Brian and Crew Go Camping Ch. 01


I can’t exactly remember what was going through my mind when I first saw her, but I’m sure it had to be something to the effect of This girl must be lost, she is way too hot to know any of us.

A few weeks before, some buddies and I decide we want to go camping. It’s April, the weather is heating up, and we feel like getting out of the city for a few days. We all work together so it was easy to make sure we could all get the time off. We decide the best time to go would be during the middle of the week, seeing as we work at a restaurant and the middle of the week is the easiest time to get off. So, we all get off the days we need a few weeks ahead of time and pretty much let it drop until the day is suddenly upon us.

Chris and Dean both had to work Tuesday morning so it was up to me to get everything packed up. The plan was to load everything up in my truck, head over to the restaurant about two, then make the drive up the mountain to the back end of nowhere. It’s a pretty simple task, just three guys who don’t mind roughing it. Their duffel bags are already in the back. I toss in our sleeping bags and examine old tent I found in the back of the garage. I honestly don’t even know if it’s all there. I stole the thing out of my parent’s storage unit and was too lazy to bother checking it out. Whatever I tell myself ‘The picture on the front says it sleeps 6.’ I shrug and toss it in the back. The last thing I load up is the cooler. It’s pretty big, but only has two packs of hotdogs and some mustard. The rest of the cooler will soon be filled with beer.

I stop by the grocery store on the way to pick up Chris and Dean. Grab some wood, the ice, and of course the beer, picking up a 12 pack of Smirnoff Ice for myself. They know my taste in drinks so fuck it. I think aloud. As I pull up to the restaurant I get a phone call from my mom. Hmm…I probably should let her know I’m going to be incommunicado. I park and begin to walk around the parking lot bidding adieu to my mother and waiting for Chris and Dean, who won’t be off for another 15 minutes or so. It’s then that I see her, as I complete the circuit, with my truck coming back into view. I hang up the phone as I try to wrap my head around what I’m seeing: This smoking hot girl trying to lift a suitcase into the back of my truck. If she’s not a 10 she’s a 9.9. About 5′ 5″ with shoulder length black hair, she’s wearing a pair of tight, short khaki shorts, ones that really accentuate that great ass of hers. Not too big but big enough to have something to be proud of. The type of ass that makes you want to walk up to it and bite it! She’s wearing a white tank top that’s just screaming to have a bucket of water thrown on it. But water or not, I can see she has one spectacular set of tits. Again, just the right size. And her face! It’s flawless. As I come to a halt still some distance away, daydreaming about this new beauty, I’m stuck between telling her she has the wrong truck and just letting her do whatever the hell she wants! Camping be damned! I’ll take this girl anywhere she wants!

Lucky for me those two seem to be one in the same. She gives up on trying to get her suitcase into my truck as she spots me and strolls up to me, holding her hand out. “You must be Brian?” Unlucky for me my voice seems to have stopped working. She waits for the response that isn’t coming, as I’m still busy thinking about whether or not the slapping I’d receive would be worth actually biting her ass. “…Well…would you mind helping me with my suitcase?”

At this point I’m at least able to move my jaw…though it’s just opening and closing with no sound. Still I understand what she wants, if not who she is or why she wants her stuff in my truck. Like I said before, I don’t really care. I load her suitcase as I begin to come around and try to think of something to say, something that may make my idiocy look reasonable.

“I’m Brian!” I shout.

She begins to look around as if I may be talking to someone else, perhaps much, much farther away. “…Yes…I thought we had established that…”

“Right…” I shake my head. “And who might you be?” I smile.

She smiles back, and oh what a smile! “I’m Julie…I take it Nikki didn’t tell you about me?”

I stare at her confused for a second. Who the hell am I going camping with? I ask myself. I was talking to Chris and Dean wasn’t I? Not sure if I’m going crazy or not.

Just as I’m convincing myself I had indeed planned this trip with Chris and Dean I hear the doors to the restaurant open and a couple of people come crashing through. I look up and find Dean leading a few of our coworkers towards the truck.

“Sup hommie!” Dean yells as we slap hands and fist bump. “I found some more campers!” I see our friends Jackie and Nikki. I begin to nod and see Chris come running out. I watch the two girls come walking up and remember again why I love summer.

