Cafe Delight


Café Delight Big Mike wiped down his tools and returned each one to its proper place in the toolbox, then lowered the hood of the classic Camaro and lightly buffed the hood to remove any fingerprints, then stepped back to admire his baby. Seeing no smudges, he tossed the rag on his workbench and hurried into the house to shower. He stood under the steaming spray, letting the hot water sooth the tension from his broad shoulders and wash away the dirt of a tough day’s work. He turned the shower head to massage and directed the pulsing jets on the back of his thick neck. His mind drifted as his muscles relaxed under the pounding spray. His soapy hand slid over the slight bulge of his belly and drifted down to give his fat dick a squeeze as he recalled making love to Anita the morning before. He slowly stroked his semi-hard dick, thinking of her thick red lips wrapped around it. The clock in the living room chimed six o’clock, interrupting his reminiscence. Realizing he was running late, Mike pushed Anita out of his head and let his penis slip from his hand. After running a few errands, Big Mike parked the Camaro behind Buck’s café and entered through the back door, as usual. Big Mike had dinner at Buck’s every Monday. He had dinner there two or three times a week, but always on Monday. The food was good, and the prices reasonable, but those weren’t the reasons he ate there. Suzy, was the reason he ate there. She worked every Monday night, she worked other nights as well, but Mondays were usually slow giving her time to chat, and flirt, with Mike. Mike loved to tease and flirt with all of the waitresses, but especially Suzy. Though Suzy and Big Mike constantly flirted with each other, things had never gone any further. Mostly because, Suzy had, after a passionate five-day romance, run off to Vegas and gotten married a few days before she and Mike met. Though the passion responsible for her marriage had dwindled rather quickly, Suzy resolved to stick it out and Big Mike knew better than to fool around with another man’s wife, even if that man was a complete ass. Over the following two years, Mike and Suzy had developed a strange relationship. They would sit in the nearly deserted café talking, laughing, arguing, flirting, and teasing each other for hours. To the casual observer it was often hard to tell whether they were best friends, passionate lovers, or bitter enemies. Suzy’s green eyes lit up, and a broad smiled spread across her round face when Big Mike walked in and took his usual seat at the counter. “Hey sailor, looking for a good time?” Suzy called doing her best Mae West impersonation. Big Mike carefully looked her over from head to toe, his gaze lingering on her ample bosom before continuing down to admire her shapely calves. “Sure. What’ll it cost me?” he smiled, preparing to duck any object that might get thrown at him. “More than you got.” She scowled. She banged his coffee cup on the counter and filled it with fresh hot coffee. Mike laughed heartily at her curt response, “Tough day Suze?” Suzy’s expression softened and she cracked a playful smile, “Not till you showed up,” she quipped. Mike laughed again, stealing another glance at her breasts as they strained the heavy fabric of her uniform. “Aww Suze, you know Escort Erenköy I love ya,” he smiled, a mocking tone in his voice. She rolled her eyes and smiled back, slapping a menu on the counter in front of him. “I’ll be back in a minute,” she said, turning her back to him. Mike watched her walk away, enjoying the wiggle of her rounded bottom beneath the heavy fabric of her uniform, and the way the skirt swirled about her shapely legs. She pulled a banana cream pie from the display case and sat it on the counter to slice. Staring at the decorative swirls of whipped cream, Mike envisioned himself licking globs of it off Suzy’s big tits. “The special looks good tonight,” she said, slicing into the pie. Her words snapped him out of his fantasy and he picked up the menu. He had the menu memorized, but looked anyway. He read through the list of pie flavors and wondered which one would go best with Suzy’s pussy. He decided banana cream would probably be best and closed the menu with a devilish grin. “All right, I’ll have the special, but if it isn’t good, I’m blaming you,” he grumbled. “Not my fault if you have bad taste.” Suzy retorted. She returned the pie to the case and headed for the dining room toting two slices and a pot of coffee. She returned a few minutes later and hung an order ticket on the wheel in the pass through. “Kinda slow tonight,” he observed. Suzy set a cup of hot soup before him. “It was a little busy earlier but those two are all I’ve had in the last hour,” she answered, jerking her thumb toward the dining room. Mike caught the scent of her perfume as she wiped down the counter, that was strange, he couldn’t remember her ever wearing perfume before. “Don’t like the soup?” The question interrupted his thoughts. “Huh oh, I was just letting it cool a little,” he stammered. Suzy smiled, wondering what he had been thinking and whether he had noticed her new perfume. Her face seemed to light up when she smiled and Mike grew increasingly fascinated, there was something different about her today, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. In his mind he ran down a checklist, hair, eyes, nose, teeth, makeup, all the same, yet something was definitely different. Suzy studied Big Mike carefully, searching for any clue as to what he was thinking. “How was your weekend Mikey? Any hot dates?” She asked, cheerily. Though Mike normally shared news of his romantic exploits with her, something stopped him from telling her about balling Anita Saturday night, and again in the shower Sunday morning. “Nah, spent all weekend fixing stuff around the house,” he answered matter-of-factly. A surge of excitement rushed through Suzy, He must not be seeing Anita anymore, she thought smiling. She stared at Mike’s large arms and imagined them wrapped tightly around her, pulling her against his powerful chest. “How about you Suze, do anything fun this weekend?