Bump In The Night


It was Halloween night, so and a few of my friend thought it would be a good idea to head down to this new haunted house downtown. We joked around about going to knock-out the first ghouls that jumped us. We all got into my little red hatch-back car, me behind the wheel, and headed into town.

As I pulled up to the house the parking lot seemed empty, turning off the ignition I noticed the clock read 12:30. We had spent too much time at the house and decided not to waste anymore. Upon exiting the car we made way toward the large brick building, this thing was huge. Not like a normal fun house you’d see on this day, but I mean it was like a warehouse. a big, creepy, abandoned ware-house.

Walking up to the ticket counter I bought my ticket, my friends following the same order. The man working the ticket counter told us of how the house will be open till 3:00 and we could stay in there as long as we could stand it. A few chuckles came from my crowd as we headed tot he main doors.

I wasn’t surprised to walk into a pitch black room, waiting for a dim light or strobe to strike. Standing there for a few minutes, nothing happened. We were all silent, just waiting and I heard the group of my friends run off to leave me. The sounds of their cuddling feet thudded across the hard-wood floor. Those bastards had left me standing in the dark, not knowing which way they went. I heard a few stumbles and falls followed by a scream. The fun had started without me.

I made my way through the dark, waving my arms around my own personal bubble. I couldn’t see anything, and about Konya Escort that time, my fingertips brushed what felt like a door knob. Grasping it in my right hand I turned it and opened the door, thankful to see a strobe going, at least there was a small source of light in this room.

This place seemed too quite to be a Haunted house and I was merely walking through it, a boastful and brave smirk on my face. This was nothing, and about that time. I almost pissed myself. A zombie dummy flew from a fake space of the wall and made me quiver with fear for a few moments. I had to shrug that off, which I did, and was a little more conscious about the whole element of surprise now.

A few more random dummies and sounds came at me. All making me lose my wit and sense of presence. After being scared shit-less from yet another dummy, I stopped to catch my breath. I was arched over, breathing hard from my recent heart skipping scene.

As I was about to carry-on through the house I felt a cold hand brush my neck. My body shook as I swear I rose a few inches into the air. Evilly and pissed I turned around and yelled.

“Dammit you guys! You leave me and then make me almost piss my pants!”

My shouts were quickly silenced as I say this figure wasn’t a guy, the strobes allowed me to see long blonde hair, large full breasts and the striking figure. I was embarrassed by my shouts, but before I could apologize my mouth was taken in my hers. I was in a freeze-frame; I couldn’t seem to move, with the exception of my mouth. Her tongue worked in between my Konya Escort Bayan lips and met up with my own mouth muscle. What else could I do..? I went with it.

She interrupted the kiss by sliding a hand down my body and stopping at my crotch. A felt her finger tap it, it was just a tap, but the kissing and the touch made me start to pay attention. Those baggy jeans quickly became not so loose. The material tightened as I was now sporting what I grew over the twenty-one years of my life. I was even more shocked to note that she freed my unit just as soon as it became activated.

My hands took over from there, going tot he tail of her shirt, and then sliding up under the cotton material. My hand glided across that smooth skin she had and found her bra covered breast. Cupping her in my hand, I was guessing she was about a C, but that didn’t stop me from massaging the firm breast in my hand. My free hand soon slid down the opposite side of her body. My hand left hand on her tit and my right undoing her jeans. She wasn’t arguing, neither was I. Opening up her jeans, I slid my hand down the front of her smooth panties, The material to the top of my skin and her flesh to the bottom, I being toying with her mound of womanhood.

The rubbing I did to her made her moan as she wiggled out of her tight jeans, kicking them off over her shoes. Her left leg then wrapped around my side as she hoped onto my standing soldier. She let out a small yell as she slid onto my shaft, he warm moist walls griping around me. I quickly helped her stay suspend form the Escort Konya ground with aid of my hands groping her ass and cock inside her.

Sliding the full length of my tool she began sliding up and down it, slow at first, and then sped up. He movements became obsessive over my cock as she basically bounced on me hard and faster. He scent filled the air as my cock filled her inner workings. The sounds of the two organs working together and the pleasure from the blissful moment continued in the strobe listen room. He moans and screamed filled the haunted house with liveliness as I pounded into her.

After a few more moments of the rough sliding on me I felt her slow and push my full length into her. Her nails tore into my back as her vaginal muscles tightened around my throbbing cock. The shake of her body started to begin as she bounced on me more, and then tightening up even more, she released with her juices. He muscle ceasing their grip and fluids she slammed onto me more as I felt my testicles rumble with glee. My shuttered moan rang into the room as I released my laudable seed into her love canal.

The smell of sex and fluids was present in the air as she slid off me and quickly grabbed her clothes. I saw her running in the paused way the strobe made it out to be. I stood there and was about to chase after her when I head the guys nearing. I sheathed my weapon and quickly darted from the room to catch up with them. Upon finding them we decided on time to leave.

The whole drive back I was spaced out, the guys talking of the house and asking me questions. I didn’t seem to answer. I just drove round, dropping them off one by one with nothing but silence. After letting the last one out, I glanced tot he clock. 2:00..A smirk came to my face as I applied pressure to the accelerator and headed back towards the Haunted House.

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