Break Down Ch. 02


Friday, 11:00PM

“Hi, you’ve reached Julie Tillman. I can’t get to–” Nicole Tillman rolled her eyes and firmly pressed the button labeled ‘End’ on her phone. Her mother was supposed to have gotten to San Antonio an hour ago. Nicole wasn’t usually one to worry, but it was unusual for her mother to turn her phone off. She set her phone on her desk and picked up the book she was currently reading.

Nicole fancied herself somewhat of a bookworm, and she didn’t consider it to be a bad thing. She loved to read, and was frightened when she became myopic at the age of twelve. She was quickly relieved when she found she could easily remedy her impairment with a simple pair of glasses. She later had the opportunity to acquire contacts, but declined in favor of her trusty lenses. Most of the boys in school had wondered why she chose to keep them; she had inherited an otherwise perfect body from her mother. She was aware of their adolescent fantasies about her mother, though they never directly voiced them to Nicole. Instead, she chose to ignore them, burying herself in one novel after another.

Then, in her junior year in high school, Nicole met Justin. He was a senior and played football, and though she didn’t know much about the sport, she knew that he was good. He didn’t mind her glasses, and he was the first boy that could talk to her without openly staring at her breasts, which were the largest in the school, even in comparison to the female teachers. He never asked why she wasn’t a cheerleader, he never mocked her for reading, and most of all, he was sweet. Nicole fell for him instantly.

Sadly, at least for her, Justin had earned a full ride at Texas A&M. They decided to try to have a long-distance relationship until she graduated, and she would apply to go to school with him. Nicole lost her virginity on his last night in town, falling more in love with him as she was penetrated for the first time in her life.

Now, Nicole had made it, and she and Justin were happily together. It was the beginning of spring break and most of the students, including Justin, had gone. Nicole had wanted to go with him to his parent’s house, but her mother insisted that they spend the time together as a family. She wasn’t against it, as she hadn’t seen her family in almost eight months. As she mused, Nicole felt her eyelids begin to droop. She briefly wondered what her mom was up to as she she lowered her book and drifted off to sleep…


Saturday, 3:00AM

Julie bobbed her head, desperately trying to arouse Marcus’s deflated cock. He had cum four times in the last six hours, and she knew that even as superhuman as this man was, it was unlikely that she’d be able to arouse him for at least a couple more hours. ‘Just as well,’ she thought, ‘my pussy and ass are so sore, I don’t know if I could take him again tonight, even though I want to.’ Marcus looked down as the white slut reluctantly pulled her mouth off of him.

“Sorry, baby,” she began, “I’m having trouble getting you hard…”

“Don’t sweat it. Go back and sleep, I’ll wake you up with this cock when it’s ready. I gotta keep driving right now, anyway. Schedule to keep, you know,” he replied.

Julie nodded and laid in bed, surprised at herself for the amount of disappointment she felt. Her eyes shot open as she realized that in her sexual frenzy, she had forgotten to call her daughter. She reached out and grabbed her phone, quickly sending her daughter a text recapping all that had happened. Well, almost all that had happened…no need to tell her daughter about the black man she’d been fucking all night. With that done, Julie let her heavy eyes shut for the night.


Nicole woke up in her bed. It wasn’t the first time she’d fallen asleep reading a book. She glanced over at her roommate, Alyson Briggs, asleep on the couch across from their dorm-style bunk bed. Alyson and Nicole were nearly polar opposites – Alyson loved to party and she would often bring different boys to their dorm room. Nicole would usually go spend the night with Justin when this happened, but more than once she had fallen asleep only to be awoken by Alyson’s after dark activities. She used to have sex in the top bunk, but Nicole asked her to stop as it caused the entire bed to shake, so she began to utilize the couch. Too embarrassed to say anything or sneak out, she used to pretend that she was still sleeping. More recently, she realized that Alyson and her date were too engrossed in each other to pay much attention to her, and she would secretly watch them. Due to the arrangement of their room, Nicole had little trouble peeping on them. At the foot of the bed was a mini-fridge, and next to that was a recliner. It effectively blocked the view of the majority of Nicole’s bed, but gave anyone in the bed a full view of the couch. She found it very erotic to watch someone else having sex, but she would die before admitting such an embarrassing thing.

