Bridal Cumslut Ch. 01

Double Penetration

I had always suspected that deep down I was somewhat of a cumslut, though I had no idea it would lead me to the experience I had a couple of weeks ago the day after my best friend’s wedding…but first you need to know a bit about my past.

At around age 18 I discovered the pleasure of trying on my sister’s underwear; the first time I pulled on a pair of her panties the sensation of satin rubbing over the tip of my swollen cock made me come instantly. From that day on, whenever the house was empty, I would creep into her room, make a selection of her sexiest lingerie and try it on piece by piece pausing in between to stroke my cock and admire myself in the mirror.

After a while, wearing just her underwear was no longer enough and I soon began to experiment with her dresses and high heels. It never occurred to me at the time why I would get so horny dressed in a tight black halter neck dress barely long enough to cover the gusset of my tiny thong, nor why the feeling of having my arse thrust outwards by a pair of heeled boots would make my cock twitch in anticipation. Eventually, at age 20, I went off to university and, without the temptation of my sister’s panty drawer, I seemed to settle into more ‘normal’ masturbation techniques as well as having a girlfriend to help bring me off.

Old habits die hard however and in my final year I plucked up the courage to shop for a matching black lace corset and thong with a flowery front panel, stockings with little bows just above the heels, a tiny sky-blue lycra dress and a killer pair of strappy 4 inch heels the same colour as the dress. I got some funny looks from the female shop assistants, but this only served to make me hornier. So horny in fact that I got the idea into my head that the experience I had planned would be incomplete without a dildo. I found a suitable shop and chose a pink one about 6 ½ inches long with variable motor speed. Funnily enough, that was the only shop where nobody looked at me like I was some kind of pervert!

That night, when the rest of my house had gone out, I locked myself in my room with half a litre of Jack Daniels and my new outfit. I laid it all out on the bed and admired my excellent choices. Having stripped naked, I poured a drink and set about dressing myself up. With some difficulty I got the corset on, its restrictiveness making my cock grow. Then I rolled the stockings up over my legs, taking care to get the bows correctly positioned, and secured them to the clips of the corset. Next I strapped on the shoes and paraded around the room, reacquainting myself with how to walk on such impractical heels. At this point I was horny as hell so I gulped down my drink and sat down to give my dick a few, tender strokes so that the warmth of the JD in my throat and stomach would be matched by a similar warmth in my cock.

I then put on the dress, relishing the way in which it clung to the curves of my sensuous body, and I pulled it down by its hem to hide my arse, cock and the tops of my stockings. Covering myself up like this made the blood beat in my head because I knew that underneath the exterior I was kitted out like a whore. I had deliberately left the thong till last firstly because panties are my favourite item of clothing and secondly so that I could later pull them down in a fit of passion without having to fiddle with the corset clips to remove the stockings.

I now stepped into the thong and slid Mersin Escort it up over my legs; the sound of the two materials as they glided past each other made my breath come in short gasps and I felt my dick straining upwards, eager for another few gentle strokes. I resisted this temptation however and, having lifted the bottom of the dress to my waist, I pulled the panties into position, placing my cock flat against my stomach and nestling my balls into the gusset of the thong. God, it felt so good to once again have my balls gently grasped by the material of a pair of panties and the sensation of the narrow strip running up between my arse cheeks and resting against my puckered hole made me weak at the knees.

As I wanted to make myself come like never before I decided to tease myself for a while, so I sat back down at my desk, pushed my study materials out of the way, opened up my top drawer and took out some of my porn. My collection was pretty basic and most of the magazines were soft-core, but fortunately I had been lent another which depicted all aspects of the joys of sex; oral, anal, double penetration, a group of four men using a slut dressed like a nurse and, of course, facial come shots. Lazily leafing through the magazines I poured more JD and smoked a couple of cigarettes; after a while I started to push my hips forward in the chair so I could feel the new panties squeezing my balls and I also crossed my legs tightly to enhance the sensation. Next I placed my hands behind me, drawing my shoulders back and thrusting my chest forward as my spine arched. I felt so feminine that I proceeded to rub what would have been my breasts and soon my cheeks became flushed as I realised how much of bitch in heat I looked. It was time to take it to the next level…

I stood and walked my way to the bed, making sure to cross my feet one in front of the other so that my arse swayed side to side. I picked up the vibrator and held it in my right hand savouring its fleshy feel and admiring its realistic glans. Slowly and tentatively I pushed out my tongue and began to lick around the tip. I was getting so hot now that my cock was pushing out the waistband of my panties and when I glanced in the full-length mirror I saw that I was looking somewhat less like the woman I imagined! To remedy this anomaly I got down on all fours with my arse high in the air and my head near to the floor so that in the mirror I looked like I was begging to be fucked doggy style. I also noticed that the dress had slid up the backs of my legs and over my arse so that I could see the flowery tops of the stockings and the band of the thong tracing my crack. The sight of me like this unleashed my desires like a banshee and I held the dildo upright on the floor and pushed my mouth onto it with such force that I gagged. Undeterred, I worked up a pace on the cock that astonished me; thrusting my head down it and feeling my lips stretch to take its full girth, I reached between my legs to rub my dick through the thong.

I continued like this for a few minutes until my mouth was beginning to ache, at which point I withdrew what was now in my mind the real cock I had been gobbling down and I began to lick furiously around the bell end.

