Breaking Curfew


I looked up the side of the house toward my bedroom window. It was closed and the drapes were shut. I left both the window and drapes open when I broke out at nine o’clock to escape being grounded and meet my boyfriend Pete so we could try out his new motorcycle. We spent the whole night with friends racing on the flats outside of town; opening up the engine to see what she could do. Five minutes ago, I made Pete let me off at the corner down the street so the bike’s muffler wouldn’t wake my dad. So much for that idea, I thought, kicking over a landscaping stone at the edge of the flower bed.


The only thing to do was brace myself and go in the front door. Dad would be waiting to yell at me. I suppose he had reason. Since Pete and I started dating a month ago, I’d broken curfew three weekends in a row. After last weekend, Dad grounded me for two weeks. I came straight home after school each night this week, cooked supper and cleaned the kitchen but that little effort was going to pale into insignificance given the fact I not only busted out tonight but was two hours past my usual midnight deadline to be home.

The way I saw it, I had two options: go in and face the music or duck out and hide at my best friend Candice’s house until after daylight. Maybe Dad would be so worried by the time I got home, he’d ease off on the punishment? Fat chance, I figured as I rounded the corner of the house and headed for the front step. I didn’t have any choice but face the firing squad. The next question was how to act before the executioner? Should I be apologetic and throw myself on the mercy of the court or be belligerent, figuring on pissing Dad off so much he’d give up trying to talk to me and leave me alone?

Reaching out, I rattled the front door knob. It figured he’d keep it locked for dramatic effect. Digging out my house key, I opened the door then fiddled with the sticky lock that wouldn’t let go of the key. As I pressed the door closed and latched the lock, I heard Dad’s opening volley.

“I thought you were grounded. Where have you been?” his voice was tight and controlled. I turned to see my dad, all six feet of him, standing at the bottom of the stairs; his navy blue bathrobe knotted around his trim waist, his arms crossed in front of his chest. His full head of silvering hair was tousled, probably from repeated attempts to pull it out by the roots while waiting for me to get home.

“Out,” I grunted as I shrugged out of my denim jacket and tossed it on the Shaker bench beside the door. Belligerent got the vote.

“Out where?” Dad’s dark brown eyes were almost black with anger.

“Out there?” I said sarcastically, hooking my thumb over my shoulder toward the door as if he hadn’t seen me walk in.

I hated to admit it but even pissed off, Dad was a really great looking older guy. I never saw it until my girlfriends pointed it out one night at a slumber party. We were goofing around, talking about guys we’d like to fuck when Candice said she wanted to do my dad and all the girls squealed in agreement. I couldn’t believe it! I mean, yeah, he’s a guy but he’s just my dad for cripes sakes. It wasn’t until the next day when he was mowing the lawn and stripped off his shirt that I realized what the other girls were seeing. In a pair of khaki shorts and hikers, Dad chased the mower around the yard, then weeded the flower beds, then cleaned around the pool. All the time, hard muscles along his back and ribs moved and rippled under his smooth, sun-bronzed skin. When he climbed out of the pool after diving in to cool off, the water made his shorts stick to the outline of his firmly muscled ass, causing me to leap out of my lawn chair and run to my room to masturbate while fantasizing about Dad jackhammering my cunt.

“You were with that boy again, weren’t you?” Dad accused, tucking the lapels of his robe over each other and adjusting the knot in the belt as if he was contemplating wrapping it around my throat.

“Yeah, I was with Pete, so what?” I mimicked his motions, tugging on the knot in my white t-shirt that shorted it to midriff length. My actions pulled the shirt tight against the outline of my braless tits and their pert, erect nipples poked through.

Dad’s eyes flicked over my breasts, lingering as he uncrossed his arms again and took a step toward me, “You’re fucking him, aren’t you?”

“Daddy!” I cried, shocked he would ask. Ever since I started wanting to fuck my father, I ended up screwing everyone, including my best friend Candice, as a substitute. I couldn’t exactly tell that to Dad, though. “That’s none of your business.”

“You’re living under my roof; it is my business. We never had any trouble until you got involved with that punk.”

“Pete is not a punk!” I denied. Of course, Pete was a punk. Why bother with him if he wasn’t?

“I forbid you to see him again!” Dad yelled, grabbing me by the arms. “Do you understand? And you’re grounded for the next two months for this little stunt tonight.” I had Fulya Escort never seen Dad this angry before. His brown eyes were blood shot and his face was all red. Spit gathered in the corners of his mouth as he yelled into my face, shaking me by the arms until my tits bounced.

