Brooke part 2


Brooke pt 2.

Haha so I just got off of the phone with Brooke and I told her that I was writing our story about fucking her and her little sister and she was so turned on that I had to write these back to back.

Again, if you don’t like it, don’t tell me it sucked; tell me what I can do to make it better.



Brooke and I both turned around and simultaneously said, “Oh fuck…..”

There, silhouetted in the doorway was Brooke’s almost 13 year old sister Sarah. Her mouth was parted in a confused gape, and both Brooke and I jumped from each other, and tried our best to cover our naked bodies, and my hard cock. Sarah entered the room and slowly shut the door behind her.

Sarah was (and still is) a physical specimen. At 12 years old, she was 5’3, 90 pounds, and had at least 34A tits. She was in reality Brookes Step sister, so she had inherited all of their mother’s good looks, but also was blessed with a very attractive father. Her brilliant green eyes were rimmed by sleep and she was wearing a XL t-shirt that barely covered her prepubescent mound. Much like her older step sister, I could tell that she would be the envy of her high school; long blonde hair, perfectly tanned legs, and her tits were perfect for her body. My mind was racing and objecting, but my dick was thinking differently. I wanted to fuck something, and she had rudely interrupted my chance.

She walked over to the bed and as she sat down, I tried to cover myself more, but in our throws of passion, Brooke and I had thrown all of the covers onto the floor.

“What are you guys doing? You know mom doesn’t want guys over after she goes to bed.”

Brooke answered her quickly and told her that we were wrestling, and to go to bed. I nodded in agreement, but I knew by Sarah’s face that she didn’t believe a word. “Wrestling….why are you naked, and why is his cock hard?”

Hearing that word uttered from her innocent mouth resurrected a primal stirring in my crotch. Both Brooke and I couldn’t answer this question, and our stutters of, “ummm… well…. Wrestling…. Ummm….” only furthered the inquisition.

“OH!” her face calmed with recognition, “You were having sex! I am so telling mom!”

She bounced off of the bed and instinctively I gripped her arm. My hand still slick with Brooke’s pussy juice easily slid off of her perfectly toned arm, and she said, “You don’t want me to tell? Ok then I want you to do something for me.” Brooke knew what was coming, as she had caught Sarah masturbating earlier that week, and said “Sarah…. No…. too young…” But Sarah ignored her feeble protest and began to disrobe. Her pink and white T-shirt hit the floor, and I sucked in a breath.

Before me stood a girl that was even more izmit escort bayan gorgeous than Brooke. Her nipples were already hard, and she had removed her panties before going to bed. Her perfectly hairless cunt was almost dripping, and she spoke with I new found confidence. “He looks like he likes it!” She turned around, and bent over. This act exposed her pink asshole and slightly spread her preteen pussy apart. In the midst of her show, I had uncovered my rock hard dick, and as she looked between her legs, she spotted my mast. “Oh my god! It’s bigger than Dads, that’s for sure.” As she turned back around and glued her eyes to my crotch, I glanced at Brooke, and her earlier horror had transformed into lust. Sarah spoke with the conviction that surprised me, “I want you to fuck me and Brooke, and make me cum, and I won’t tell mom.” Again, Brooke hesitated, but as Sarah bluffed to go to the door, Brooke spoke the first words since our interruption. “Wait, you have seen you Dad’s cock?”

“Oh, yeah. He made me suck it, and I have been fucking him for about a year now… But Zach is much bigger than him!” again, her eyes traced every line around my balls, and glued to my cock head. This admittance of her incestuous acts made my cock only throb harder.

“So, what will it be, are you going to fuck me hard or should I tell mom. Oh and she won’t believe you if you tell her about dad. She thinks I’m soooo innocent!” A giggle escaped her lips, and her body bounced.

I had long made up my decision, and I whispered to Brooke, “We don’t really have a choice. We have to do this, or I will never be able to come over again.” A look of desperation crossed Brookes face, while Sarah’s had only grown smugger. “He’s right… you have to or you are both in so much trouble.”

Finally after a few second of internal arguing, Brooke agreed and feebly uncovered her pussy.

As Brooke traced a finger around her lips to get her juices flowing, I took my chance with Sarah, and put her on her knees and she opened wide and took my cock in her silky orifice. I could tell by Sarah’s expert tongue movement, and the perfect swirling of my cock head in her little 12 year old mouth, that she in fact had been sucking and fucking her dad.

I pulled her up onto the bed, told Brooke to straddle my face, and Sarah to suck my cock. My dream had come true. I could taste Brookes musty scent as it proliferated my nostrils, and she ground her clit and pussy hard on my face while I tongue fucked her. Her tight hole was gripping my tongue every time she came down on my face, and she was writhing in pleasure. Meanwhile, Sarah was using her little mouth to suck my balls, shaft, and head seemingly simultaneously and I loved every lick. Just the thought of fucking a kocaeli escort bayan 12 year olds face was almost enough to make me cum.

