Brother, Sister , Mom have Sex Ch. 06


There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over 18-years-old.


Jason offers his mother the same money for sex deal that he offered his sister.

Continued from Chapter 05:

“What? Pardon me? Twenty-four-thousand-dollars? Did you say that your brother gave you twenty-four-thousand-dollars?”

Seemingly she had to repeat the number to understand the amount of money that changed hands for sex. Her mother looked at her as if she was exaggerating, telling tall tales, and/or lying. She looked from her daughter to look at her son before returning her focused gaze to her daughter.

“With you jerking off men for fifty dollars and blowing men for one-hundred dollars, just because Jason is my brother, I wasn’t about to pass on twenty-four-thousand dollars when I need a car. Besides, with nothing left to lose, I already lost my morals, my dignity, my modesty, my shame, and my sanity by participating in so many wet T-shirt contest and stripping myself naked in front of all of those drunken men. Moreover, I heard from grandma that just as she had sex with her brothers when she was 18-year-old, you had sex with your brothers when you were 18-years-old too. What comes around goes around, Mother, and you’re no better than I am.”

Jessica’s eyes bugged out of her head. She turned white. Ignoring all that her daughter had just said, she was too focused on the money.

“What? I’m sorry. Are you serious? What did you say? I think I lost consciousness for a minute. How much did your brother give you? Twenty-four-thousand-dollars? Is that what you said?”

Jennifer nodded to her mother.

“Yes, Jason gave me twenty-four-thousand-dollars to strip naked,” she said again.

Jessica looked from her daughter to her son with incredulousness.

“You gave your sister twenty-four-thousand-dollars to strip off her clothes and get naked?”

She looked at her son with a mixture of anger, shock, and rage that was suddenly diffused by huge qualities of money. With money now on the table, suddenly her whole demeanor changed. No longer looking angry, her mood was softer and she looked more interested. Perhaps she wondered if her son would pay her twenty-four-thousand dollars for her to strip naked too?

“Yes,” he said unembarrassed, unashamed, unapologetic, and unrepentant. “It’s just money,” he said with a guiltless shrug. “I had what she wanted and she had what I wanted. We made a deal.”

Now focusing more on his mother than on his sister, with his incestuous lust getting the better of him, he looked at his mother in the way a vampire looked at his next victim. Only instead of staring at his mother’s long neck, he stared at his mother’s big tits that lay behind her dress, her slip, and her brassiere. In the way that a vampire wanted blood, Jason wanted sex, incestuous sex. In the way that vampires typically had sex with their victims, especially with the beautiful women, Jason was intent on having incestuous sex with not only his sexy sister but also his MILF of a mother too.

Money, lots of money, such a tragic yet beautiful necessity of life, money as well as sex has the leverage to move mountains and to do the impossible. Sex, lots of sex, such a tragic yet beautiful incestuous necessity of life, who better for Jason to see naked than his sister and his mother? Who better to have sex with them than for Jason to have sex with his sister and his mother? Who better for them to have sex with him than for Jason’s sister to have sex with her brother and for his mother to have sex with her son?

“With me working two jobs while struggling to pay the mortgage, where in the Hell did you get twenty-four-thousand-dollars to give to your sister to strip naked?”

Jessica looked from her son to look at her daughter before returning her focused attention to her son.

“He told you. He found it outside in a brown, paper bag,” said Jennifer. Seemingly thinking better of what she was about to confess, she blurted out her confession anyway. “And he offered me another twenty-six thousand dollars to fuck him and suck him, which was what I was about to do when you came home unexpectedly,” said Jennifer. “More than willing to have sex with my brother for that amount of money, he gave me fifty-thousand dollars to strip naked and to have sex with him,” she said with unhidden pride. “Whether a whore or a virgin, few women would turn down fifty-thousand-dollars.”

Jessica looked at both her son and daughter with shocked disbelief.

“Wait. I’m sorry. I’m dizzy. Give me a minute to understand and wrap my brain around this,” said Jessica staring at her daughter. She put a hand to her chest as if she was trying to stop herself from having a heart attack. “Your brother gave you fifty-thousand dollars to strip naked in front of him and then to have incestuous sex with him?” said Jessica with shock. “Is that correct? Am I hearing that right?”