Rule one of belligerent teens, Show No Fear. “I’m eighteen, Dad. What makes you think you can tell me who I can and can’t see?” I said in a snotty tone. “If you think I’m going to stay in this house every night for the next two months, boy, have you got another think coming!”

Dad squeezed my arms hard and hissed out, “You little brat,” then he dragged me toward the living room.

“What are you doing?” I shrieking in outrage, fighting against the grip he held on my arm. He wasn’t hurting me. Dad’s hands were so large, his fingers closed completely around my upper arm and held on firmly as he forced me to follow him into the living room.

“What I should have done three weeks ago!” he shouted. “What I should have done three years ago!” Stopping in front of a wide, upholstered chair, he reached for the button on the waist of my cut off jean shorts.

Slapping at his hands, I squawked, “Daddy! What are you doing?” Despite my struggles, Dad was angrier, faster and stronger.

“Giving you a spanking! I should have been doing this all along! Every time you talked back with that smart mouth of yours, I should have pulled down your pants and blistered your ass!” he yelled, ripping the zipper open and pulling my shorts down.

Surprise, Daddy. No undies.

Dad stopped and stared for a moment at the thatch of dark blonde curls covering my mound. Hesitatingly, he brushed his fingers over the patch then sat in the chair and roughly pulled me over his lap. As I landed face down, his robe slid open and my fuzzy pussy landed against his bare thigh. I felt his hand briefly cup one of my ass cheeks and rub lightly, as if feeling the soft texture before I felt his palm come down on my bare skin with a smack.

“Ow! Daddy, stop!” I wiggled, my hip rubbing against his cock through the robe. I swore I could feel it move and start to stiffen.

“I should have done this a long, long time ago instead of letting you get away with everything!” he said, spanking my ass with hard, steady, stinging slaps. “I felt bad that your mother took off and left us and I ended up spoiling you!”

Tears began streaming down my cheeks. The belligerent tact went out the window as I sobbed for him to stop as my ass began to burn, “Stop, Daddy, please, it hurts! I’m sorry! I was wrong! I won’t do it again.”

Dad’s hand paused, rubbing the hot, bright red cheeks of my ass. Gently caressing me, he whispered, “You’ve been a bad girl, Puss.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I said and I was about to get worse. As Dad’s large hand fondled my ass, I felt moisture starting to pool in my pussy.

“Tell me,” he said.

“I’ve been a bad girl, Daddy,” I said as his hand traveled down to cup my upper thigh.

“Then you should be punished,” he growled before reining spanks over the backs of my thighs. Pressing my legs apart, he slapped the inside of my upper thighs. “You’re Daddy’s bad little girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy! I’m a bad, bad girl! Now, please stop!” Even though I cried for him to stop the spanking, my pussy was getting wetter by the minute. I started wriggling under the sharp blows, causing Dad’s robe to open. Suddenly, against my hip, I could feel the length of my daddy’s very long, very thick, very hard cock. He paused again, rubbing his hand over my inner thighs.

“Can you feel my cock, sweetheart?” Dad asked. “Do you feel how hard you make your daddy’s cock?”

Silently, I nodded as he continued gently caressing my stinging thighs and ass.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck my little girl for a long, long time, Puss. Even before I heard you and your friends talking at that slumber party about the guys you wanted to screw.” he said.

“Daddy, you didn’t . . .”

“I was out by the pool and your bedroom window was open. I could hear you and your friends giggling. I could hear them trying to convince you that I’m not just your dad but that I’m a man; a man all your horny little high school friends want to fuck. But I don’t want any of them, baby. I want you.” Dad’s hand wandered over my ass and between my legs until his fingers were brushing the edges of my pussy lips, teasing me. “I could see you watching me the next day and every day since then. You know that your daddy’s a man, don’t you, little Puss?”

I nodded my head then realized I had been holding my breath as Dad’s fingers tickled my pussy lips, dipping briefly into the moisture that was starting to flow, he spread it all over my cunt.

“You want to fuck your daddy, too, don’t you, Puss?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I whispered, scared, trembling from head to foot with an anticipation that had been building since the first day I masturbated while saying Dad’s name.

“Tell Daddy,” he urged in a Fulya Escort Bayan hoarse whisper.

Shaking with excitement, I closed my eyes and felt Dad’s hand caressing my ass, his fingers rubbing between my pussy lips and dipping into my wet slash. As he listened to me, Daddy put his fingers in his mouth to suck off my juices again and again. “I think about you every time I masturbate, Daddy. I lay on my bed and rub my clit with my fingers and pretend it’s you doing it. Then I fuck my cunt with a big, hard dildo and when I cum, I say your name.”

