BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 04


Chapter Four: …Doctor, Doctor Proctosis I Presume

My thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of the door opening and a new voice entering the room with the secretary’s. Self-consciousness swept through me again, but I kept my eyes in the corner pretending to be invisible, not wishing to offend. I had come to realize, though I was laden with shame from being publicly humiliated all my life, I enjoyed the sensations caused by such experience. I thrilled to the spectacle of public humiliation. The feeling of strangers staring at me, their eyes crawling over my body, sent goose bumps and shivers up my spine. I often trembled to the point of appearing in dance, which guaranteed a smile from everyone.

I felt a hand roaming the cheeks of my ass. It was a cold, brisk and sure paw. It was small, with short fingers and nails, and grabbed handfuls of cheek, squeezed with little pressure and moved on. I listened to the voices discussing parts of my anatomy. Most of their comments were crude compliments, meant to belittle, I’m sure. They came with bites, and their severe accuracy humiliated me.

The secretary ordered me to turn and I came to see the top of someone’s blond head of hair. She then ordered me to proceed with the nurse to the doctor’s office. I then felt the nurse’s finger slip through the ring of my panties and pull gently, the strings pulling tight, my balls lifting with the material. My cock actually floated in its strange prison as I began the weirdest journey of my life.

While moving I saw nothing but walls and ceiling. I felt like a freshly plucked flower as I followed the nurse’s pull out of the door and into the hall. I was mortified silly and even my thoughts stammered. I was terrified by my submission and couldn’t believe I was allowing this to happen. The blond was leading me into and down the hall of a major company. I was stark naked and didn’t even attempt to cover myself, to hide my nudity. Under great pressure my hands stayed obediently at my sides, but twitched nervously as I walked with my head up, resting on its platter, visible to all. I had no idea men went through so much to find female companionship, or just hold down a job.

As we moved, I was compelled to contemplate the feelings generated by the material against my organ. When the material stretched, my penis felt as if it were floating on a bed of clouds. My penis vibrated against the delicate material and it drove me out of my mind with nail-biting sensuality, sensations I’d gladly suffer and die for. I was overly excited by all that was happening and the more shame I swallowed, the more rigid he became. Oh! How I wanted to grab my cock and jag-off right there and then for the women. I wanted to cum for them and for myself, while walking in the corridor. Like sowing a garden I’d send my seeds out in every direction, hoping to find an egg.

Pulled forward by the root of my being I was guided into an elevator. There were four female occupants who moved aside to allow me room. They were amused by my collar and strange garb, and their overly animated conversation turned immediately to me. Their disgusting use of crude words in describing parts of my body was shocking and brought tears to my eyes. All I was bold enough to do was continue shivering, while looking up at the ceiling and sniveling. I couldn’t even wipe my tears if allowed. While my behind received more than its share of slaps and pinches, my penis received a considerable amount of close inspection. Along with wide eyes came pokes jabs and scrapes from the tips of long nails. Soon my panties were so wet the insides of my thighs to my knees were sopping, and don’t think the ladies didn’t notice.

It was strange being able to see only the tops of heads and faces without the bodies. But the harshest thing about the collar was not being able to see myself. I tried looking nowhere, but my eyes ran from failure to failure. I couldn’t help straining to see the ladies as they pointed out and discussed different parts of my anatomy with each other. I was not in the room with them, and my body was no longer mine. As proof, though my hands were available, they did nothing in contradiction to those around me.

Trembling noticeably and mortified silly, I followed the nurse from the elevator. I was pulled from a cavern of hands and spite that followed my exit. We turned down a wide corridor lined with doors, most opened. She had a good hold of the panties’ ring and was pulling up as hard as she could. The material must have been indestructible, because it took the abuse of her yanks more easily than my testicles did. Seemed she was intent at keeping me on my toes. Everyone we passed stopped whatever it was they were doing to stare at me; heads were actually popping out of office doors. Between the tops of so many faces and the growing noise, I felt expected, and by the way the nurse paraded me about, it seemed Muğla Escort almost staged. Every woman laughed, pointed and laughed again and again, and was not shy with their most vulgar comments. With an air of professionalism the nurse led me through a thin mob, to the doctor’s door and we entered. Doctor Proctosis was waiting for me.

