Calculating Love


It was a business trip that Jean Cameron’s anatomy would never forget. Jean had spent nearly 21 years working as an accountant at her firm, Arlen Rutherford & MacKenzie, in Alberry Ridge. Over two decades of accounting had a heavy impact on Jean both mentally and physically. As if being a glorified human calculator-spreadsheet wasn’t enough, Jean had been passed over last year for a partnership in the firm. David Rutherford evidently thought his self righteous blow hard of a son was more deserving of the partnership after only 9 years with the firm. Sure, she couldn’t prove it, but Jean was convinced this aggravating bit of nepotism had more to do with the firm being run by a group of chauvinists and less to do with her work ethic.

Jean would never admit it, but deep down she regretted her decision to become an accountant. She worked long hours, men were intimidated away by her salary, and the worst part of it all, Jean knew full well the office janitor had a more exciting job than she did. Though she’s an attractive woman, very well put together, she often felt lonely. An exciting Saturday night for Jean had a bottle of Chardonnay and a DVD.

A much desired beam of sunlight would finally cut through the dusty boredom of her life on a mid-October business trip to Ottawa. Jean travelled as a representative of her accounting firm to a conference the federal government was holding on tax laws in the country. Apparently, the hordes of useless bureaucrats at Canada Revenue Agency thought Jean’s job was too easy, so they decided to convolute it by coming out with 112 new regulations in the tax code. And of course, it was an excuse for them to beat their own drum and pretend they serve a purpose in the world.

Jean arrived at the conference and lasted about three hours there. At the Chateau Laurier, Jean listened half-heartedly as a spherical shaped bureaucrat tried to answer a simple question regarding regulatory change number 4. She sighed as it sank in that she had spent three hours getting through only 4 regulatory changes out of 112. “This is bullshit,” she accidentally said out loud. The half dozen accountants sitting around her table chuckled in agreement.

She figured she would give it ten more minutes, and then she was going on the hunt for a glass of wine.

Walking across the lobby, Jean saw what she was looking for, a nice quite bar just passed the water-fountain. She walked in with her eyes to the floor, nearly stumbling from exhaustion, as she sat herself down at the bar. She slowly looked up over the mahogany countertop and surprised herself as she came eye to eye with a handsome young bartender. In her exhaustion, Jean hadn’t even noticed the young man in the navy-blue shirt behind the bar. Hey eyes popped and she jolted a bit in her face. The bartender, seeing this unguarded moment, laughed at Jean and said “Now I know I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!”

“No! Not at all!” Jean tried to explain. “I just didn’t see you there.” The bartender grew a smile that showed off his perfect teeth. Looking at the handsome young man, who had caught her in a bit of an embarrassing moment, Jean stuttered, losing her normal confidence and strict demeanor. “I mean, I just, I wasn’t really looking….” Jean’s face began to feel warm as she realized the young man was making her blush.

Being a gentleman, he came to her aid. “What can I get you?” He asked as he gave his nose a half upward snap.

Thankful for the reprieve, Jean ordered a glass of Chardonnay.

It took a moment but the bartender returned with an extra large, fully enticing, glass of chardonnay. It was just what Jean needed at this boring conference. The bartender placed her glass before her and with a smile he walked off to the other side of the counter.

Jean sat quietly as she sipped her wine. Occasionally looking over at the TV which was tuned to the History channel. She was moderately interested in the documentary about Nazi Germany building stealth aircraft that look like UFOs. But she was surprised at feeling a bit neglected by the bartender. Not that she needed any more wine, she was only half way through her glass, but she felt neglected because she wanted him to be more interested in her.

The bartender must have sensed her desire for a conversation, because at that moment he grabbed a cloth and headed back over Kuşadası Escort to where Jean was sitting. He looked her in the eye and smiled. “Can I get you anything to go with that?” He asked her. Not wanting to let him get away so easily this time, Jean thought she would lock him into some kind of a conversation. “I’m alright for now. But I do have a question for you,” Jean replied. “I’m here at an accounting conference…” “Oh, right. My manager told me about that,” he interrupted. “Well, it isn’t exactly…. entertaining.” Jean said as she tilted her head slightly toward his face with a raised eyebrow. The bartender laughed and said “Yeah, it wouldn’t really be my scene….”

“And what would be your scene?” Jean said, feeling her face start to blush again. As the bartender let out a friendly laugh at her forwardness, Jean had a rush of emotion come over her. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. She had left a work function that she’s clearly supposed to be attending, she was drinking in the early evening on the firm’s expense account, and she was flirting with a handsome young man who must be at least 15 years younger than her. She was afraid, but she was thrilled at the same time. And driving it all, of course, was the reality that she was genuinely attracted to this young man.

“Well, ya know, there’s all this!” the bartender said as he lifted his palms outward and motioned around the bar with a laugh.

“What comes after this?” Jean asked, still sitting on pins and needles.

