Bro’s Rainy Day Jacking Display


More than anything at that moment, I wanted to be the naked girl in the picture, my cunny open and exposed, my nipples ripe and erect — all of me the driving force of a guy’s pleasure as he played with himself and made himself cum…

At the summer house, I’ve always had to share a bedroom with my older brother, Benjamin. We ran in and out of there totally naked as children, but that stopped cold when adolescence hit. We became like an old Shaker couple, barely looking at each other.

Now that I was 18, however, another change had come over us. I was no longer a virgin, for one thing — with several cute guys under my belt. Though few as handsome as my brother, I must say.

Okay, so I’ll admit it up front: which is, that nothing — but nothing! — turns me on like a guy checking out my body. So I’d get changed in front of my brother because I knew he was doing just that, although he masked his ogling as a form of impishness: I’d yell at him for taking pictures of me with his phone when I was pulling up my white cotton bikini panties after a shower — but I was actually secretly thrilled by his interest and I have to admit I let him see me nude a lot.

I even outright posed for him once, while pulling up my panties, pausing them at mid-thigh, a big smile on my face as Bro snapped away. I was rocking my hips to give him different angles on my all-bare-there — I had just shaved Kitty in the shower, which meant that I had just masturbated Kitty in the shower, since I can’t do the one without doing the other. I maintain a very smooth kitty!

Anyway, on this particular holiday up in the country it had been raining for days, and we were stuck inside the cottage with Mom and Dad — who seemed to be doing a lot of fucking, to pass the time. Fine if you’ve got it!

I like to read so it was no problem for me to hang out in the attic all afternoon. Ben came in and said he was going nuts, waiting for the rain to let up. He flopped down onto his bed, which was not quite parallel with mine because the roof line bumped his bed more forward into the room. So I had a view of all of him but he’d have to tilt his head back to look at me.

It was humid and warm so I was only wearing my usual cotton panties and a tank top. I have small breasts, unrequiring of a bra, except for the fact that my nipples are large and distinct and always sticking out. I like how they look through the thin fabric of my tank top — I like even more how Daddy and Bro are always stealing glances at them.

Mom has “stopped battling” me about what I wear around the house — and not only in the country but also in our city flat, in a grand old building erected during the outer swellings of some previous century’s economic bubble. The place is steam-heated, to this day, to an equatorial temperature. So be it January or July, this is how you will find me at home: tank top for my titties, panties for my kitty.

I know how much Daddy checks me out, so Mom should thank me, really, since she gets a lot of good fucking from Daddy — I think as a direct consequence of my always being “barely dressed” hee hee.

Anyway, back to that rainy afternoon in the country! So I’m on my bed, my brother is on his, when all of a sudden Ben hops up and peels off his tee shirt. His lean well-muscled chest was beaded with perspiration. Then he took off his shorts, so that he was now wearing only a pair of fitted boxers. Oh, fuck me! The bulge on that boy! He lay back down on his bed and started idly thumbing through pictures of girls on his phone with his left hand, his right hand brushing beneath the band of his boxers.

This had been going on for several minutes and I was thinking of returning to the story I’d been reading when all of a sudden Ben lifted his butt up off the bed and whisked his underpants down to his ankles. When he did this, his long thick dick and big balls came tumbling out.

Ben had gotten comfortable masturbating with me in the room some time ago, actually — but only at bedtime, when I could hear him but not see him. I found this incredibly frustrating, especially when I was quietly strumming my cunny, listening intently to my brother’s every muffled gasp and groan and to the slick thwacking sound of a hand beating a penis. Now it was the daytime, I could see everything, and I was fascinated!!

Totally ignoring me, Bro started to oh-so-casually play with his cock. It was wobbly, not yet fully hard, but a bead of clear precum had already formed at the slit. The bead grew in size — quivering tenuously, amazingly, at the tip of my brother’s dick.

He dabbed it with his thumb and pulled up a long strand of precum, which he then rubbed around his swollen purplish cockhead, making it glisten in the diffuse light of this overcast afternoon. The shaft of my brother’s hard penis was a deep red, like the inside of a brick; his balls were more pinkish, and as all-bare-there as my pussy.

Interesting! Fındıkzade Escort I reflected. Bro keeps his balls eminently lickable.

