Camilla Ch. 021


“Me? Your slave? Forget it!” Camilla shouted indignantly.

“OK,” the first man said. “Have it your way. Dirk, grab her legs.” He grabbed her arms while Dirk approached her.

“Hey, what are you guys doing?” she shouted as Dirk picked her up by the legs. “Let go of me!”

“Oh, we will in a minute,” Dirk said as they went into the outside balcony. “Ready to take a swim?” He referred to the swimming pool on the ground, three floors down.

“Wait!” she screamed. “Don’t!” They held her over the balcony rails, ready to throw her.

“Are you a slave or not?” the first man asked. “On three, Dirk: one…”

“Please! Don’t!” she screamed.

“I think she said ‘no’, Guy,” Dirk said. “Two…”

“OK!” she yelled. “I’ll do it. Please don’t throw me.” They put her down, and she went into the kitchen to make them some breakfast. They went into their bedroom for some quick gay sex.

She grudgingly made scrambled eggs and toast for them and for herself. She put their breakfasts on the dining room table, and went into the bedroom to tell them they could eat. Though she was annoyed at being made their servant, she eagerly wanted to watch them make love, for she found gay sex exciting to watch (she had an extensive collection of gay porn DVDs in her apartment). When she opened the door, Guy was reaching orgasm during anal sex with Dirk; at least she could enjoy seeing that.

“Breakfast is ready,” she told them.

“Hey, get out of here!” Dirk shouted. “We don’t want you watching us! Back in the kitchen!” She went back into the kitchen, wondering what she could do to get out of this predicament. In a compartment under the sink, she found an insecticide spray can, corrosive to the skin. She remembered the Vaseline container, the bisexual men’s enjoyment of gay sex, and started plotting her revenge.

The two men got some clothes out of their hiding place, in a secret wall behind their closet, where they’d put all their clothes, even towels, while Camilla had been sleeping. This way, if she left, she’d have to leave naked. They got dressed and went to the dining room. As they sat to eat, she went into the kitchen to get her plate of food.

“Where are you going?” Dirk asked angrily. “Clean the bedroom.”

“But I’m hungry,” she said, on the verge of tears, as she took her plate over to the dining room table.

“If you wanna eat,” Guy said while taking away her plate, “eat on the floor like every other dog.” He dropped the food on the wooden floor. She started crying.

Dirk got a dog leash and collar from the closet. “Let’s do this right,” he said as he put the collar around her neck. “Now get down and eat.” She got down on all fours and started eating. The men admired her behind as the collared, naked girl gulped scrambled eggs between sobs. “Bark like a dog,” Dirk ordered.

“Hmm?” she said with a mouthful of egg.

Dirk pulled her head up with the leash. “No barking, no eating,” he insisted. She gave a few weak canine yelps between her sobs, and he let her back down to eat.

After breakfast, the three of them went in the bathroom to take a shower together. On the sink she saw two containers of Vaseline, one used and one unused. She continued planning as the men got undressed. They all got in the shower stall, and Guy turned on the water. She was ordered to clean their every crevice while they cleaned her body more in the form of gropes than anything else. As she cleaned their legs, they made her perform fellatio on them; with the shower water falling on her face, it was hard to breathe, but she managed to do it, deliberately bringing both men to orgasm as quickly as she could to get it over with. After their shower, she dried them off and herself. They got dressed and took the towels back to the hiding place while samsun escort she cleaned the washroom. She would have to continue cleaning the rest of the apartment, or else be kicked out of the apartment without any clothes. The men didn’t care which choice she made, but those were her only two choices.

Guy left the apartment to go grocery shopping, and Dirk decided to take a nap on the sofa. Camilla continued her planning. These men were brutal, she thought, but also very stupid. She could have easily called the police, or gone for help from the neighbours, but she didn’t want to. She wanted revenge. Normally Camilla didn’t want to hurt anybody; she only wanted to give people pleasure. Now, though, she had been pushed too far in being made a slave. She had been terrorized by men for much of that Saturday morning, and she was sick of it. She was like a modern-day Sadean Justine, though her misfortunes came not from virtue. Her plan was to spray the insecticide on the men’s Vaseline, so as to spice up their sex life in a way never before conceived; but first she would have to find a neighbour willing to take her in and give her protection, as well as a ride home. Again, she would have to play ‘loaded Russian roulette’ with her body, hoping this time to meet a genuinely good person.

