Brian and Amanda


Brian held his breath as he peered inside his house from behind the tree row. He dared not make a sound, lest he draw attention to himself…and to what he was doing.

He never imagined that after his nightly jog through town he would find himself where he was. He definitely preferred running at nighttime. It was cooler, there was less traffic on the streets, and he had noticed one additional benefit: the ability to see inside people’s houses late at night. He had, on more than one occasion, caught a glimpse of someone walking around naked inside their house. He had even managed to spy upon a young, beautiful lady in the heat of self-pleasure.

* * *

He had damned near tripped over his own feet that time. He had just rounded a corner in the secluded Whittington Oaks residential addition. It was roughly midnight, and all the other lights on the street were dark already, so the light coming from a side window of a lovely little Cape Cod had caught his eye. As he approached the house, he had taken notice of the light, and gazed into the window.

He realized that he was looking into the bedroom window, as he could see a large dresser, mirror and bed. He was about to continue jogging on by when his eye caught a movement. As he slowed his pace, he saw a flash of long blond hair that tapered down to a tanned, round ass and thighs. He blinked, thinking that he was hallucinating, but when he opened his eyes, she had turned around, giving him the full Monty view of her pussy. Brian stopped dead in his tracks.

Looking around for anyone else who may have been watching, he saw no one. His hands were trembling, his breath still heavy from his run. Curiosity and adrenaline got the better of him, and he silently glided into the yard beside the house. There was a small fir tree about eight feet away from the window, and he crouched behind it. What he saw inside kept his attention like a moth to a flame.

The blond woman he had glimpsed was completely naked. She was young, probably late 20’s to early thirties, and absolutely stunning to Brian. She had huge, high breasts with dark brown nipples the size of silver dollars, which were standing out from her tits at full attention. She was moving around in her bedroom, obviously preparing to go to bed. She had left the window open, and the cool air had obviously tweaked her nipples into full alert.

Brian felt a stirring in his jogging shorts, followed shortly by a straining feeling against the fabric. As he continued to watch the girl in the window, he could her humming to the stereo in the background. She closed her eyes and started to gently sway with the song, moving her tanned hips back and forth. She began to run her hands up the sides of her body, leading a trail from her hips up her rib cage, then across the underside of her luscious tits. As her fingers trailed under her nipples, she reached up with her thumb and forefinger and began tweaking her nipples.

This had gotten Brian way too excited by this point. His cock was practically ready to let itself out of his shorts, and by this point he had been lightly stroking it absentmindedly. Not being able to stand it anymore, Brian pushed aside his shorts and let his cock spring free. It was already leaking precum out of the tip, so he began to slide his hand up and down, spreading the lubrication all around.

As he continued to watch the girl in the window, she had gone from lightly tweaking her nipples to roughly pulling on them with her right hand. Her left hand had slid down to her cunt, which Brian could now see was completely engorged and aroused, topped off with a pubic mound that was nicely trimmed into a “V” shape. She began to rub and pull faster, and Brian could tell that she was about ready to cum. He began to pull on his cock, matching her movements with his stroking.

Finally, the girl leaned back against the dresser and began to plunge two fingers in and out of her dripping cunt. She began to moan, increasing her tempo and intensity on her motions, until finally she threw her head back with a scream. She quickly removed her fingers from her cunt and ground them against her clit, and as Brian watched her bring herself to the brink of an orgasm, he too was about ready to explode. What he saw next he never forgot.

About 5 seconds after she had taken her dripping fingers out of her cunt and began to rub her clit, she suddenly spread her legs and gripped the edge of the dresser with her free hand. She screamed out, and suddenly Brian saw a gush of liquid came squirting out from her pussy in a stream that went about 2 feet out. She began to shake her blond mane back and forth, continuing to gush out an amazing orgasm that lasted for a Eyüp Escort half-minute.

This was too much for Brian – he had heard about women having squirting orgasms, but seeing one right before his eyes pushed him over the edge. He felt his balls tighten, his breath catch, and then his own cum started shooting out. He was cumming so hard that he almost fell over when he had squeezed out the last drop of his juices. He caught himself of a branch of the tree, but in that process, it snapped another branch. The blonde lady suddenly stood up and looked around at the sound. Brian quickly stuffed his still swollen cock back into his shorts and sprinted back to the street, taking a path leading back in the direction that he had been coming from. He risked a quick glance back at the girl’s window to see that she was walking over to her window to peer out, but by that point, Brian had become a shadow in the night.

* * *

Brian had kept up with his voyeuristic activities since then, and had never gotten caught. However, nothing had really matched the intensity of that night until tonight.

Since Brian had come home from his second year of college for the summer, he had noticed that something had changed about his sister, Amanda. At some point, Amanda had gone from being his annoying, bratty little sister to a more mature and attractive creature. She was 18, a senior, and was heavily involved in school activities. She, like Brian, also enjoyed running, so she had the smooth, supple body of an athlete. Amanda had also been blessed with long, straight dark hair that came to the middle of her back and piercing green eyes, almost the color of jade. Her teenage skin blemishes had cleared up finally, and her self-confidence was strong enough that she carried herself in a more mature manner.

