Calliope’s Daddy Ch. 04


Authors note: Every character on this story is over the age of 18 and while there is talk of the past no sexual shenanigans went on with any person under the age of 18. Thank you once again to my copy editor LaRascasse who, has made his life’s work to kill every semi colon he sees in my writing. I hope you enjoy this chapter.


Calliope and Padraic had spent the remainder of Friday and all of Saturday wrapped up in each other. She became more confident in assuming the little girl role he placed upon her in the security and affection he gave her freely, even when she was naughty. Callie pushed the boundaries of her role within this strange relationship, still trying to understand it fully.

Callie had spent her adolescence feeling unloved and unwanted. Once turned eighteen and became an adult on paper, if not in everyone’s eyes or fantasies, she had used sex as a means to get what she wanted, or manipulate the men in her life. Her new Daddy said she had him wrapped around her little finger, but he did not let her get away with anything. She could not manipulate him or push him around or even wheedle and pout to get her own way. Callie smiled to herself, even when she was naughty, she could feel his love and desire for her, not that she could use it in anyway.

The idea of sex as love, in a give and take relationship was new and unsettling to Calliope. Her Daddy could make a spanking so filled with pleasure, but he could also make it a punishment. It wasn’t the same with sex, whether gentle love making or harsh sex filled with pain and pleasure she always felt his love and desire. Sex with Daddy was never manipulative or a means to an end. It was, however, always blissfully orgasmic.

Padraic was not known as a patient man. He was, to most people who knew him, an exacting perfectionist. He liked order and control in his world and the girl who had stolen his heart was nothing but chaos. Part of him longed for the total control over her he demanded in all other areas of his life, but a different side to him loved her sassiness, her infectious giggle, her imaginative creativity and her intelligence. Although he found his patience tested often, when she sat on his lap and stroked his neck and called him ‘Daddy’, he knew he had lost most battles.

He looked at the girl kneeling in the corner listening to her half hearted sobs. Padraic checked his watch again finding it difficult to leave her there but determined to make a point. He looked back at his computer screen to distract himself from the little girl he adored.

Callie sobbed, the corner was new and she did not like it. Nor did she like the gag he had placed in her mouth and buckled around her head after tying her hands so she could not remove it. To anyone who saw her it would look like Callie was sucking on a pacifier, but resting on her tongue was a short penis shaped dildo that she sucked on every time she had to swallow and kept her mouth held open so drool welled up and spilled out if she didn’t suck on it.

Peeking over her shoulder Callie saw her Daddy at his desk working and ignoring her as she sat in the corner making her cry again and relive the moment where the old Callie had reared up and argued with Daddy. He had sent her the daily chores by email again. She was reading a particularly lurid BDSM story of a Daddy and little girl when her hand had drifted down to her aching pussy and she had played a little as she read until she was startled by his growl, “What are you doing baby?”

“It’s just the story was so…” Callie was lost for words.

“You don’t do that baby unless Daddy gives you permission,” his voice was still a growl and she couldn’t work out if he was aroused or cranky.

“It’s my body, Daddy. I know it best,” she countered.

Padraic’s eyebrows shot up, “No baby, you belong to me now, your heart, your mind and your body. Rule two: Daddy knows best.”

“You don’t own me like a toy or a car. It’s my body. I can touch it,” she watched as he reached into his desk and pulled out the temporary contract she signed.

“I told you to read this well,” Padraic stormed. “I have all rights over your body and your welfare over every part of your existence and you agreed, little girl.” He waved the contract before her as he got up from his desk and walk toward her.

Feeling trapped the old Callie came out fighting, “You fucking bastard. You don’t care about me at all I am just another thing to own and use as you wish. What a fucking stupid bitch I was to believe anyone cared about me. Well here it is,” Callie put both legs up on her desk spreading them wide exposing her pussy to him. “Use it before I get locked up. You probably had no intention of keeping me out of jail anyway.”

After all he had done for her and all they had shared in the last days Padraic saw red. Throwing the contract away he picked her up bodily as she fought futilely against him and dragged her to his desk, throwing her face down onto it. Opening the chest he had brought from the playroom he cuffed and tied Giresun Escort her hands behind her back as she screamed obscenities at him like she had the first day he had brought her to his home.