She stood behind the front door, which she kept ajar so she could look through the crack and see if any of the neighbours coming and going in the hall appealed to her. She watched and waited. A few men and women went in and out of their apartments, but none of them were to her liking. As she waited for, preferably, a handsome forty-something man, she thought of what Ms. Callahan had told her: being a ‘slut’ would one day put her in a degrading situation like the one she was in now. Camilla hated to admit it, but her nemesis teacher seemed to have a valid point. Not to blame Camilla as the victim here, but the girl would have to be more careful in her sexual dealings with men in the future. She could also understand why it was wrong for women to trade their freedom just for protection, Guy’s and Dirk’s ‘protection’ being particularly dubious. Camilla didn’t mind sexually submitting to those male teachers she found appealing, because she admired them for their intelligence and, as she saw it, their sophistication; but Guy and Dirk, as were those teen punks she’d narrowly escaped from, were contemptible in their blatant lack of respect for her rights as a human being. Those men were going to pay for what they’d been doing to her. When Camilla finally got home, she’d apologize to Candice for being unfaithful, and she’d control her wild ways to avoid another predicament like this.

Finally, after about fifteen minutes of watching the hallway, a good-looking man came with a bag of groceries and a key to unlock his apartment door. With an amazing stroke of good luck, it was Mr. Fulson, her math teacher! Though he’d boldly groped where many a man had groped before, he’d always been nice to her, and she genuinely wanted to sleep with him. As he unlocked his door, she opened hers and ‘Dolly’ said, “Hi sir!”

He turned around, and when he saw her frontally nude for the first time, his jaw dropped, as his grocery bag almost did. “Camilla, why are you naked?” he asked with eyes agape.

Looking down at herself as if she hadn’t been aware of her nudity, ‘Dolly’ said, “Oh…I don’t have any clothes, sir. It’s a long story.” She walked up to him without any embarrassment on her face, leaving his eyes free to roam up and down her body, surveying her large breasts and pubic hair, which she made no attempt to cover.

“That’s OK,” he panted as he opened his door and put the bag on a nearby table inside his apartment, all the while keeping his eyes on her beautiful, peach-coloured skin. “You should never wear clothes.”

“Really?” she asked with wide-open eyes, pretending, in her ditzy ‘Dolly’ persona, to have no idea of the effect her nakedness was having on his libido.

“Really,” he sighed, smiling at her glorious nudity. “Your body is too beautiful to be covered.” His fingers tickled her genitals.

“Thank you,” she said with a giggle and a grin. “Can I stay with you? I don’t like the men in this apartment. They’re mean to me.” She made a sexy pout.

“Of course you can stay with me,” he said as he caressed her breasts, something she completely allowed him to do. “Could you turn around for me, sweetie? I’d like to see you bum.”

“OK,” she said in a sing-song voice as she turned around and pushed her buttocks out so he could get a good look. “Is that OK?”

“That’s flawless,” he said as he gently patted her behind. “Let’s come inside, OK?”

“OK, but first I have to do something. I’ll be right in.” She went back in the men’s apartment.

“I’ll leave my door ajar for you,” Fulson said as he went in his apartment.

Making sure Dirk was still sleeping on the sofa, she snuck into the kitchen, got the corrosive bug spray, went in the bathroom, and sprayed a generous amount of the insecticide on the used Vaseline. Stealing the other Vaseline container, she put the bug spray back in the kitchen compartment under the sink, left the men’s apartment and went into Fulson’s. “Have a good butt-fuck tonight, you bastards,” she whispered to herself as she walked through the doorway.

“I’m on the sofa,” Hudson said. “Come here.”

Camilla put the Vaseline on the table next to Fulson’s bag of groceries and went over to him. “What do you want to do, sir?” she asked.

“Could you sit on the coffee table and spread your legs for me, please?” he gently asked. “I’d like to see what’s between them.” He had a huge bulge in his pants.

“Sure,” she said as she sat down in front of him. She spread her legs as wide open as she could get them, giving him a perfect front-row seat view of her pretty vulva, purple strips of chewing gum with the tips stuck together, and the middles wide apart.

“Thank you, sweetie,” he panted as he studied her hole.

“I like how politely you ask me to do things,” ‘Dolly’ said, as though posing like a pornographic model were as innocent as giving him a glass of water. “Please and thank you–not like those two men I left. They always boss me around.”

“I’d never treat you like that, sweetie,” he said as he touched her vulva. “This is beautiful. Could you get up, turn around, and bend over, please? I’d like to see what your anus looks like.”

