Brewed Pt. 02 Ch. 01


Written & edited by Amnoartist

NOTE: This is one of my riskier, ‘fuck it’ pieces with themes some viewers may not be inclined to like so much as others, such as incest, female muscle and pregnancy, Therefore, reader’s discretion is advised.


Chapter I: The Smell of Bacon in the Morning

Adam sniffed, rolling onto his back as morning’s light pierced its way through the curtains, and birds in the distant trees quietly tweeted. As he rubbed his eyes, his muscular forearm rippled gently, the powerful and sinewy limb pulled out from under the bedsheets. He half expected his grandmother Florence to be in the bed with him, but she was nowhere to be found, the only evidence of her former presence being the bra and undies hastily stashed in the corner.

Adam smirked, the events of the night coming back to him. Of course, it was a nightly occurrence between the couple at this point, but was still nigh unbelievable in is own right. Sex with his own insanely muscular grandmother? What wasn’t to like about it? Truthfully, Adam got slightly erect just thinking about it. Florence was that good.

Once out of bed, Adam stretched, the unmistakable scent of bacon teasing his nose as he loosened his traps, reaching his lower back where cuts from Florence’s feral scratching resided. Some were deeper than others, but Adam didn’t mind. It just showed out passionate and in need of a good fuck she was. He checked the calendar between stretches. Twenty-third of October. That would mean his mother Heather had been on her work trip consulting for…five straight months. Initially Adam loathed the fact his mother had to leave him with his grandmother, not trusting him with keeping the house in decent shape while she was away, but now he wasn’t the slightest bit miffed.

Grunting, Adam pulled his arms up into a flex and smiled. To think he used to be a scrawny, dope-smoking little twig when he first arrived at his grandmother’s. Given their frequent sex, it came as no surprise to Adam that he eventually started seeing positive changes in his physique. Florence certainly wasn’t complaining either. In fact, that’s what made her all the more desirous, seeing a fit young body constantly paddle around the house.

She called up from the kitchen, “You awake, sweetie? Made some bacon for you.”

Adam grabbed the shirt dangling from the doorknob.


The Gaziantep Escort bacon sizzled quietly on the frying pan, with four eggs, two link sausages and a black pudding already set on the plate. Florence had lied about breakfast, sort of, wanting to keep the surprise of it being a full English a secret for Adam. After everything he’d done over the past few weeks, he’d more than deserved it. There was enough there for another two, maybe even three servings if he wanted it. Florence certainly wouldn’t complain. Adam was a big boy now, who needed every morsel of food he could manage. Sure, Florence was largest of the couple, but Adam was more deserving of such meals.

The fry-up now set, Florence poured out two glasses of fresh orange juice, giving the largest to Adam to go alongside his breakfast. Florence already had hers, a simple bowl of porridge, enough to set her up for the day ahead. Seeing her wrinkled reflection in the window, she smiled. Her grin only grew when Adam appeared from the living room.

Adam didn’t immediately sit. Instead he stood at the threshold, the gears of his mind going, sizing his grandmother up from head to toe. She wore a plain cream dressing gown so not much could be seen from the back, save for her skull-sized calves riddled with vascularity. Even then, that was still enough to set Adam off. In spite of wearing trousers, the erection that formed earlier only intensified.

“Morning, gorgeous,” Adam complimented, kissing his grandmother on the cheek.

Following a blush, she returned the favor quickly, though with far more passion, kissing him on the lips, groping his shoulders. He had gotten so strong over the months, like a bull. Just his mere presence was enough to arouse the septuagenarian. “Morning, handsome. You have a good sleep? I know I had a good fuck.”

Adam wasn’t given the opportunity to immediately respond. Instead, having to suffer the teasing that came with Florence stroking his cock and balls in a way that suggested lust, coupled with the obvious ragged breath that reinforced the fact. She let go, pointing to the fry-up.

“Be a good grandson and take a seat at the table. I’ll bring your stuff over.”

