Camp Black Bear


It had taken me a long while to build up enough courage to make a trip to Camp Black Bear. I had read about the all male campground long before, but being an in-the-closet bisexual at the time, I had pretty much avoided any of the traditional gay bars or meeting places. However, I had read on another website that they were having their yearly July Motorcycle Camp out Weekend and I’ve always been turned on by bikes and leather; whether men or women. I decide to take the plunge and reserve a tent campsite.

I decided I wanted to get there a little early before the place got crowded to relax and have a beer or two; just to try and calm my nerves. I packed up my pup tent, a couple changes of clothes, sleeping bag, toiletries, a box of condoms and bottle of lube, and decided to head down wearing jeans and T-shirt. Unfortunately, I ride an old Ironhead chopper and there isn’t much room for packing a lot of supplies and with my tent, backpack, and bedroll strapped behind me I wasn’t going to fit my cooler.

It took me a couple hours to ride down and I arrived about 2:00 in the afternoon. The camp is set back in the woods a ways for privacy and there is a closed gate outside with a small sign saying Camp Blackbear. In a little shack beside the gate there was an older gentleman that asked me if I was there for the Rally; I thought it was pretty obvious and jokingly told him so. He laughed and explained that sometimes people will show up to camp and have no idea what the place is; they just saw a campground on their smartphone and needed a place for their motor home and tent. He directed me down the lane and told me to check in at the lodge where I could also pay for the weekend.

The gravel lane was about two hundred yards and ended in a large open field with the lodge, pool, and shop on the left. On the right I could see the RV camping. Along the edge of the open area I could see the various smaller tent camping areas. I went inside the lodge and was greeted by an another attractive older man with a salt and pepper beard. He was pleasant and we chatted while he checked me in. He asked if this was my first time and if was meeting anyone; I told him it was and that I wasn’t. Then he asked if I would like a specific campsite or he could put me close to some of the regulars that lived in the trailers most of the summer. I was a little nervous, but said that would be fine. He told me where I could park my bike more permanently and how I could get to my site. He also explained a little about each building and where I could shower and cleanup if I needed.

I moved my bike and unloaded my gear. Luckily it wasn’t much and I could carry it in one trip. I was pleasantly surprised when I found my campsite. It was inside the woods enough to be private, but bordered with a few of the trailers which were just outside of the tree line. There were several tent sites surrounding one central fire ring. One of the sites already had a large tent set up, but no one was around. A few chairs were around the fire ring and a large cooler. I decided to go ahead and get my tent up quickly before I started to explore.

I was about half finished with my tent when a couple guys came back carrying a tackle box and a few fishing poles. Both were decent looking guys, one a bigger bearish man in his 50’s with a dark beard and a couple streaks of gray. The other was a younger guy, maybe early 30’s, with a tall/skinny frame and was clean shaven. Both were wearing shorts and a T-shirt with flip flops. I could see the younger one had several tattoos on his legs and arms. We said hello and made our introductions. James, the older one, offered to help me finish my tent and I accepted. The younger man, Paul, grabbed a beer from the cooler and set down in a chair to relax.

As we worked we chatted a bit about the camp and I found out that he and Paul had been together for several years and try to go to Blackbear at least twice a year. They always request the same gaziantep escort campsite as they were pretty good friends with a couple that parked their trailer nearby. He told me that during the day most guys just relax, swim, fish, and hangout. “The real fun begins at night at the parties, but some us like to have an appetizer first!” he said while smiling.

When we finished finished James and I went over and sat down around the fire ring with Paul. James offered me a beer and I gladly accepted; it was close to 90’s and I was still pretty nervous. I hadn’t seen anything overtly sexual since I’ve been there; it pretty much just looked like a campground minus women and children. We sat and talked for awhile and had a few beers. Paul said that he was going to head to the pool for a swim and wanted to know if I wanted to go. It sounded like a good idea and I asked James if he was going. He said he was going to go say hello to a couple friends and that he would catch up with us later.

I grabbed my shaving bag and my swimming trunks and started walking with Paul towards the pool area. Paul looked over and raised an eyebrow which I took to mean, “why are you bringing the shaving kit?” I smiled and said that I had been riding all day and I needed a shower so I wouldn’t dirty up the pool. He said it was a good idea.

