Bottoms, Bibles, and Blues

Cum Shot

“What do you want to bet that if you hadn’t specifically told them not to do it, Mark and Martin would be presently engaged in some serious buggery, Mark’s dick so far up Martin’s butt that my brother would feel it in his chest? Those two … I’ve done some sodomy a few times, of course, especially at your direction of late, but those two have the serious hots for each other! Even the thought of fucking Martin in the ass has Mark hard every time!” Lowell chuckled as we talked of Mark and Martin … and their rather delightful bromance turned outright gay romance.

“I admit, it’s a turn-on, watching those two go at it, whether Martin’s sucking Mark or he’s taking it in the booty from him. It’s very rare, more even than you think, for Martin to Top and Mark to bottom. It’s nearly always the other way. Martin is very much a true Bottom, so, of course, he’s a bottom when it comes to anal sex. Trust me, he enjoys it … a lot! He might fuck all of us ladies like a man, but when it comes to Mark, he’s eager and thrilled to be the pussy boi.

“Mark is very versatile, but with Martin, he’s definitely the Top. That’s what they like to do together. It’s their dynamic. Early on, they fell into it and discovered that it was what pleased and satisfied them. They’ve never been happier, aside from both of them submitting to you and enjoying us ladies,” Belle concurred with her brother, her hand also stroking his dick as she did so.

Sure enough, as we spoke of them, the two devils arrived. Well, that’s a figure of speech, of course, since I’m a Reform Jew and not all that devout to start with, mind you. Demons and devils are superstitions that I never inherited from the Faith, not even as baggage. They were certainly impish enough, however, as I was to learn … they just needed a firm hand to keep them in line. In this particular case, the guys were slapping each other on the ass with towels as they showed up, much to our amusement, even if I did order them to stop.

“Alright, folks, it’s high time for another neat little clusterfuck … on film, of course. You’ll do as I say, of course. When and how I say it. I’m the director and producer of this little production here. Okay, now … let’s see. Oh, yes. Let’s take this into the master bedroom. Very good. Camcorder can be reset right there. On the tripod, that’s good. Alright, now … Mary, get on the bed. Time for a repeat of the other night … only this time, it’s guys instead of gals. A proper gang-bang this time.

“Alright now … Lowell, underneath Mary. Yes, that’s good. Belle, suck his balls to get him nice and hard for his fiancee. Now, Mary, that’s right, mount his dick like you did that one time, only proper cowgirl this time around. Belle, don’t stop sucking his balls. Keep it up, honey. Yes, that’s right, roll them around in your mouth. Keep up the pressure and the urge to cum … don’t back off yet.

“Now, Joey, put your cock to Mary’s lips. Open wide, Mary … yes, let her suck and lick it … good and wet. Enjoy her warm, wet mouth. Mary, suck and lick it like it’s your last dick ever! Yes, that’s great work! Joey, fuck her mouth! Yes, that’s amazing! Fuck her throat! Use it like a hot, wet pussy!

“Carver, it’s time to take that ass! Lube up her booty and ram it deep inside her rump! I want you to stretch her asshole enough that it can’t ever go back to normal again! Mary, relax your backdoor and let Carver inside you. You know that you want to be my bottom slut and this is part of it … to literally give up the ass! Be my plaything and surrender to my every last whim, including sodomy at the hands of Mr. Watson here.

“Come on, guys! I want to see Mary get airtight! No holes barred, all of them plugged! Every opening used as it should be! Talk about your gang-bangs, eh? Triple penetration, no less! Fucking awesome! We’ll call this one ‘Hail Mary, ‘ shall we? That’s right, guys … deeper! Harder! Mary, tell us what you really want!” I instructed the group.

“More cock! Harder! Rougher! Deeper! I’m your bitch, so treat me like one! Use your slut! Take me!” Mary begged us all, her voice husky with her inflamed lust.

It was more and more evident that Mary was sincere about this, and not just to please her Master, namely me … She desperately wanted to get plugged in all three holes and taken by each of us men! Orgies and gang-bangs held no small appeal to this freaky babe, much to our shared satisfaction. That she was pregnant with her future father-in-law’s child didn’t seem to be any kind of impediment for her, either. She wasn’t so far along that it would be dangerous … yet. Besides, I had promised her a gang-bang, and a gang-bang she was gonna get!

While this happened, I opted to have the women fluff for us, with Sally and Shannon sucking my cock while Belle now moved on to join Martin in sucking Mark’s. Patty and Kelly I commanded to lick and suck Candy’s pussy and ass, which just further stimulated us all to witness. I had to fight not to cum too soon from the Bottom sisters taking turns with my dick and my balls, just as Mark did Aksaray Escort with the other Bottoms going down on him. All of the guys, myself included, were already reserved in my mind to fuck Mary first. We would take a nice, long break, and then Belle would be next … but Mary’s turn was first.

Finally, of course, Mary couldn’t stop herself and she shook in obvious ecstasy from the three cocks plowing her at once. The camcorder caught not only a fine angle for it, but also the gagged noises of apparent delight from Mary as she squirted on Lowell and the men withdrew from her holes. I had the camcorder zoom in on the cum leaking from each opening, something that thrilled us all to watch … I also had it focus on the three men who just plundered her as well as their now softening dicks.