Jessica stared at her daughter while waiting for her to respond.

“Yes,” Gaziosmanpaşa Escort said Jennifer with a broad smile.

Jessica turned pale again and fell back against Jennifer’s bedroom door. She looked as if she was going to faint. She looked from her son to her daughter.

“Good God,” she said looking at Jason again before looking away. “If you gave me fifty-thousand dollars, I’d not only strip myself naked,” she said as if mindlessly talking to herself before looking at her son again. Then, evidently deranged by the thought of earning that much money just for stripping naked and giving her son sex, she answered Jason directly. “For fifty-thousand dollars and at a chance of having a better life, I’d not only strip myself naked but also I’d fuck and suck you, my own son,” she said with a sad, albeit sexually excited laugh.

Chapter 06:

Somewhat ashamed and embarrassed before that he’d dare sexually proposition his sister with money for sex, he was no longer ashamed or embarrassed now. If anything he was happy that his whore of a sister so readily stripped naked. With her as much of a whore for money as she was for sex, he was thrilled to have won his sister over so easily in her agreeing to give him sex for money. Now with his sister’s seduction already in place, it was time to seduce his mother. Not surprised, his incestuous, sexual excitement superseded all of his other emotions. Emboldened by his sister taking his money for sex deal, he was ready to offer his mother the same money for sex deal too.

Not expecting his mother coming home so early, now with his mother hopefully on board his incestuous train, his plan of his mother’s seduction suddenly and unexpectedly was coming to fruition. Ready to take the next step in seducing his mother for money in the way he had just done with his sister, Jason moved his hand away from his stiff prick to expose his cock to his mother. Excited to finally expose himself to her, he waited and watched her for her reaction.

Would she look at his cock? Would she stare at his cock? Or would she disappoint him and look away with embarrassment and shame. When she looked down to stare at his stiff prick, as if testing the water, he reached up his horny hand to feel his mother’s breast through her dress, slip, and bra.

With him so captivated with them and fascinated by them, he always wanted to touch and feel his mother’s big tits, if even only through her clothes. As if giving him permission to touch her, feel her, fondle her, and grope her, his mother didn’t swat his hand away nor even voice her disgust or her disapproval when he touched and felt her breast. Instead, as if inviting him to touch her and feel her, she looked down at his hand feeling one of her breasts to watch him reach up his other hand to touch and feel her other breast. His sexual fantasy come true, he couldn’t believe he was feeling his mother’s tits, albeit through her clothes.

As if giving his mother a breast massage, he continued feeling, fondling, and squeezing both of her breasts through her clothes. Then, in the way he did with his sister’s naked tits, as soon as he felt the impressions of his mother’s big nipples poking through her clothes, he pulled out his mother’s nipples through her dress, slip, and bra with his experienced fingertips. Once he started fingering her nipples through her clothes, she made eye contact with her son. As if giving him the go ahead sign to continue his incestuous, sexual seduction of her, his mother gave him the eye. He couldn’t believe his mother just gave him the eye.

‘Wow,’ he thought. Obviously his mother wanted him to touch and feel her as much as he wanted to touch and feel her. Then, again, maybe her willingness to be touched and felt was only about the money and nothing more than that.

Suddenly morphing from his mother to that of a sexually desirable woman, Jason continued feeling his mother’s breasts as if she was a cougar, that he had just picked up at a bar and invited home for sex. In the way he had done with his sexy sister, taking the chance that his MILF of a mother would go for it too, her possible rejection of his inappropriate, incestuous proposal was well worth the risk. Sex for money, with his sister and mother both needing the money, now that he had the money, he needed to have sex with his sister and mother. Praying that she’d say yes, he stated his inappropriate, incestuously sexual proposition to his mother.

“I’d give you fifty-thousand-dollars if you strip naked and have sex with me too, Mom,” he said giving her a sexy smile and a naughty stare while continuing to feel her big tits through her clothes with is horny hands.

Her allowing him to feel her breasts and finger her nipples was certainly a good sign that she’d be receptive to his offer. Jessica looked at her son with as much sexual excitement as she looked at him with interest. With her just as sexually inappropriate as was her son, she allowed him to continue feeling her big Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan breasts and finger her erect nipples through her clothes. Then, as if hypnotized to do so without stopping him, and as if saying yes to his offer, she returned the sexual favor. She reached out her hand and brushed by his penis before actually and deliberately touching his penis. With his erect cock touching the back of her hand, she deliberately left her hand in place.