“I’m off in an hour, then, the night is my ocean. I’ll see where it takes me!” The bartender said.

The wine must have warmed her up, because Jean was really going for the young bartender’s laid back style. “Perhaps you’d have a drink with me? You’re the only one I know in this city,” Jean said.

“Oh I don’t know, I can’t have a drink with a woman until I know her name,” he said said with a smirk.

Jean flashed him a smile and said “Well, my new friend, I’m Jean Cameron.”

The bartender extended his hand “Nice to meet you, Jean. I’m Steve.”

As Steve shook Jean’s hand, she felt his coarse skin up against hers. His well-worked hands and the firmness of his grip made her feel like a 20-year-old woman again. She wasn’t entirely sure what it was about Steve, but somehow, he made her silk panties feel warm against her.

At that moment, a female bartender appeared from the kitchen entrance. Jean was a little embarrassed to be seen by a young woman in what was kind of an awkward situation. She wasn’t accustomed to flirting with men so openly, especially men so much younger than her. Steve also seemed a bit embarrassed in front of his co-worker, who had clearly picked up on the butterflies in the air.

After she finished her glass of wine, Jean asked Steve for another.

The end of Steve’s shift came sometime around the end of Jean’s third glass of wine. He came out from around the bar after changing into jeans and a green collared shirt. Jean stood up to greet him when she stumbled coming off of her seat. Steve reached out to catch her as she fell as his left hand took her by the waist. Done with being embarrassed for the evening, Jean allowed Steve to help her straighten up on her feet.

Some laughs and some chit-chat were exchanged before the two were off for their much anticipated drink together, not that Jean really needed another.

Steve and Jean were off to a nearby bar that was moreso Jean’s style than Steve’s, but he picked it with her in mind. At the Elephant & Castle, the two sat at a small cocktail table where Steve ordered a bottle of the same chardonnay he had served Jean at the Chateau Laurier.

“So what made you become an accountant?” Steve asked her. “Youthful stupidity!” Jean said with a laugh.

“Are you in university?” She asked him in return. “Yeah, I’m finishing my Bachelor of Public Administration at uOttawa. You know, the national capital and all…”

It didn’t take long for the bottle to disappear. When it did, Jean wanted her young companion to catch up to her level. She quickly ordered another bottle of her favorite Canadian wine, a 2014 Merlot from Arlen’s Grove, a Prince Edward Island vineyard.

Jean ensured that Steve drank the lion’s share of the Merlot bottle. He clearly had a higher tolerance and was several drinks behind her.

The Kuşadası Escort Bayan conversation was going well and Jean was really into this younger man. She could tell that he was into her as well. Her professional attire was a major turn on to younger men, but a major turn off to men her own age, for whatever reason.

Jean hadn’t had sex in two years because men were either intimidated by her, or married. Finally, she found a man who was interested in her, and she was interested in him, and neither one of them felt intimidated. She was going for it, and she didn’t feel even the least bit guilty.

“Steve, what do you say we go back to my room?” she asked him, confident that he would agree.

“Aren’t you going to try to trick me by suggesting there will be coffee or late night television involved?” he joked.

Jean laughed and responded “Nope!”

With that, Jean paid the bill and they were off to her room at the Chateau Laurier.

After a few stumbles and struggles to figure out the key to the room, Jean and Steve entered her hotel room on the third floor. At that moment, Jean thought, it wouldn’t be long before Steve was soon entering her.

When they walked into the room, Jean kicked off her shoes one at a time. With every step she seemed to be wearing one less garment or accessory. Jean finally landed herself on the edge of the bed, where she turned to look at Steve. At that moment she realized that she had just taken a man 15 years her junior to her bed with every intention of having sex with him. And she didn’t care in the least.

Steve had taken off his shoes and tossed off his green collared shirt, revealing a soft blue t-shirt beneath it. He lay down on the bed beside her and propped himself up on his elbow. After a short smile between them, Steve leaned down and began kissing Jean on her lips, on her cheek, down her neck.

He slowly caressed her hip, up her body, as Jean did away with her restrictive bra.

Steve moved across the bed to position himself above Jean’s body on the bed. Steve leaned forward and began kissing Jean’s breasts, placing her nipple in his mouth and gently sucking. As he massaged one of Jean’s nipples with his mouth, he caressed her other breast with his hand, gently massaging her.

Jean hadn’t felt this good in years. It was the first time she had truly been intimate with a man. Even if he was younger than her, she was attracted to him and it felt good to be intimate with him.

Steve continued kissing her stomach as he tossed off his shirt. Then, Steve jumped off the bed and began ripping off his jeans and his boxers. Jean didn’t want to waste any time either, she rushed her hands down her sides, locked her thumbs inside her panties, and pulled her knees up toward her face. She tossed her panties off on the floor and began pulling the covers up over her body. Steve walked over to the wall and turned off the light-switch, then stumbled back to the bed and got under the covers as well.

