Brothers and Sisters Ch. 02


Note: Well here’s chapter two. Same things apply from the first story. I hate getting to the end of a good story so I’m trying to put mine together so people will stay interested but still enjoy the way the story continues to move forward. Again comments and such will be appreciated, blah blah everyone knows the drill. Hope you enjoy!


Jake was absolutely astounded when he had seen a little note under his digital camera and he had read what was written upon it. He had fumbled with the cables in a rush to see what was on his camera. Pictures of his sister’s room flashed one by one with first Kate then Cindy the focal point. He had fumbled his cock out of his pants and ripped off his shirt and quickly began stroking up and down as he watched Kate bend over with her hands barely covering her huge awesome tits. He then went through Cindy’s pictures and in the last one when she had stood with her arm covering her tits and pulling down her bikini bottoms to show off the top of her landing strip, it had been enough. Cum pulsed out of his cock shooting onto his chest and pooling around the head of his cock as it slowly slid down. He was covered in cum but was still entranced by the picture before him.

After awhile he had cleaned himself up and copied the pictures onto his laptop making sure they were very hard to find. As he was doing this an online message popped up.

Katie: So how’s the night treating you Jake?

Jake: Yeah I’m doing ok hey. What’s up with you?

Katie: So did you enjoy your present? 😉

Jake: Hahahaha.. That’s a very big yes!!

Katie: Mmmm, I thought you might! Hehe

Jake: I’m very glad you did. What made you decide to do it?

Katie: We just felt like you might enjoy a few pictures 😉

Jake: Well you were very right! Where was my sister in all this? You were in her room..?

Katie: She was there.. We could hardly kick her out of her own room!

Jake: Did she know you were taking the pics for me??!!

Katie: Of course. Hehe 😉

Jake: Wow, I’m a little embarrassed now! Haha. Still worth it though 😉

Katie: Don’t be embarrassed. She was a little hesitant at first but then it was cool and she just kinda laughed at us a little.

Jake: Ok well long as I got them I suppose. So…. Any chance of a few more? 😉

Katie: Hmmm, maybe if you’re a good boy. Hahahaha! Well I think you should take some for us! Fair trade and all.

Jake: Hmmm, I guess so, you not gona show anyone?

Katie: Course not, we’ll keep this between us don’t worry. Just take them on your camera and we’ll get it from your room when you’re gone 😉

Jake: Wait we? How you gona keep it away from my sis??

Katie: Well we not. If she dosen’t want to look she doesn’t have to! 😉

Jake: Wait that’s so hectic. I don’t want my sister looking at those pics!!

Katie: Why they just pix?

Jake: Yeah but they pix of me and she’s my sister!

Katie: Yeah but you guys aren’t really doing anything, it’s just some fun.. Honestly if she had taken sum pix with us would you not look at them?

Jake: Ahh, I don’t know. I think it’d be way too weird!

Katie: Come on, your sister is super hot. And at the end of the day it’s just pictures.

Jake: Yeah but things would be so weird after that. I mean after I see pics like that of my sis it’ll be weird having to talk to her and not completely blush!

Katie: Hahahaha, well at the end of the day they’re just pix. Not much will change and I know you’d probably enjoy them. Your sister is really beautiful. And you love her so of all the people she should send to it would be you cause you won’t do anything stupid with them.

Jake: Hmmm. I suppose so. Well either way she’ll never take pics for me, that would freak her out way to much! hehe

Katie: Well I still want someof you and I know Cindz does to. If it freaks your sis you too much she can just leave while Cindz and I totally perv on them 😉

Jake: Hahahaha, sure. Well if I’m gona get more then it’s totally worth it.

Katie: Well get to taking 😉 I can’t wait!

Jake: Hehe.. I’m blushing. 😉

Katie: Hehe k. I gota go but I’ll be seeing you tomorrow 😉 Hahahaha!

Jake: Bye beautiful! Your boobs by the way are fantastic!

Katie: Thanks sexy! 😉 Cya..

And with that she left. Jake couldn’t believe what he had just agreed to especially if they were going to look at them if his sister was there. Oh well, she let them take when she knew they were giving to me. He was hard as a rock again as he took his digital camera and began to plan what pictures he would take and how much he would reveal.