“OK,” she sang as she got off the coffee table. She turned around, spread her legs wide apart, and bent over, exposing her anus and vulva.

“What perfection. Thank you for letting me see such beauty, Camilla,” he said as he stroked her beige anal lips. “You know what I’d like you to do? Perform fellatio on me. Would that be OK?”

Looking back at him upside-down between her legs, ‘Dolly’ pretended not to understand. “Perform him for you? Fellatio? I don’t know that Shakespeare character,” she said with pursed lips and wide-open, ‘confused’ eyes.

He laughed. He knew the nymphomaniac English and drama major was much too smart and knowledgeable of the Bard not to know what he really meant, but he was entertained all the same by her ditzy ‘Dolly’ character. Unzipping his pants and pulling out his almost fully-erect penis, he asked, “Can you open your mouth, please? I’d like to put this inside.”

“OK,” she said, and took his over six-inch phallus in her mouth while he licked her vulva and anus. He was amazed and delighted with how perfectly clean both holes were, inside and out. (She’d properly cleaned those areas in the shower with Guy and Dirk when they wouldn’t.) He stuck his tongue deep inside her anus, but there was no faecal taste at all. Impressive. Her vagina had a similarly immaculate flavour. Delicious. They continued with this sitting/standing 69 foreplay for several minutes.

“Could you now turn around, please, and sit on my phallus?” he asked her. “I’d like to guide it in your vagina.”

“OK,” she sang, and happily did as he asked. As his erection slowly slid into her vagina, she sighed in an ascending soprano. He thrilled to the sight of her large breasts bouncing as she frenziedly went up and down on his phallus. Her squeals of pleasure eerily sounded something like the singing of Mozart’s ‘Queen of the Night’ aria, except Camilla skipped over every other eighth note, it seemed. She was the queen of his night (or Saturday, anyway), dancing on his magic skin-flute. Hell’s vengeance boiled in her heart as she wished she could witness Guy and Dirk attempt anal sex with their newly-modified Vaseline.

His long phallus so deeply and thoroughly probed her vagina, that her soprano voice soon went up to the whistle register, and she soaked his lap with her orgasm. “Sorry,” she said with the guilty face of a six-year-old girl.

“That’s OK, sweetie,” he said. “But I haven’t come yet, and I really like your anus. Could you be a good girl and let me put my penis in there? I’d really like to do that.”

“OK,” she sang, and went to get the Vaseline. As she came back with it, she said, “This should make it go smoother.” She opened the container and gave it to him.

“It sure will be smoother,” he said as she got down on all fours on the floor, her legs spread wide open and her behind pushed out so he could see her anus up close. He lubricated her rectum and his phallus, and slid it in. How gloriously tight her rectum was! How cheerfully compliant Camilla was being in her ‘Dolly’ persona, indulging his every desire! Williams was right: she knew how to be the exact fantasy of any man; her majoring in drama as well as English was something she was obviously putting to good use. As his phallus slid in…and out…and in…and out…of her rectum, he delighted to the slippery feeling, as did she, with its massaging of her rectal walls, stimulating her vaginal walls, too. He came, and they lay on the floor for a few minutes. “Ooh, that burning passion!” he groaned.


She stayed with him all Saturday afternoon and evening, having sex with him between meals and naps. By the end of the day, he knew her whole body, every inch of it, by sight, smell, touch, and taste, better than she knew it.

She finally got up the nerve to phone Candice, who, rather than still being angry with her, was flooded with relief to know she was OK. Candice told Camilla that Williams had returned her clothes and purse, and he apologized for the bad decision of the five teachers having sex with her in the abandoned building. Candice would want Camilla to explain more about that when she got home. The girls exchanged apologies, Camilla for being with Tina, and Candice for not driving Camilla home. They hung up, and Camilla asked Fulson to take her home.

“Sure, sweetie,” he said. “I’ll find some clothes for you.”

“I thought you said I should never wear clothes,” ‘Dolly’ said.

“Yeah, but how will I get you home if you stay naked?”

“We can wait until after 1 AM; just about everybody should be in bed by then.”

“OK,” he said, and they waited until that time. As he was sneaking the naked girl through the hallway towards the elevator, they heard the screams of Guy and Dirk from inside their apartment.

“My cock! It burns!” Guy screamed.

“My ass!” It’s on fucking fire!” Dirk screamed.

“What’s that all about?” Fulson asked.

“Ooh, that burning passion,” Camilla said with a smirk.

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