Brooke and I were both making loud moans and grunts, and Sarah joined in with her throat fucking growls of “Aghhhghs! Uhhhmgs!” Popping my cock out of her mouth, she began to dictate the situation. “Brooke, get in doggie, Zach Fuck her ass, while I eat her pussy.” Again, hearing these words from a 12 year olds mouth was so hot, I had to comply.

Brooke got on her hands and knees, with her tight teen ass facing me, and taking 3 deep plunges in her cunt to get my pole greased for her shitter, I spit on her pink wrinkled entrance, and in one fell stroke, went balls deep into Brooke’s tight, tight ass. As my dick bottomed out, a cry came from her, and in an almost inhuman voice, she cried “ohhhhhhhhhhh, holy fucking shit! I can feel your balls slapping on my clit!” Fuck my shitter!” During this vocalization, Sarah had positioned herself in a psudo-69 position, so she could eat Brooke while I pounded away. Sliding my cock in and out of her ass, I realized that I loved fucking pussy, but Brooke’s ass was so tight and so good, that I would always love anal. As Sarah began to eat at Brooke, I could feel her warm breath on my nuts, and I sped up to time my strokes with Brookes thrusting back. As I began to feel her asshole tighten in her oncoming orgasm, I pumped in and out, in and out, in and out as fast as I could, and with one final push, both Brooke and I sighed “Ohhhh! Yes!” and fell over in orgasmic bliss. In her orgasm, her ass had tightened so much, that I was literally buried in her to the hilt until she relaxed enough to push me out.

The second her ass let me out, Sarah that whore was in Brookes ass trying to lick the cum from the inside, and ruining the picture perfect creampie. She sucked and licked, and while Brooke squirmed and shuddered from her after orgasm sensitivity, Sarah looked up at me and said with finality, “My turn now!”

“Sarah, I don’t think I can get hard again tonight…”

“Are you sure? I think Brooke and I can get you to change your mind.”

I pleaded for a break, and she allowed, ALLOWED, me to have a 5 minuet break for water and to piss.

When I reentered the room, both Brooke and Sarah were locked in a 69, glued to each others pussies, and the scent of sex, semen, and sweat was strong in the air. I sat down on the bed and enjoyed the show they were putting on. From my vantage point, I could see Brooke’s tongue snaking into her little sister’s tight pussy, tracing her clit, and snaking back in. The entire time, they were grinding and face fucking, I slowly stroked my cock, and soon it was back to full strength.

Almost immediately, Sarah’s juvenile kocaeli escort face popped out and exclaimed “See! I told you we could get you hard again! Now how about you fuck me… Brooke almost got me to cum, but I need a mans cock to finish the job.”

The only word that came to my mind were ‘Damn, this little girl knows her fucking’, but instead, I replied “Ok…Then come and get your cock.”

She scrambled onto me, and Brooke headed for the shower. “I think I will leave you guys alone, I need to give myself an anal douche anyways…have fun”

After the door shut, Sarah climbed on top of my body, and slowly, sunk my cock into her. “Damn you are tight girl!”

“I Know, my daddy’s cock is way smaller than yours, I think he is only like 5 inches”

Mean while, she had gotten halfway onto me, and I was slowly thrusting up into her. I can’t possibly explain how amazing this girl’s pussy felt. She didn’t have her hymen, but it was tighter than any virgin I had ever fucked! I could feel every millimeter of her soaking walls run past my sensitive cock, and in turn, she was stretched beyond her limit. “Aye! Oh fuck, its soooo big, o wow ow! Oooooo!” Finally, after what seemed an eternity, she had all 7inches into her, and she began to slowly ascend, about an inch, and lower herself down. Up, then down, up then down. She gradually worked her way up to almost taking my cock from her, and crashing back onto me. Each time she came down, she let out a long moan and said “Ohhhhh….. fuck….” I couldn’t take this slow fucking any more. I sat her up on hands and knees, and shoved my cock into her roughly. ‘AHHH!” she cried as my dick impaled her, over and over again, faster and faster. I could feel her little preteen pussy juice coating the inside of her legs, my cock and balls, and running down my sack. She began to spasm, and was shrieking “IM CUMMING!!! FUCK!” and I literally couldn’t move my cock while she came, because she was so tight. Finally, after her first orgasm subsided, I began my brutal attack again, and soon I was churning a hot load of cum in my balls, ready to explode. I tried to warn her, but my voice caught in my throat and instead I grabbed her hips as hard as I could, thrust in and blew at least 6 shots of full, heavy load into her pussy. I didn’t even know I had that much cum left, but I somehow found my reserves for this 12 year old bitch. As my cock shrank, and I popped out of her, we laid there for a good 10 minuets and caressed each other’s skin. By now, Brooke was back in the room, and was dressing herself. I looked at my watch and realized that I was supposed to be home 3 hours earlier. “Fuck!” I said out load and as I ran out of Brooke’s house with my clothes in hand, I gave both her and Sarah a goodnight kiss, and as the door was shutting Sarah called out after me “Come back soon! I don’t want to have to tell my mom about you and Brooke.” So the little slut wanted to play that game. I decided that the next time I saw her; I would fuck her till she couldn’t talk….

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