Brother and Sisterly Love Pt. 01


At last, we have sex

This is a story about love; a deep, lasting and all-encompassing love. But love of a forbidden nature, a taboo nature for yes, it’s about love between siblings. It is very much a mutual, two-way love and is thus, told from both the brother’s and the sister’s perspectives.

But first a little background.

There’s a ten-year age difference between Jayne and her brother Greg and there are no other siblings. Their father died when Jayne was a baby and that devastated their mother who was unable to cope with running the house, working and bringing up two children. So, from his early teens Greg took on the man of the house role and became like a father to his sister who, he adored from the day their parents brought her home from the maternity hospital.

As Jayne cruised through her teenage years in preparation to becoming a woman, Greg’s love for her continually increased. But it didn’t just become stronger, it also changed. It became more intense, more intimate, deeper and eventually sexual. That wasn’t one way, though for, Jayne slowly developed similar feelings.

This first part explains the background to their joint realisation and acceptance of their sexual need for each other. Subsequent parts will describe how that was enjoyed over the next twenty years and how it developed into lots more than straight sex.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Greg the brother.

My first recollection of having feelings for Jayne of the type that society said I shouldn’t, were when she was blossoming into being a woman after I believed she had lost her virginity just after her eighteenth birthday. I was in my late twenties at the time and married. That was going tits up which may well have been a contributory reason to me finding my sister increasingly sexually appealing. But then she was an attractive no, she was more than that, girl with a sexual demeanour. Even at that age she had something about her that attracted men. And that wasn’t just her tits that were quite full then or, her bum that was like a beautifully rounded peach or, her long, shapely legs it was more much, much more.

I did nothing about my feelings for probably two years. Actually, that’s not quite true as I did do three things and they shocked me.

The first was at her eighteenth birthday party. We danced together and as I held her and felt her breasts against my chest I got hard. I wasn’t sure whether she noticed it and nothing was said, at the time. The second was just after the party when I was fucking my wife and as I came, I was fantasising that it was Jayne. And that led to me imagining we had sex as I masturbated, which I had recently found myself doing daily.

I began to realise that I was becoming obsessed with her.

Jayne the sister.

Throughout most of my teens I was scared. However, it took me some time to work out just what it was I was scared about, but slowly it dawned on me that I was scared of my feelings for my brother. He had always been a major feature in my life and a really huge influence on me. Of course, from my earliest recollections I had loved him as a sibling. The fear that was developing in me as I staggered through my teens was that I was realising that I also loved him as a man.

This increased significantly after my sexual awakening when I had heavy petting sessions with boys who were usually older than me. And often or, maybe generally, I found myself imagining it was Greg’s hand on my breast or his fingers in me or his swollen cock pressed against me. I suppose it reached its peak when, just after my eighteenth birthday, I lost my virginity on the back seat of a car and my mind fantasised that the nerd who took it was my brother.

I knew having such feelings for him was wrong. We had been taught that at school and I had read about it in girly magazines that warned us about such things and advised that it was incest and sex between blood relatives was illegal well, in the UK at least.

I felt very grown up at my eighteenth birthday party. Mum had bought me a dress that I didn’t think she and Greg would let me have as it was a fairly low-cut, little black number with spaghetti straps. It fitted me like a glove accentuating my bum and hips that were gaining the fullness of a woman and showing a goodly proportion of my burgeoning, B going on C cup boobs. With the hem being six inches or so above my knees I couldn’t wear the lacy top holdups I had bought with neither of them knowing so instead, I wore black tights and my first pair of high heels, four-inch black patent that meant I could hardly walk let alone dance.

I felt fantastic all evening. I didn’t have a boyfriend there and I danced, in flat shoes, flirted with several guys and wallowed in receiving lots of compliments, as well as presents. Greg seemed to be watching me all the time and my heart had felt as though it would burst when just before we left home before the party, he told me how good I like and added.

“Very grown, very womanly.”

Greg the kilis escort brother.

I was sipping a small whisky and water in the lounge of where mum and Jayne lived as we prepared to leave for Jayne’s eighteenth birthday party. Mum and I were there in our finery and we were waiting for Jayne to make her appearance. That afternoon I’d had a blazing row with Kelly, my wife and she had refused to come to the party not that I cared much as to all intents and purposes, the marriage was over.