By leaving her hand in place by his prick and while not stopping him from feeling her breasts through her clothes, perhaps she was thinking about and considering his offer. As if signing her name on a contract to have incestuous sex with her son, in the way he made his incestuous intentions known to her, she made her sexual intentions known to him. As if she was a woman on a crowded subway or bus feeling a strange man’s erect cock who had deliberately exposed himself to her, she fondled the head of her son’s penis with her fingertips.

In the way he couldn’t believe it then when his sister touched, fondled, and stroked his cock, he couldn’t believe it now when his mother touched his naked cock and then fondled the head of his penis with her fingertips. Then, when she wrapped her long, manicured fingers around his stiff prick, as if he was one of her cocktail lounge customers, she looked at her son with as much incestuous lust as he looked at her with lustful horniness. Moving her hand ever so slightly, as if giving her son a slow and loving hand job, she started stroking his stiff member. In the same way that he couldn’t believe his erect prick was in his sister’s hand, he couldn’t believe his erect prick was in his mother’s hand.

‘Oh, my God,’ he thought. ‘My sexual fantasy come true, I can’t believe my mother has my cock in her hand. I can’t believe she’s stroking my erect prick. I can’t believe she seemingly and sexually wants me as much as I want her.’

# # # MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore # # #

As if he was one of the men she sexually satisfied for money when her shift ended after work, she fondled her son’s erect prick while slowly stroking her son’s erect prick a little faster. Obviously, with him feeling his mother’s big breasts and fingering her huge nipples through her clothes, he had unleashed her sexual beast. It was one thing for a woman to fondle and stroke his cock but just as it was something special for his sister to fondle and stroke his cock, it was unbelievable for his mother to fondle and stroke his cock.

In the way she looked at him with sexual desire and lustful passion, the same way his sister looked at him, it was obvious to him that he had sexually aroused her by his inappropriate, sexual touches and feels. No doubt, in the way his sister’s nipples were too, his mother’s nipples were two of her erogenous zones. As if she was a cat, a human pussy cat, about to get laid, not shy in showing him her sexual, incestuous intentions, she purred out her next questions.

“After giving your sister twenty-four-thousand-dollars, do you have another twenty-four-thousand-dollars to give me to strip naked? Not even waiting for his response, she continued. “After giving your sister twenty-six-thousand-dollars to have sex with you, do you have another twenty-six-thousand-dollars to give me to have sex with you?” Again, not waiting for him to answer, she asked her third question. “Do you have another fifty-thousand dollars to give me to see me naked and have sex with my naked body?”

As if she was a stripper trying to get a bigger tip, while sexually teasing her son with her words, she incestuously teased him with her experienced hand and fingers. She continued fondling her son’s cock before wrapping her fingers around his stiff prick even tighter to slowly stroke her son’s erect penis. While she fondled and stroked his cock, Jason continued fondling his mother’s big breasts through her clothes. Fingering her already erect nipples through her dress, slip, and bra, he pulled his mother’s nipples out even further with his horny fingertips.

Then, while she cupped his hairy testicles in the palm of her motherly hand, he leaned down to leave two, big, wet spots on her dress. Boldly going where no son should ever go with his mother, erecting them even more with his lips and tongue, he sucked his mother’s erect nipples through her dress, slip, and bra. Encouraging him to sexually assault her breasts, she put a motherly hand to the back of his head and pressed his horny mouth to her erect nipples.

“I do have another fifty-thousand-dollars that I’m willing to give you,” he said removing his lips from her dress covered nipples. Coming up for air, he gave her a big, shit eating grin. “I’ll give you the money, fifty-thousand-dollars, if you remove your clothes, strip naked, and have sex with me,” he said.

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Like sexy whore of a daughter, like MILF of a whore of a mother, the both of them had been around the block Escort Gaziosmanpaşa more than a few times. In the way her daughter did with him before her, Jessica held out her hand for the money first in the way that Jennifer had held out her hand for the money first. Money for sex, even if her customer was her son, especially if her customer was her son, she obviously refused to give her son sex until she was paid the promised money.

