Brown Sugar


Brown Sugar is one of a series of stories that I have written concerning the sexual awakening of an attractive, happily married housewife. They go in the following order Miss Betty, Campaign Worker, The Lady in Black, The Lady in Black—Encore, Pigtails and Brown Sugar. If you enjoy this story please read the rest and please don’t forget to vote.


About two weeks after my erotic afternoon with Anita my neighbor Sarah Johnson asked me to go on an afternoon outing to New Orleans with her and a friend. It is about a two-hour drive to get there. I agreed to accompany her and after my morning workout I joined her and another of her friends, Gwen Stephens, next door at Sarah’s house. Sarah is about five years older than I and is very attractive although she does carry a few extra pounds.

I was acquainted with Gwen but did not know her well. She was tall and thin with a pretty face and was about the same age as Sarah. They had gone to college together and had remained friends over the years.

Every time I talk to Sarah I can’t help but think about that wonderful sexual afternoon that I shared with her daughter Angie and her boy friend. Like any proud mother She keeps me posted on Angie’s athletic and academic accomplishments. I wonder if sweet, little Angie has been double teamed yet by any of the boys on the gymnastic team.

During the drive to New Orleans I listen to Sarah and Gwen talk about how dissatisfied they are with marriage. I tell them that I like being married and that I still love my husband.

“You have the perfect marriage.” Sarah says. “David is never home and you can do pretty much what you want to do. Ours are home almost every day. It makes for a dull existence.”

“I guess that you are right cause I love my situation.” I replied and added. “Life could not be any better for me.”

I could certainly spice up both of their lives. They are both attractive women and I would enjoy making it with either of them but they do not meet my criteria for possible sexual conquests. They live too close to home.

Upon reaching New Orleans we drove to the French Quarter, which went virtually unscathed by the hurricane, and parked. We walked around for a while and stopped at a couple of the bars and enjoyed a few drinks. We passed a little shoe store and I thought about going in and buying a pair of shoes that I saw in the window but we continued on.

As it neared five o’clock Sarah suggested that we visit a few shop’s on the River Walk. I thought about it for a few seconds and said. “Ya’ll go on to the shop. I am going back to that little shoe store. I’ll meet ya’ll at the food court in a little while.”

“O.K. we’ll meet you there.” Sarah replied.

I walked back to the store and entered. It was a small place with the usual boxes of shoes lined up on shelves against the walls. There was a single row of seats for customers down the center of the room. Each seat had its own set of armrests.

There were three people in the room. One was a tall elegant looking black girl with a very pretty face. Her skin was the color of caramel. The other two women were both white. One was obviously a clerk and the other a customer who had selected a pair of shoes and was about to check out.

“Can I help you Maam?’ asked the brown beauty.

“You most certainly can. I would like to look at that pair of brown pumps that are on display in the window.” I answered.

“Have a seat and I’ll be right back.” She said.

I sat down in one of the customer seats and the other clerk who must have been the owner walked over to me and said. “I’m Myra Franklin and I hope you enjoy shopping in my store. Mena will take good care of you.”

Mena returned with several pair’s of shoes around my size and sat down on one of those little stools that shoe clerk’s use. “Please remove your shoes and place your foot here.” She smiled and then asked. “Is this the shoe?”

“Yes it is.” I replied. She had an incredibly pretty face with bright green eyes. Her smile revealed beautiful sparkling white teeth and her lips were full on both top and bottom. It was a delicious mouth.

I already knew my shoe size but I wanted her to touch my feet. She took my foot in her hands and placed it in the measuring device. Thrilled by her touch I opened my legs a little. I wanted her to be able to look up my skirt.

I was dressed in a knee length, black skirt with a loose fitting, white, cotton blouse covered by a black jacket. Under the blouse was a padded, black bra. I wore no stockings and Emily’s sheer black panties.

Myra had finished checking out her customer and said. “Mena, its five o’clock and I have to go pick up Bobby. I’ll lock the door. Take your time and leave when you are finished.”

Being the sexual predator that I have become I immediately decided to seize the opportunity. I was going to make an offer to pretty Mena that she would find difficult to refuse.

“Are you a college student?” I asked.

“Yes Maam. I’m twenty one İstanbul Escort and I am a second semester junior at UNO.” She volunteered.

“I bet its tough making ends meet.” I stated.