Jackie, a brunette who’s hair ran midway down her back, was even shorter than Julie, and very petite. She had a look Kocaeli Escort that was…Native American?…I wanted to say. Regardless of what she was she looked like a miniature Pocahontas. Only she decided to wear a bright yellow tank top, and jean shorts that had they had been cut from pants. Whatever they were she made them look good.

Nikki, though different from Julie here, was almost more beautiful. While they are both stunning, Nikki’s personality is what makes her so attractive. She’s just so cool and laid back, though it doesn’t hurt that she has a body that makes me hard just looking at her. Nikki was raven haired, like Julie, which also ran down to her back. Though while she was taller than Julie by a few inches, maybe 5’8″ or 5’9″, she was also petite, like Jackie. She was wearing a pretty conservative purple t-shirt, but it was tight enough that it made me want to…do naughty things. She also wore a pair of white capris that did a great deal to show off that tight little ass of hers. Nikki, though different from Julie, was almost more beautiful. While they are both stunning, Nikki’s personality is what makes her so attractive. She’s just so cool and laid back, though it doesn’t hurt that she has a body that makes me hard just looking at her.

“The more the merrier, but we may need some more alcohol…” I reply, clearly not wanting to run out in the middle of the festivities “And do you ladies want to get a change of clothes…or…cause I mean I wouldn’t complain if…ya know…it just might get a little cold…” I’m game for whatever, but knowing these girls I know I could regret saying that, if only to myself.

Jackie punches my shoulder. “Our clothes are in Julie’s suitcase Jerk!”

“Oh! Ya! Brian, this is Julie, an old friend. Julie this is Brian.” Nikki introduces us, formally.

Julie smiles. “We met.”

“Yes, I was just dazzling her with my wits when you guys came out.” I smile back. “How about sleeping bags?”

Chris shrugs “I have some extra blankets in my Jeep. We have to take it anyway with all the extra people.”

But I’m hardly listening as Julie came up right behind me and whispered into my ear “I’ll just share yours.” People were heading to Chris’ car but turned around as I yelped when Julie proceeded to pinch my butt.

“So the liquor store?” I shout to Chris, trying to recover my composure. They all keep staring at me, and Chris finally nods.

“Guess I’m riding with you.” Julie winks at me and climbs into the cab of my truck.

We stop at the grocery store again to grab a couple of bottles of wine for the ladies, Nikki also insists on getting marshmallows, and are finally ready to head up the mountain. As I start the car again I realize the radio is on country music as Kenny Chesney starts playing and offer to change it for her but before my hand touches the dial Julie stops me.

“Hell no!” She screams, and I stare at her. “I love Kenny Chesney!” She says, a little more calmly and I stare some more.

“Marry me.” I whisper.

She smiles as she turns the music up and starts singing along. I watch her for a moment, then start the car and begin our trek up the mountain. When the song finishes Julie turns to me and asks how she did.

“Hmm…Let me just say at least you’re extremely beautiful…” She gawks at me for a second, then punches me in the leg, very hard.

“Humph!” She crosses her arms.

“Um…OUCH!” I rub my leg furiously. “And I was kidding!”

Julie just stares out the window.

“Look, obviously I’m not very good with the whole flirting thing…and…some people tend to think my sense of humor is a little off kilter.” She looks at me, glaring this time. “Let me try this again. You have the voice of an angel.”

She smiles again, apparently appeased, at least temporarily. “Alright, now it’s your!”

“Oh…I don’t know…you know…this cold air and what not…” I begin to rub my suddenly sore throat.

“It’s 80 degrees out!”

“This hot air and what not…” I reply, still rubbing my throat.

“You’re singing this next or…”

“Or what?” I smile, intrigued.

“Or I don’t know what but you won’t like it!” Julie replies.

I’m sorely tempted to refuse to sing and see what my punishment is, but I acquiesce.

“Alright, alright. But I have to warm up my voice first.” And I begin to go through the motions. This takes a few minutes, or at least I make it take a few minutes, as I really have no clue what I’m doing. She seems to be thinking the same, trying to look irritated, with her arms crossed again, though I know she’s not. A new song is coming on the radio, Better Than I Used To Be, and I begin doing my thing.

By the end of the song she’s nodding her head in approval. “Very impressed. Which is fortunate since you don’t have much going on in the looks department.”

I laugh. “Zing! And clearly you’re as good at this flirting thing as yours truly.”

She smiles. “Seriously though, it Kocaeli Escort Bayan seems like you really connected with that song, like you’ve gone through some tough times.”