“Here she comes,” mum said as we heard the stairs of the Edwardian house creaking.

I nearly said ‘fuck look at you’ when Jayne walked into the lounge but even at twenty-eight, I still didn’t swear like that in front of my mum. Jayne looked fantastic. She could easily be taken for over twenty, was the epitome of sex on legs and my immediate thought that I quickly banished from my mind was that I wanted to fuck her. Did I really, I asked myself?

Dancing with her a few hours later that question was answered very clearly.

I spent most of the evening in the unusual role of a voyeur on my sister watching her laughing and joking, moving around, talking to people and dancing, especially the dancing. As she gyrated and sort of writhed to the music so I ogled every curve of her body envisaging her naked in my arms as we were about to make love. It should have not been a surprise to me then, that when we danced together near to the end of the party around 1.00 a.m. as a slow smoochy number came on and I held her close to me that to my mortification I started getting hard. I tried to hide it by moving my body away from hers but that didn’t work as she simply closed the gap and my erect cock pressed into the softness of her soft tummy seemingly from her pubic mound to her navel.

Jayne the sister.

Of course, I’d had erections pressed against me before my party in fact, I’d had one pushed into my tummy earlier that evening. It was pretty much the norm at dances but at them it was with unsophisticated nerdy kids, not grown-up married studs like my brother. So, when I felt Greg’s, I was confused but excited. However, was I imagining it was my first thought when he eased his body away from mine creating a gap between us. I wanted to do quite the opposite and as we continued dancing, I closed the gap and had the delicious feeling of my brother’s erection pressing into my stomach. I was so torn but as the dance finished and shortly after the party ended, I felt disappointed that nothing else happened and I went home with mum and Greg went home to his bitch of a wife the gorgeous looking Kelly.

I am pretty sure that it’s not a coincidence that on the Tuesday after the party I was with a guy I’d been dating for a month or so lying on the back seat of his car. My sweater was bunched around my neck, my skirt around my waist, my panties were in my handbag and my tits were out of my bra as he pushed himself into me and rather clumsily fucked me, thus taking my virginity. And, of course I was thinking and wishing that it was Greg.

Greg the brother.

I should have just let it go but I couldn’t. So, instead of ignoring the erection incident at the party, I called Jayne and said that we needed to talk.

“Is Kel around?” she asked.

“No, she’s travelling, with work.”

“When will she be home?”


Jayne, interestingly eagerly suggested she come to my house that Thursday evening the week after the party.

She arrived at seven as agreed and almost took my breath away at how she looked. As fabulous, grown up and sexy as she’d been at the party in a formal way so she looked even more so in an informal outfit. She was wearing a blue denim, mini skirt of a ridiculously modest length with a zip at the front running several inches down her flat stomach. Her long, shapely and nicely tanned legs were bare and seemed to go on for ever until her feet which were slid into a pair of flip flops that she slipped off as soon as she sat down. On top, she was wearing a blue and white, hooped tee shirt sort of garment that was thin and loose with a scooped front so when she bent forward, she displayed an excitingly deep cleavage and some signs of a blue bra.

She sat on the sofa and I poured us each a glass of wine then sat beside her.

“So, you want to talk do you bro?”

“Yes, I think we should, don’t you?”

“I don’t know what it is you want to talk about do I”

“I think you do Jayne,” I said wondering how this would go from now on?

Seeming to be far more relaxed than I was she leaned forward looking as cool as that proverbial cucumber and said quietly as she looked right into my eyes.

“Greg, I think you should tell me and put me out of my misery.”

Losing my traditional cool I blabbed. “At the party Jayne, when we danced and I er, um oh you know.”

Then with a calmness of the sort I wished I had she said in not much more than a whisper she filled in for me with.

“You mean when you got a kilis escort bayan hard on do you?”

“Yes, yes that, that is what I mean.”


“I am sorry so sorry.”

“That’s ok it’s fine no big deal,” was her surprisingly matter of fact reply which amazed me as I had been thinking she’d be mortified.

Jayne the sister.