Reaching down to grasp and ankle of her kicking legs he applied a cuff with a short chain and connected to the cuffs on her wrists, doing the same with the other ankle. Both panting heavily from their exertions he pulled her from his desk to kneel at his feet, the cuffs and chains binding her in that position. Looking down on her with a face full of thunder he slapped her cheek, “Open your potty mouth now!”

Callie knew what was coming and kept her head down and her mouth closed but Padraic was relentless, he grabbed her by the hair and tilted her head back slapping her cheek with the other hand, “Open your whorish potty mouth now!”

Callie cried out and his piss flowed into her mouth and down her chest, “Swallow,” he said hoarsely.

As soon as she gulped once he stopped and let her go to fall back onto the floor. Callie tried to curl into a ball but the restraints wouldn’t let her so she lay sobbing at his feet.

“Tomorrow we go to court, Callie,” he let his words sink in. “Maybe you would rather go to jail and be kept as a dyke’s baby bitch. That little cunt you’re so fond of being traded to prison guards for extra luxuries for your Momma.”

Callie cried pitifully and it almost broke Padraic to be so cruel but she had pushed him past his limits. He pulled the gag from the chest and wedged it into her mouth silencing the crying to a degree with a cock shaped pacifier which he quickly buckled in place. Picking her up he knelt her in the corner and went and got some carpet sanitizer to spray on the patches of piss.

Callie sobbed again into her gag, the fresh memories stinging her all the more as she realised she had been fooling herself feeling secure and loved with Uncle Paddy/Daddy. She had only ever relied on herself and being duped into thinking he loved her was stupid. He was like all men. He just wanted her body and sex. Callie knew her options were limited and in comparison, this wasn’t a bad situation she just had to be smart about it. Hardening her heart she stopped crying and sat looking at the wall reminding herself she could be in worse places.

Padraic heard the crying stop and looked over at her. Calm now he approached her and took the gag away before undoing and removing the cuffs. Picking the silent girl up he took her to the bathroom and sponged her down ridding her off the smell and stickiness of his piss. They had said nothing. He was waiting for her apology and she was totally unresponsive to anything he did. Confused, he dressed her and left her to fix her hair, “yes Daddy,” was all she had said. Padraic went to the kitchen to prepare lunch thinking over the events of the morning anxiously.

Her words, ‘What a fucking stupid bitch I am to believe anyone cared about me,’ rang in his ears and he realised after winning her trust, he hadn’t explained why it was naughty. He had announced it and punished her for her reaction. She didn’t know Daddy’s rules, yet he had expected her to because it felt like she had always been his. Now the sweet loving girl was gone again replaced by an obedient automaton. That wasn’t what he wanted and he wasn’t sure how bad the damage he caused to their relationship was. Trust was a hard thing to gain and nearly impossible to repair once gone.

Callie came into the kitchen quietly and climbed up on a stool to watch Padraic make lunch. He turned to her smiling, “Hello baby. Don’t you look pretty now?” Callie just looked through him and he worried more. “Baby lunch will be a little longer. Go get your diary and a pencil for Daddy,” he continued light heartedly even though his anxiousness gnawed at him.

Callie came back with her Diary and put it on the bench before her. Smiling, Padraic approached. He loved the diary, it was a mismatch of words, drawing and collage that detailed their first few days together. He leafed through the first few the pages laughing at one thing or another trying to get a giggle from his baby but barely raising a smile and realising how far she had shut down into that lonely, untrusting, independent girl he had first met.

Turning the visual diary upside down and over he opened it like a fresh new book at the back end of it. Tilting her chin up with a finger so their eyes met she spoke quietly, “I am sorry about this morning baby. Daddy expected you to know the rules without having explained properly. So we will start here and to make sure you understand we will give each one its own page. The first page will be a cover page for ‘Daddy’s rules’.”

Callie was taken aback by his apology and the sincerity in his eyes so she dropped hers to the book murmuring, “Yes, Daddy.”

Taking the pencil from her he scribbled, ‘Daddy’s Rules’ in the centre of the page. Turning to the next page he scribbled as he talked, “Rule number one: Daddy Loves Callie no matter what.” Padraic made her look up Giresun Escort Bayan at him again before continuing, “No matter the arguments, the punishments, what other people say, Daddy will love you and protect you always, Callie.”