I shake my head. “Not really…but I feel like a lot of people are…like so many people are out there thinking that song is for them, and that makes it a very powerful song, ya know?”

She nods her head in agreement. Then there’s silence. Neither of us speak for a few minutes, finally I try and move the conversation along.

“So…since we have singing out of the way should we arm wrestle next? Because I gotta tell I feel pretty confident about that one…”

She just smiles, then says “So, you think I’m extremely beautiful?”

I can’t help but burst out laughing.

“What!?” She sounds indignant.

“Nothing…” I say, still lightly laughing. “I’m just glad you took that out of our conversation.”

She thinks about it a moment. “So, you think I’m extremely beautiful?” She repeats the question.

“That depends.” I say.


“On whether or not I’m going to get punched in the leg again, cause that hurt…and you know…I’m suddenly rethinking that arm wrestling contest.”

She smiles a half smile. “No punching. I promise.”

“Well then yes, you’re extremely beautiful.” There’s more silence. “You know what really does it? I mean what pushes you from pretty to extremely beautiful?” She’s silent. “Your eyes. They’re so…exotic.” She bites her lip but remains silent. “And that look right there! I mean you look like a lioness about to pounce on its prey! That’s so sexy!” I can feel the erection in my pants growing.

Julie is about to say something when there’s a violent vibration right next to my hard on.

“Holy shit!” I swerve but gain control of the car, pulling out my vibrating cell phone. “It’s Chris.” I tell Julie and answer the phone, glancing in my rearview mirror to ensure they’re still behind me. They are. “What’s up?”… “Are you serious? We’ve been on the road for barely 30 minutes!”… “Ya, alright.” I hang up. “Nikki needs to use the bathroom. Chris says he forgot to get gas anyway so I’m pulling over at the next gas station.”

“Okay.” Julie says, but seems to be off in her own little world, thinking about something.

As I pull into the gas station I park off to the side, as I don’t need gas, and see Chris pull up to one of the pumps and Nikki dart out. I start to daydream and almost forget Julie is in the car with me until she speaks.


I turn, remembering she’s there. “Yes?”

“So if I’m a lioness, about to pounce on my prey…” She’s biting her lip again, up on the seat, on her hands and knees like she’s creeping towards me. “What’s my prey?” She asks seductively.

I can barely breath, let alone speak. Something comes out but its gibberish. My erection grows even harder as she leans in close. She looks down and the growth is evident. I hold my breath and she is just inches from me.

“I think I see something moving.” She whispers. Julie is stone still for a moment then quick as lightning her hand is around the bulge in my pants. “Gotcha!” She whispers and smiles at me, then slowly begins to stroke. “So what else about me do you find…appealing?”

My mind is reeling at the suddenness of the events taking place and I try my best to keep up.

“Your ass.” I respond in a hoarse whisper. “You have a phenomenal ass.” My voice is barely above a whisper itself.

“Slap it!” She demands. I do as she asks and slap her ass, then grab and massage it a little, before slapping it again. I’m getting so aroused, and I really want to see how far she’s willing to go. I reach my hand under the back of her tight shorts as best I can and begin to massage again. Julie reaches underneath herself and unbuttons her shorts, giving my hand more access, and I begin to massage in earnest, a couple of fingers trying to reach the prize just a little further down, rubbing through the white thong clearly visible. She closes her eyes and lets out a small moan. After a moment she opens her eyes and smiles at me, biting her lip again as she begins to undo my belt. Julie wastes no time unzipping my pants and begins to shimmy my pants down. I lift my ass off the seat to help her, and in seconds she is massaging my crotch, this time only my thin pair of boxers between us.

“I guess we know what our next contest is.” She smiles again and winks at me. In response I just lift my ass off the seat again and she pulls my boxers down around my thighs. There’s no hesitation in her now as she grabs my fully erect cock and begins to stroke it, slowly at first. Before I knew what I was doing though my hand was no longer down her shorts trying to return some of the pleasure. Instead it had found its way to the back of her head, guiding it to where we both wanted it.

The moment her lips locked around my shaft I nearly came, it felt so good I had to hold my breath. Julie didn’t seem to care Escort Kocaeli though, didn’t hesitate a bit. Working with both hands, she quickly found rhythm. Bobbing slowing at first, then increasing her rhythm gradually, and just as gradually decreasing it. One hand always on my cock, knowing exactly the pace she needed to go, the other caressing my balls.