Greg was usually so cool and together, rarely showing much emotion and being in control of himself and generally handling the proceedings well. But that evening he was far from that and was almost a bumbling wreck. That though, bolstered my confidence and as he said we needed to talk and apologised for getting the hard on at the party he seemed so surprised when I told him that it was ok and everything was cool.

Although that was broadly the truth everything wasn’t cool with me for inside, I was boiling up and my body was tingling with excitement everywhere.

“Are you sure Jayne?” he asked.

“Yes, Greg it’s fine, no big deal,” I said trying to sound as if I hardly recalled anything, but all the time I was recalling the feel of my breasts against his chest and the lovely length of his erection pressing into my stomach.

“Yes, Jay that, I am so sorry it shouldn’t have happened.”

“That’s ok Greg, I’m ok about it,” I told him.

“Are you Jay, are you really?” he asked as our eyes met and I saw God knows what in them.

“Er, um yes, yes I think so, oh Greg?”

“What Jay?”

“I just don’t know.”

“Know what?”

I couldn’t think how to phrase the question I had wanted answering since I felt his erection against me.

“What made it happen Greg, was it me?” I asked rather inanely.

“God Jay I was dreading that question.”

“Why Greg, why have you been dreading it?”

He looked so nervous and as if he was about to cry. I felt so sorry for him yet at the same time felt such love and desire. I wanted to take him in my arms and kiss him, but of course I didn’t and instead I put my hand on top of the back of his and squeezed it. He turned it round so that our palms were touching and said so very hesitantly.

“Because Jay……. Yes, yes it was you it was because of you.”

Although I had half been expecting him to say that it was down to me because in reality it couldn’t be anything else. Even at my inexperienced age I knew that when a man is dancing with a woman, they don’t get erections about someone or anything else but her. Hearing him say that he got hard because of me, his sister was, nevertheless, an epic moment.

A phrase kept hammering through my mind as we sat there silent for what seemed an age but was almost certainly only just a couple of minutes. ‘He wants me, he wants me.’

But of course, I said and did nothing. It didn’t seem my place to lead this, whatever this was? It still wasn’t clear, well at least to me it wasn’t for all that had really happened was that he had got hard when dancing with me and had admitted that it was because of me. He hadn’t gone further and said that he wanted me, that he wanted to hold me, caress and fondle me, touch my body, stroke my breasts and yes, fuck me. Nothing more had been said as we sat there holding hands, looking at each other but saying nothing.

Surely it wouldn’t end like this; inconclusive with all decisions still hanging, floating in the air creating a huge doubt between us? Surely, he wanted to go further. It was inconceivable to me that it could end like this. But then whatever happened here between us I knew it wouldn’t be the end as I could not rid myself, not that I wanted to, of my feelings and desire for him.

Greg the brother.

“Darling,” I said hesitantly in almost a whisper, avoiding eye contact. “It shouldn’t have happened; I don’t know what got into me,” I stammered knowing I was lying but thinking that was for the best.

In many ways I was pleased that you looked disappointed and seemed to be a little taken aback.

“Oh, I see,” you muttered, looking as if you might cry making my heart go out to you.

“No Jay you probably don’t see as I don’t either,” I said gripping your hand a little tighter.

“What do you mean?”.

“Oh, darling it’s so complicated?”

Jayne the sister.

I knew exactly what he meant now and yes it was hellishly complicated. As we held hands and agonised over it, I wondered just how far he had gone with his thinking about me and whether he had envisaged us having sex or was I just a fantasy? But of course, he had no idea of my feelings and how I had fantasised about being made love to by him.

“You’re my sister and my body shouldn’t react as it did.”

“But Greg,” I managed to say quite firmly adding almost as an afterthought. “I am also a woman.”

“And a very beautiful one as well.”

“Am I, do you really think so, that I am beautiful?”

“Oh, Jayne yes of course I do and you are.”

“Is that why it happened?”

“Yes, in part I suppose it is.”

“Good, but just in part, what escort kilis else is there?” I asked fishing for a confirmation that he wanted me.

“No Jayne, I can’t say,” he mumbled, refilling our glasses and finishing the bottle of white wine.

“It doesn’t matter whatever it is, I’ll understand,” I sighed feeling the tears welling up.