…Suzy?” he repeated when she didn’t answer. Now it was Suzy’s turn to snap out of her fantasy and she blushed deeply. “What? Sorry Hon I didn’t hear you,” she said trying to cover. “How was your weekend?” Mike asked again. He wondered what she had been thinking that had caused her to blush so deeply. Suzy turned her back and busied herself rearranging içerenköy escort the salad dressings, and smiled to herself. She’d been waiting for this moment since Saturday night. “Oh not much, just cleaned up the house and rearranged the furniture,” she paused, “and kicked Steve out of the house.” She turned quickly trying to catch his reaction. A rush of excitement shot through Mike’s body and he almost fell off his stool. Once he recovered, his lips curved into a wide smile. “You kicked Steve out?” he asked, unable to hide his excitement. Suzy smiled at his reaction as a thrill ran through her. Her cheeks began to feel hot as she answered. “Yeah. I had enough of his shit and told him to get out!” she was almost giddy as she replied. Mike’s mouth dropped open and a tingle ran up his spine. “Wow, you ok?” he asked. “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and then he started acting like an ass Saturday morning, and I made up my mind, and told him to get out,” she explained. “I feel so much better, having it done. It’s been over for a long time. I tried to make it work, but I just couldn’t do it anymore. I should have got rid of him a long time ago.” “Good for you. I’m glad you’re happy,” Mike said, brazenly ogling her plump breasts. Suzy noticed the hungry look in his eye and a tingle ran down her spine. Mike’s organ was beginning to stir within his jeans. He could see the desire in her eyes and was about to profess his own, when the cook set his dinner in the window. She turned and walked to the window before he could say anything. She returned and set the plate on the counter before him, flashing an alluring smile. Then rushed off to complete her side work while he ate. While mopping the floor of the dining room her mind wandered and she pictured herself wrapped tightly in Mike’s strong arms, her lips pressed to his, in a feverish kiss, their tongues intertwined caressing one another. The back and forth motion of the mop and her vivid imagination caused her pulse to quicken and a humid warmth began to grow at the juncture of her supple thighs. Mike ate his dinner absent-mindedly as he delighted in every sumptuous movement of Suzy’s backside as it bobbed with the pushing and pulling of the mop. She turned to the side, and he focused on the gentle sway of her supple breasts. He suddenly became, painfully, aware of the tightness in his jeans and forced himself to avert his eyes from the tempting sight before him. He closed his eyes and tried to think of anything but Suzy bent over sliding the mop swiftly across the floor and the irresistible movement of her rounded buttocks beneath the heavy burgundy fabric. It wasn’t easy, but he managed to concentrate on the torque specs for a Chevy 350 long enough to ease the pressure in his crotch, for a moment at least. By the time he finished his dinner, the couple in the back room had paid and left, and Suzy had finished with her cleaning duties. “Ready for dessert Mikey?” she asked, clearing the counter before him. His eyes twinkled, “Banana cream pie!” he exclaimed. He ogled her legs and rear as she bent to retrieve the pie from the case. She sliced the pie, and, again, he imagined her tits and pussy smeared with the sweet dessert Tuzla escort bayan as he slowly licked it off. Suzy set the pie on the counter and he stared at her breasts. “Mmm looks good,” he said. “The pie?” Suzy asked with a raised brow. Mike slowly looked up, his eyes met her’s and they shared a hungry gaze. Suzy scooped a blob of whipped cream with her finger and brought it slowly to her plump red lips. Her pink tongue slithered between her lips and licked the cream off. Mike shuddered as he stared intently. “Save some for me,” he said. “I’ve got plenty left for you,” Suzy purred. She scooped more cream with her finger and lifted it to his lips. He opened his mouth and she slipped her finger past his lips. Mike’s eyes closed as his lips wrapped around her finger sucking the sweet cream off. He squirmed in his seat as the swelling in his pants became uncomfortable. “Let’s make this to go,” he said. Suzy nodded, “Uh huh,” she said licking her lips. She dumped the pie in a Styrofoam container and handed it to him. “I’ll lockup and get my coat,” she said huskily. She quickly locked the front door and ran to turn off the restroom lights. She slipped into the ladies room pushing the door shut behind her. She leaned against the door and took a deep breath. Her face was flush and the growing wetness between her legs had soaked through her panties. She had never been so forward with anyone and her behavior added greatly to her excitement. After a few deep breaths to compose herself, Suzy stepped in front of the mirror and fixed her hair and makeup. She adjusted her uniform and smoothed the fabric over her rounded hips, imagining Mike’s strong hands sliding over her warm flesh. Her legs began to tremble. For so long, she had fantasized about being held in his strong arms. Countless times she had made love to her husband, all the while wishing, and imagining, it was Mike between her thighs, and now that it was on the verge of becoming reality she found it impossible to control her excitement. With her hair satisfactorily arranged and makeup freshened, Suzy steadied her quivering legs and returned to Mike. He was anxiously waiting at the entrance to the kitchen. She slipped her hand behind him to flick the light switch on the wall, bringing their bodies close together. His arms wrapped around her and he leaned down for a kiss. Their lips met in a soft caress and he pulled her against him. Her breasts crushed against his chest and their kiss grew more passionate. The cafe dissolved around them and time stood still as his lips pulled greedily at hers. Suzy’s tongue slipped between his parted lips and met with his. Suddenly it was as she were eighteen again, making out with her boyfriend on the front porch. The passion of the kiss drew the breath from her body and her knees grew weak. She slumped into Mike’s strong arms and he gazed into her eyes. “Suzy, I… I’ve wanted this for so long… I don’t know what to say,” he confessed. “Shut up and kiss me,” she giggled. She cupped his cheek and pressed her soft lips to his. Her arms draped over his broad shoulders and her breasts twisted against his chest. Her mind began to swim and years of frustrated passion poured out of her as she sucked at his tongue. The clatter of pots in the kitchen reminded them that they were not alone and they both jumped at the sudden loud noise ending their heated embrace. “Sorry baby we’re gonna have to wait a little longer,” Suzy sighed. She slid her hands down the front of his shirt, delighting at the feel of his powerful muscles below and took his hand.

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