Brother and Sister Take a Ride Ch. 02


If you missed part one My name is John and my sister’s name is Emily. We are twin brother and sister off to our freshmen year of college together. Our parents were driving us there in our stuffed suburban. Emily and I were in the back seat and had just discovered how amazing sex with each other was.

“I can’t believe I just came in you Emily.” I said as I was looking into her glowing eyes. “You aren’t on the pill! You could get pregnant.”

“I know, It’s ok John. If that happens we will deal with it.” She said as she was still slowly sliding her pussy up and down my still mostly hard cock. Our juices were dripping out of her I could feel them dripping down around my shaft as she moved up and down. I leaned forward and rest my head on her back as she moved. My hands slid back up to her perfect firm breasts and I felt how hard her nipples were.

“I don’t want to get off” She said as she moved her hands over mine and guided me around her nipples.

“Well we are going to have to clean this up eventually. Mom and dad are going to see the mess and they have to be able to smell us.”

“Dad has his window down to stay awake that will help air things out.” Emily said as she was still fucking me. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t getting soft yet. But when you have your cock buried in your sister’s pussy and she is riding it you can’t help but stay hard until she is done with you.

“I know.” She said as she sat down on me and bent over to pick something up off the floor. As she bent over I slid my hands back down over her stomach and hips and lifted up her skirt over her back. Her ass was amazing. Perfectly round and plump. It was a bubble butt of supple flesh. I grabbed both her cheeks with my hands and squeezed her ass shaking her back and forth with made my now fully hard dick strain against the side of her pussy walls.

“mmmmmm” She said looking back at me smiling. She wriggled her ass back and forth for me then leaned back and twisted around so she could kiss me. She reached around her body making her breasts squish together, which made them look even bigger, and ran her hand through my hair as our tongues tangled together.

“You like grabbing your sister’s ass?” She said bouncing up and down making my dick bottom out in her.

“I know it’s dangerous but I want fill you up with cum every day.”

She giggled again smiling Bomonti Escort at me “Oh I think we can make that happen.” She said kissing me again. She slowly started to stand up off me and I noticed she had grabbed her panties from the floor and was using that to catch all the cum that came gushing out when my dick finally popped out of her. She cleaned my dick off as best she could with her panties then tucked her panties under the seat. “I’ll get those later.”

“Hey Emily, I know you just cleaned up but…” I looked down at my erect penis. “I think I’m ready to go again.”

She sat down on my leg, her naked ass cool on my thigh and grabbed my dick in her hand and said. “mmmmm maybe I can help with that.” She ran her hand around the tip of my head and down my shaft slowly, making eye contact with me the whole time. “I want to look at you while we fuck this time. I want you to know it’s your sister riding you not some hot piece of ass.”

“Oh I know it was you Em. How can I fucking not? Also you are definitely one hot piece of ass.”

She smiled at me and stood up lifting one leg over me and resting her knees next to my legs. She lowered herself on me and I could feel my dick rubbing against her pussy. It stayed in front of her and the shaft of my dick was wedged in between her pussy lips as she slowly grinded against me. She started lifting up her shirt and said “Since you’ve been playing with my boobs so much why don’t you suck on my nipples and help get me off?” She lifted her shirt up revealing her low cut bra and reached behind her back unclasping it. Her boobs fell out of her bra with a bounce. there were perfect. Round and full, nipples sticking out just ready to let my face bury it self in them. I reached up with both hands grabbing two handfuls of my sisters large supple breasts while she was still sliding her pussy lips up and down my cock.

“I want to fuck you so bad.” I said as I leaned forward to put her left boob in my mouth. I reached out with my tongue first, contacting her nipple and then put as much of her boob as I could in my mouth. I twirled her nipple around with my tongue. then sucking on it lightly looking up at her. She was looking down her forehead was scrunched up and her full lips were making an O face. I rubbed her other nipple with my hand, massaging it up and down. I reached around her with Bomonti Escort Bayan my other hand grabbing her ass and squeezing.

