Cameron , Alex (Second Installment)


I kissed the top of Cameron’s head right before he sat up and did so right before Cameron’s little 8 year old brother Alex turned the corner and walked into the room. The three of us sat there watching early morning cartoons for about an hour as one by one the others in the house woke up and made their way downstairs. My buddy was the last to wake up so when he did he and I went out to grab breakfast from McDonalds since all the other kids had already helped themselves to other stuff in the kitchen.

I knew my friend had to work again today so I was planning on just driving home when he left for work at 1 o’clock, as a matter of fact while he and I where sitting at the kitchen table eating his parents broke the news to Andrew that he had to babysit his two younger siblings as well as Cameron and Alex because the adults were going to the outlet malls about 90 miles away. Andrew immediately protested this crying out “Well why can’t I go to the outlets too?! I don’t want to be stuck here all day and God knows I won’t get paid to babysit!” Andrew’s dad told him if he could convince the little ones to go then that’s fine he didn’t have to babysit. I knew that he probably could but just being the nice mature guy that I am I added “Well since I’m off work again today I can just stay and keep an eye on any of the kids that don’t want to go if you’d like” That statement was met with a couple “Are you sure”s and I just told them, “I could go sit at home and play video games or stay here and do it while keeping an eye on things.” To be honest I really wasn’t really trying to stay so I could be around Cameron but that’s the way it happened to work because Andrew, Austin and Alaine all wanted to go leaving only Cameron and Alex behind with me. I still decided to pull Andrew aside and act like he owed me big time for bailing him out of his babysitting duties. He just said “Oh I know I owe you big time just name what it is you want in return.” I just laughed and said I’d hold him to that later when they got back.

At about 11:30 everyone that was going shopping headed out the door leaving just Alex, Cameron, myself and my buddy who wouldn’t leave for at least another hour. My friend and I played Diablo 2 on the two computers they have while Cameron and Alex watched and before we knew it my friend had to run out the door to go to work. Finally it was just me and Cameron…. Oh wait what do I do about Alex? Like most little brothers Alex always wanted to do what his big brother did and wanted to feel like one of the big kids. Cameron said he had to use the bathroom then winked at me and I without any hesitation said “I’m gonna use the other bathroom to take a shower. Alex here I’ll load up Diablo 2 so you can play it.” knowing this would occupy him for a while without him noticing how much time had past.

After leaving him occupied in the computer room I headed upstairs after Cameron and to my surprise he was going into the hall bathroom and closing the door behind him that is until I stuck my foot in the way.

I asked, “Um where do you think you’re going?”

“I wasn’t kidding I have to use the bathroom really bad.”

I just laughed and told him “Not without me you don’t. Now go get in the master bathroom and wait for me.”

Cameron did as he was told and I darted into Andrew’s bedroom looking for something I could wear and wash once it got wet. I began rummaging through drawers until I found his latest white karate uniform I figured it would probably fit me since Andrew wasn’t much smaller than me. Snatching it I darted back down the hall making sure to turn on the fan in the hall bathroom and lock the door before closing it so if Alex came upstairs he’d think Cameron was taking a crap. I went through the master bedroom and into the bathroom where Cameron and I had showered together just last night. I found Cameron standing there swaying front to back trying to hold back his piss and I couldn’t help but laugh a little.

I grabbed Cameron gently by the arm and stepped into the shower.

“Can I pee yet?” he asked me with obvious discomfort in his face.

“Hold up just a sec you can pee but you can’t use your hands or take off your pants.”

“So you want me to pee my pants? But what will I wear after I pee in these?”

“Well didn’t you pack other pants?” I asked watching as he continued his pee dance.

“No I only brought these, my swim trunks which are still wet and some undies.”

“See kocaeli escort bayan problem solved just put on some underwear and we can tell Alex that you knocked over some shampoo or something so we had to wash your pants.”

Cameron looked down at the crotch of his pants before saying “I hope that works” followed by him rolling his eyes upwards which made me look at little bulge his penis makes. Moments later urine began to flow from the furthest protruding part of that bulge which was obviously where the head of his penis was resting. It was amazing because the pants are mesh the urine actually passed through and ran down the outside of the pants causing the fabric to absorb it and the wet spot began to spread throughout rolling down his legs all the way to his feet.

Cameron’s piss flowed for what seemed like minutes but was probably all of 40 seconds. There was something unbelievably sexy about seeing an 11 year old boy standing there in urine soaked pants all to impress me. Problem is it didn’t take long before Cameron began to get cold from his once warm enjoyable pee turning cold. I asked him to turn around so I could see his back side which was amazing because while shirtless it really allowed me to see just how much his round butt protruded while the red fabric hung extra tight to his butt cheeks from the pee soaked front weighing down the pants.

“I’m starting to get cold” coming from Cameron’s mouth is what brought me back from my stare.