We went inside the pool house where the restrooms and showers were. There were a couple lockers, but it didn’t look like anyone used them. It was just then that I realized Paul hadn’t brought any swimwear. My heart starting beating a little faster, but I tried to ignore it when he shimmied out of his shirt and shorts. It’s then out of the corner of my eye that I noticed his package. He was cut and nicely hung with a cockring going through the head. I also noticed his nipples were pierced. He caught me looking and stood up straight so I could get a better look.

“What do you think?” he asked. I looked him up and down. I told him he had a very nice body; still a little embarrassed to mention his great cock. “Okay, now I want a look” and he walked up to grab the bottom of my shirt. It took me by surprise, but I didn’t resist when he pulled the shirt over my head. I’m a pretty stocky 6’2″ with fairly nice chest and a little tummy. No model by any means, but guys and girls usually like my chest and arms; it goes well with my dark goatee and short hair. “Nice!” is all he said. Then he looked down at my jeans expectantly.

I had to sit down to take my riding boots off and he just stared expectantly with a smile on his face. “Aren’t you and James an item?” I asked as I took the second boot off. He explained that he and James were in an open relationship and they play both together and separate. I stood up and was hesitant to undo my belt and jeans. “Oh come on!” he said jokingly. I undid the buckle and unbuttoned my Levi’s and turned around while I pulled them down. I could feel him still staring at me. “Skivvies too!” he said. I pulled them down and turned around, blushing a little bit with both excitement and embarrassment.

He was taking me all in while slowly stroking his semi-erect cock. It looked even better slightly swollen. My cock is pretty average and I had a pretty decent chub at this point. “That’s a good looking cock, can’t wait to see it fully hard!” he said. I smiled and said, “thanks, but it sure isn’t in the same league as yours!” He just laughed and said that he liked normal sized the best, because the big ones hurt too much. “Let’s get you in the shower, then.”

He led me to the shower room and turned on the water on a couple of the six shower heads. I had grabbed the soap from my kit before following and when I stepped under the head he grabbed it from me. “Here, let me help you with that.” He stepped behind me and started to lather up my back which felt amazing. He massaged as he washed my back, moving to my shoulders, and finally down my arms.

It felt so good and relaxing that I had to put my hands against the walls to brace myself. I was enjoying myself and moaning slightly, all the embarrassment gone, when he pressed up against me. I could feel his rigid cock up against my crack as he wrapped his arms around me to lather my chest. I tensed up again slightly with apprehension, but he leaned closely and lightly bit my ear. “Relax,” he grumbled through clenched teeth. My cock was fully erect at this point, pointing straight out.

Paul continued to wash and massage my body, down my chest and stomach until he was close to my groin. He told me to turn around and I complied as I was floating in a haze at this point. He began to wash me again, this time getting on his knees and starting with my calves while working his way up to my thighs. My cock and balls were aching to be touched, but I was content to let him work his magic. My penis was only a few inches from his face and he was ignoring it; concentrating on using his hands to work my legs. Again, when he was close to my groin he told me to turn around. I wanted to say no, but I listened to him once again.

I put my hands against the shower wall again while he began to lather my ass cheeks. It felt great while he massaged my ass the same way he did the rest of my body. Even though I was anticipating it, I gasped when he slid his hand inside my crack. His hand went up and down my crack washing as he went. After a minute or so, I noticed he was slowly concentrating around my asshole. Washing with whole hand at first and then starting to make slow circles with fingers.

I leaned forward against the wall and stuck out my ass slightly to give him better access. He whispered, “I knew you wanted fucked. . .” and I could hear the smile on his face. He pressed a finger against my whole and the soap suds allowed it pass with only a little resistance. I gasp escaped my lips and I closed my eyes while continuing to lean against the well. Paul started moving his finger in and out at a slow pace, getting me ready. He pulled his finger out completely, only to replace it with two! He finger fucked me for several minutes, telling me quietly that he was going to enjoy fucking my ass and that he knew from the beginning that I was a bottom slut.

That’s when I head another man say, “yeah finger his ass!” It wasn’t loud, but it wasn’t hidden either. I opened my eyes and looked to the side to see a man I hadn’t seen before. He was a larger man, maybe 6’0″ and 300 lbs. He had a very hairy body, beard, and was completely naked standing just inside the shower. He was stroking what looked like a shorter, but slightly thick cock. I was shocked and stood up quickly.

