Brie’s Free Intro Massage Pt. 01


Some background information –

Brie and I are in our early fifties, married for over 20 years with 2 kids who have flown the coop. Since the birth of our kids our sex life has been somewhat vanilla in stark contrast to our courting days. Some negative family happenings have slightly swayed her back to her conservative Catholic upbringing, attending church on a sporadic basis. Needless to say this has somewhat tempered the explorative side of our once a week lovemaking.

Brie is an attractive buxom dark haired woman standing 5’4″ with DD breasts, shapely legs and appears younger than her age. She is proud of her boobs but is self-conscious of her pointy nipples which often bulge through her tops. Brie normally has a cheerful disposition, always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone.

I find it a tremendous turn-on when other men ogle at her boobs or legs in public (she appears oblivious of this), but I have no desire to share her whatsoever.

I long for a lot more in our sex lives so have resorted to sexual fantasies to relieve the monotony.

My intention is to publish some of these fantasies in the Mature section in the form of short vignettes, some of which may be highly embellished actual events.

* These vignettes could contain details of extra marital sexual activity. *

Sue is Brie’s neighbour, good friend and confidant. Sue is permanently on some or other cleansing diet or health kick. The courier van is a weekly visitor to her front door delivering an array of health and beauty products ordered on-line. On this occasion it was a new health spa nearby offering all kinds of therapies and massages including ‘Yoni’ massage which Sue was attending.

“Hi Brie, how are you?” Sue yelled, rushing through the unlocked front door. “Have I told you about this amazing massage I’ve been getting at that new spa. It’s called a Yoni massage. They are offering an ‘Introduce a Friend’ deal so I booked you in for Thursday at 1pm. It’s a free introduction Küçükköy escort bayan session and I know you work half day on Thursdays.”

“Oh thanks.” Brie replied with some hesitation. “What’s it like?”

“You’ll love it Brie, it’s so relaxing and therapeutic, and Fernando the masseur really knows how to use his hands.” Sue replied, concealing a slight smirk and neglecting the finer details.

Thursday arrived and Brie left the plant nursery where she worked at 12pm to give herself ample time to get to Hepburn Day Spa for her 1pm appointment. Her job involved a lot of walking and physical activity which kept her in good shape but often strained her back and shoulders. This massage should sort out those knots she thought to herself.

Upon arrival Brie was asked to fill out a brief medical history form before being handed a fresh white fluffy towel and a paper thong by the friendly receptionist. “Could you please make your way to room 6 where Fernando will be with you shortly.” She pointed towards a short corridor with a smile.

Fernando was already in the therapy room when Brie entered. She observed a slim well-toned man about 6 feet tall and in his early forties by her estimation with a friendly clean-shaven face and neat short hair, observations which put Brie at ease. He was dressed like the other staff members in a smart logoed white polo top, neat white shorts and white Crocs. Brie thought he looked more like an accountant than a masseur but nevertheless found him reasonably attractive, even briefly wondering what he looked like naked.

He stood up from a small desk, greeted her courteously and proceeded to explain to her that this was a clothing optional massage but the thong was a good practical option before requesting that she undress in the small curtained cubicle. Brie obliged without hesitation (she had experienced massages in the nude before) and emerged from the cubicle a short while later covered in Escort Mecidiyeköy the white towel wearing nothing but the disposable thong underneath. Fernando rose from the small table where he had been seated perusing her medical history on a small computer screen.

Fernando motioned towards the massage table and asked Brie to lay down on her tummy while he gently removed the towel from behind Brie. He then placed a narrow folded towel across her buttocks, presumably a gesture to protect her modesty and then proceeded to explain to Brie that the 30 minute introduction massage would involve him giving her a “sample” of various different techniques, explaining the benefits of each as he went along. That would enable her to choose a particular technique in future. He started with her neck and shoulders, using ample amounts of aromatherapy oil infused massage oil, quickly smoothing out the troublesome knots which left Brie feeling totally relaxed. He worked his way down each arm to the finger tips and continued down her back reaching her buttocks, casually casting the folded towel aside. His expert hands kneaded her cute buttocks like bread dough.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh …” Brie cried with relief as he eased her left sciatic nerve which she had noted down as troublesome on the medical history form. Clearly Fernando was attentive and skilled she concluded. He continued working his way down her slightly parted thighs, standing in a position that gave him a glorious uninterrupted view of her pussy, her labia parted down her slit by the skinny y-shaped strap of the thong that rested in her between her butt cheeks. Continuing to explain the different techniques he was employing, Fernando reached her muscular lower limbs progressing to her feet and toes in a quick but thorough manner.

“Could you please roll onto your back,” Fernando politely requested in a hushed tone. Brie turned around without hesitation, feeling completely relaxed and dreamy, Merter escort her ample tits flopped sideways as she rotated onto her back. She did not miss the folded “modesty” towel. He started on her face, releasing pressure points Brie never knew existed and worked his way down her neck and shoulders. From there he nonchalantly moved his attention to her boobs, massaging them in a seemingly learned manner, carefully avoiding contact with the nipples.

Brie sighed heavily as her nipples instantly hardened from the pleasurable thought of a strange handsome man massaging her tits. By the time he moved down to her belly and hips she was thoroughly aroused, her erect nipples protruding like cherries on a cupcake. When Fernando reached her groin area, he paused briefly to explain the Yoni massage method, using deliberate feathery light touches on her thong covered vulva to explain in some detail the method and desired results.

Brie’s sexual arousal was so heightened she could hardly comprehend much of what he explained. Her paper thong had become so sodden by her desire to be fucked that it was translucent and clung to her engorged pussy.

She was still in a daze by the time Fernando had progressed down her legs to her feet. “Thanks so much for visiting Hepburn Spa, we hope you’ll be back soon,” she was startled to hear him say as he draped the white fluffy towel over her. “You may get dressed at your leisure,” he whispered as he disappeared through the door.

“Fucking tease!” Brie thought to herself as she gathered herself and unsteadily made her way to the cubicle, feeling a light trickle down her inner thighs. She was mildly shocked to see the soaked thong plastered against her unsatisfied and wanton pussy. “I wonder what he thought of this?” she asked herself as she disposed of the thong in the bin and wiped her saturated pussy and sticky inner thighs.

“God, I can’t believe I’m so wet,” she muttered to herself feeling slightly embarrassed. She dressed herself and made her way to the reception.

“How was that, Brie?” the receptionist enthusiastically enquired. “same time next Thursday?”

“Yes, same time next week, and I’ll have the 60 minute Yoni massage,” Brie replied while peering at the menu board, “and with Fernando.”

To be continued in Part 2

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