“Well I’m on a TOPPS grant and I work here part time but I bought a car a while back. Now the car owns me. Insurance, gasoline, car payments. In fact, I don’t know where I am going to get the money for this months note.” Mena explained.

“Maybe I can help you.” I suggested.

“And how are you going to do that?’ She asked as she slipped my feet into the shoes.

I opened my legs wider and countered. “How much is the note?”

She looked between my legs and answered. “Its two twenty five.”

“I’ll give you the money for the payment and I’ll buy two pair of shoes…. but you have to do something for me.” I offered as I spread my legs even more.

Mena kept her eyes riveted between my legs, hesitated a moment and licked her full bottom lip before asking. “And what would that be?”

“I want to eat your pussy.” I stated.

She looked up, with a furrowed brow, and asked. “Are you serious?”

“Of course I’m serious. I want to eat your pussy, right here, right now.” I answered.

Mena did not appear flustered when she replied. “I’ve never done anything sexual with a woman before.”

“But you’ve thought about it, haven’t you?” I queried.

“I think all women think about it. I have always wanted to experience it. I just didn’t know how to make it happen.” She answered as she stood up.

Mena was dressed in a charcoal gray ensemble. She was wearing a gray skirt, gray jacket and white blouse. Mena was tall. She was probably as tall as me and had a fantastic ass.

Looking me straight in the eye she said. “I have made sexual deals before to save my black ass. I have been a straight A student all of my life. During the second semester of my sophomore year I made a B as a final grade in one of my courses. I was very concerned so I went to the professor as asked if there was anything extra that I could do to pick up the grade.”

She paused for a moment and then continued. “He said that there wasn’t a thing that I could do about changing it. Not knowing what else to do I offered myself to him.”

“What did he say?” I asked.

“He told me that I was a very intelligent girl and that I didn’t have to do that but if I wanted the A that badly he would accept my offer on his terms.” She replied.

“And those were?” I questioned.

With a serious look on her beautiful face she answered. “We had to make love on three separate occasions and the grade would be changed. He is a much older man, white, probably early sixties but he is a very good lover. I wasn’t a virgin but I was terribly inexperienced sexually. He taught me a lot of things. He said it was all part of the college experience. You know something, I think he’s right.”

“I know that he’s right. Enjoy your beautiful body whenever you can.” I added.

“I took another course with him the next semester and I asked for the same deal. He agreed of course. His only requirement was that I attend every class. I didn’t even have to do any of the work. I liked making the payments so much that we made love at least five times that semester. Unfortunately I could not schedule any of his classes this semester but I have already made an advance payment if I do in the future. He is good to me.”

She walked to the front of the store and checked the door. ” I want to make sure that the door is locked. We don’t have to worry about Myra. She won’t come back today.”

As she walked toward me she removed her jacket and stated. ” I accept your offer. I need the money for the car note and frankly, the thought of you, a beautiful white woman, eating my pussy has me turned on. My panties are already soaked. What do you want me to do?”

I stood up, removed my jacket and directed. “Sit here.”

Mena started to remove her panties but I stopped her by saying. “Leave your panties on for now. We’ll get them off later. Sit down and drape your legs over the arm rests.”

She did as told and spread her long legs lewdly. Her feet rested on the seats on either side of her. Her full sized panties were a colorful African pattern. “I feel so exposed… So naughty… but good. I like the way I feel.”

I sat on the little stool between her legs and stroked the inside of her thighs with my hands. “You are a beautiful girl. So sexual and so sensual looking.”

“You are beautiful too. I can’t believe that we are about to do this. Why do you want to?” She asked.

“Baby I love to eat pussy. As soon as I saw you I wanted to lick your cunt. When Myra locked that door I had to make a move.” I explained.

“You just do women? She asked.

“Oh no! I’m married and I still like a big, hard cock but lately I’ve developed a taste for pussy.” I answered as I took her right foot and licked the bottom. When I reached her toes I sucked them all into my mouth İstanbul Escort Bayan and ran my tongue between each one. I then swallowed her big toe and sucked it like it was a man’s cock.

Ohhhh! She sighed. “That feels so good. So erotic.”

I switched and did the other foot with the same results. Then I licked up the inside of her leg until I reached her panties. Without touching them I wrapped my mouth around the muscular cord between her pussy and her leg. I sucked and lapped at it with my tongue until I am certain that I made a hickey.

Mena bucked her bottom at my face and gasped. “Ohhh fuck, girl, that feels so fucking good.”