She had gone to pick up Brian at the airport when he had come back from college, and he almost hadn’t recognized her, the change had been so drastic. In fact, when he got off the terminal ramp, his eye had been drawn to the long, dark mane, thinking about what a hottie that one must be. When she finally approached him, his jaw almost bounced off the tarmac when he realized it was his own sister. She had run up to him, seeing the expression on his face, laughing!

She gave him a big hug, and kissed him on his cheek. As she pulled slowly away, his mouth was still agape. She asked him if he had recognized her, and Brian told her that he had noticed her, but he didn’t realize that it was his sister when he did! She smiled, gave him another kiss on the cheek, right beside his mouth, and said that she was glad to have surprised him. She also said that she would have to ask what was running thru his mind before he realized it was her someday. Brian blushed, gave her a crooked smile, and told that she didn’t want to know. She grinned back at him, held his gaze for a few seconds, and told him not to be so sure about that.

From that point, Brian had been very aware of Amanda’s newfound image. He found himself sneaking glances at her when she would come in from her run. She would come back to the house, her long dark hair tied back in a pony-tail with a few wisps of hair that had become stuck to her long neck. She usually wore a t-shirt, and it would be completely soaked by the time she returned, so that her nipples would pop right out once she stepped inside the air conditioning. He could tell by his furtive glances that she had huge nipples, as they would stick out through the sports bra, through the t-shirt and still stick out about a quarter of an inch. Every now and then she would catch him sneaking a peak, and she would just smile and walk into the bathroom for a shower. Brian went to bed more and more often thinking about his sister’s new spirit and sensuality, then when the image of her rock-hard nipples jutting out entered his mind, he would jerk himself off, sometimes twice.

He would imagine his sister, naked in front of the mirror, just like his first encounter that night long ago. He imagined himself caressing and kissing every inch of her body, burying his face in her pussy, making her come all over his face like the blond lady had done. However, he had never had the opportunity to see her naked yet, although he began to think more and more that his sister wanted him to see all of her glory.

That brought Brian to where he was tonight.

Amanda had left on her run about an hour ago, and he had been sitting outside, drinking a beer. Their parents had gone on a weekend getaway, so Brian and Amanda had the house to themselves.

It was almost dark by the time she came jogging up the sidewalk. She stopped and began to walk around to cool down. Eyüp Escort Bayan She saw Brian and walked over to him. She put one of her long legs up on the step beside him and began to stretch out. Normally, she wore spandex running shorts along with a t-shirt and an athletic bra, but tonight he noticed that she was wearing regular shorts. When she put her leg on the step beside him, his eyes were automatically drawn to her shorts, which were now exposing her crotch. He realized that she was not wearing any underwear, and that he could see her pussy not 12 inches from his face. He could also smell her scent, a mixture of sweat, musk and perfume that caused his cock to stir once again. He quickly took another drink of his beer and glanced up at his sister’s eyes.

She smiled and held his gaze for a few seconds. She had a knowing look in her eyes, perfectly aware of what she had just done. She then pulled off her t-shirt, leaving just her sports bra covering her nipples, which were standing straight up in the cool night air. Brian’s cock was almost fully erect at this point, so he just kept his knees bent in front of him. Amanda said that she was going in to take a shower, and Brian just smiled and nodded.

About five minutes later, Brian heard water running in the downstairs bathroom. This was odd, because Amanda usually took her showers upstairs. That, and the window downstairs, even though the bathroom faced into a row of trees, was always closed. Realizing that he was hearing water from the outside, he quietly walked around the edge of the house to the bathroom. His breath caught as he realized that Amanda had opened the window.

Brian, his pulse racing, made the decision. He quietly snuck over behind the row of trees until he could see the bathroom. As he looked inside, he saw a vision like no other sight he had seen before. His sister, Amanda, was absolutely beautiful, he realized at that moment, and she was standing completely naked in front of the window. She briefly stuck her hand in the showed, and was still waiting for the temperature to come up, Brian thought.

He had been right about her nipples – the areolae were about the size of a quarter, but the nipples them selves were standing straight out about a full half-inch. Her tits were large and firm, swaying only slightly as she moved around the bathroom. Brian marveled at his sister’s body even more. Her ass was perfectly round, tanned…and no tan lines. And her pussy had a small patch of neatly trimmed dark hair. She was smiling, for some reason, and she went back to check on the water temperature again. It must still not have been right, because she didn’t climb in. She began looking into the mirror at herself, Brian noticed, and then the incredible happened.

Amanda took her hands and began running her fingers around her nipples. She stroked around the edge, grazing her fingers across the buds sticking out. Brian could see that she was getting really aroused, as she began to get flushed around her neck and chest. Amanda then trailed her left hand down to her cunt and began stroking her clit lightly, back and forth. Since the window was not far away from the trees, Brian could hear the sound of her moaning, along with the wet sounds of her fingers sliding in and out of her hot, quivering mound.

Brian realized at that moment that he had a rock-hard erection, and that he had to do something about it. He pulled his cock out from his shorts and began to gently rub the head. He also took a step forward to get a better viewpoint.