As she watched, Nicole realized that Alyson wasn’t asleep. Her roommate Onwin moved her flame-red hair out of her face, unknowingly giving Nicole a clear view of what she was up to – sucking the cock of some scrawny white guy. Nicole was immediately interested; she secretly took notes from Alyson for future use on Justin. Right now, Alyson’s face was buried in the guy’s crotch, and Nicole was impressed as she slowly lifted her head, revealing a mighty cock. Nicole guessed that it was around six inches – about the same as Justin.

Alyson focused on sucking her date off as he relaxed on the couch. She stuck her ass up, accepting his probing fingers into her pussy. She moaned against his cock as he fingered her slick hole. Nicole silently watched the nude figures pleasuring each other, inching her own hand down to her moistening privates.

“Mmm, Joey, I want you inside me…” Nicole heard the redhead whisper. The boy, Joey, gave her an excited nod, and she pulled up and straddled the boy. Alyson’s back was now facing Nicole, and she couldn’t see the action as well. However, from what she could make out, the boy had plunged his big dick into her wet pussy, and she rode him hard. Nicole rubbed her clit slowly, trying to remain silent.

“Shit…gonna…cum…” she heard Joey say with clenched teeth.

“No, not yet…don’t cum yet…” her roommate pleaded.

To Alyson’s dismay, Joey grabbed her ass and thrusted deep inside her, sending his sperm into her. She sighed and slid off him, a few drops of semen dripping down her leg.

“You’re amazing,” Joey said.

“Yeah,” Alyson replied, not returning the compliment.

“Um, well, I gotta, um…” he began.

“Just go. You don’t need to make something up,” she cut him off. He looked down, embarrassed, then turned and left. “Asshole came faster than he left,” Alyson muttered to herself before retrieving a large dildo from her bed, flopping back down on the couch, and masturbating.

Nicole’s phone vibrated at that moment, lighting up her face. Alyson glanced over at the sudden illumination and gasped when she saw Nicole staring at her with wide eyes.

“Nikki! Oh my God, were you watching us?”

“I…I’m so, so sorry, Aly! I woke up, and I thought you were sleeping, and then I realized that you weren’t, and…and…” Nicole trailed off.

“Nikki, it’s okay, calm down! That guy was trash, anyway. You didn’t even see anything worth watching. Look, I’m gonna go to sleep. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, okay? Besides…I’ve known that you watch me for a while now. I like to give a good show!”

“I can’t believe…Wow, Aly…I’m so embarrassed…”

Instead of responding, Alyson unabashedly spread her legs wide, giving Nicole a clear view of her wet pussy, then began fucking herself as Nicole watched. Somehow, Nicole managed to pry her eyes away from the erotic scene of her roommate showing off for her and she checked her phone. After reading her mother’s text, she sighed and rolled over. The text told her what had happened, that her mother should be in town by eight or nine, and that she would call. Feeling better about everything, and with the soft moans of her redheaded roommate in the background, Nicole drifted off to sleep again.


Saturday, 7:00AM

Julie woke up as the hard tip of Marcus’s cock split open her vagina. She was nude and on her stomach, and Marcus had mounted her from behind while she slept. He held her hips against the mattress, and with her legs closed, he squatted to thrust inside her. She must have been dreaming of this, because her pussy was already soaked. Marcus quickly slid entirely into the tight white hole. She moaned loudly as his thick head penetrated her womb. He spread her ass cheeks with his palms and gently rubbed her swollen asshole as his long shaft moved slowly into and out of her.

She pushed back against his weight, sucking his cock deeper into her. She felt his heavy balls drag across her thighs as he slid out and fully penetrated her again. She moaned in intense pleasure, savoring his thickness as her wet pussy stretched around him.

“God, you feel so good, Marcus! I don’t think I can be with a white man again…they’d be nothing compared to your huge, black cock!” Julie said. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy as his thick head stirred her insides up.

“Yea, dat married pussy feel real nice, too,” he replied as he buried his black shaft in her.

Biting her lip, Julie turned her head and looked into his eyes. “I want your cum, baby,” she pleaded.

“Gon’ blow my load in you,” Marcus growled into her ear as he slid in and out of her. “Gon’ knock yo’ white ass up. Better fuck yo’ hubby when you get home or he might think somethin’s up,” he continued.

Julie didn’t doubt for a second that this man’s potent seed would probably make her pregnant. She was shocked to find that the idea didn’t disturb her. She simply moaned in response, having an orgasm as he penetrated her womb again.

“That what you want, Onwin Giriş slut? You want Marcus’s cum in yo’ white pussy?” He was fucking her harder now, punching through her cervix with each thrust.