My breathing becomes rapid. Julie looks up at me, maintaining her now furious rhythm and I brush the hair back out of her eyes. “You like that?” She smiles and goes back to work.

“Oh God! Yes!” I shout back at her. “Shit! Don’t stop!” I reach my hand over her and yank her shirt up. She takes one hand off my balls and helps me, pulling her shirt and bra up over her chest but keeping her mouth occupied. Her beautiful C cup breasts fall out and I begin to massage them with my right hand, the left holding her hair up out of her face. She moans in response and I feel the vibration on my cock.

“Oh? you like that?” I whisper down to her. “How ’bout that?” I ask as I pinch her nipple, pulling down on it. She moans again in response. I switch to her other breast and repeat the process.

“Harder!” She half yells, half moans. I pinch and pull as hard as I dare and Julie screams in delight. Her answer is attacking my cock with ferocity, taking as much of me as she can and holding it, then stroking and sucking with intensity again. After only a few more moments I’m on the edge and know I can’t hold out much longer.

“Oh shit!” I shout. “I’m gonna cum!”

She immediately takes my cock out of her mouth and strokes long masterful strokes, having no intention of teasing me. As I’m about to cum though Julie quickly stuffs me back into her mouth and holds me there as I release my load. I grunt and spasm as she holds on tight. And just as quick it’s over, and I slump over, exhausted.

“God that was good.” I barely manage to get out.

She smiles back, licking the remaining cum from the tip of my cock and everything that oozed onto her hands. “You know…” She says as she sits herself up, much closer to me, pulling her shirt back down.

“Ya?…” I ask, not knowing what this vixen might possibly say next.

“You might want to cover up…Nikki is coming over.”

Nikki is already tapping on the window as I finish buckling my belt, and as I roll down the window I try to act as nonchalant as possible. The first thing Nikki does however is raise an eyebrow at me.

“What?!” I say, immediately on the defensive. “We were just talking!”

“Whoa there cowboy! I didn’t say a thing!” Nikki puts her hands up in an I surrender gesture. “Just wanted to let you know I was all done and we’re ready to go.”

“Thanks.” I gave her a sarcastic smile, and we continue are trek up the mountain.

Another hour passes before we’re in a remote section of the woods, well clear of any other camp sites. My family has lived up here for a while, so I know where all the secluded spots are and this is the perfect spot for a group of young people to get drunk and rowdy without bothering anyone. The only problem is that the closest you can get with a car is 50-100 yards from the lake and fire pit. This, of course, isn’t a problem for the girls, as carrying…anything at all is a man’s job apparently. What else is a man’s job? Setting up the tent, gathering kindling, making the fire, and cooking the food all while the ladies sit idly by and get drunk. Of course none of us are complaining.

By the time everyone has eaten and we break out the marshmallows the girls are halfway through their third bottle of wine. Dean and I are cracking open our second beer, well my second Smirnoff Ice, and Chris pours himself a glass of wine.

“So…Lets a play a game…” Jackie says, clearly tipsy. Dean suggests a few drinking games, but the girls don’t seem interested. “I want to play something with excitement!” But I’m hardly listening. Julie is toying with a charred marshmallow on the end of a stick, licking it, then winking at me. I shift uncomfortably. Chris notices my silence and his glance darts between Julie and I.

“Uh…you ok Julie?” Chris asks.

“What?…Oh ya.” Julie replies and eats the marshmallow like nothing happened, but now everyone is staring at her.

“Anyway! An exciting game?” I interrupt.

“Exciting eh?…How about strip poker?” Dean says, saving me and causing everyone to look at everyone else. No one speaks for what seems like hours. I finally start laughing at the humor of it.

Nikki finally speaks. “I’m down, but I’m not very good at cards.” She seemingly without a care in the world.

“Well that sounds good to me, but I don’t think we have cards.” Chris says. “Unless Brian has a deck in his truck.”

I shake my head. “Sorry, definitely wasn’t planning on playing strip poker when I packed this morning, ya know…being just us guys…” I laugh again and everyone seems genuinely put out at the idea that we can’t play strip poker.

“Well…” Chris starts “If that’s the road y’all want to travel… I mean I have another game…Does anyone have a quarter? I don’t want to get everyone excited just to find out there’s not a single quarter here.”

Everyone pulls out a quarter, except Dean who pulls out a nickel, eager to hear about the game.

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