Looking back, I see this precise moment as the turning point for me, in terms of what was to follow — having this item of important new information about my cute brother.

Suddenly I am salivating, as I imagine slathering my tongue along my big brother’s neat pink nutsack. Then I am taking each tender rolling testicle and coddling it in turn in the heat of my mouth.

While all these images were flashing, uncontrolled, if not unbidden, through my mind, my brother was still merely toying with his penis. But it was very hard now, twitching with his heartbeat, standing full erect.

At last he began to jerk off properly vigorously — but keeping it to long, even strokes. His slim hips were gyrating, as if helping to position his dick so that his hand could spank it for the maximal possible pleasure.

Every now and again he’d simply stop — pause the action — while he looked for a particular picture on his phone. Then he’d start up again, unhurriedly playing with his dick, just enjoying himself.

As for me, I couldn’t take my eyes off my brother. My white cotton panties were now thoroughly soaked at the crotch, the material there gone visibly grey with my juices.

My nipples were so popped up they dragged painfully against my tight thin tank top as I (barely) breathed: I was trying to be silent so as not to break the spell of my brother’s openly masturbating in front of me — masturbating as if I weren’t there, just a few feet away from his own naked display!

Ben started moaning quietly as he got more into his frig. A pattern developed. His hand would be jerking his penis faster and faster, and then the pause for edging: he’d stop momentarily and toy with his dick, weighing its heft in his hand or grabbing it at the base and squeezing, just letting it waggle around.

A steady stream of precum was oozing out of his jizz-slit and some of it dribbled like a gossamer thread onto his tummy as he clenched his cock in his fist, just above his balls.

Despite the tightness of his scrotum, my brother’s big balls were rolling around as if of their own volition, obviously aching to release all the millions upon millions of little spermies they were always manufacturing.

Ben never looked back to me on my bed. I’d long since tossed aside the story I’d been reading on my own phone. My hands were clamped to my thighs. I was willing my fingers to resist traveling up my crunching tummy so that they might touch and tug my so-needy nipples.

But this business of keeping my hands out of play, so to speak, had the unintended effect of crushing my pussy even tighter between my thigh muscles — my hands were pushing my thighs in a pattern of squeeze-and-release, squeeze-and-release. It felt amazing!

So, yes, I was masturbating, too — in my way. While not acknowledging it. Much as my brother wasn’t acknowledging me. But he just had to be aware he was putting on a show for me, and it was turning me on to think how he was turning himself on by being so brazen.

Because it was an amazing moment: Except for the boxers bunched at his feet, my brother was totally nude and playing with himself in front of his little sister!

I drank it all in: the rise and fall of his chest as his breathing got heavier, the flexing of his arm muscles as he pumped his dick, the way his thigh muscles flexed also — wholly in response to what his hand was doing to his penis.

I liked the way his open legs kicked and twitched, the way his feet shuffled involuntarily, turning and twisting the jumble of his pulled-down underpants at his ankles.

But most of all I drank in the sight of my brother’s beautiful penis — hard, huge, proud, and at last being jerked firmly and ferociously.

Ben had settled on a picture of a girl who had a figure very much like my own, I couldn’t help but observe with a rush that I felt from my clit to my throat: she was slim and small-breasted, and with the same disproportionately large and prominent nipples. Also like me, she had a flat well-defined tummy and an all-bare-there pussy with plump labia — all the plumper when sexually excited!

The girl was sitting with her legs parted, a giant grin on her pretty freckled face, grey-blue eyes twinkling merrily — as if in acknowledgment of all the handsome boys like my brother, jerking off while gazing upon her nudity.

Benjy really liked this girl! He flipped among several pictures of her, including one where she was on her tummy — butt-up, head down, peering over a slender shoulder, coolly regarding the camera. Her hand clasped her ass cheek, her thumb tugging sidewards the dark triangle of pink flesh that defined her pucker. It was like she was saying to my brother: “Here. Fuck me here. I want your big dick thrusting deep into my ass.” Fındıkzade Escort Bayan

My own butthole tingled. I’m still a virgin there. I often play with my ass when I masturbate, and I’m thinking of asking Mom to order me a dildo from her catalog. We’re very open with each other about sex and masturbation, my mom and me, and we often skinny dip together in the conservatory hot tub, jilling via the jets while trying to keep a coherent conversation going at the same time.