“Uh huh,” Julie said in the throes of multiple orgasms. The strong black man continued to hold her down, burying himself deep within her at a fast pace. Gripping her hips tightly, he thrust deep one more time, and Julie swore she could actually feel his cum pouring into her. The massive black beast bucked again and again, spraying the walls of her womb with fertile seed. This was the only man besides her husband to ever ejaculate into her unprotected womb, and she screamed wildly as the most powerful orgasm of her life ripped through her body. She nearly passed out as each blast of his hot cum filled her and rocked her body with powerful orgasm after orgasm. She thought she must be in heaven; it felt like she was cumming for hours. She didn’t realize that he had shot such a large load into her that what little space there was between his huge dick and her overstretched vagina was oozing his thick cum.

Marcus eventually pulled back, popping his cock from her. What seemed like a waterfall of cum began pouring out of the pink hole, pooling between her closed thighs. Julie couldn’t move; her body had given out.

“Fuck, you is one hot white bitch,” Marcus said. “I think I might take this next week off work so I can stay and fuck you every day. Would you like that, girl?”

“Oh, God, yes,” Julie replied. “I can spend the days with my daughter…and my nights with you.”

‘Yea, slut…you spend the days with your daughter…I’ll see if I can’t spend the nights with her,’ Marcus thought, wondering if her daughter was as hot as she was.


Saturday, 9:00AM

Nicole rolled out of bed and grabbed her phone as it rang loudly. “Hello?” she said, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Nikki! Hey baby! Mommy’s here!” came her mother’s voice.

“Oh, hi, mom! Glad you made it here safely. Where are you? Can we meet up somewhere?”

“Of course, honey! We can get breakfast if you want. What’s around here? Oh, I’m just so excited to see you!”

“Um, there’s an IHOP pretty close. Can I meet you there?”

“Sure! Let me ask the nice man that gave me a ride if he can drop me off…” Nicole heard some muffled speaking, then her mother returned to the line. “He said it would be no problem! He has to sleep, anyway. I’ll see you soon!”

“Sounds good, mom,” Nicole said. The two hung up, and Nicole started getting dressed, careful not to wake Alyson.


Julie watched as her daughter pulled in. She was a spitting image of her mother – pale white skin, a trim stomach with a thin waist, and of course, the family heirloom: massive breasts. Both had brown hair, but Nicole’s had blonde highlights. Aside from the glasses, that was the only difference between them. Nicole shut her car door and turned, nearly getting tackled as her excited mother grabbed her for a hug.

“Oh, my God, mom, what are you wearing?” Nicole asked incredulously, eying her mother’s odd choice of clothes. she was still wearing her overly tight black and white outfit that Marcus had gotten her. “Mom, I can see your nipples! Get in the car, we’ll eat later. We have to get you something else to wear!” Nicole said, her mouth dropping to the floor.

Julie looked down at herself, realizing she hadn’t changed. “Oh, why, you’re right, honey. I guess we should go…” Nicole sensed a trace of nonchalance, but decided not to press the matter. ‘I can’t believe she doesn’t even care that she’s dressed like that,’ Nicole thought to herself. ‘I mean, those clothes leave NOTHING to the imagination! I can see her vagina clearly, too! What has gotten into her?’

They both got into Nicole’s silver 2007 Ford Focus. In an effort to change the subject from her mother’s choice of fashion, Nicole asked, “So, who’s the guy that picked you up? I’d like to meet the man that saved my mom!”

“Oh, of course, dear! His name is Marcus. He’s a sweetie and a real gentleman,” Julie said. “If you want, I can call him and we can all get together for dinner?”

“Sure, mom, that sounds good.”

“I’d sure love to meet your roommate, too. Aly, right? Maybe you could invite her for dinner, too? My treat!”

“Sure, mom, I’ll ask.”

They rode the short distance to the mall, talking about various things that were going on in their lives. When they arrived, Nicole insisted that her mother stay in the car. Julie reluctantly agreed, accepting that her daughter believed that she should not be seen in public with what she was wearing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fast,” Nicole said as she trotted towards the entrance.

They had parked pretty far back because, as Nicole said, it’s an easy way to get a little more exercise every day. Bored, Julie looked out the window. She noticed a black man in a blue mall uniform strolling around sweeping up trash. She bit her lip Onwin Güncel Giriş in contemplation. Her urges soon overcame her, and she found herself rolling down the window to call out to him.