I ran my nose lightly over the wet crotch of her panties and inhaled the smell of her sweet pussy. When I reached the other cord I lapped and sucked it with the same result.

She bucked again and exclaimed. ‘Ohhhh Shit! Thats good… that’s so…fucking good!”

I slid the tips of all of my fingers under her panty legs and pulled the material from her pussy. I sucked the cloth into my mouth and lapping with my tongue savored her juices as I swallowed. Her steaming hole had a wonderful musty smell and her cum was pure nectar.

“That is the most sensual thing that I have ever seen. You are sucking my panties.” She managed.

“Help me take your panties off.” I directed. She raised her ass from the chair and I pulled her soaking panties over her hips and as she raised her legs I slipped them off and tossed them to the side.

“I like to talk nasty when I fuck.” Mena volunteered. “The professor taught me that. He says that men like to hear nasty talk from their lovers.”

“I love nasty talk. Talk nasty to me pretty girl.” I said as I slid both hands under her and cupped the cheeks of that wonderful ass and pulled it to the edge of the chair. I studied her pussy for a few seconds. It was very hairy with a thick, black, bush of kinky hair. The hair was all around her slit and ran down from her pussy to her ass hole. The lips were a dark color, almost black, and were long and prominent and hung down from her snatch. Her juices bubbled from her gash. It was a very edible pussy.

“You have a very hairy pussy. I love wet, hairy pussies.” I said as I leaned in and buried my entire face in her sloppy hole. I rubbed it in her juices for a moment and with a flat tongue lapped the length of her slit over her clit and into her pussy hair.

“Ohhh shiit! You have your whole beautiful, white, fucking face in my hairy pussy. God! Lick it baby. Lick my fucking pussy!” Mena exclaimed.

I took one of those prominent lips between my lips and sucked its length. I released it with a squishy pop and quickly licked her ass hole with my tongue.

She bucked her ass hard into my face and bruised my bottom lip. Loving her response, I worked the rim of her puckered hole with my tongue. I loved the way it felt and I lapped at it hard with a flat tongue. Then I pressed my mouth to her wrinkled hole and chewed at it lightly with my teeth.

Mena bucked that fine ass and shouted. “You’re eating my ass! Eat…my…ass…you…white…ho! EAT… MY…FUCKING…ASS! TONGUE… FUCK…THAT…MOTHER…FUCKER!”

Without hesitation I obliged and plunged my rolled up tongue as deep as I could in her butt hole. I sawed it back and forth and tried to time it with her bucking ass. I knew that my lips were going to be swollen from the beating they were taking but I pressed on. I wanted her to cum from me eating her ass.

“Don’t Stop! Don’t…fucking…stop. You…are…going…to…make…me…cum…you…white…bitch! You…are…going…to…make…me…CCUUMMMM! FUUCCK MEEE!” Mena screamed.

Thick, tasty cum flowed from her pussy toward her ass and my waiting tongue. I lapped it up with loud sucking sounds as I worked my lips and tongue toward her gash.

“I cum a lot and I can cum often. Lick my black pussy white lady.” She said.

I covered her wet snatch with my entire mouth and did just as she asked. I vacuumed all of the cum that I could and swallowed audibly. Then I licked up to her now exposed clit and sucked it into my mouth. I curled my tongue around it and sucked gently as I nibbled it lightly with my teeth.

“Ohhh… Sweet Jesus!” She exclaimed. “You sure do know how to eat a girls pussy. That’s it suck my little sweet spot.”

I looked up into her face and I could see that her green eyes were slightly out of focus. Mena’s face was taking on that strained look that you only see on people who are working to cum. It spurred me on and I sucked voraciously on her “sweet spot” as we worked to cum.

“Aaahhh Yes! I’m…close…baby. Make…me…cum! Suck…the fucking…cum…out of…my…pussy” Mena chanted as she bucked that sweet pussy into my sucking mouth.

I stopped sucking and rapidly flicked her clit with my tongue. I worked it up and down and side to side before sucking it back between my lips.

Mena slammed her pussy against my face and screamed. Escort İstanbul “I’MMM CUMMMMING! FUUCK MEEE! I’MMM CUUMMMING AGAIN!

I stuck my entire face in her pussy and moaned loudly as I came. I could feel my juices flood the crotch of Emily’s panties. Raising my cum covered face I whispered. “I came too baby.” And then using my thumbs spread her dark lips as wide as I could. I slowly licked the length of her pink slit sucking in all of the goodness gathered there. It was plentiful. Mena wasn’t joking when she said she could cum a lot.