“No way. Fifty-thousand-dollars? I’m don’t believe you,” she said looking at her son as if he was lying. “I’m not stupid nor was I born yesterday. This is a trick that you two concocted for me to embarrass myself by stripping naked. For some twisted, perverted reason, you two just want to see me without my clothes,” she said looking at her son and daughter with suspicion. “Give me the money first before I remove any of my clothes,” she said as if she was on to their joke.

Jason went in his room and returned with an armful of money, ten rolls of money. Each roll contained five-thousand-dollars, five-hundred, one-hundred-dollar bills, fifty-thousand-dollars all totaled. Jessica’s eyes bugged out of her had when she saw her son holding all of that money, so very much money.

“Here are ten rolls of money. There’s five-thousand-dollars in each roll,” he said handing the rolls of money to his mother. “That’s fifty-thousand-dollars I’m giving you to strip naked and to have sex with me.”

He looked at his mother with sexual excitement while she stared at the money with joyous jubilation. Then, she looked at him with a face full of disgrace tempered with greed and peppered with sexual excitement. Before accepting the money from her son, instead of verbalizing her happiness, her shame, her awkwardness, her remorse, or even her sexual excitement, she obviously needed him to clarify what he exactly wanted and expected her to do for the money. Perhaps, with her having her limits as to what she’d sexually do with her son, maybe anal sex and bondage were possibly two of the things that she wouldn’t be willing to do and that weren’t part of her deal.

“Before I agree to strip naked and have sex with you, define sex,” she said. In the same way she had stared at his cock, touched his cock, fingered the head of his cock, fondled his cock, stroked the shaft of his cock, and cupped his testicles, she was now mesmerized by all of that money. No matter what were his sexual demands, like sexy daughter, like MILF of a mother, he knew there was no way his mother would say no to stripping naked and having sex with him for fifty-thousand-dollars cash. “What am I sexually doing to your body and what are you sexually doing to my body for you to pay me fifty-thousand-dollars?”

She seemed stunned that he’d willingly part with one-hundred-thousand-dollars of his found money, fifty-thousand-dollars to his sister and fifty-thousand-dollars to her, his own sister and mother, for sex. Obviously, something she knew when she was having sex with her brothers, the sexual attraction between a brother and a sister was just as strong the sexual attraction between a son and a mother. Obviously, she knew, just as her brothers couldn’t wait to see her naked and have sex with her naked body, her son couldn’t wait to see her naked and have sex with her naked body too. Hard to break the incestuous cycle, in the way her old family was so incestuously perverted back then, she couldn’t believe her new family was incestuously perverted now.

# # # MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore # # #

After his mother agreed to strip naked and have sex with him, with her arms full of his money, his way of sealing the deal, Jason stepped closer to his mother. There was something he had never done before but that he always wanted to do and imagined doing, especially whenever she was wearing a short skirt or was in the kitchen wearing a sexy nightgown without panties. Instead of lifting her short skirt or sexy nightgown from behind, as he always imagined doing, he reached out his horny, left hand and lifted the front of his mother’s dress and slip up to her waist.

With his mother’s hands otherwise busy holding all of that money, she couldn’t stop him even if she wanted to stop him. Yet, by the sexually aroused look she had on her face when he lifted the front of her dress, she didn’t seem that she wanted to stop him from exposing herself in that sexually inappropriate way. As if she was already undressing for him, the front of his mother’s sheer white panties were exposed to his horny eyes. He could see her dark brown pubic hair sticking out the sides of her panties. When he stared longer, he could discern her pussy slit, her camel toe, and the dark shadow of her pubic hair.

Not only couldn’t he believe he was so violating his mother, he couldn’t believe she was allowing him to sexually and inappropriately assault her. As if he was a pervert on a subway or standing behind a woman wearing a short skirt on an escalator, he leaned down to take a closer look at her exposed panties. Taking his time with his incestuous, sexual liberties with his mother, he tested her to see if she was serious about stripping naked and having sex with him. Ready to touch her and feel her where no son should ever touch and feel his mother, he took the literal and figurative plunge and stuck his horny hand between his mother’s legs.

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