By this point, Amanda was on the brink of her orgasm. She was rubbing furiously over her clit, and her fingernails began to dig into her nipples. Her breath was coming in gasps, her eyes closed with concentration. Brian took another step forward, out from behind the tree. As he did, he stood there, sliding his hand up and down his steely rod, staring at this incredible vision of his sister. He closed his eyes briefly, enjoying the sensation he was feeling on his cock, when suddenly he heard his sister stop moaning.

His eyes snapped open to find Amanda standing a the windowsill, staring at him working his cock. He stopped, speechless, caught. Amanda looked deeply into his eyes, then at his cock, then back at his eyes. She smiled, then she asked if Brian liked what he was seeing.

This snapped him out of his silence. He stared her straight in the eye and told her that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Amanda paused for about a half second, leaned forward out of the window, and told Brian to come inside right now.

Brian raced inside, tripping over the steps to the house, finally reaching the bathroom. Amanda opened Escort Eyüp the door and stood there in front of him, completely naked and her breath heaving. She said not a word, but reaching for him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. Brian received her tongue in his mouth like it was meant to be there, and he began to run his hands up and down her back and buttocks. He squeezed her tight ass, and she moaned in delight. Brian began to kiss down her neck and around to the other side.

Slowly, Brian began to slide his tongue down her chest to her firm tits. She was cooing and moaning and he, at long last, took one of her enormous nipples in his mouth for the very first time. He ran his tongue around it, biting it gently. She grabbed the back of his head and held it against her and he continued to nibble and suck on his sister’s tits. His hand drifted down to her pussy, fingers tracing the wet folds that awaited him there. She was so aroused that her juices were practically dripping on his hand. Taking his mouth briefly off of her rock-hard nipples, he looked Amanda in the eye.

She returned his lust-filled gaze, smiled, and asked her to eat her out.

Amanda leaned back against the vanity, spreading her pussy lips apart with her fingers. Brian could see that her clit was as large as her nipples, and was sticking out from the wet folds of her perfect pussy. He knelt in front of her, and ran his tongue from the bottom of her slit up to her clit. She shuddered on top of him, and grabbed his head, pushing him deeper into her hot cunt. She smelled both sweet and musky, and it was the most arousing scent Brian had ever known. He buried his face in his sister’s pussy, licking and sucking like a ravenous animal. She squealed and moaned with ecstasy, and thru her heaving, gasping breaths, she told him to stick his fingers in to her.

Brian was completely under his sister’s spell by this point, so he took two fingers and slid them into her dripping cunt. He began to slide them in and out quickly, at the same time keeping up his licking and sucking of her clit. Amanda’s eyes rolled back, and she began to arch her back, sticking her titties straight out. Brian reached up with his free hand and began to pull at her nipples again while continuing to lick, finger and suck Amanda’s cunt.

Suddenly, Amanda’s cunt began to tighten around his fingers. She screamed for him to take his fingers out and lick her clit as hard as he could. Taking out his fingers, he doubled the intensity of his tongue strokes on her clit. He glanced up for a moment to find Amanda staring at him through a lusty haze, smiling. Her breath started to come in gasps, and she cried to Brian to look for a surprise.

At that moment, Amanda began to scream, grabbing his hair. As he continued to lick her clit, he felt her pussy swell underneath his mouth. All of a sudden, a gush of liquid came shooting out of his sister’s pussy, spraying all over his face and hands. Within a split second, he realized that it was not her peeing, but her having her own squirting orgasm. In the back of his mind, he remembered the blond in the window having the same kind of intense orgasm, and now his very own sister was coming, gushing her love into his mouth. He was so turned on that he buried his face in the stream to continue licking and sucking her for full two-minutes, until she grabbed his head and told him to stand up and stick his cock all the way into her stomach.

Brian stood, his rock hard cock standing straight out. She grabbed it and guided into her convulsing pussy, groaning with pleasure and Brian buried himself to the hilt. There was no time to be wasted, as she began to grind her hips against his cock. He returned the favor, pumping his cock in and out of his sister’s pulsating pussy. He looked up at her and they started kissing voraciously, tongues intertwining while Brian’s steely prick was banging all the way into his sister’s cunt.

He felt her pussy beginning to tighten again, and began pumping his sister even faster than before. Her eyes locked onto his, and she wrapped her legs around his waist and he rammed his cock into her cunt over and over again. Finally, he felt the walls of her cunt start to pulsate, and he felt another rush of her warm, gushing cum beginning to shoot over his cock. Kissing his sister, he took his lips away from hers only long enough to scream with pure ecstasy as his cock began to pour his hot, steaming cum deep into his sister’s womb. Their juices began mixing, her orgasm shooting out and his cum shooting in, lasting for what seemed to be an eternity, until they finally slumped together on the vanity, panting and gasping for breath.

As Brian looked up into his sister’s beautiful face, she gazed lovingly back at him, stroking the side of his face with her fingers. At that moment, they realized that they loved each other more than ever before…and that they still had two more days left in the weekend…

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