I worked the length of her pussy, slowly, over and over again lapping up her nectar. Damn! But she tasted good. Her sweet cum was plentiful and I loved the feel of the texture of the walls of her pussy. I lapped and sucked. Sucked and swallowed as I languidly worked those thick protruding lips. I sucked each one in turn and released them with a wet pop.

“I love eating your pussy baby girl. I love…the taste…of your…cum. I could lick…and…suck… your…pussy…all day.” I managed.

“You certainly do know how to eat pussy. The professor is good but he can’t hold a candle to you.” Mena gasped.

Mena had managed to unbutton her blouse and unsnap her bra during my sexual ministrations. She held her firm caramel colored tits in her hands and was gently pinching the nipples. Her nubs were dark in color and as hard as the eraser on a new pencil. I slid up her body and took one of them in my mouth. I sucked it in and pulled back with my mouth making it even longer and harder. Then I switched to the other and returned the favor.

Mena moaned and said. “Ohhh, you suck them so sensually. Please don’t stop.”

“I have to baby. I’ve got to go meet my friends at the River Walk.” I said.

“Please suck my titties a little more. I’m about to cum again” She begged.

Deciding to make her cum once more I continued to suck her nipples. At the same time I twisted two of my fingers together and slid them easily into her tight ass hole. She bucked in surprise and exclaimed. “Oh yes. You’ve got your fingers up my ass. Do my ass. Suck my tits and finger fuck my ass. You’ll make me cum again.”

I sucked and Mena worked her ass against my probing fingers as she began to grunt. “Unh….Unh…Unh…Unh. I …like …it …in the ass.” My pretty, brown baby was working hard for the cum.

“AHHHHEEE! FUCK…YES!” She shouted as she came.

I could feel her juices covering my hand as I continued to work her butt hole. I dropped back down to my knees and languidly and loudly sucked and slurped her pussy’s new emissions. Mena’s bubbling gash was indeed a tasty concoction. Again using my thumbs I spread her lips wide and I lapped her slowly and deeply sucking and swallowing all of her goodness that I could find. I could eat Mena’s pussy forever.

Knowing that I needed to go, I forced myself to stand and leaning over her took her swollen bottom lip into my mouth and sucked it sensually. I released it and we kissed passionately, sucking each other’s tongues in turn. I knew that Mena could taste her pussy on mine.

As our lips parted Mena pleaded. ” Before you go I need to taste you. I need to taste your pussy.”

I straightened up and looking down at her said? “Was that part of the deal?”

With unabated passion in her voice she said. “Fuck the deal. This one’s on me. I want to taste your pussy.”

I walked over to the check out counter and said. “Come baby. Come kneel down behind me and eat my wet pussy.”

Mena walked over and kneeled behind me and as I leaned my upper body over the counter she licked the crotch of my cum soaked panties.

“You smell so fucking good. Your panties are soaked and taste so fucking good. Lets get them off.” She breathed as she pulled Emily’s panties over my hips and down my legs. I managed to step out of one leg as she continued. “Spread wide my pretty, white lady. I want to lick the whole thing.”

And lick she did sticking her face between my legs and lapping at the protruding, cum soaked lips of my swollen love hole. I raised my ass as high as I could and spread my long legs wide. I wanted pretty Mena to have complete access to my hot, wet gash. She lapped at it with gusto and I could hear her gurgle as she swallowed my love sauce.

She paused for a moment and said. “Your cum is so fucking thick.” Then licked, sucked and swallowed some more and continued. ” It tastes sooo…good. I want to swallow it all.”

I reached down and with my thumbs spread the lips of my cunt as wide as I could exposing the pink center. “Go deep baby. Dig all of my sauce out with your tongue. That’s it! Suck it all out!”

Following my direction she forced her whole pretty, brown face deep into my chasm and lapped voraciously with that wonderful tongue. “Anh, Anh, Anh, Anh,” Were the sounds made by her mouth as she feasted on my hole. She paused and added. “Good…So fucking…good. I…love…to eat…your…pussy.”

She moved down to my clit licking and sucking all the way and then wrapped her lips around my nubbin and gently sucked it into her mouth. She released it and gasped. “Its huge…a little…cock. I’m going…to…suck…your…cock” I could feel her tongue gently lapping my love bud as she sucked it with her lips. I was about to explode.

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