“Kneel down so I can help you with that.” I remembered that I had never even changed into the outfit I stole and was still in my PE shorts so I took them off and threw them outside the shower. I turned my attention to Cameron who was on his knees with his backside still facing me so I took hold of my penis and aimed for that beautiful but still dry butt and let loose pissing all over the pants that cover his ass before spending some time drenching his back. I stepped right up against him and continued pee but this time on his head as I walked to his front and watched my urine roll down his freckled face and chest. When the stream stopped Cameron wiped and opened his eyes just in time for me to spray one last stream right into his eyes. This caused Cameron to laugh which I thought was really cute. I reached down an grabbed him under his arms and helped him to his feet.

Once on his feet we began to kiss until I broke off and sat down and reached behind him and placed my hand on his little ass and forced his crotch up to my face. I sat there enjoying the smell of his pee before sticking my lips to his cloth covered penis and began to suck the pee from his pants. I was then blasted by cold water from where Cameron turned on the shower. We just soaped up our own bodies to wash away the smell of pee from us before hopping out. I dried off and remembered that Cameron had no clothes to change into and was stuck there completely naked so I stepped out of the master bedroom and searched through his bag until I found a pair of underwear but I noticed they were a size 7/8 meaning they were actually Alex’s and to my delight they were used so I held them to my nose and inhaled his young boy aroma. I placed those back in the bag and dug around until I found a bigger pair before heading back to the bathroom with them.

I watched as Cameron slipped his Haynes brand tighty whities over his soft perfect penis and tiny balls before I asked him what we should do about his little brother.

Cameron thought for a second, “I bet he would play along if I asked him to.”

“I bet you’re right he would do anything to feel like one of the big boys. You should tell him that all the boys your age play around like this.”

Cameron and I carried his wet pants downstairs to the washer and dryer before heading into the computer room to find Alex right where I’d left him. He turned around and saw his brother standing there in only his undies and busted up laughing right before managing to ask, “What happened to your pants?”

“Oh someone missed the toilet and I didn’t notice until I went to pull my pants up and they were wet.” was what Cameron came up with which was better than what I told him to say.

Alex blushed a bit and said, “Aren’t you embarrassed for someone you don’t know to see you in just your undies I mean you can really see your wiener in those.”

I added “Alex you act like I don’t have my own wiener to look at.”

Alex izmit escort noticed that Cameron and I both had wet hair, “Wait Cameron why is your hair wet I thought you just went to poop?”

“Ok Cameron looks like he caught us.”

“Ya but too bad he is too little to play with us.” Cameron was obviously setting Alex up.

“I am not to little you need to let me play your game too it’s not fair!” Yep Alex fell for it.

“How can you play if you aren’t even old enough to realize being seen in undies isn’t a big deal?” Cameron said as he helped Alex dig himself deeper.

“It doesn’t bother me look!” Alex said this as he undid his khaki shorts and took them off followed by his blue shirt. “See nothing but undies like you!”

“I guess it’s my turn now” I said as I lowered my shorts but the thing is I still wasn’t wearing any boxers.

“Holy cow that one is huge!! Eww it’s all hairy!” Alex was amazed at my limp 3.5 inches hanging between my legs.

“Oh I gets even bigger and fatter. Trust me I’ve seen it Alex it’s great.” Cameron was definitely bragging about his time with me.

“I don’t believe you I wanna see it get bigger. How does it happen?” Alex was completely hooked now.

That’s when I told Alex he was gonna have to help if he wanted to see it. Now Alex was a really cute kid and I would have already been all over him if it wasn’t for the absolute perfection that was his older brother. Alex had much darker hair it was almost completely black but has the slightest tint on brown. He has the build of your average 8 year old but a real cute freckleless face with green eyes.

“Ok just tell me what I need to do.”

“Well why don’t you start by helping you big brother take off his undies but the trick is you can’t use your hands.” I knew this would be fun to watch. Cameron just stood there with hands behind his back while Alex tried using his elbows to push his brother’s underwear down but wasn’t making any progress that way so then the inevitable happened; Alex kneeled down before his brother and used his teeth latch onto the front waistband of the undies. Cameron’s little manhood was up against Alex’s chin with only a little cotton between them which obviously aroused Cameron because his little penis began to harden and by the time Alex had pulled the underwear down enough Cameron full 2.5 inch hardon slapped Alex’s nose. Alex finish pulling them down to Cameron’s knees so he could just let them slid down to his ankles and just step out of them.

Alex stood up and backed away, “Wow Cameron I haven’t seen yours get that big before how did it happen.”

I felt the need to explain so I did, “Well then your penis gets stiff like that it’s called a boner and it just means that something is sexually exciting you.” Now I know that the 8 year old boy didn’t know what “sexually” meant but I figured he could draw his on conclusions.

“But what did I do to excite Cameron?”

“Well most times just touching someone’s penis is enough to make it hard but I think when you had your mouth so close to Cameron’s private area it made him feel like it was wrong and dirty so it made him excited because he knew you shouldn’t be down there.”

