Brotherly Love


I pulled up in our driveway after a long week of college. It was my sophomore year in college and classes were a bitch now that the intro classes were out of the way. I always look forward to going home on the weekends, but this one was particularly special.

I walked in the door and saw my little brother eating a bowl of ice cream. He had his back to me so he didn’t know I was here yet.

“Hey, Kyle.”

Kyle spun around and the instant he saw me a big grin filled his face. He always looked so happy to see me. It has been that way since I could remember. Kyle and I have always had this special bond between us. I often felt bad for my older brother because we never have been as close to him as we have been to each other. I don’t think Kyle and I have ever even had a fight.

If anyone was to say Kyle was anything but gorgeous, they would need to be admitted to an asylum. He had a baby face with black hair on top and emerald green eyes. His skin was soft and hairless. He had a short, lean body that he dressed with nothing but name brand clothing. To sum things up, he was attractive enough to make male models look like dogs.

I am also attractive, but not quite as attractive as Kyle. I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. I have a tall, muscular build and have a hairy body.

“You need to come home more often, Robbie.”

My name is Robert. I also go by Rob, but if anybody tries calling me Bob or Bobby, they will get a knuckle sandwich. Kyle is the only person I let call me Robbie, but that’s because it wouldn’t be as special to me if other people started calling me that.

“I come home every weekend.”

“That is not often enough. It is only an hour away. Why don’t you come home more often?”

Kyle probably adores me almost as much as I adore him. He always gives me a hard time for being gone all the time. I even talk to him everyday on the phone for at least an hour but it still doesn’t even seem to satisfy him.

I walked up to him and gave him a bear hug. He started laughing, like I knew he would.

I let him go. “Sorry I couldn’t make it to your birthday party yesterday. But we have all weekend to make up for it. Let’s head out.”

Kyle and I were actually going to go gambling tonight and tomorrow night. I let Kyle make the reservations at the hotel for the weekend.

After we got all our luggage packed up and loaded into the vehicle, we drove to the hotel. When we got the hotel, we went and got our key and went into our room. I was kind of surprised at seeing how small it was, especially since it only had one bed. Kyle didn’t seem the least bit surprised Sakarya Escort and just smiled about the room.

“Are you ready to go gambling, Robbie?”

“I sure am. Let’s go.”

The casino was in no way small. It was really crowded despite its large size. Kyle and I started playing the slot machines and he won big almost instantly.

We played for a few hours, and I was about to pull the crank when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked over and his bucket of money was gone. He must have already cashed in. “I am already kind of tired. Is it alright if we just head back to the hotel?”

“Yeah, I guess. I might as well stop while I am ahead.”

We didn’t say much on the way back. He seemed to be in deep thought for some reason. I just shrugged to myself and opened the door to the room. He followed me in and went straight for his suitcase. He grabbed his toothbrush and pajamas and went into the bathroom, still not saying a word. When he came out of the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and got into my pajamas as well.

When I got out of the bathroom, he was on the right side of the bed. I crawled into the left side and shut the light off. The bedroom should have been dark but the lights outside were bright so everything in the room was visible, including Kyle. What a crappy hotel room.



“It is really hot in here. Do you mind if I take my shirt off?”

This question surprised me. We both grew up in a very conservative family and our mother would absolutely freak out if she saw somebody not wearing a shirt. According to her, the only times you have your shirt off are when you are bathing, swimming, or changing clothes. No exceptions. She would ground us if she ever caught us without one on. Even if it was to sleep in a room completely by yourself. Now do I mind if Kyle doesn’t wear a shirt to cover his hot body?


He took his shirt off and grinned at me, “Don’t tell Mom.”

I glanced over and leisurely took the sight of my brother’s naked chest and stomach in. It was perfectly smooth. I resisted the urge to reach out and stroke it.

A few minutes passed by and I felt him squirming on the other side of the bed.

“What’s wrong, Kyle?”

“I’m still pretty warm. Do you mind if I wear only my boxers?”

“No. But I am getting warm too, so I get to be in boxers only, as well, okay?”

I lied to him. I wasn’t warm at all. I just thought it would be really hot if both of us slept together wearing nothing but our boxers. Just the thought started to stir my cock.

We both stripped down to Adapazarı Escort our boxers. I intentionally looked away to see if he was going to be staring at me and when I quickly turned back I caught him, eyes glued to my body. When he realized I knew he was looking at me, he quickly turned the other way.