“Excuse me, sir?” she shouted. He glanced up, and she waved him over. He began walking towards her. As he reached the window, his eyes bulged at the beauty before him. He quickly stole a glance at her perky nipples through the thin white shirt that she wore.

“Yes, ma’am?” he asked politely, doing his best not to stare.

“I was wondering, is it true what they say about black men?”

“Why, I’m not sure what you’re talking about, ma’am,” he replied, feeling his cock start to come to life.

“Well, my friends all tell me that black men are hung like, well…I don’t know, but I heard you’re all really large!”

“Oh, I see,” he said, wondering if this woman was actually coming on to him. “Well, I don’t know if all black men are equal, but I think we’re all bigger than white boys.”

“Do you…” she began. “Do you think…maybe you could show yours to me?”

“Oh, no ma’am. If anyone saw me, I’d get fired,” he said, shaking his head.

“Well…why don’t you get in the back seat of my car? Nobody would see you…except for me, of course.”

The man thought for a moment then nodded. Julie unlocked the doors and he stepped in the back seat. She clambered over the center console and joined him.

“Okay, let’s see it!” The man was surprised at this white woman’s excitement. He was rock hard now. He unbuttoned his pants and slid down the zipper, pulling out his hefty ten inch penis. Julie’s eyes took in the black cock in front of her. Not as big as Marcus, but still miles ahead of her husband Eric. She instinctively lowered her head, sucking him into her. Julie was glad that it wasn’t too late in the day or she may not have been able to deal with the sweat that comes with the midday sun. She expertly pulled him into her throat, moistening his shaft with her saliva as she blew him.

“Jesus,” the black man said, watching the white woman suck his hard cock. She bobbed her head faster, rolling his hefty balls across her slender fingers. Her brown hair bounced with each motion of her head. “Fuck, you’re going to make me cum,” he said as he entered her throat once again. She gave him no response other than to quicken her pace. She craved cum, and she wanted it now. “I’m about to…” he said, giving the poor woman some warning. He doubted she had any idea how much cum a black man carried in his balls. He expected her to pull him out and take it on her face, but When she thrust her head down more, he released. She gulped down each blast of cum, swallowing his heavy load like a porn star. He tilted his head back as his seed filled her belly. His cock slowed its spasms, then stopped. He looked down in astonishment as the white woman pulled her head up, wiping a single drop of cum back into her mouth, then swallowing one last mouthful of his sperm.

“Thanks,” she said, indicating that they were done and he should go. He pulled his spent cock back into his trousers.

“Pleasure was all mine,” he said with a grin before opening the door and stepping out. Julie climbed back to the front, looking out the window. It wasn’t long before Nicole came back carrying a few bags. She watched as the black man she had just sucked off turned to look at her daughter’s ass. She rolled her eyes.

“Okay, mom. I got you some clothes to wear for now. We can go shopping together more later on, but I’m starving now. How about you?”

“Oh, I had a little snack, honey. I’m not that hungry, so we can go wherever you want.”


Saturday, 9PM

Julie and her daughter spent the day catching up. They went and saw a movie at a near-deserted theater, followed by ice cream. They had called both Marcus and Alyson, inviting each to dinner. Both had declined due to other plans, but agreed to meet on Sunday.

“Well, I should get going,” Julie said. “I still need to get set up at a hotel, and I need a shower.”

“A shower sounds nice. It’s starting to get pretty hot,” Nicole agreed. She drove her mother to a nearby hotel, hugging her and waving. Julie waved as her daughter drove away, then stepped inside the hotel. She was easily able to rent a room for a week from the tired looking desk clerk. He handed her the keys, and she thanked him before heading to her dwelling. She pulled out her phone immediately and sent Marcus a text saying where she was. She jumped in the shower, cleaning herself well. She brushed her teeth and reapplied her makeup. Julie looked in the mirror and was pleased with the reflection.

There was a knock at the door. Julie glanced at the clock. 10:30PM. She wrapped her towel around herself and went to the door, looking in the peephole. She saw Marcus’s muscular silhouette, and swung the door open cheerfully. He stepped right in, shutting the door behind him.

He eyed her, then asked, “Why ain’t you naked? From now on, you open this door for me naked.”

“Sorry, baby! No problem!” Julie replied, dropping the towel to her feet. Marcus looked down at her heavy, tanned breasts, then reached out and cupped them.

“That’s better. So, what can ol’ Marcus do for you tonight, lil’ lady?”

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