The next day Carmen was in her brother’s room scrounging around for anything that could be a porn dvd. They were all going to stay at Kate’s place tonight as her parents were out of town for the night and she had to look after her brothers, Kate had told her to go look if her brother had any dvds they could watch at her place and she knew what ‘dvds’ meant. She had also told her to grab his digital İkitelli Escort camera and when she asked why Kate had told her some of the conversation she had had last night. At first Carmen couldn’t believe what Kate had done but soon after that she had become very curious as to what she would see on the camera. Kate shrewdly made her promise to wait until she got to her place so they could all look at the same time. Carmen then tried to act as if it grossed her out but they both knew differently.

Finally she had found what looked promising, a few unlabeled dvds and she took one out and quickly put it into her brother’s dvd player. The same federal warnings had come up then the picture of another hot brunette in what seemed like a sauna appeared and Carmen was on the verge of sitting down to watch a little more when she heard the gate. She knew it wasn’t her brother, he would be out the whole day so guessed it was her older sister Maria. She quickly ejected the dvd swearing under her breathe and ran out her brother’s room towards her own where she stashed the dvd and camera in her bag that was ready. Kate would be picking her up soon anyway she thought. She was already horny and she had no idea what craziness Cindy and Kate would cook up tonight.

All three girls were sitting in Kate’s room an air of excitement around them. They had had to wait the whole day to see what was on the camera as Kate had said she would wait until her twin brothers were out of the way. They were now away at a friend’s happily playing xbox and she had told them not to come back and annoy her any time soon. They were good kids and she knew they would get into much trouble. Kate finally plugged in the camera and the screen loaded up of the first picture of Jake standing in a fitted black shirt and dark blue jeans.

“Guy’s you know this is a bit weird for me right?” Carmen said though she could feel a tingling between her legs.

“I guess, but at the end of the day they’re just pictures and he’s hot!” Cindy said smiling at her friend and patting her thigh. “If it really creeps you out we could look at them later.” She said indicating herself and Kate.

“Yeah we will though it might be hard.” She said as she winked at Cindy who giggled. “Seriously just enjoy it. I think you and your brother are more worried about what the other person will think of them. He knows you let us take pics for him and you were there. He’s ok with it so just enjoy them. We won’t tell anyone.” Kate replied as she clicked on the slide show option and the picture blew up on the screen. It slowly started to cycle through the pictures and the tension continued to build.

Kate and Cindy ooohed and aaahed when his shirt was off and his well developed chest and abs came into view and Carmen couldn’t help but agree with their assessments. Her brother really was hot. His pants came off next and then he was standing in only his tight black fitted boxers which showed off his vee on his lower torso, his muscular legs and what all three girls could see was a nice hard cock.

“Fuck that’s hot!” Kate couldn’t help but exclaim and Cindy agreed loudly while Carmen did so to herself only. There were a few of him in his boxers from different angles then finally he started to pull them down. The girls were almost salivating by the time his boxers were slipped down a few inches and what they were sure was the head of his cock was just starting to peek out. Suddenly the first picture they had seen flipped up and Kate let out a moan of disappointment.

“Fuuuuck!” Cindy said slamming her hands down on the bed and then they all began to laugh.

“Well I’m ready to take a few photo’s, and you two?” Kate asked. Cindy immediately bobbed her head while Carmen just laughed.

“Maybe next time Katie.” She winked at her friend and they all giggled.

“I’ll hold you to that Car!” That said they all fell about laughing.

Carmen once again had her brother’s camera in hand as she looked over her two hot friends in their sleeping attire. Kate was wearing a plain black top with the legend ‘good girl’ that came up to her midriff and was probably a few sizes to small which made her breasts look even bigger as they strained against the fabric, clearly not wearing a bra as her nipples were pushing against the top. She was wearing a black g-string to complete her outfit and even Carmen had to say she looked hot. Cindy was wearing white baby doll pj’s with long pants and like Kate was not wearing a bra, her long nipples were very clearly visible. Carmen herself was wearing, strangely enough a shirt her brother had given to her so she could sleep in that fit her snugly, highlighting her perfect pert breasts and toned stomach as well as cute little green and white striped hot pants. Carmen realised, as after they had taken pictures they were going to watch the porn she had borrowed from her brother and more than likely were going to masturbate, that they were most men’s fantasy in action.

