s body, her impossible curves, the unreal dick she had learned to enjoy so much. But she didn’t say anything, there were no words for her surprise. Kristanna broke the silence, “Valery, I know we have our differences, but I think there is no reason for us to fight, I certainly never wanted to fight you”

For a moment, Valery just looked around at the soundproof walls, that big bed and the weird configuration of the room. Lowering her head and staring at the floor she finally spoke, “I… I don’t want to fight you, or anyone. I’m done fighting. Sister Beth is helping me see who I am, and so are you.”

Kristanna was surprised, to say the least. She expected some snarky comments. That wasn’t the Valery she knew, something had happened. Sister Beth stood up and caressed Valery’s face softly, “I am glad you see it that way”, she then turned back to Kristanna, “I have a million questions! Were you born like this? How is it possible?”

Kristanna didn’t want to explain herself, she didn’t even have the answers. “I think there will be time for these questions. But does it matter, Sister? I know who I am and what I want, you can see it, they can see it.” Kristanna pointed at Aisha, then Valery. “I just want to make my stay in this place enjoyable. I want to explore, evolve. You can go through this with me, as you have so far.”

The nun had tears in her eyes, she nodded, trying to keep her composure. “Yes! Yes, of course! Thank you!” She could barely speak any longer.

As Aisha witnessed that scene she sent a couple of stares towards Kristanna, moving her lips to say silently, “She is intense!”. The redhead had to hold back her laughter at the remark. She cleared her throat regaining composure and walked towards sister Beth, cock and balls swaying left and right with each step, “Now, you know why you are here. Let’s get rid of these clothes, you won’t be needing them.”

The nun was the first to begin removing her habit, except for the headpiece. Through the constant consumption of Kristanna’s cum in the past days, sister Beth’s dick had grown to reach the mark of thirteen inches when hard, being as thick as (and certainly longer than) her forearm. Each of the nun’s balls hung heavily in her sack, as big as a pear. They swelled bigger during sex before releasing her load, which had also more than doubled in volume at this point. Furthermore, she had grown at least three inches taller to reach 5’8″, and her body was much more well-shaped. Even at the age of forty-five, she had a perfect, athletic body that belonged in a fitness model. Her legs were toned, her ass firm and round. Above her flat abdomen, her perky breasts were flawless, like two firm oranges with rosy, puffy nipples. The modest habit she wore every day kept all of these changes hidden. But when she was naked her beauty was undeniable.

Valery also stripped, revealing herself for the first time to Kristanna. The redhead bit her lower lip Escort Muğla and stroke her cock softly watching those huge melons bouncing free. She looked around to see everyone getting naked. Aisha quickly got rid of her uniform. The body of the Hispanic girl had also gone through changes in the past days. Her ass got bigger, much more round and firm than before. Her hips also got wider, it seemed her entire bone structure at the waist area changed to accommodate the growth. On top of that, her clit reached the size of a very thick middle finger when hard. She could even stroke it when she masturbated thinking of Kristanna.

Immediately after undressing, sister Beth was already kneeling in front of Kristanna, her hands hesitated to touch the girl as she looked up looking for permission. The redhead just nodded and the nun immediately placed her hands on Kristanna’s ball sack, cupping each testicle in her palms. She massaged them tenderly, mesmerized by the fascinating body she had never had the pleasure to see through the wall, “You are divine!” Soon she licked the skin of Kristanna’s scrotum, watching her massive cock grow to reach its mighty twenty inches. The nun’s tongue traveled along the base of the shaft, licking the underside.

The cock worshiping session continued as Valery joined. Kneeling next to sister Beth she grabbed Kristanna’s shaft with both hands. She stroke it and placed soft nibbles on the head, taking in the oozing precum. Aisha positioned herself behind the redhead sucking on her clit and massaging her ass cheeks. Kristanna let herself be absorbed by the moment, throwing her head back allowing pleasure to course through her. She could feel precum pouring out of her cock slit into Valery’s mouth. As the blond girl filled a mouthful of the thick nectar, she moved towards sister Beth and shared the load in a passionate kiss.

Affected by Kristanna’s fluids, all three women moaned started to make out with each other. Taking turns between kissing and caressing the redhead’s balls, thighs, cock, ass, and pussy. With a shiver and a sense of eagerness flowing into her body, sister Beth turned her focus to Valery. She kissed her neck, squeezed her massive breasts with both hands, getting diving in the girl’s body. Her touch became more aggressive until she practically grabbed Valery by the neck and began lifting her, taking the willing girl to the bed next to them. Kristanna just watched with a smile as the nun crawled over Valery on the bed. She then spread the blonde’s legs wide in the missionary position, adjusted her cock against her cunt and pushed it inside with a grunt.

Kristanna turned around to face Aisha now, she grabbed the base of her thick cock swinging it up and down. The underside of her prick slapped against the girl’s face, thick strings of saliva and precum connecting them. Aisha had her tongue sticking out of her mouth, licking that cock with eagerness.

On the bed, sister Beth held Valery’s arms up above her head, forcing the blonde’s huge tits to be fully exposed. Gravity pulled the huge melons, causing them to lean naturally to each side of her torso. The nun’s hips moved like a separate part of her body, forcing more and more of her prick inside Valery’s cunt.

Valery had a blank stare, looking at the wall next to her. She seemed to have given up, letting herself be used and dominated. As the nun gained speed and rhythm she heard Valery’s faint voice whisper, “Harder… please…” Leaning forward into the girl the nun asked, “What did you say, my child?”

“I said… harder… punish me, p-please,” Valery spoke louder this time. The nun smiled and with a harsh thrust broke inside the girl’s womb. Valery arched her back and moaned, feeling her belly bulge. She had never felt more pleasure in her life, “Slap me! I deserve it! I’m filthy!” she began crying between her moans. Sister Beth grunted in ecstasy, smashing her pelvis against Valery’s. The nun raised a hand and slapped her partner across the face. She heard the girl cry, but then she slapped her again. A hunger surged in sister Beth’s eyes as she tasted that power, that control. Watching Valery beg and cry hit a button inside the sister that she didn’t know were there. She wanted more, she NEEDED more.

With her giant dick lodged down Aisha’s throat, Kristanna watched what happened on the bed, how sister Beth punished Valery. She saw the nun begin to pinch and slap the girl’s jiggling tits, making her cry louder. The redhead saw an opportunity to send Beth over the edge. She pulled back from Aisha, leaving the girl coughing on the floor, “Hang in there, I gotta do this”

Kristanna hopped on the bed, positioned herself behind sister Beth and pointed her dick down, slowly bending her knees. Sister Beth felt a warm, wet member touch her ass cheeks. She looked over her shoulder to see Kristanna positioning herself, “M-my angel…” The redhead did not let the nun finish her sentence, “Keep fucking her” She commanded as she found the sister’s pussy lips and pushed against them. The nun began to resume her hip thrusts, but when she pulled back now she felt Kristanna’s dick spreading her pussy open. As she increased her speed, Kristanna’s dick went deeper inside her pussy.

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