Boyfriend Sex Pt. 1


**Please excuse the misleading of the themes, all the stories in the series have the same themes**

I never really thought much about myself till I met a boy named David. My name is Kyle and I’m a 15 year old, bisexual boy, and I was completley attracted to David in every way. We were in the same school together and imagine my excitement when I found out he was bi also. One day i waited for him after school ended and as he walked out from the darkness of the hallway, into the sunlight I saw how beautiful he was. His dirty blond hair, and his clear blue eyes made me melt. His lips were luscious and cherry red, while his six-pack was strong and visible through his shirt. David was taller than me, and I loved looking up at him whenever I could get the chance.

David was alone as he walked towards the train and I approached him. We knew each other but not that well and I was going to change that. As I walked over to him, my dick began getting an erection. I wasn’t ashamed of it because I knew he was half gay, like me.

“Hey David, where you going?” I asked him as I walked up next to him.
“I’m headin’ home, why you ask?” David replied. He was so hot and sexy that I stared a while before answering him.

“Well I was thinking we could hang out, maybe play some handball.” I said and I knew I found his weakness in handball. Almost every day izmit escort David plays handball before school and I knew he wouldn’t turn the offer down now.

“Yea sure let’s go play a few games.” He said and we headed for the handball courts. I mostly offered to play so I could talk with him. When we got there the courts were empty and that made me happy. “You can serve first, and game will be 21.”

As we played we talked about everything, girls, school, sports and finally I was steering the conversation towards the touchy subject of gayness. I told David that I was bisexual, and not ashamed of it either. He looked at me and I knew he was thinking if he should tell me he was bi also. Finally after five minutes of quiet, he told me he was bi also.

“So, we’re both bi then. What now?” he asked and I made my move. I walked over to him.

“This.” I said and kissed him on his lips and put my arms around him. David didn’t push me away, instead he returned the kiss I gave him. Little did I know that, that kiss sealed our relationship, because the next day David asked me to be his boyfriend and I happily said yes.

About one month passed by and David and I were going strong except the fact, that we never had sex. I wanted to but he didn’t, and it killed me. He was so hot and I wanted him more than a bear wants honey. This sex-free streak kocaeli escort really tested our relationship. However little did I know, the one day that would really test our relationship was about to come.

One day David and I were hanging out with, some of his friends. He introduced them to me and their names were Chris, Lee Jordan, and Mike. Lee Jordan and Mike I knew were straight, but I got a vibe that Chris wasn’t and that he had a thing for my boyfriend.

I was hanging with Lee Jordan and Mike as David and Chris went to the store. When they got back David told me that he had to talk to me about something very important. We walked around the block and I could tell whatever was bothering David was hard to say. We walked for a few houses till I broke the ice.

“Dave, what’s bothering you? Huh? You can tell me.” I said to him, with my arm around his shoulders. He looked down to the ground and finally spit it out.

“While I was walking with Chris he told me he liked me and wanted to….that he wanted to…..ummmm….have sex with me.” David said and my heart dropped. “That’s not the worst part thought, Kyle. I told him that I wanted to do it with him also and I’d ask you if we could do it.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had to sit down to fully understand. My boyfriend wanted to fuck another guy, and that izmit escort bayan other guy wasn’t me. He sat next to me and put his arm around mine.

“Chris said you could be in the same room as us, if you let us do it. And I really want to do it with him, Kyle.” David said. “Before I met you I had a crush on him and I guess the attraction is still there. But don’t forget that my heart is yours not his, and that this is something I just want.”

I thought about it for a while till I came to the only conclusion I could think of. If I tell David no, he might on me with Chris, whereas if I let him do it he’ll get it out of his system and I won’t lose him. With his head resting on my shoulders and his arm around mine, I let the words slip from my mouth.

“Okay, okay. You and Chris can….have sex. But I want to be there the entire time and no drugs or alcohol either. Those are my only conditions.” I told David and he looked happy that I agreed. He got up, kissed me and ran around the block to tell Chris. When I got back to them, it was just David and Chris sitting next to each other talking about a day that they could do it.

“Oh Kyle come here, we’re talking it over and trying to figure out what we’re going to do.” David said. I was a little uncomfortable about this but I was doing it for the boy I loved.

Chris said that they’d do it at his house and that he wanted it to be “free sex”, meaning no restrictions on what they could do. David and I agreed and it was set. In three days, David and Chris were going to have sex at Chris’ house, with me there.

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