Kate stepped up and Carmen immediately began to start taking pictures. İkitelli Escort Bayan The blonde girl began to go through a series of poses cupping her big boobs through her shirt, turning around and letting Carmen take pictures of her ass in a thong and even bending over to give a better view. Carmen couldn’t help but get a little horny at the sexual poses her friend was enacting. Finally she began to pull her tight top up leaving it just covering her nipples while the undersides were clearly showing.

“Take it off take it off!” Cindy chanted until Kate did with a great grin and hid her tits, with difficulty behind her hands, Cindy of course cheered.

She did the same pose as before where she bent over and just covered her nipples showing her big breasts hanging then she removed her hands. Carmen thought it was over and stopped taking photos.

“Don’t stop now.” Kate said staying in the same pose as Carmen lifted the camera to her eye again. “If we’re gona get Jake to show us more we’ve gotta show him more.” Carmen just laughed and continued to take photos of her friend topless as she squeezed and played with her breasts and pinched the nipples. The final picture she took was as she lifted her left breast to her mouth and slowly snaked her tongue out to lick the nipple.

“Shit I didn’t know you could do that!” Cindy exclaimed, clearly turned on.

“Yeah that is hot, I’m sure Jake will like it to.” Carmen said as she winked at Kate who giggled then bowed Cindy in, once again leaving her top off as she sat down on the bed to watch the proceedings. The Japanese girl began posing and lifting her sheer baby doll pj’s up far quicker then Kate took her top off and hid her breasts. She took a few pictures another hiding her tits with one arm while she pulled down her pants low enough to show a large section of her landing strip, anymore and her pussy would have come into view. Carmen could now feel that her pussy was gooey and she was extremely horny. Cindy then lifted her hands off her small tits and let Carmen take a few pictures of her bare breasts then her pulling her nipples.

“I can’t lick my nipples so I’m going to have to go with another grand finale I guess.” She said winking at Kate and Carmen. She turned her back on her friends and slowly started to lower her pants until her whole cute bum was visible. Carmen quickly shot a few pictures then with Cindy turning side on so her pussy faced Kate and was away from the camera she slipped her pants completely off keeping them around her ankles.

Kate received an eyeful of the Japanese girl’s tight little shaved pussy and was clearly enjoying the view while Cindy continued to strike posses for the camera. Eventually she called a wrap and Cindy was about to step out of her pants and join Kate naked on the bed when the blonde girl stood up and proposed an idea.

“I want a pic of the three of us topless.” She exclaimed.

“What?” The other two girls exclaimed then started laughing.

“I want one. I want to look back at it and say remember when we did that? I think it’d be great.” The big breasted girl said.

The other two girls looked at each other then after Cindy shrugged Carmen grabbed her shirt at the bottoms and slipped it over her head to general applause and she immediately blushed. Cindy went about setting up the camera so it would be on a timer and then shimmed them into position.

“Ok hands over boobs first.” Kate replied. The first flash went off and then she gave out more orders. “Ok hands off the ladies.”

The second flash went off capturing all three girls topless. She threw her right arm around Carmen’s shoulders that then did the same to Cindy as the flash went off yet again. Finely after a few more pictures they broke apart and loaded up the pictures on the pc.

“Wow they look really hot.” Kate said as she saw the group photo of the three of them standing there, arms around each other, a variety of perfect teen breasts on display.

Cindy agreed whole heartily and copied all the photos onto memory sticks for the other girls.

After they had finished with the computer the two girls looked at Carmen with expectant expressions. She giggled and quickly ran to her bag sliding out the dvd and putting it in the dvd player.

“I didn’t get a chance to see what was on it, my sister came home right when I turned it on.” she said as the same beautiful brunette came on as she walked around what appeared to be a sauna in her towel. She quickly sat down on the wooden benches and slowly slipped her towel off as she started to masturbate in the apparently empty room.

“She’s pretty hot.” The Japanese girl said as she watched her masturbate.

Soon after a guy walked in looking ‘shocked’ then the woman quickly noticed and was on her knees taking his towel off as she began to lick from the tip of the man’s cock down to his balls. The three girls watched as she slowly started to suck the entire thing into her mouth

“Wow, talented.” Kate said as the girl slid the long Escort İkitelli cock out her mouth then slid it in again taking almost the whole thing.