We found the doctor standing by a tall lab stool, reading from a folder. Sheepishly, I was moved to stand before her. The room was another weirdly modern office, fitted with computers and monitors. There was more electronics then I’d ever seen, or could understand. But there was also an old style roller desk to one side, a metal examination table to another, and an uncomfortable looking bed. Further, there were glass cabinets stuffed with red-cross items, probably medicines, remedies and drugs; even instruments and such. In the center of the room was a shiny metal pole that came up from the floor about three feet. Its end was finished with metal strips, coils that helped it look like a work of art. I was hot with shame, red as a beet and I couldn’t stop the tears, nor quell the excitement.

“Ah ha, this must be Joey,” the doctor said in a loud deep voice, putting down the folder. Dr. Proctosis was a short woman about forty. She had short brown hair and bloodshot brown eyes. She wore sequin studded black-rimmed glasses and dressed in a long white lab coat. A stethoscope hung from around her neck and she was smiling at me, watching me shiver as she picked up a pair of latex gloves and began stretching one over a hand. She worked them onto her hands, letting each one snap in place. Then with complete detachment she stepped up to me, her face disappearing under my collar, and she pulled my panties down from around my waist. She rolled them down around my thighs out of the way, then she grabbed my entire organ. She took me balls and all in her left hand and my body momentarily curled into itself, but I forced my hands to stay put. My juices gave the doctor’s grip some problem, but she had a very sure grasp and soon had me under control. The doctor worked on my organ for a good long time, twisting and adjusting her clutch. Once confident of her hold, she squeezed tighter.

“What a fine organ, Little One. Mmmmm,” I heard her mutter from under the ledge of my collar. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt one quite this solid before. It must be a painful erection and I have never seen an organ that secretes in such profusion.” Her fingernails dug into my scrotum and tested the underside of my hard-on. I spotted the top of the nurse’s head nodding.

The doctor’s nails dug into me as she talked, but I stayed mute. She marched me to the center of the room, to the short pole. It was not an object of art, in a ‘museum’ sense. She adjusted the height of the pole bringing it level with my crotch, and then strapped my organ to it with the pair of metal bands. One circled my scrotum, the other the neck of my hard-on and she wasn’t shy about cinching them tight.

Both sets of eyes popped up over the edge of my collar in a curiously professional manner, working on mental calculations. The nurse held their edge lowered as the doctor cinched the bands tighter, their big smiles following crafty looks and snarled lips. Then I felt the doctor’s hands grasp the length of my penis and squeeze softly.

“My, even when strapped tight, it stays hard… In fact, I’d swear it’s gotten harder still,” she said. One hand was moving back and forth, stroking my boner lightly. It milked me from base to head over and over again while her other hand worried my testicles, all of which caused me to let out a soft ‘ohhhh’. In moments I was about to ejaculate. “My God,” she said quietly.

The nurse was standing nearby, also working under my collar. She was wiping areas of my body with alcohol and dabbing the spots with jelly, to which she then attached electrodes. My entire body was shaking so hard I couldn’t control it, I felt like a naked person caught out-of-doors in the winter. Neither woman said a word to me as they went about their business. They treated me like a lab experiment and I knew better then to utter a sound. It seemed amusing, the way I thought of silence and the wonders of expression, only after I’d been forbidden to speak or respond. When the nurse brought to my mouth a small clip she wished to attach to my tongue, she said nothing. I got to see her face again, as she tipped my collar enough to reach my mouth with her hand. She was a pretty young lady with a round face and soft bluish-green eyes that intrigued me. She had healthy cheeks and thick unpainted lips. She wore red-rimmed glasses and had a small know-it-all grin on her face. When her hand approached with the opened clip, I opened my mouth before she asked. I couldn’t help flinching when she allowed the little alligator to close on the tip of my tongue. Its bite hurt, but Muğla Escort Bayan it didn’t hurt, because nothing mattered when I was this excited.