“I want to fuck you too.” She said moving farther up and lifting up her skirt so she could align my dick with her entrance. I could feel the tip of my dick pop into place between her lips and she lowered herself on me. She let out another gasp and grabbed the back of my head with her other hand pressing it into her breast. She kept lowering herself, my dick sliding in easily in her still cum coated cunt. It was warm and the walls of her pussy gently squeezed my dick as it slid further into her.

I felt myself thrust up into her bottoming out against the back of her pussy. she rose back up and we found our rhythm instantly. It was like we were two perfect partners made for fucking each other. She bounced up and down on my dick while I thrust up into her. I could feel her tits bouncing in my mouth and hands every time we slammed together, her ass jiggling in my other hand.

We lasted a lot longer this time. I had just cum in my sister a few minutes before and I was ready to let her ride me all the way to the dorm room. Eventually I switched mouth and hands so I could suck on her other nipple. She was breathing heavy and I could see the sweat starting to form in between her breasts. I was getting sweaty too. Eventually I released her nipple from my mouth leaning back in the car seat so I could watch her two perfect breasts bouncing up and down in front of me while my dick slid up and down in her. I grabbed her ass in both my hands under her skirt and new I was close.

“I’m close Em.” I tried to whisper. “Are you?”

“Fuck I’m so close too.” She said her eyes scrunched together.

“I’m going to fuck you so much you’re going to need a wheel chair.” I said squeezing her ass harder. “I want you to cum on my dick baby sister. Fucking cum for me.” This sent her over the edge and I could feel her pussy contract around my dick. She started shaking on top of me unable to control her body. I thrust up into her harder and harder and I could feel my balls about ready to explode in her again. The feeling rose up in my dick starting at the base and building in the tip and I climaxed. I didn’t think it was possible but there was still a lot of cum left in me. I pumped her full again seeing my dick poking Escort Bomonti a slight lump in her tummy as I thrust into her cumming. I could feel our cum mixing together and coating her walls and my dick. She was still convulsing on me her boobs jiggling so fast like she was on a washing machine. We slowly came down together me still thrusting up into her and her resting her head on my shoulder.

“Holy fuck that was better than the first time.” I whispered in her ear.

“Yeah it was.” She panted, her head still resting on my shoulder. She started rotating her hips in a circle, my dick poking into the side of her vagina and dragging itself along slippery in all the cum.

“mmmmmmmmmm” she moaned lifting her head up looking at me. “fuck that feels so damn good.”

“Oh I know.” I said leaning in and kissing her.

We stayed like that for a while, making out, me exploring her body with my hands. I slid them over her breast down her body to her hips and underneath her skirt squeezing her ass. She ran her hands through my hair and my neck while she made little circles with her hips. My dick still in her slippery from all the cum. my dick finally started to soften still resting inside of her. “I guess we better clean up again.” She said breaking up our make out session.

“Do you have any more panties?”

She giggled at me “no I’ll just use the same ones but I think I’ll just throw those out the window. Besides I want you to have easy access.” She said winking at me. She leaned over to where she had stuffed her cum filled panties, dragging her boobs along my chest. She rose up my dick popping out of her and resting against my thigh, soaked in cum. She slid the panties under her pussy catching all the cum that spilled out of her when my dick came out.

“Holy shit you came a ton again.”

“I know right? I had no idea I had that much in me.”

“My tummy is so full of it. I can still feel so much cum in me even after all that spilled out.”

“I think that is going to be a common feeling for you.” I said squeezing her ass and kissing her again.

“Good.” She moaned into my mouth.

We made out again for a few more minutes and she threw her panties out of the back window. “You better get your shirt back on Emily.” I think we are getting close.”

I could tell we were getting close to the college town because we had visited before. I knew that if mom and dad discovered what we did they would probably never talk to us again. But that was before I knew how open minded they were. Let’s just say my mom and Emily had a constant supply of fresh cum being pumped into them after this year.

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