Dad released a long, shuddering sigh as he worked his fingers in my cunt, “But you’ve been naughty. You’ve been fucking that boy instead of your daddy, haven’t you?”

My answer was a muffled groan of pleasure against the seat cushion. “That’s none of your business.”

Smack, slap, slap, slap. The spanking started again as Dad repeatedly demanded, “Who have you been fucking?” He spanked my ass cheeks alternately then the backs of my thighs. I moaned as he spread my legs more and spanked the inside of my thighs again. Having tasted my wetness, he knew this was turning me on as much as it was him. Spreading my legs further apart, he struck my pussy the first time with one firm, hard slap.

“Oh, God! Daddy! Yes!” I cried, shivering at the incredible feeling. “I’ve been a naughty girl. Spank my pussy!”

“Tell me who you’ve been fucking, Puss, or I’m going to get a paddle!” he threatened, spanking my pussy again with an open-handed slap that sounded wetly as he connected. Licking my juices from his palm, he spanked me again and again.

“No,” I moaned, praying for the sharp sting of a paddle.

With that, Daddy threw me off his lap and stood up, towering over me before reaching down to rip my t-shirt off over my head. Without my shirt, I was now splayed on the floor, naked at his feet. My legs were spread wide showing my tight, juicy cunt that was begging for a hard fuck. Dropping to his knees, Daddy pulled my legs over his shoulders, raising my ass off the floor as he buried his face in my pussy. His tongue licked the length of my snatch, tickling my pussy lips before he sucked them into his mouth and worked them lightly between his teeth. Stuffing his tongue in my hole, Daddy pressed his whole face into my cunt, smearing my wetness over his nose and cheeks. I could hear him moaning as his tongue worked passionately in and out of my hole, licking as much of my inner walls as he could reach.

Playing with my tits, rolling my nipples between my fingers, I started to buck and rotate my hips. “Oh, Daddy, yes!” I said, “Suck your naughty little girl’s cunt! Ream her out good with your tongue. I’ve been so bad, Daddy. You have to teach me a lesson!”

Grazing his teeth against my clit, Dad made me shudder with want. Using the firm tip of his tongue, he stroked my clit as I moaned. “Who are you fucking?” he asked, as he licked my clit intently, causing sparks of electricity to zip along my nerves, moving me closer to climax.

“No one.” I groaned.

Pulling back, Daddy dropped my legs off his shoulders, spreading my knees wide before bringing his hand down hard on my clit with a resounding slap. I started to jack knife at the piercing combination of pain and pleasure. “Aaaaahhhh!” I shrieked. “Yes, Daddy! Spank me! Spank my clit! Please, Daddy, spank your little girl hard and make her cum!”

With his dark eyes glazed with lust, Daddy spanked my clit and pussy again, watching my face contort with pleasure and pain as juice poured from my slash. In between slaps, he dipped down to rub his face in my wetness, gathering it on his tongue and swallowing it as I writhed, bucked and panted in the throws of a major climax.

“Daddy, oh, you’re making your little girl cum! Spank my pussy! More! Uuuuuhhhhh! Fuck, yes. Fucking make me cum, Daddy. Harder, Daddy! Daddy, SPANK ME!” I begged in the keening cries of a feminine orgasm as he struck my cunt again and again.

As the tremors faded from my body and I floated out of my climax back to the living room floor, Dad stood up and looked down at his little girl, spent, wet and sweaty from the orgasm that he gave her. “Who are you fucking?” he demanded again. Despite having just eaten out his little girl, Daddy’s eyes narrowed as he looked at me suspiciously, almost as if he was jealous.

Jealous! I marveled at the notion. My daddy was jealous that I was fucking other guys and was going to punish me until I confessed! Well, punishment or no, I wasn’t going to let him win. It wasn’t any of his business who I fucked. “No one,” I stated flatly.

Pointing at the stairs he bellowed, “Go to your room! NOW, you goddamn little cunt!”

Bare-assed, I scrambled off the floor and up over the stairs toward my bedroom as Dad followed along behind, turning out the living room lights. Flicking on the light switch in my bedroom, I found changes had been made since I snuck out. Four heavy black silk ropes were secured to the posters Escort Fulya at the corners of the bed frame. The full size mattress was stripped of all the bedding except the bottom sheet. My bureau and dresser were lined with candles of every shape and size, all burning warmly.