“I’m such a little slut”, I murmured. “Do you like me sucking on this swollen cock of yours? Why don’t you teach me how bad I’ve been and fuck me with it? Please, fuck it into me…”

I Mersin Escort Bayan suddenly realised what I had just said and my eyes went wide with desire as I licked my lips in anticipation. I needed that cock in me like everybody else needs air. I got to my feet and slowly peeled the dress up over my body. Looking down I saw my dick was bright red so I pulled back my foreskin to reveal its purple head. It was bouncing with the rhythm of my heart and when I touched it pre-come oozed from the tip. I had better be careful, I thought, I’m not gonna waste this. I continued to lift the dress over my head and when I saw myself in the mirror corset clad, stockings, heels and my throbbing member I felt myself starting to come. It took everything I had in me to hold back, screwing my eyes shut and holding my breath, but hold back I did.

After the waves had subsided, I strutted to my bedside table and took a tub of Vaseline I used to grease my girlfriend’s arse when we had anal sex and I got back on the floor in front of the mirror. I assumed the same position as before and slowly and deliberately began to tease the panties down over my bum and legs. When they reached the middle of my thighs I pushed my arse as high as it would go and, grasping each cheek firmly, I spread them so I could see my hole. It looked so small in comparison to the width of my rubber cock, and I felt myself shudder. Whether that was through fear or delight I will never know, but I realised I had better get on with it before I lost my nerve.

I scooped a blob of Vaseline from the pot and touched it to my sphincter; instantly I felt it twitch in response to the lubricant’s coolness and slowly I began to work it around, gently pushing my index finger against the hole. Suddenly, it popped inside. I gasped in shock, but straight away I felt a beautiful warmth as I began to work my finger in a circular motion. I was getting more and more aroused by the minute my breath coming in shorter and shorter gasps as the corset restricted the full inflation of my lungs. Nothing, however, could prepare me for the sensation of removing my finger. As I did so I felt my arse assist by pushing it out, and once the tip was clear it snapped shut around the emptiness left behind.

Involuntarily I began to moan. I knew what I had to do next. Scooping more lube from the jar I recoated my index finger and this time I also slicked up the middle one as well. Looking over my left shoulder, I positioned both fingers against my ring. I began to push at it until once again my fingers disappeared up to my first knuckle. I felt my thighs begin to tremble at the sense of fullness I now had in my virgin arse and slowly I pushed them further in. As they forged their sinful path, my mouth began to gape and I needed to shut my eyes to get a handle on the pain I was now feeling. I wasn’t bothered by the fact that it hurt; indeed, it made me feel like a dirty, perverted bitch.

When they were buried up to the hilt I opened my eyes and looked round at myself in the mirror. I had always wanted to feel as much like a woman as possible and even though I had my fingers in my arse I felt like I was discovering the world of female masturbation for the first time. I grinned at myself and began to pump my hand in and out, going wild at the alternate states of ravenous emptiness and wanton satisfaction. I pulled my fingers out one final time and spread my arse cheeks as before; Escort Mersin this time my hole was gaping open and reddened by the efforts of my digits. The sight of it greatly aroused me.

I was still apprehensive, however, about getting that cock up there and I recalled something I had heard a friend say when we snorting poppers in a club. He reckoned that gay men use them to loosen their rings to make it easier to take a cock; so I went to my top drawer and rummaged around for the bottle I had until now forgotten about. Back on the floor I removed the lid and took a few sniffs. Almost immediately I felt the familiar heat in my face and body as each of my nerve endings reacted to the enveloping sensation of intoxication. I then greased the rubber cock, took another couple of sniffs, and positioned the tool against my hungry hole. When I felt the poppers having their effect, I pushed the cock in about half way. My hips began to thrust backwards instinctively and I let out a delighted squeal as I felt my sphincter embrace the dildo like its oldest friend. My heart was now in my mouth and its every beat rocketed through my body.

“I want to be fucked like a slut…stick it in my cunt…” I gasped.

I started pushing the cock in and out and smiled at the noises I could hear it making as it popped out at the end of each stroke.

“Faster…uh uh…faster…that’s it…mmmmmmm…it feels so good…”

The whole of my lower body was now on fire as the vibrator invaded my most secret place. I stuffed it into my arse as far as it would go and left it there while I caught my breath. I then rolled onto my back so I could get easy access to my cock and I spread my legs. When I saw myself, I was amazed at how comfortable I looked with that thing up there, my face flushed with shameless desire; I reached down and switched the motor on. As the vibrations began to spread out through my hips, stomach, arse, cock and balls a low and constant moaning escaped my throat.

I reached down to my dick and grasped it around the middle. Furiously, I wanked it off, enjoying the lightness that had possessed my entire body. After about fifteen strokes my knees quivered, my arse bucked up and down, my cries escalated into a series of high pitched shrieks and an orgasm wound itself up tightly in the depths of my anus before exploding throughout my lower body. The rush of heat was like molten steel being thrown across me; my balls tightened and thick, white come began to ooze from my dick. Half a second later I was shooting slug after slug of burning, sticky spunk onto my corset; with each pump I felt my arsehole clench around the dildo and when I pulled it out the jets hit me in the face, splattering across my mouth and nose; some even got in my eye and my hair. I continued to beat my dick until the ejaculate had ceased but my hole continued to spasm for about twenty seconds more.

When my orgasm had fully dissipated I scooped the sticky sperm of my corset and held my fingers to my face. Looking in the mirror I fed it to myself, dumping the majority into my open mouth. I gagged at its bitter taste but didn’t want to waste it so I resisted the urge to spit it out and then licked the remnants off my fingers. I also licked around my mouth to get as much of it as I could. I then opened up to display the prize of warm spunk on my tongue and, having closed it again, I smiled like a filthy slut and swallowed every last drop.

Having pulled my panties back up over my deflating cock and widened arse I climbed into bed and drifted into a contented sleep, my hole burning pleasurably at its first, but by no means last, fucking.

To be continued…

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