The nurse then passed behind me and I felt her fingers prying my ass cheeks apart. My eyes opened wide, wondering what she was up to. I tightened then relaxed as best I could when one of her fingers, now greased, found and penetrated my anus. It attacked in a series of slow short probes that took me up. I spread my feet and legs, attempting to allow her easier access while once again fighting to keep my hands out of her way. I tensed and closed my eyes, then felt her finger replaced by a wire. It turned into a long thin wire she ran quickly up my chute. I jumped in the air and squealed, fearing the wire would come out my throat. I would have hit the ceiling if I hadn’t of been strapped down. Next, she was in front of me, holding my penis in one hand. I felt her probing at my pee-hole with something. The doctor was behind me, holding my wrists in her hands, ordering me to be still.

“Don’t move and you won’t even feel this,” the doctor said and I panicked. Again I discovered her grip painfully sure and I let my body go as limp as my mind could allow, my contorted body fighting with the knotted iters of my brain.

The sensation forced me to bend at the waist, my knees to knock and my arms to move as far as the doctor would allow. I turned my head down, round, and then up. I let out a long moan, to what I felt was a long hose forced inside me through my penis hole. Suddenly, I felt the urine drain from my bladder as I lost its control to the nurse. Her hand began stroking me out of my misery and it worked. The doctor released my wrists.

“Good boy,” she said in a proud tone. “Now stand as still as you have for the rest of the check-up and everything will go smoothly.” I felt one of her gloved hands smooth over my ass cheeks and her other fondle my entire organ, while paying little attention to the catheter running through it. Dr. Proctosis nodded to the nurse, then turned to the console and began fidgeting with some dials. I wondered what would come next, and found out almost immediately.

WHACK! The nurse was at my behind with a leather paddle. Whap-a-whap-a-whap-a-whap! I squealed aloud and danced about, yanking on my balls and cock. Though I couldn’t move I continued withering, secured to the pole as I was. The combination of the wires, clips, draining bladder, and now a spanking, drove my fingers into my thighs, hoping to root them to the spot so they wouldn’t move in defense. My squeals quieted somewhat, after warnings from the doctor.

“Shut Up Already,” the doctor yelled, as she continued transcribing. She was recording the readings of various gauges onto the page of a book that sat on the desk before her.

Whap-a-whap-a-whap-a-whap! The nurse kept whacking away at my fanny, alternating between cheeks. The doctor then tapped data into the PC to her right. The nurse’s paddling left me as little control over my screams as I had over my bladder. The doctor came near occasionally, to look at my tear stained face the same way she looked at the gauges, professionally.

I was annoyed at needing to keep my tongue outside my mouth, with the clip and wire attached to it. It felt as if the clip on my tongue, the wire up my butt, and the catheter, were connected somewhere inside me. Somewhere deep, just below my heart and near the bottom of my stomach. I was fighting for control of my hands, which occasionally jumped to my behinds defense before I could stop them. For that they were beaten silly and slowly learned their lesson.

Whap-a-whap-a-whap-a-whap, the nurse continued. Harder, softer, harder, softer, harder, softer, again and again and again.

“Now, now Joey. I’m surprised,” the doctor said condescendingly when I began to really bawl aloud. “Ms. Handlesmen has a good deal of confidence in you and I can see why. You wouldn’t want to let her down, now would you?” The doctor was looking over the edge of my collar, her hand fiddling with the clip on my tongue. I thought she was about to rip my tongue out by its root. “No, of course not, so try to cry quietly and without shouting. I know you can do that for Ms. Handlesmen, it’s important to her that you be strong,” she said, turning back to the console. “You’re a good boy Joey.”

I tried to sob quietly from then on, but the whacks my behind took blew several loud, “Owws”, out of me. The nurse kept my ass bouncing, my tears flowing and me trying to stand on my toes. My balls ached because I was twisting from them and my boner felt swollen, on the brink of exploding. Soon I was in so much pain I begged for a reprieve, which didn’t come soon enough. I was left in a steady spasm and crying long after the spanking ended, while the doctor finished taking some notes.