Paul was able to keep his fingers inside of me when I reacted. With his other hand he grabbed the back of my neck and squeezed slightly; guiding me back against the wall. He leaned down and told me, “this is James and I’s friend Kris; he’s a whole lot of fun. I’m going to enjoy watching him fuck you sweet ass!” I looked over my shoulder in mild shock and all I got was a sadistic smile in return. I started to straighten up again, but Paul applied more pressure to my neck.

I would’ve overpowered Paul easily if I wanted to, but deep down I knew this was what I had come to Camp Blackbear for in the first place. I was by far too turned on now to resist. I leaned down further and exposed my ass even more. Paul responded by now forcing three fingers in my ass! It hurt, but also felt like heaven.

Paul asked Kris if he was ready for some ass and pulled his fingers out. I looked over my shoulder at Kris and said, “I have some condoms in my shaving hit out there.” He just smiled and walked behind me. I started to protest, but Paul moved to my side and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “we fuck pussies raw to turn bitches into real men.” Words caught in my throat; I had never been fucked without a condom. I didn’t know what to say or do.

Kris grabbed me by the left hip to pull me closer while he positioned his cock head up against my loosened hole with his other. He pushed slowly, but firmly into my ass. It was wider than I first thought and the only lubrication I had was the soapy suds. The combination of wide cock and soap burned immensely. It only took him a few seconds to be completely buried inside me. He stated pumping me slowly while holding both of my hips. I was trying to concentrate on the pleasure, but the burning was terrible. “It burns!” I squeaked. All I got was a chuckle from Kris.

Kris continued to fuck me slowly while I bit my lip and closed my eyes. Even though I didn’t want him to cum in my ass, I was wishing he would finish soon. I was not enjoying myself at all. The I felt a hand on my cock. It was Paul on his knees again, washing my cock and balls.

He splashed water over my genitals to rinse them off. He grabbed my cock at the base and pumped me a few times. Then he expertly took my cock in his mouth and preceded to suck me vigorously. The pain evaporated from my ass. I didn’t even feel it burn when Kris pulled out to apply more soap to his dick. I was moaning loudly with my head hanging down to watch Paul suck my cock like a pro and enjoy it.

My moaning started Kris pumping harder and faster; Paul was now sucking in rhythm with Kris’s stokes while jerking himself off quickly. I couldn’t hold any longer, my dick exploded in his mouth. At the same time my ass clenched which produced a groan from Kris; two more pumps in my tightened hole and Kris let loose in my abused ass. I could feel each pump and it felt wonderful.

Paul stood up beside me and pulled me by the hair towards his cock. “Open your mouth bitch!’ he ordered. I willingly complied and was disappointed when he didn’t shove his dick inside. Instead he just continued to beat off vigorously. Kris still had his cock buried in me and held my hips while I waited patiently with my mouth open for Paul’s load. It didn’t take long. He exploded on my face and even managed to get a squirt in my mouth. It was bitter salty heaven.

Kris slapped my ass hard and then pulled out quickly; it hurt slightly and the feeling of emptiness was terrible. I heard him splash out of the shower. I stood up and looked at Paul in the face. “You’re a mess,” he said. I started to get under the shower again, but he put a hand on my chest and said no. I looked at him confused as he reached over and turned the water off.

Get on your knees, he ordered. I was hoping that he was going to have me suck the last few drops of cum out of his cock, but what happened next horrified and excited me. Paul took a step back and squeezed his hard to shoot a stream of piss all over my face. He was still hard and the stream had quite a bit of force to it. I had never had this happen before and it shocked me. I wanted to move away or scream, but at the same time I knew that I also wanted to have him finish. After a few seconds he ordered me to open my mouth. I can’t imagine why I did, but it was like my body was on autopilot. I opened wide while Paul aimed his stream and finished into my waiting mouth.

I gagged. I coughed. I nearly vomited. What have I just done? That was disgusting. I was a little shell shocked at this point and didn’t notice when Kris came back into the shower.

I was already on my knees when Kris told me to put my ass in the air. I leaned forward with my chest on the shower floor and my still loose ass in the air. I was expecting Kris to fuck me again and was surprised when I felt a stream of piss hit me right in the ass. It was a strange, almost vibrating, sensation as it splashed against my asshole. He moved the stream around to splash up and down my crack and around on my ass cheeks. He finally finished his long piss on the back of my balls. “Just marking our territory son. We’re all going to have fun with you this weekend,” he said.

Paul reached down and help pull me to my feet. I was shaking a little at this point; now cold and feeling abused and confused. He smiled and looked me straight in the eyes, “You ready for that swim now?”

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