Callie dropped her eyes and he scribbled what he had said quickly murmuring, “You will have to fix these pages up and make them pretty like the rest of your diary.” Flicking to the next page he wrote in big strong letters as she spoke, “Rule 2: Daddy knows best” underneath he scrawled in smaller print, ‘little girls must eat breakfast.’

Callie smiled despite herself, but remained silent as he flicked to a new page.

“Rule 3: Calliope belongs to Daddy,” Padraic started. He continued to scrawl as he spoke, “Permission must be given by Daddy for any use of Callie to avoid damage from overuse or over stimulation.” Again he made her look at him, “I am sorry I did not explain this morning, but you did not really give me the chance either.”

“But it’s my body,” she whispered heartedly, “I know how it feels and what it wants.” Her eyes lowered knowing this was not the right response and preparing for the punishment.

Rather than saying anything he scribbled another line, ‘See rule two Daddy knows best.’ Padraic looked up and grinned at Callie. Callie looked at him not sharing the smile.

Padraic flicked another page, “Rule 4: Callie is not allowed to lie or withhold any information from Daddy. This may or may not include: her past, her present, her future, her health, her emotional state, any area pertinent to her well being and happiness, including Daddy.”

He lifted her face to his again and smiled, “I want to know it all, Callie, even when you’re disappointed in me.” His smile faltered, “You are disappointed in me, aren’t you?”

Callie said nothing dropping her eyes from his before lifting the again and seeing the hurt there. “I am just…” she faltered, “It’s just that…”

Padraic rescued her by flicking the page after a moment or two of silence, “Rule 5: Calliope will watch her language and remember to present herself as lady like when not in the ‘bedroom’ if she becomes a potty mouth she will be treated like one.” Padraic flicked past that page quickly knowing she understood her consequences well.

“Rule 6,” he went on quickly, “Daddy will approve all clothing.” Again he scribbled more information below the rule. “In applying this, Daddy provides general guidelines and will let Callie use her judgement when he is unable to do so, but Daddy reserves the right to override her choices.”

Feeling he was on much safer ground now he stopped and looked at her, “There will be rules about food and playtime including masturbation but these will do to start. If you are unsure of anything you have only to ask. Daddy likes you to ask. Do you understand baby?”

Callie nodded, “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl, start making rule one pretty while I finish lunch, leave room underneath for addendum’s, not so much with rule one because Daddy will love you no mater what but with the other rules it will be important,” he smiled widely at her showing his pleasure but she bowed her head to the work rather than acknowledge him.

‘Anyone could say they loved you,’ Callie thought, ‘but actions spoke louder than words. The contract he had waved at her made her a possession along with the rules she must follow. People loved and took care of their cars and toys with rules like that. It amounted to the same thing,’ she thought angrily.

She had smiled during the giving the rules, he consoled himself, but getting his free spirited baby back after this mornings altercation would be more difficult than he had thought. He presented their carefully prepared lunch and she dutifully put the book away and took up the cutlery to eat. Padraic tried to make conversation but what he got in return were polite succinct answers.

Morose and wondering how to repair the damage done, he left her to clean the kitchen and went to his study to make a call. In the middle of his call, Callie appeared at the door of the study he waved her in as he listened and spoke cryptically to the other person finally saying, “You must know more. I will call you back in an hour. Be there.”

Hanging up the phone Padraic looked at Callie, “Come over here, baby,” he said softly holding out a hand to her. Obediently she rose and padded across the room to him taking his hand. Padraic pulled her into his lap and clicked at his mouse bringing up the email he had sent her for today’s chores. “Now let’s see, what made my baby so hot today she couldn’t keep her hands off herself?” Padraic smirked, “Read the story to Daddy, baby.”