Alex got really worried, “Well is it wrong am I gonna get in trouble for doing it?”

I had to reassure him, “No it’s not wrong as long as the other person is ok with it and you don’t tell anybody about it besides the people that are here now it’s one of those things that has to stay a secret between us three big boys.”

“Oh ok I won’t tell anybody about this game because I liked it and want to play again sometime.”

“See that’s the good thing because this is just the beginning of all the games like this we can play together!” I could barely contain myself because we now had Alex completely on board.

Cameron stared to tease Alex because he was the only one not naked, “So are you gonna take of those undies and join the big boys or what?”

It didn’t take but a second before Alex was standing there stark naked exposing his little one inch penis and tiny balls for me to see for the first time. “I think I’ll let you watch me and Cameron play for a bit and you can decide if you want to play too.” I told him as I motioned Cameron and Alex over to the couch. I asked Cameron to get on his hands and knees on the couch so that his little pink hole and tightly scrunch balls were facing me before escort bayan I lowered my face to his little hole and began licking the very hole that had been penetrated for the first time last night. Cameron was squealing with delight so I began making my way toward his ball and started licking his chode you know that hairless area of skin between his boy pussy and his balls. This sent him over the edge and he lowered his face to the sofa pillow and started laughing hysterically claiming it tickled but I was rudely interrupted by Alex who caught sight of my now throbbing cock.

“Wow Cameron you were telling the truth it is huge!” Hearing this made me stop my tongue assault on Cameron and sit back to give Alex a full view.

Cameron was pissed that his stupid little brother had interrupted his pleasure, ” Ok that’s it Alex!! If you can’t wait your turn and are gonna ruin my fun I’m not gonna let you play with us!!”

“No please I’m sorry I didn’t mean to I couldn’t help it!” Alex was pleading for his brother’s forgiveness. “I’ll make it up to you just tell me how.”

“Well you can start where he left off by licking my wiener like it’s the best popsicle you’ve ever had.” That was Cameron’s request so Alex did as he was told and laid on his stomach on the couch with his head between Cameron’s legs. I watched as Alex’s little tongue went the length of Cameron’s little rock hard penis then he went back to the base and did it again. I found myself stroking my own boner as I watched what I never thought I’d see and I was oozing precum like a mad man. I took my finger and rubbed the abundance of precum all around Alex’s virgin hole which caused Alex to stop working over Cameron’s cock and look back at me.

“Cameron come here I want you to feel what I felt last night with you I want you to break in you brother’s tight little hole. Oh and Alex just relax yourself and act like nothing is happening.”

Cameron was on his knees behind his little brother who was gettin ready to get fucked doggie style. I stood behind Cameron and watched as he lined his little cock up with the tiny pink hole that was in serious need of it’s first penetration. I watched as Cameron pushed forward and the head of his penis disappeared into the now widening hole. I looked up just in time to see the expression on the face of this 8 year old boy that was being anally invaded by his own brother to make matters worse. I also saw the absolute ecstasy that Cameron’s face conveyed. I walked to the front and straddled Alex and began rubbing my cock just inches from Cameron’s face. I watched as Cameron’s cock went in and out of Alex’s ass trying so incredibly hard not to bust a nut right then and there. However I watched as after all of 2 minutes Cameron’s face scrunched up and his entire body began to twitch as he had his first dry orgasm inside his little brother’s bowels and I lost all control shooting rope after rope of cum on Cameron’s face of which a lot rolled off onto the top of Alex’s butt and lower back. The first thing I remember after that is Alex saying, “What is that on my back and butt? Eww it’s on your face too, Cameron!!”

“That is called cum, Alex. Did you feel right toward the end when your brother’s penis started twitching in your butt?”


“Well that’s because he had what is called an orgasm and when that happens it feels like you are gonna pee but that white cum shoots out instead, however, Cameron feels the same way I do but he doesn’t actually shoot anything from his penis.”

Alex got this real worried look on his face and said, “How come Cam doesn’t let any out? Did I do something wrong?”

“No you didn’t do anything wrong it’s just that cum is made by your balls and Cameron isn’t old enough for his to make any yet but they will in the next year or two.” I took my finger and removed some of my jizz from Cameron’s cheek, “Here taste it.” as I held my finger out for Alex to clean off. Funny part was Alex didn’t seem to like the taste of it so I reached down and grabbed Cameron’s undies from the floor and used them to wipe off he face. As soon as I finished Cameron bent down and licked the cum from Alex’s back and butt.

We all flopped down on the couch and I looked at the clock and saw it was only 2pm and I still had a lot of time left with these two adorable boys before anyone got home. I sat there trying to think of other things to do as Cameron laid there spooning with me drifting off for a little nap and Alex was laying there asleep at the other end of the sofa.

Ok well that’s the end of this chapter I am always open to ideas for the continuation feel free to email me at [email protected]

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