When I decided to make law enforcement my career choice, I knew that I would be helping people. That part of the job attracted me. I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to make my town a safer and nicer place to live – you know all the typical recruitment jargon. But one sweltering July day, the words “Serve and Protect” took on a whole new and erotic meaning. I was sitting on the I-40 freeway about 10 minutes west of Amarillo doing traffic duty. It was a long empty stretch of road and there wasn’t much going on at the time. My shift had just begun about an hour earlier and I still had seven more hours to go, so I was settling in for a long slow night. Just then I see a pair of headlights off in the distance and coming on fast. I wasn’t sure at first so I reached for the radar gun to check the speed of this oncoming vehicle. It got closer and I put the gun up – sure enough, the gun read the speed of the vehicle at 78 MPH! I took off in my patrol car after the speeder and within a couple minutes I was right behind it. A flick of the overhead lights and a blip of the siren and I saw brake lights come on and the vehicle pull over. We stopped on the side of the road and I put on my spotlights so I could see what was going on ahead of me. That stretch of road is very dark at night and cops don’t like surprises! I sat there for a couple moments running a check on the license plate before I got out and approached the driver. The vehicle came back clean so now it was time to talk to the driver and find out why they were driving so fast. I got out of the patrol car and walked carefully up to the car. Tapping on the tinted window with a crooked finger, it began to slowly roll down. peeking from behind it was a very attractive young brunette. But the real twist to this stop is that the young lady was driving topless!! Trying to regain my composure, I attempted to be a professional despite the circumstances. “License and registration please.” I said calmly as I could. “I’m sorry officer, it’s just so hot and this old truck doesn’t have air conditioning. That’s why I am driving at night. I left Albuquerque just after 10:00 tonight and I am trying to get to Amarillo before Tunalı escort bayan the sun comes up and it gets hot again,” she explained, as she handed me the documents. “Well I can understand your dilemma, and your attire aside, you were still speeding. I have you clocked on my radar doing 78 MPH. The speed limit here miss is 65 MPH at night. I’m afraid I’m going to have to write you a ticket,” I said. “Oh please officer, can’t you just give me a warning or something?” she said, leaning over her open window and giving me an even better look at her well-endowed chest. That’s when I spotted the six-pack of beer on the seat next to her with a couple of them already empty. “I see we have been having a bit of refreshment too while we are driving,” I said, nodding to the seat next to her. “Um… I was thirsty?” she said, trying to think fast. “Ok, miss, step out of the vehicle please,” I said. “Please officer…” she said again. I took hold of the door handle and pulled it open and stepped aside. She got out and then stepped up to me quickly. “Please, Officer Carson… Brandon… can’t we please work something out here? This is my brother’s truck and if he knew I was driving it like this he would kill me! Let alone if he found out I was driving topless! Please sir, please help me. I promise it will never happen again! Please!” she said. She pressed herself up against me…damn she felt good, so warm and soft. And she smelled great too despite the faint beer odor. I could feel my cock starting to swell as she put her arms around my neck. She felt my growing interest as well. “Mmm, what do we have here? Somebody wants to come out to play!” she said, stroking the bulge in my trousers. “Miss Larson, what are you doing?” I asked, shocked at this turn of events. “You know, Brandon, I’ve always had a thing for a man in uniform. And you look sooo sexy in yours…” she said, running her fingertips over my chest and fingering my badge. I just stood there looking at this girl who was so blatantly coming on to me. Jackie Larson (the name on her driver’s license) was a stunning 21 year old girl, five foot three inches tall, and about 112 Escort ulus pounds, all stacked very delightfully in a 32-22-32 frame. She had jet black, mid-back length hair, shining, ice blue eyes, and a heart-melting smile. She must have known I was taken with her too because she pleaded her case once more. “Please Brandon, can’t we do something to fix all this? I’d be willing to do anything you want if you’d just put that bad old ticket book away.” I couldn’t resist. I knew that I was out here away from anyone and so we had plenty of privacy. And this girl knew exactly what she was doing to me as well. She looked at me with a sexy playful tilt of her head, “You can even use your handcuffs on me if you want…” she said, biting her soft pouty lip a bit. Without warning, I grabbed her by the arm and spun her around and pushed her face first over the hood of her truck, I grabbed both her wrists and pulled them behind her back and cuffed them together. With her handcuffed and bent over the truck, I kicked her feet apart until they were wider than her shoulders apart. “I’m going to have to search you – do you have anything on you that will poke me or cut me? Any knives, needles or anything else I should know about?” I asked her. “N…no sir,” she said, scared now that she was being arrested. “I began patting her down in standard police manner. With her still topless it obviously cut the area I needed to check down so I started with her blue jean cut-off shorts. I patted her down, paying special attention to her well-rounded ass and then moved my hands around to the front of her jeans. I began unbuttoning her jeans and she stood up “Hey you can’t do that! Aren’t you supposed to have a female officer for that?” she protested. “Be quiet!” I commanded her, pushing her back down on the truck hood, “We don’t have a female officer available right now, so I have to do this!” I continued my work opening up her jeans and shoving a hand inside her fly. I felt around inside her jeans and as I did I moved closer, pressing myself up against her ass and rubbing my hard bulge against her. I heard Jackie softly moan as I felt her pussy and mound. I smiled yenimahalle escort to myself and then slid my fingers under the edge of her panties. I was pleased to discover that not only was my “subject” shaved smooth, she was also getting very wet! Apparently my search had found something after all! “What is this?” I mocked, “Seems we have found something interesting down here.” I continued to finger her for a few moments as she grasped at my trousers while she moaned and twisted under me. Handcuffed and molested, she was getting very aroused! “Please…” she moaned. “What is that?” I said, making her repeat her need. “Please, Brandon…” she said again. She pushed her ass back against me to further emphasize her desire. I hauled her up off the truck by the arms and standing behind her still, wrapped a hand around her throat, holding her firmly and restricting her breathing a bit, yet not choking her completely. “So you want me to overlook your speeding and drunk driving do you? Those are some serious offenses young lady. You will have to do something pretty special to get me to let you off of them,” I growled in her ear. As a spoke, my free left hand moved up to grab her right tit hard, sinking my fingers deep in the young, supple flesh. “Y..yes, sir. Please let me…” she moaned, closing her eyes and tilting her head back onto my shoulder. I could smell the girls arousal and feel her tremble under my hands. “Let you what? What do you think you can do to persuade me to let you off?” I asked. I wanted to hear her say it. I wanted her to beg. “Please, sir… please let me suck your cock…” she said. A shiver ran through her as she said it, and she gasped afterwards at her own words. Pinching her right nipple hard enough to bring out a squeal of pain from her, I grabbed her dark mane and dragged her around behind the truck. I jerked her jean shorts down and off of her, and then pulled her down onto her knees on the ground. Wearing only her red polka dot panties, white thigh top stockings, and black high heel pumps, she was a very sexy sight, kneeling in front of me and looking up at me. I took off my gun belt, setting it on the roof of the truck and then unzipped my fly and fished out my hard eager cock. She looked at my cock as it popped free of it’s confines and licked her lips in anticipation. Jackie bent to her work running her tongue around the head and poking into the peehole a bit before licking up and down the shaft from the tip to my balls.

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