“Oh Jay you’re so understanding, thank you,” Greg groaned gripping my other hand.

We were sitting quite close and we’d both turned a little so that we were pretty much facing each other, holding hands with our faces less than a couple of feet apart. Our knees were touching and where my silly skirt had ridden up, I was almost showing my panties. The atmosphere was heavy and I felt so nervous and excited yet expectant, but I didn’t know what to expect. Also, I had no idea of the roles we were both playing or should be playing in this unique to both of us situation nor, of course, did he. It really was all so confusing.

He had no idea just how much I fancied him and although I knew because of the erection that he was sexually attracted to me, I didn’t know if he would turn that fancying into something more and if he did whether I really would be able to commit incest with him?

“Greg, you have to tell me,” I whispered as he lifted our entwined hands up so that the four of them were about level with our mouths.

Greg the brother.

In some ways things were going so well yet in others so badly. It seemed that she was as up for it as I was and that provided both the good and bad. It was what I had fantasised and masturbated about but it was bad that we both felt the same as resisting committing incest was becoming ever more difficult by the moment.

I thought about kissing her hands but I didn’t and, instead, merely leaned my forehead against them. But that physicality was wonderful and poignant.

“Greg, I need to know, please I deserve to know,” she sighed.

“Yes Jay, yes you do deserve to know.”

“Then please tell me.”

“Promise me that you’ll try not to hate me?”

“Of course, I will, or won’t, or whatever,” she whispered as I moved my head backwards and our gazes met.

“It was because I wanted you.”

Jayne the sister.

‘Oh fuck, he’s said it, he’s said it at last,’ roared through my head my body reacting to his words by tingling and getting hot.

“Wanted?” I asked wondering whether I had heard correctly.

“Yes sexually, as a woman, I wanted to make love to you,” came gushing out of his mouth.

My heart pounded as I heard the words, I so desperately wanted to hear but then it almost stopped when he went on.

“I am so, so sorry Jayne my darling.”

“It’s ok, please, it’s fine.”

“Aren’t you disgusted with me, ashamed of your brother?” he said, averting his gaze from mine.

“No, no not at all.”

“What, er, um oh God Jay, do you mean you’re ok with that?”

“Yes Greg,” I sobbed as my emotions overcame me, I started to cry and we looked at each again. “I’m very much ok with it.”

“Jayne I am not sure I understand.”

Now with tears streaming down my face I sobbed.

“I want to.”

“Really darling?” he asked, taking hold of my shoulders.

“Yes, and I have for some time now.”

“You want to what Jay?”

“You know what I mean, I want you to.”

He pulled me to him so that my breasts squashed against his chest and my face rested on his shoulder.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Anything, just anything you want us to do.”

“Oh Jayne it’s so, so wrong.”

“No, don’t say that, it can’t be wrong.”

I eased my head away from his shoulder so that I could look into his eyes as he whispered.

“It is wrong by law Jayne.”

Somehow summoning up a smile I said. “Then fuck the law it’s an ass.”

Then we kissed. It was not the kiss of a brother and sister but, wonderfully, marvellously and so excitingly it was a kiss of lovers.

Greg the brother.

I could hardly believe what was happening as we verbally confirmed what I had fantasised about. Now it had been done and what needed to be said had been, it all seemed so simple and straightforward.

Starting with our lips merely brushing against the other, it rapidly moved on to them moulding together then writhing and squirming as one. She was a surprisingly good kisser as I had been told I was and it went on and on as so eagerly we licked and sucked the other’s lips and probed their mouth with our tongues.

It was not just physical for it was also saying so much. It was confirming the hinted at desire for each other and it was indicating that there was so much more that we would do. To my utter amazement, delight and relief it was also telling me that we would make love.

I didn’t want the kiss to end but as I wanted it to lead to me caressing, fondling and undressing her then us making beautiful, tender love. But I knew that such things never happened easily and this could be a complete false start and further, deeper and more meaningful confirmation was needed before we took the next awesome step. So, I broke the kiss and just held her to me.

“Ok, what’s the matter Greg?” she asked.

“Oh Jayne, I don’t know.”

“Don’t know what?”

“Whether I am ok, whether we are ok and whether this is ok.”

“It is, it is ok,” she gushed.

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