If I gave the impression earlier that Mom is some sort of prude: far from it! She just doesn’t like my “flaunting how pretty you are, Katie — the world will acknowledge this without your stripping for it.”

But I wanted to strip for the world! I desired to flaunt it! And more than anything at that moment, alone with my brother in our cozy room, I wanted a boy to look at pictures of me while he masturbated. I wanted to be naked, my cunny open and exposed, my nipples ripe and erect — all of me the driving force of a guy’s pleasure as he played with himself and made himself cum.

My brother was really jerking it hard now! The wet slapping sound of his hand on his cock reverberated about the tiny room at the top of the cottage under the slanting rain-pummelled roof.

It was so loud that anybody listening outside the door — like you, Mom — could have heard it!

But Ben didn’t care. His low groans had become sudden gasps as his hand blurred along his rigid dick, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm.

I was so excited that I was going to get to see my brother’s semen come squirting out of his penis! I squeezed my legs together in a way that shifted my swollen clit against my panties, producing the sudden surprising jolt of a mini-orgasm. The wispy blonde hairs along my arms all stood up, as if an electric current had passed through them.

I gasped — to my horror.

But my brother didn’t seem to have heard me over all the noise he was making — the grunts and groans of pleasure, the steady whack-whack-whacking of a hard penis being hard-masturbated.

Ben was spanking his cock with ferocious intent, his hips rising and falling as he alternately fucked his fist and jacked his dick. This action exposed my brother’s taut cute ass, flexing with his entire body’s excitement.

His cock was all purple now, slick with precum, the veins standing out defined and throbbing as his cockhead swelled, the slap of shaft and hand like the cracking of a whip, until — with a loud groan issuing from deep within his chest — my brother’s orgasm commenced and he started ejaculating!

First there was an almost indiscernible surge of semen: it popped from Ben’s jizz-slit, splashing the blondish thicket of pubes that my brother keeps close-cropped at the groin.

This was followed immediately by the first mighty jet of jism — shooting out, arcing high, and then splatting against Ben’s neck and chin.

The next massive blast landed squarely in the middle of my brother’s sun-kissed chest — a wet pearly dollop of pure cum. It streamed the tiered ridges of Ben’s rib cage, spilling over onto the counterpane.

Third, fourth, and fifth spurts dappled the plateau of Ben’s trim belly, forming estuaries of grey-white jizz that filled and overflowed the deep well of my brother’s navel.

All the while he was muttering “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” — his face contorting in ecstatic agony.

So much jizz soaring skyward! I imagined all of it being squirted instead into my hungry slurping mouth and down my greedy gulping throat. Or — even better — my brother was blasting all those hundreds of millions of little spermies up into my cunny, to plume my cervix and swirl within my womb. (Okay, cap your twisted thinking: I’m on the pill!! I mean, jeepers: can’t a girl engage in a little consensual incestuous no-fallout fantasizing without, oh, I dunno, having her diary confiscated or her blog deleted?)

My butthole was tingling, too, of course — so that thought occurred to me in that instant as well: that I could feel, through the exquisite stretching of my ring by the root of my brother’s penis, its pulsing as my brother pumped his cum into my most intimate depths… Yes, I think it was at that moment I felt it as never before so fully: the desire to give my ass to a boy. To the right boy…

Gradually my brother relaxed his straining, bucking body and his hand slowed. His penis slumped and wobbled slightly, but was still erect.

The last few pops of cum flipped across the back of Ben’s hand as he squeezed and pulled his dick really hard. Much harder than I’d have pulled it, in that condition. Believe me, I was taking an entire binder’s worth of handjob-giving notes!

I love giving handjobs, by the way — I’ve actually lost count, the number of boys I’ve jerked off. I so enjoy making out, and having a boy feel me up under my shirt — “It’s so cool you don’t Escort Fındıkzade wear a bra!” they all say — and me masturbating him till he can’t kiss me any more, he’s experiencing such bliss. And then the sudden warm soaking of my busy wrist…

I will never get tired of simply “petting” with a guy. A term I learnt from Mom when we were in the hot tub together recently.