At first, Steve started kissing Jean. She felt so youthful again. It had been so long since she had enjoyed herself this much with a man. Then, Jean started to feel exceptionally wet. She knew she wanted to be licked.

Steve started kissing her stomach again, but Jean wouldn’t have it. She pushed his head downward, between her thighs. Steve knew exactly what Jean wanted him to do, and he was more than happy to do it.

He began slowly, at first he simply kissed her lips. Then he licked her soft, smooth, shaven lips. Up one side and down the other. He repeated this move about six times as Jean became wetter and wetter.

Finally, he began licking her. He thrust his tongue inside her and licked her from the bottom of her most intimate parts to the top. Over and over again he licked her. Then, he moved upward and began focussing on her clit. He moved his tongue, gently, but rapidly over her clit. Steve licked her clit for about a minute, and then he slowed, gently sucking her for awhile. He alternated between licking and sucking about seven times before Jean was in total ecstasy.

She was ready to cum right then. Before she did, she thought to herself how much fun it was to be with a younger man. Then, Steve began flicking his tongue rapidly over her clit and she lost any semblance of intelligent thought. She came right then in his Escort Kuşadası mouth. And she loved every moment of it.

After he made her cum, Steve got up, ready to penetrate her. But Jean had other plans in mind. She thought Steve was being a bit youthful, and skipping over the intimacy and the excitement of foreplay. So Jean locked him in a kiss as she grabbed a hold of his throbbing cock.

She stroked him vigilantly. As if she was trying to make him cum all over her stomach. But she didn’t want him to cum at all.

Jean stroked him until she was convinced that he was on the edge, about to cum. Then she stopped. Leaving him there. She wrapped her hands around his waist and pulled him forward. Steve moved his knees up closer toward her, and Jean pulled his cock into her mouth, taking him inside her. She licked the head of his cock, and down his shaft, until she was convinced that he was on the edge again, ready to cum. Then she stopped.

Steve was clearly sexually frustrated now, ready to cum. He moved his knees down the bed and readied himself to penetrate her. Jean was absolutely ready for him. She ran her fingers up his arms in anticipation of his hard cock.

Steve put one hand on her thigh and pressed his cock up against her most intimate parts. He slowly penetrated her. Once he had fully entered her, feeling her tightness, Steve pulled back leaving just the head of his cock inside her. Then he slowly entered her again, and repeated this motion.

Jean felt ecstatic. It had been over two years since she had felt this good. Steve’s hard cock was exactly what she needed to relax.

Steve began thrusting faster, and harder, into her. The faster he thrusted, the less Jean thought about what was happening. She simply let him do what he pleased. After a few moments of thrusting, Steve slowed, and laid himself down onto Jean so that he could kiss her. As they kissed, Steve slowly moved his cock back and forth inside of her.

After a few minutes of kissing, Steve lifted his upper body and began thrusting hard again. Not just thrusting, though, but motioning his cock circularly around in her, as well. Jean was loving his rhythm, just as much as his cock.

Steve continued thrusting and kissing as Jean readied herself for another orgasm. It felt so good to have a man inside of her again. More than that, Jean could tell that Steve was truly a nice person, which made it so much easier to feel relaxed and comfortable with him. She knew that he was just a great guy and not someone who would brag to his friends about another conquest.

Then Jean’s thoughts changed as she felt her toes begin to tingle and curl. She could feel an orgasm working its way up her body from her toes, to her thighs, to her vag, to her nipples. She could even feel it in her neck and her lips.

Jean let out a moan of pure appreciation. She hadn’t felt this way in such a long time. Feeling this way, especially with such a great guy, was just ecstasy for her.

As she orgasmed, she felt her wetness all over Steve’s cock. She looked up, directly into his eyes, and felt truly happy with what she was doing, and where she was at this moment.

Steve kept thrusting into her and Jean realized that he was about to cum inside of her. She knew from experience that once men cum, they run off and want little to do with their partner. Jean didn’t want this to be one of those nights. She wanted Steve to stay with her, to cuddle her, hold her, and be there to kiss her in the morning. So she put her hands on his hips and pushed backward, letting him know that she wanted him to pull out of her.

He pulled his cock out, and then turned onto his side and fell on his back beside her. Jean rolled over and began licking his cock, tasting herself off of him. It was a major turn on for her to taste herself off the head of a man’s cock.

She sucked him diligently until, once again, she was convinced that he was about to cum. Then she gently let go of his cock, lifted her head, and began kissing his chest.

Feeling the effects of the wine, and the relaxation of her orgasms, Jean nestled her head on his shoulders and wrapped an arm around his body. She gently played with his cock as she drifted off to sleep, leaving him hard, excited, and begging for more. Jean knew that leaving him like this was a guarantee that he would still be there in the morning. And it promised her at least a few more orgasms before she headed back home. Satisfied, relaxed, and totally comfortable, Jean went to sleep on Steve’s shoulder. Knowing full well that he was still hard, begging for more, and sexually frustrated.

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