She read almost clinically this time past all the paragraphs she had read previously. Then she began to read more carefully as new story met her eyes,

“His voice was so deep I couldn’t really hear his words, but rather felt them permeating my flesh like each sound wave spoke individually to me. He said, “Cum for me, babygirl…” and Escort Giresun slid the vibrator (affectionately known as Daddy’s Temp.,) gently inside. Gently. But only once. As soon as he pulled it almost completely free of the dripping wet lips, he pounded the full length of it back in, the top of his fist almost punching against me. I screamed and writhed beneath him as his command and his careful orchestrations of my body left glistening wet trails down the insides of my trembling thighs, coated his fingers and dripped down all over the Temp.” (Story by barilicious)

Callie’s voice trailed off as her Daddy’s fingers invaded her hot little cunt stroking in and out roughly, his voice whispered deeply in her ear, “Would you like a temp, baby?” he manoeuvred her over his lap undoing his buckle and fly to free his cock, “Not that you need one with Daddy’s cock always ready,” he smirked and lifted her slightly to position her over his cock. Lifting her legs over the arms of his wide chair he thrust up into her roughly, one hand moving to rub at her clit as he fucked her. He kissed her neck and nipped at it growling into her ear, “Do you want to cum for your Daddy, baby girl?”

Callie did not reply but her panting and whimpering showed her need. After the morning and the anxious lunch, his need to reclaim his baby was strong. Picking her up, he placed her over his desk and began pounding into her. She whimpered and mewled, panting in her heat but still she said nothing so he pulled from her and turned her to face him. His hand dropped to toy with her clit again as the other held her chin, “What do you need, baby girl? Daddy needs to hear it.”

Coldly without emotion she murmured, “Please, Daddy, fuck me.”

Padraic was shocked into anger, “No,” he said equally coldly. Cuffing her hands behind her back again he picked her up and walked from his study to her room. Putting her in bed he leaned over her and growled, “Have a nap, baby,” he shook his head, “Daddy doesn’t like it when you act like the nasty unfeeling little whore who did clients in the club. You are not that girl anymore. Daddy loves you, he deserves better than that.”

Running his hand between her legs and teasing her until she was panting he pulled his hand away. Leaning in close he kissed her passionately, but there was no passion or need returned despite her heated state. “I adore you, Calliope, but you need to follow my rules. I won’t be treated like some client you pay lip service to. I want to be your Daddy and care for you but most of all I want you to want and need me.” He tucked her zebra under the covers beside her and smiled sadly down on her before turning and leaving the room. She had said nothing, no rage, no cursing, no tears, she had just gazed up at him with those wide green eyes.

Padraic stood outside her room for a while hoping to hear tears or tantrums or anything but there was nothing but silence, so he went to the kitchen and got himself a beer going back to the study to make the call he had promised to return.

Thirty minutes later he hung up the phone shaking his head, Callie’s mother knew less about her than he did. The lush could tell him no favourite things, no friend’s names, he doubted she would have even known the name of the school Callie attended or where she had worked after leaving school. Leaving his study to go check on her he opened the door to her room silently. Callie appeared to be asleep so he went to her and undid her cuffed her hands smiling as she gathered the goofy zebra in her arms and settled again. Padraic leaned down and kissed her cheek before leaving the room closing the door silently behind him.

Callie waited a few moments after the door closed and rolled to her back. Her hand trailed down her body wanting to release all the pent up energy from the day but try as she might to remember the story or the excitement of the last few days Padraic’s disappointed expression, the sad voice telling her he adored her and the kiss on her cheek kept interrupting her thoughts. She gave up and rolled over again to look at the zebra.

“Why, the fuck does he care what I do?” Callie asked the zebra, “It’s not like anyone else ever has.” The door opened and Padraic stood there. He crossed to floor to her bed and sitting he pulled her and the toy into his lap and held her close as she went rigid in his arms.

“Calliope, listen to me carefully,” Padraic said in a soft voice, “I know the people who should have loved you and looked after in your life have let you down time and time again. I was one of them. I am your uncle and should have seen what was happening and been there for you,” he admitted sadly. “But I am here now and I do care what you do, very much so.” Padraic tilted her chin up to look into her eyes and kiss her softly.

“I understand that the type of relationship we have now is strange and new to you, but I want it so badly, Callie. I want you to be my girl,” he stopped and let her process that. “I want to look after you and care for you and teach you so much. I want to love you, Callie, but this is not just about sex. Our relationship is more, so much more, than just sex. I need you to trust me to know what’s best for you and understand when Daddy punishes you it is for a reason, not to be cruel even though some punishments might feel that way.”

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