Adam complied, pulling a chair back to sit near the window where the sun shone brightest. He organized his cutlery before reaching for Gaziantep Escort Bayan the newspaper by the cooker. He wasn’t typically interested in the news, just wanted something to do while waiting for his lover to set his food down. When she did, Florence didn’t even hesitate to plant her lips against Adam’s and engaging in a quick snog that drew the oxygen from his lungs. That definitely woke him up.

Now sat at the opposite end of the table, Florence watched Adam eat as though he had been starved for days. Judging by the pace at which he scoffed the food down, it appeared as though the theorized second and likely third servings would, in fact, become reality. But Florence wasn’t in an immediate rush to do that. Instead, she unfastened the ribbons tied around her bed gown, allowing the sides to part and reveal her pregnant belly. Cupping her gravid gut, the woman smiled.

She was carrying twins, soon to be fathered by Adam. It seemed impossible given Florence’s age, but it happened all the same, which gave the couple all the more reason to celebrate it. Florence didn’t want to know the sexes of her eventual children, which Adam understood, wanting to keep it a secret until the big day.

“They’re getting real big now, aren’t they?” Resting one arm over her belly, Florence raised the other into a flex and released a rather deliberate sensual grunt as her bicep swelled to its mind-numbing sixty-inch peak, a light layer of veins mapped across it. “Just like their momma.”

Without having to so much as glance, Florence could feel Adam’s desire, knew he wanted to touch and caress her muscles. But she wouldn’t have that. At least, not so early into the day. So much had to be done. Or rather, there was so much Adam had to do. Florence simply couldn’t, given she was expecting. Adam turned his attention to her belly, watching a finger caress her navel.

“Of course, your mother will likely throw a fit when she finds out about our bedside manners when she returns from her trip.” Florence flashed a grin, rubbing her naked foot up against Adam’s crotch, feeling his all-too-obvious erection press off of her sole. She, oh, so loved teasing him this early in the morning, watching him resist her feminine wiles. “But by then she’ll be a sister, and you, a father. Even then, love is love and doesn’t discriminate or hold back. Escort Gaziantep You showed just how much of that you had for me by giving your children.”

There was, of course, the other issue which Florence had clearly, deliberately chose not to bring to light: her impending divorce from her husband Chester. He had already known about Florence’s immoral relationship with Adam for some time, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when she revealed her pregnancy. Chester refused to be believe it at first, but then Florence started showing. It broke Chester’s heart, but Florence had so much to look forward to.

“You know, I was thinking you and I could go do something. Maybe later in the week.” Adam had almost finished his plateful of bacon but still found himself to be slightly hungry. Three plates of bacon wasn’t enough to satiate him? He really was a big boy with an even bigger appetite. He grabbed an banana from the fruit bowl and quickly tore it open, quicker still in his attempt to eat it.

It would be wide off the mark to assume Adam eating so much didn’t even slightly turn Florence on. He was an animal in every respect; muscular, appetite, sexual cravings…all meticulously forged by the mother-to-be. Her mind wandered to a dreamy moment involving the two lovers kissing, touching one another, skin on skin. “Oh?” she responded, half lucid.

“Yeah, was thinking maybe a trip to that spa you go to with your friends. Gives you a chance to show off, if you know what I mean.”

Florence was surprised. She never expected Adam’s willingness to show off his virility, especially considering whom he pumped it into. She rubbed her belly instinctively. “You want my friends to know you’re the father? Won’t they talk?”

Adam chuckled. It was like what she said. Love is love. And there was barely any point in expressing his if Florence couldn’t show the result. Two reasons were slowly gestating in her belly. “Let them talk. In fact, I reckon I’ll make them jealous. Think about it. My Greek god muscle body pumping cum into your perfect, mature pussy.”

“Oh, I don’t have to think about it,” Florence purred.

“Exactly! All the more reason for you to show off. Let your friends know what they’re missing out on.” To help stress the point further, Adam stood up from the chair, pressed his hands to his hips and casually glanced downwards so Florence was led into looking at the monster erection threatening to burst from his trousers.

Florence bit her lip, the sight of Adam’s monster cock devilishly enticing. Sometimes he could be just as teasing, if not more. “Friday a good day then?”

Adam smiled. “Friday’s perfect.”

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