Business Trip Ch. 01


I boarded the plane in a foul mood. It figures that my company would book me on the red-eye. I can never sleep on planes. I make my way to my seat in the very back and notice a woman in the seat next to mine. Dressed in a tight-fitting blouse and skirt, she immediately attracted my attention. My attention increased when I noticed the lack of a wedding ring. I quickly removed my wedding band and stowed it in my pocket. My wife and I travel a lot and only see each other once a month. We agreed early on that flings on business trips wouldn’t count. After all, we both have needs.

I sat down next to her, making a point to “accidentally” brush my hand against her. I loosened my tie as I settle in my aisle seat and begin to read some papers as we taxi out of the gate and take-off. As we’re climbing into the air I notice that the plane was practically empty, not even a quarter full. Even the stewardesses were dozing in their compartment in the rear of the airplane just behind me. I turn to the woman sitting by the window and try to strike up a conversation. It wouldn’t be the first time I meet a girl while flying out and end up with a fuck buddy for the trip.

Her name was Emily and it turned out that she was flying out for the same conference as I was. Even for a 22-year-old she was hot to the extreme. Her tits were straining against the buttons of her tight-fitting blouse. Her short skirt revealed a pair of incredible thighs and I knew that the goods under the skirt had to be just as incredible.

We made conversation about our conference for 15 minutes during which I noticed that her hand made its way onto my knee and eventually to the inside of my leg. I feel my cock getting hard in my pants as I become aware of her hand moving up the inside of my leg. She felt my hardness and moved even closer to me. I moved my hand down her stomach and onto her thigh as we began to kiss.

Now this was moving pretty fast even for me but I wasn’t about to complain. She breaks off the kiss and looks me in the eye. It was a look of the purest lust. This was a girl who wanted to be fucked as many times as humanly possible. We continued to make out as we unbuttoned each other’s shirts.

She leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I hope this isn’t too forward. It’s always Konya Escort been a fantasy of mine to do this.”

I responded by kissing her again and reaching up her skirt to rub her cunt. I could feel my fingers running over the silk fabric. I could also feel the fabric getting wetter and wetter as my hand rubbed her. I slipped a finger under and got it wet in her juices. I brought it up to my mouth and tasted her. I opened her blouse and pulled down her bra. I took a nipple in my mouth and began suckling it. God, her nipples were perfect, the right mix of hardness and softness. I loved sucking her tits and from the way her body was shuddering I’m guessing she loved it too.

She lifted my head off her chest and kissed me deeply before pushing me back into her seat. She then lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. I took the cue and quickly opened my pants, letting my really hard cock stick out. She then stood up, where all the aircraft could see her in her half-naked glory. I craned my head over the seats to look around but what few people that were on the plane were obviously fast asleep.

She looked down at me, much like a goddess gazing at here lowly servant. I suddenly had an even greater appreciation for her beauty. I was so busy staring at her incredible body that it took me a minute to notice that she was imperiously gesturing at her seat. I lifted the armrest and slid over so I was sitting underneath her. She sat down on my lap and let my cock rest between her legs.

She began to rub her ass back and forth against me. I reached around and took her tits in my hand. I began squeezing then and pinching the nipples as her hand worked up and under her skirt. I occasionally would take a bite of the flesh on her shoulders as I played with her luscious tits. Suddenly I felt her hand over my own, gently urging it downward. I slowly traced over her stomach and onto her skirt, which was being lifted up to give me access. She guided me onto her extremely wet cunt. I immediately felt that she was shaved.

I could see her puffed-up lips as I slid my index finger inside of her. Damn, she was tight! I knew that this was going to be a terrific fuck, although there was little doubt of this before. For a minute I slide my finger Konya Escort Bayan in and out of her. There was now a steady stream of pussy juice coming out of her. I could feel the top side of my cock, which was pressed against it, absorbing it all. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled my finger out and reached for her ass.

I began to gently but firmly push on her ass cheeks, urging her to get up and put me inside her. Thankfully, she obliged, standing up until her ass was in my face. I immediately began to bury my face in it, licking, biting, and kissing it. Meanwhile, she reached down between her legs and grabbed my cock. She pumped it a few time with her hand to make sure it’s has hard as it can get. She positioned it properly and began to slowly slide herself onto it, teasing me with every centimeter. As I entered her she rested her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “God, you’re so hot! I haven’t had a decent fuck in so long. My bastard boyfriend has no clue what a woman needs.”

I bit down on the flesh of her shoulder hard to keep from yelling out. Her pussy felt so good! It took a good minute to get my cock all the way inside her. Once it was in she just sat there for a minute, squeezing my rod with her pussy muscles. God, where’s this woman been all my life? Finally she lifted herself up and little and slammed back down on my cock. She began thrusting her hips, fucking me. I reached around for her tits again as she rode me. I could feel them bouncing around as she sprang up and down on my cock. I could see her fingering her clit as we fucked. Her back was arched and she was staring up at the roof of the plane. Some minor turbulence that bounced the plane around a little seemed to excite her even more.

I latched onto her neck with my mouth and began sucking at her flesh. I wanted to give her a big mother-fucking hickey! When she went to the conference in the morning I wanted everyone there to know that she was being a slut only a few hours before. I wanted to mark her to everyone so they’d know that this was my woman. It was already an unspoken agreement that we’d be seeing each other for the conference. She seemed to like this idea because she started whispering things like, “Yeah baby, mark me. Show everyone Escort Konya that I’m a slut.”

I began fingering her clit with one hand as she leaned forward a bit to fuck me harder. I brought the other one up to her face and let her suck my fingers. Suddenly her thrusting sped up, her back arched more than ever and her entire body began to shudder. As she rode the throes of orgasm I smiled to myself in that way every man does when he knows that he’s satisfied his woman. Now it was my turn. I took my hand off her mouth and began spanking her with it, urging her on. Soon I was gripping her hips on either side, feeling myself building up to one hell of a climax. Next time she slammed into me I held her hips there, pulling her into me. I buried my cock as deep into her as I could while I deposited my seed inside her slutty cunt.

We held it there for a few minutes, letting me shoot my whole load into her. Once I’ve finally gone soft she stood up and sat down on next to me. “Mmmm, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had. Wish I hadn’t gone off the pill though.”

At my expression she patted me reassuringly, “It’s ok. I can get some morning-after pills, along with some condoms,” she looked at my appraisingly, “Make that a lot of condoms.”

All of a sudden we heard a noise from the stewardess compartment behind us. Emily glanced around the corner into it then beckoned me to look. I looked around the corner and we watched one of the more attractive stewardesses leaning against the cabinet with a hand up her uniform skirt. I could tell that she was coming down from her own orgasm. She opened her eyes and smiled at us. We smiled back then got dressed. Emily pulled her bra us and buttoned her blouse. However, instead of putting her soaked panties back on she shoved them in my face to give me one last smell of them. She then slipped them in the pocket in front of her seat along with the magazines. We spent the rest of the flight sleeping in each others’ arms.

As the plane was landing she took my hand in hers. We gathered up our things and as we disembarked she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and whispered, “Thanks for the baby-making juice.” And with a wink and a smile she led me off the plane. We saw the time in the terminal and she said, “You know, the conference doesn’t start for a few hours. If we hurry we’ll have enough time for another quickie at the hotel before it starts.”

And so, we ran through the terminal to baggage claim, hand-in hand. No cab driver in the world could’ve been fast enough for me that morning.

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