After closing her book, the doctor slipped Escort Muğla her stethoscope on and proceeded to check my lungs. She checked my heart and so forth, then she checked my blood pressure. She then examined my ears, nose and throat, with everything checking out fine. Then she released me from the pole, took a good hold on my organ and led me to a small steel table. It was then she withdrew the catheter, in one swift motion she yanked it free and spun me around while I screamed.

I had to stand in front of the short metal table and bend at the waist. It was cold on my belly and she held me down as I made to jump. I felt greatly relieved when she extracted the wire from my behind, but I had little idea what to expect. I opened my eyes wide in shocked disbelief and I was no longer relieved. The doctor began working four fingers into my rectum. She worked quickly, using a good lubricant and great force. In moments I felt her entire hand slip inside. I rose onto my toes and my legs spread, my body contorting with the intrusion. The doctor’s hand took its time and probed around inside me for quite awhile. Its fingers reached some shocking places, places never touched before. She also tickled places that sent tidal waves of pleasure through me. As much as I tried, I couldn’t relax, which only prolonged the agony and forced the doctor to work harder. My suffering served to provoke her enthusiasm as I once again endured an embarrassingly intimate examination, which I was learning to enjoy.

Finished, the doctor’s hand pulled itself slowly free, almost as if not wanting to leave… what a thought. I stood and was led to in front of the nurse, who was seated and disappeared from my view completely. I was made to stand with my legs spread wide. I could feel the nurse’s hands grasp and move over my organ, careful not to bring me off. I felt a warm cloth, then a coolness, and after a short while realized the nurse was lathering me. She then began shaving me and she was quite thorough, grabbing my balls in her hand to draw the skin taut as she attacked every hair. She too was meticulous and took her time. The doctor stood beside me, watching my expressions. She gripped my boner when needed, lifting it out of the way for the nurse. I was soon made to turn around, bend at the waist and offer the nurse my buttocks. I had to pull my cheeks apart and hold them while she shaved me from behind. I felt especially low after that.

Doctor Proctosis then replaced the nurse and I felt her take my genitals in her hands. Sniveling, I stood as still as I could while she examined me more carefully then before. Her hands were big, with long strong fingers and they were quite deliberate in their examination. She easily kept me on the brink of release, alive with all the turmoil and none of the reward. She wasn’t satisfied until she’d counted every vessel and nerve connecting me to my testicles. Then she pulled my panties up around my waist, adjusted them around my organ and told the nurse to escort me back to Ms. Handlesmen’s office. I found my entire life in a retroactive tale spin, every thought I’d ever generated, every molecule I represented, coalescing around my penis. There were no other parts to me; I was reliving the birth of a planet as all surrounding debris came swirling in. I found myself being shaped and defined as ‘penis’. My mind was my penis, my penis my mind; I was defined by my sexual organ and under its domain.

My hairless groin added an entirely new dimension to the material’s caress and I never believed I’d make it to Ms. Handlesmen’s office without ejaculating into my panties. The strange material became an encouragement more overwhelming then Ms. Handlesmen’s hand had been the evening before. Though the material was nearly non-existent, it felt like a feather’s tickle and burlap’s burnishing all in one. My shaved condition encouraged lewd demonstrations, hotly animated conversations and the snickering of every women we passed.

Once again safe in Ms. Handlesmen’s office, I found the secretary waiting with another woman. She looked to be about twenty and she was here to escort me to the cafeteria. She was to feed me lunch, as the collar would make feeding myself impossible. The woman’s name was Ms. Rocksand and she was another new employee. She was also a sister of PI LODA CUM. I imagined every one of the sorority sisters were raised to deal effectively with males and I expected no less from Ms. Rocksand. After saying hello to me, she nonchalantly took the ring of my panties from the nurse and pulled me along behind her.

I was not looking forward to dining in the nude, much less while spoon-fed. Actually I never looked forward too often, and yet I look forward to everything. It seemed as if everything was turning out more then fine so far. I convinced myself the weirdness of everything was due to my ignorance, and in reality, Ms. Handlesmen had me on a pedestal. This was simply her way of showing me off. I figured it to be a female thing, a game of one-upmanship, and in order to find a mate I needed to play along. In order to receive another bonus, I needed to play along. And for another bonus, ya know I will.

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