“That’s what your grandmother c-called it,” she explained, concentrating fiercely on what she was saying while tilting her clit against the return jet.

“An-nother w-weird express… express… sion!” I was working my own jet, while also trying to hold up my end of the conversation. What I was trying to say: That there were lots of antique terms — “petting,” “necking” — to describe the simple pleasure of kissing a boy with your hands down his pants and his up your shirt.

I wanted to note this fact, to make a larger point about any given generation’s relationship with its sexuality, but when you’re with your mom, and you’re both nude and masturbating together in a whirlpool sauna in a greenhouse, and it’s night and the winter stars are winking overhead and you’re trying so hard not to cum, because it feels so good… You don’t get to finish your thought before someone starts wailing.

Happy memories. I love jilling with my mom in that hot tub. We don’t do it nearly enough these days — my fault, spending so much time as I do with my boyfriend. Boyfriends I should say, because Jackson has a fraternal twin, and they both fuck me. But not this holiday — traveling with their parents in Northern Italy, of all the rum luck. Which added to the thrill of witnessing my brother’s self-play. I hadn’t seen a nude male body in over a week, in real life I mean, and I was famished for the experience.

My brother was now just toying with his penis, dragging it through the cum on his tummy, idly waggling it, his breathing calming, all of him — from his forehead to his toes — sweat-bedewed: That manly redolence mingled with the delicious chlorine smell of spunk. It permeated the tiny room, making me so high-on-horny I thought I might spontaneously orgasm, myself! I think I gasped, again — rather, it was an exhalation: I hadn’t been aware of holding my breath, but there it was.

Abruptly, Ben shifted himself up onto his left elbow and peered back at me on my bed. He smiled and said, “You like?”

“Yes!” I actually shouted, grinning and twisting my legs, crushing even tighter my soaking pussy between my thighs. “Dude, that was so cool! You had a lot of baby batter stored up in your balls!”

“Yeah, I’ve been so horny all day. I couldn’t wait till bedtime and I detest whacking off in the loo,” my brother replied. “Usually I do it in the pines, or down by the lake, if you’re reading up here, but all this fucking rain! I didn’t want to wreck my phone.”

“What about the hot tub?”

“Oh, man! Mom is so on my ass about the ‘condition’ I leave that tub in. No thank you.”

“Yeah, well I can see now what she’s on about,” I laughed. “Yuck. I don’t want to swim in your spermies.” (Total lie: I wanted him to soak me in them! I wanted him to jerk his dick and splatter my naked body with his jizz, the way he had just done to his own.)

“Plus—” he held up his phone.

“You need the nude girls to masturbate to?” I asked.

“Hell yeah!” my brother said. Then he thought about it for a moment. “Well, no. To be honest. Just makes it better.”

“How ‘better’?”

“They’re so pretty. They make me cum so hard, just looking at them! I love looking at naked girls.”

“More than fucking them?”

“Well… no. It’s different. I like doing it and thinking about it doing it almost equally, now you mention it.” To which he added: “Nosy.” And my brother looked at me in a most curious way.

I’d been rumbled. Bro was onto me. Because in my normal, cheeky-little-sister mode, I should’ve been teasing him mercilessly for playing with himself in front of me like that. But I was so turned on by everything I’d seen and heard in the past quarter hour, all I could do was babble excitedly, telling my brother how beautiful he looked, masturbating openly and completely nude.

He blushed when I said this, and got up from the bed, rising to his full six-something. This afforded me a different mouth-watering perspective on the sheen of jizz and sweat across my brother’s lean tan torso. Which he nonchalantly mopped up, using his tee shirt as a cum rag. (I thought I might cry.)

Bro seemed in no hurry to not-be-nude. He started searching for something in the top drawer of the high boy we share. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, I was so keyed-up, my pussy so poised. I thought I might cum just by gazing upon my brother’s beautiful naked body. I could see that his penis had to it what Emily Dickinson would describe as “that certain Slant” — not fully erect, but hardly relaxed. Not calm. Needing. Needing masturbating.

“Oh fuck me,” my brother muttered, finally extracting our spare phone charger from the back of the drawer. “Now I’ve gone and done it.” Turning to face me, his cock standing fully erect, he said wistfully: “Kate, I’m sorry. Once I start I can’t stop. I need to jerk off again.”

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