The girls continued to talk as the people on screen swopped positions until the guy pulled his cock out the girls pussy pushed her into a doggy style position and slowly started to slide his cock into the porn stars perfect ass.

“Have you guys ever done anything like that?” Carmen asked in an offhand way though a jolt of electricity seemed to shoot through her as she saw the man’s cock sliding further and further into the girls bum.

“I’ve never done it but I’ve always wanted to. Just never found the right guy.” Kate said as almost without her thinking about it her hand edged into her thong and slowly started to slide up and down her wet pussy.

“Not like that.” Cindy said as she was riveted to the action on screen.

“Like that?” Carmen asked confused, Kate also turned to look at her Asian friend who blushed as her two friends looked on curiously.

“Well…. No cocks. Just fingers.” The Asian girl said as she looked at her two friends quickly then back at the screen where the man was now sliding his cock in and out of the girl’s ass with long smooth strokes.

“And how was it?” Kate asked not realising her words had come out in a hushed whisper.

“It was pretty weird at first. It feels really different but then I really started to like it after the first few times.” She blushed yet again then continued. “When I’m really horny and feeling a little kinky I do it when I’m masturbating.”

Out of the corner of her eye Carmen say Kate’s hand stop moving at what her Asian friend had said then pick up the pace as she started fingering her pussy faster.

“That’s hot.” Carmen said surprising herself.

All three girls turned their attention back to the screen as grunts announced that the porn star was nearing his orgasm and they watched as he fucked the girls ass faster until finally pulling out and exploding all over her ass. Cum continued to pour from the porn stars cock absolutely drenching the girl’s tight ass in cum and when he finally stopped and pulled his cock away the camera zoomed in to his handy work and dry skin was hard to come by. Kate moaned a little at the sight until the scene changed and four girls most likely in their teens appeared on screen. What happened next shocked the three girls in the room.

The girls on the screen proceeded to dare each other into kissing the other girls and soon after clothes started to shed. Unlike some lesbian porn where the girls are pretending and kiss only for the camera these girls seemed to be doing it for pleasure. They had paired up with a brunette and a blonde writhing in each other’s arms as another blonde with big boobs was having them sucked by a very alternative looking red head with a small stud piercing above her lip.

The three girls looked on as the scene unfolded and all of them could feel the moisture building in their pussies. Soon all four girls were naked on screen and the red head had moved down to start licking the big boobed blonde girls slit. The talented red haired girl with small cute little tits and a small little red bush soon had the blonde writhing in pleasure as her tongue slipped into her pussy then circled her very visible clit. The camera shifted to the brunette and the blonde who were kneeling in front of each other locked at the lips while their hands were frantically rubbing the other’s pussy. The brunette pulled out of the kiss and groaned as the blonde had changed from rubbing her clit to sliding two fingers into her wet pussy. Both girls were riding each other’s fingers and finally they could take it and moved into a 69 burying their faces in each other’s pussies with obvious relish. The camera roomed in to each of them showing their tongues dipping deep into each other’s pussies then the camera again focused on the other pair.

The three girls in the room couldn’t believe the action on screen. It was a massive turn on for all three girls and the porno just continued to heat up. Carmen gasped as the camera had focused on the blonde big titted girl going down on the red head who was holding her legs together and up. What had made Carmen gasp was the fact that the blonde girl had moved her tongue from the red head’s clit, sliding it through her pussy and straight onto her crinkled little ass. The blonde showed no hesitation sliding her tongue over the red heads cute little hole and even tried to slide it as far in as she could. She moved back up to her pussy but a finger replaced her tongue as the red heads ass was slowly invaded by the blonde’s middle finger. The red haired alternative girl was squealing in obvious pleasure as her clit was licked and a finger was moving slowly in and out of her ass.

Carmen was shocked back to the present by a soft moan of pleasure and she looked over to see her Asian friend slowly riding her hand as her eyes were glued to the screen. All three girls had stopped masturbating when the lesbian porn had started more out of shock than anything else. Now that they saw Cindy riding her little hand, her long nipples at full attention, they decided to continue where they had left off. Carmen began rubbing her clit while Kate started sliding a finger into her pussy whilst pulling at her sensitive nipples.

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