I felt him creep inch by inch closer to me. When I looked in his direction, we were face to face.

“Please don’t say no.”


“Please let me, Robbie.”

“Kyle, you are not making any sense.”

Without warning, he leaned and kissed me. I was completely caught off guard, but I did not want to scare him away so I remained still. He started probing his tongue, trying to gain access to my mouth. I let him in and he started massaging my tongue with his. I started kissing him back. I pulled away.

“No, Robbie, please don’t freak. I don’t think I would be able to handle it. Listen to me.”

I remained silent.

“I am in love with you, Robbie. I have wanted you for so many years now. I wanted this for so long but I was so scared. I have spent countless nights lying awake thinking about you. Fantasizing about you. About things that I want to do to your body, and about things I want you to do to mine. I would do absolutely anything for you. Anything you want me to do to your body, I will do. Anything you want to do to my body, I will let you do. I hate it when you leave for four or five days in a row. It is too long without you.”

He had tears in his beautiful eyes, which put tears into mine.

“Kyle, I feel the same way about you. I would have never done anything with you when you were a minor, but now you are no longer a child. What do you say to satisfying our needs tonight?”

I leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss. I broke the kiss. “You said anything, right,” I asked with a smirk.

He nodded. “Heart, body, and soul, I am yours.”

I reached around him and slid my hands down his back. I lowered my hands under his boxers and cupped his smooth, perfect ass.

“You have an amazing ass. I want you to do something for me.”

“Anything you want, Robbie.”

“Suck my cock.”

He positioned himself between my legs and lowered my boxers. My nine inch erection sprang out.

“Holy crap! That is a big cock! I wish mine was that big.”

“Get to work,” I said teasingly.

He lowered the boxers and I kicked them off. He grabbed a hold of my cock and I let out a moan.

“I have had many fantasies about what I am about to do. I hope you like it.”

He stroked my cock a few more times. He then Serdivan Escort lowered his head and licked the head. He then licked the slit and then started kissing my cock all over the place.

I was in pure ecstasy. He started kissing my balls and then began sucking on them, one at a time.

“Jesus, Kyle.”

“I don’t think he has anything to do with what I am doing right now.”

He slowly licked his way up, starting from the base and up to the top. He then took me down as far as he could go. I screamed. He kept on sliding his mouth back and forth, up and down. He took me out of his mouth and lowered his mouth to my base again. This time he dragged his lower lip when going back up. I have never received a blowjob like this before.

“That’s enough, Kyle. I want you to ride my cock.”

Kyle disappeared all of a sudden. I wondered what he was up to. He came back naked with a bottle of lube in his hand. He squirted some on his hand and then rubbed some on his hole, inserting a finger to make sure it goes in smoothly.

He came back and positioned himself above me. I had a nice view of his erect cock. It was the perfect cock if you ask me.

“I have never done this before so I have to go slowly at first, okay?”

“Take your time.”

He placed my cock so it was touching his entrance. He slowly slid the head of it in. He waited a second, then went down inch by inch, very slowly.

He finally got down to the base. He slid himself slowly up my shaft, then came slowly back down. He repeated this several times, going just a little faster each time. Now he was at a steady pace, riding my cock. It felt good having that hot velvet sliding on my cock.

“Oh God, that feels good Robbie. It hurt at first but now it is incredible. I absolutely love your cock. I am going to ride it until you pour that wonderful seed into me.”

He kept on riding and started going faster and it started to make a loud smack noise. His cock was flailing all over the place from the constant motion.

“Oh Robbie, Robbie, Robbie, Robbie, yes, yes, Robbie, Robbie, Robbie!”

He continued repeating my name over and over again, his head tipped back in ecstasy. I felt that familiar feeling the comes right before my cock erupts. I felt my seed come pouring out while I am in complete pleasure. Kyle rode me for another few seconds and then slipped out of me.

I looked at his boner and asked, “Want a hand with that?”

He grinned that cute grin of his, “Sure.”

I grabbed a hold of his cock and started pumping away. It only took a few strokes before he came. He sprayed his seed all over my hand and chest.

When he finished his orgasm, I licked his seed off my fingers and he began licking it off my chest. When we were finished with the delicious task, we just held on to each other.

“Good night, Robbie.”

“Good night, Kyle.” And we fell asleep.

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