Daddy came into my room, snapped off the light and shoved me toward the bed. “Since you seem intent to run out on being grounded, this time I thought I would take precautions,” he snarled. “If you think you aren’t spending every night in this house for the next two months, YOU’VE got another think coming, Princess. Now, who are you fucking?”

“None of your business.”

Letting out a roar, he shoved me onto the mattress and roughly cinched my ankles into place before tying my hands. In the wavering shadows of candle light, I struggled and kicked, biting Dad once on the shoulder and once on the arm. As we wrestled, his robe pulled open and his swollen cock bobbed between us. It was the first time I had seen my father’s cock and all I really wanted to do was lick it all over and suck it deep into my mouth. Instead, I tried to kick at his groin but he held my foot and gave me a death look that said I would pay five times the punishment if I connected. Sweating and panting, Dad finished the final knot and straddled my prone body on his hands and knees before untying his robe and pulling it off his broad shoulders.

It was the first time I’d ever seen my dad fully naked. His shoulders were broad and well-muscled, speaking to the hours he spent in the gym and working in the garden. At 47 years old, he was prematurely gray but the hair on his head, chest and pubes was thick and luxurious. I longed to reach out and run my fingers over his pecs and down the ridges of his defined abs. I wanted to slide my tongue over his skin and suckle his erect nipples. And his cock! Daddy’s beautiful cock! I wanted to kiss and suck its length until it poured his cum in my mouth.

Because of our struggle, Dad tied me when he could and I was situated cross-wise the bed with my right foot and wrist tied to the head board and my left, tied to the foot of the bed. Standing up, Dad stared at me, laying naked and spread-eagle in front of him. “I think we can get these legs a little further apart,” he said, taking up slack in the ropes until I was practically in a split. Crawling back on the bed, Dad positioned his cock over my wide-open pussy and stared angrily into my eyes. “Who are you fucking?”

“Nobody.” I continued to defy him, waiting to see how far he would take his horny punishment.

“Bitch,” he spit out the insult and brought his hand down on my exposed pussy again and again.

“UUUuuuuuhhhh!” I moaned, arching, starting to built toward another climax. Daddy dipped his fingers in my wetness. Gathering my juices on his fingertips, Dad lifted his hand to my mouth so I could greedily lick the flavor of my cunt from his hand while he sucked my juice from the fingers of his other hand. When his fingers were clean, he got off the bed and walked around to my head. With one firm movement, he grabbed under my arms and pulled me toward the edge of the bed until the top of my head flopped off the mattress.

“Who are you fucking?” he demanded.

“No one,” I insisted again.

“Open your lying mouth!” he shouted. I did and found his huge prick pressed inside my upside down mouth.

Holding my breath, I felt Daddy push his hard cock past my tongue, into my mouth and down my throat. I started to gag and he pulled part way out. Holding my head between his hands, he shifted my position a little to change the angle and pressed into my mouth again, telling me, “Breathe, baby. Relax and let Daddy slide down your throat. Let Daddy do the work, baby girl. You just relax and open your throat so Daddy’s cock can slide deep inside his little baby.”

“Uuuunnngghhh,” I breathed out the sound and closed my eyes, willing my throat to relax as Dad pressed his cock into me again. As I felt the bumps and thick welts of veins pass the surface of my tongue, I shifted my head in his hands and felt the broad mushroom-shaped head of his cock slide past my uvula and press into my throat.

With his balls against my nose and hanging over my eyes, I heard Dad release a pent-up sigh. “That’s my girl,” he groaned. “Just stay relaxed and let Daddy fuck his little girl’s face.” Dad began sliding carefully in and out of my throat, the rim of his glans moving up and down against my windpipe as he stroked in and out. I breathed around his cock, partly through my nose and partly through my mouth and wondered if he could feel the air moving around his wet skin.

Daddy’s balls slapped gently against my nose and eyes and he fucked into me. I could feel him shudder as he started to increase the speed and power of the strokes. I released several whimpers of pleasure and groans to make my throat vibrate around his cock. “Oh, God, baby! Fuck, yes. Feel Daddy fucking your throat,” Dad muttered. His eyes squeezed shut as he shortened his strokes. “Does Daddy’s little girl want him to cum in her mouth?”

“Unnnnnhhh-Huuuuuhhhhh,” I groaned, pulling against the restraints on my wrists, wishing I could wrap my hands around Dad’s ass and feel his muscles flex as he pumped down my throat.

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