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In my previous two postings, I had written about my sexual adventures with two women who were almost like sisters to me. In this, I am going to write about a friend of mine who had a relationship with his elder sister and let me watch their activities.

Muthu and I were friends for quite some time in the college. One day while I was browsing the book case of Muthu, I found that he had hidden some magazines in a hard-to-reach interior portion. I found that these magazines were on sex, mostly narrations on various taboos. When Muthu, who had briefly stepped out of his room, returned and found me reading his collection, he became very embarrassed. Since I had prior exposure to such works, I assured him that he was not doing something out of the ordinary and that I have read such books in the past.

From then, we started talking about sex. I discovered that Muthu had taken the books from a large stash that his father had. Very often, we would discuss about the various themes in the books. As young men, we were very much turned on by stories that involved young men and older, experienced women. Many of the stories involved close relatives such as aunt-nephew or teacher-student.

As we discussed more and more about sex, we started relating our knowledge of sex to our real life sex experiences. Without disclosing the identity of people involved, I told him about the relationships that I had with Selvi akka and Giresun Escort Usha akka. Muthu was less forthcoming in the beginning. But, I pressed him on and he started providing some of his experiences. He had felt the breasts of one of his aunts and had put on a show of masturbation for her. At another occasion, he had been masturbated by a man sitting next to him in a bus on an overnight journey.

Muthu had an elder sister, Kamala, who was several years older to her and married. I was curious to know if anything had happened between them. I slowly took the topic with him asking him if he had ever seen his sister being fucked by his brother-in-law. Muthu was initially reluctant, but warmed up to talking about it. I was quite surprised to find that Muthu had not only copulated his sister in the past, but their relationship continued even after her marriage.

Muthu explained to me that he and Kamala happened to share a bedroom one night when a guest visited. When he was asleep, Kamala pulled Muthu to her and put him on her breasts. Taking the cue, Muthu started sucking her breasts. Kamala eventually taught him how to finger a woman to orgasm. In the course of time, they had advanced to intercourse which they did with great caution to prevent being caught or get pregnant.

Their relationship continued after the marriage, whenever Kamala visited her home town or Muthu visited his sister’s Giresun Escort Bayan house. Kamala taught everything she learned from her husband and Muthu showed her the tricks that he learned from various sex books.

While I was shocked by the extent of Muthu’s revelations, he surprised me to a greater extent by calmly expressing a fantasy he had in his mind. He wanted someone to watch him having sex with his sister. He asked me if I could be that someone. With a palpating heart, I agreed.

A few weeks later, Kamala visited her house. Prior to the visit, Muthu and I had created a peep hole in their bedroom so I could watch their sexual acts comfortably. Since Muthu’s parents worked, the best time for them to have sex was in the afternoon. This suited our purpose greatly because there was plenty of light coming into the room in the afternoon.

As I took my position in the other room, Muthu convinced his sister that I was gone and there was no one in the house. So, they went to their bedroom together and closed the door. Both of them undressed quickly.

Kamala had a great body for her age. She was slim, tall. Her skin color was dark, but her complexion was flawless. Her breasts were on the small side, but they were firm. She had a huge areola and dark nipples that stood out. Her underarms and pubic area were trimmed, but not shaven.

Muthu had an athletic physique. He was Escort Giresun a little shorter than his sister. Youth radiated everywhere on his body. Especially in the groin area. He had a long and slender cock which was rock hard even when he disrobed. The head of the penis had slid out of its hood and shining pinkish red.

Kamala went straight to his pubic area. She knelt down and took him in her mouth. She sucked him expertly. Her bobbing head showed that she deeply enjoyed giving head. It seemed that Muthu’s cock grew further. He had Kamala sit on the bed and began playing with her cunt. First with his fingers, then with his tongue. I could not exactly see it close up, but from the expression on Kamala’s face I could understand that my friend was doing a good job on his sister.

After the oral indulgence, Muthu and his sister kissed deeply on the mouth. Muthu got on the bed and lied down. Kamala inserted his rock hard dick into her pundai (cunt) and started riding him. I think Muthu was delirious at this stage because he was not only being fucked by his sister, he was also being watched by his best friend. He grunted to Kamala “Akka, I am going to come.” Kamala immediately withdrew from his penis and headed straight to his mouth. She put her cunt on his mouth and came immediately as she arched her back. With a few violent strokes of his penis with his hand, Muthu also reached his orgasm. I, who was stroking my cock until then, took a few more strokes to reach my peak.

Later on, Muthu thanked me for helping to fulfill one of his fantasies. He also asked me to fulfill another of his fantasies: a threesome with his sister. I will tell you later how that fantasy also materialized.

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