“Alright, guys … Mark, lie down and let Mary ride you … Martin, fuck her face. I’m going for that ass and I’m not going to stop until she is ready to gush like Old Faithful again,” I announced as we began to make Mary airtight yet again.

I didn’t hesitate to use Mary’s butt as enthusiastically as Carver did, not being bothered in the least that he left a load behind in her tush. Sure, it was a strange, slimy feeling on my prick, but I was already getting used to it, which was necessary, as this whole family, both sexes, needed to learn to go even further in its embrace of free love. I wanted it to be a lifestyle where not only did they know about and encourage sharing, as they had, but that they would constantly seek it out, always film it, and even expand the circle of lovers and friends with benefits. They were mostly there already, of course, but I wanted to move in the direction of everyone being prepared to follow my every last whim without hesitation … and also to get used to the idea that no one would be off-limits at any given moment. The sex would be a lot more random, even more frequent, and would involve even more outsiders … whenever I wished.

Mary kept making noises while sucking Martin’s dick, sounds which strongly suggested that she was never more gratified in a long time, especially as she bounced on Mark’s prick and took my cock deeper than ever inside her booty. Damn, her asshole was very slick and slippery, of course, especially after being fucked and filled already with Carver’s jizz! It was hot, buttery, and smooth on my dick as I reamed her harder than ever.

Obviously, Mary was as into it as I was, and I think that knowing that I was a man of my word was part of it, but so was simply being the focus of attention at that given point in time … to have everyone want a piece of Mary … of wild, crazy her … everyone … including the women (who had already fucked her themselves in a lesbian gang-bang) … it was too much to resist the urge to cum yet again, this time on my cock. It was too much at last and I erupted in her bottom, filling it with my spunk as Mark and Martin came, too.

“Zoom in with the camera again … and ladies, chow down. I want to see you girls eat that cum from every hole! Right in front of the camcorder. Yes, ladies, you’re the clean-up crew. Lick up every drop of our spunk from her holes … taste us and taste Mary, too. I’m going to have so much fun with the orgies today, that much is clear!” I declared as the women all devoured Mary, making her cum loudly again and again … again.

“Oh, God, she’s glorious! I love eating her out while lapping up that cum!” Sally exclaimed as she munched on Mary’s slit … and Belle went to town on her ass.

“Well, as good as that is, there is much more to cum … but for now, after you finish up, we’ll need a breather. Man … and woman, cannot live by sex alone. Besides, the cocks need to recover before Belle’s gang-bang, which is next. I have promises to keep, after all,” I chuckled, at which point Shannon slipped me more than a little tongue.

“And miles to go before you sleep … with me, Master,” Shannon giggled, “I know, I know, that’s not how Robert Frost wrote it, but this is a lot nicer, isn’t it?”

“That it is, babe … that it is… ,” I smiled as I concurred with her … and swatted her smooth ass.

I figured that it was time for a little clean-up, so wipes were brought out to sanitize the cocks while the ladies douched, and none of us hid of this activity from the opposite sex. In fact, while it happened, we made risque jokes and bawdy remarks, swatted each other playfully on the butt, fondled each other, drank some peach tea, and generally goofed off to pass the time. That was when I decided that we needed to cool off by other means, namely a good, healthy swim.

“Alright, boys and girls, it’s pool time! Let’s all go for a nice dip and have some fun! Naked, of course,” I chuckled as the whole family began jumping into the pool at the first opportunity, splashing each other like kids.

I didn’t take long to get into the nice, cold water myself, enjoying the chance to feel it hit my skin and rejuvenate me. Before I knew it, I was dunking each of the Bottoms and they responded Aksaray Escort Bayan by dunking each other instead of me. All kinds of jokes kept up during this, including the most irreverent one by Belle as she dunked Carver.

“I baptize you in the name of the Great God George!” she giggled, making me blush just a little.

“That should totally be a thing. We could have a church with its own porn studio, the only one to have tax-exempt status! Maybe even get tattoos symbolizing our devotion to our idol. I could see it now, performing weddings, ordaining ministers, setting up our own little rites and such. And who knows? You might be the Messiah or something. You got my vote!” Candy observed, much to my shock.

“I don’t know about claims to deity, seems blasphemous, at least on some level as a Jew … Being Messiah, though … sure, why not? I was brought up a Reform Jew, so we don’t have a Messiah. I would be a first. How about the Church of George the Messiah? Sounds good to me. I can easily see how this would take off … though a Yankee Messiah might be a bit much to take down here in the South. Even so, there isn’t a real Messiah, so I’m not usurping his vacant throne. And like you said, I could turn out to be it,” I laughed as Candy kissed and licked the back of my neck from behind.

“Wait, I thought that Messiahship and deity were the same?” Sally probed, obviously startled by the implications, as were the others.

“No, not hardly. There’s nothing in the Tanakh, not in any book of it, whether the Torah or any of the Writings, Prophets, or any of Jewish religious literature, not the Talmud, nothing, which even remotely asserts divinity for the Messiah. That’s all convenient nonsense spouted by Christian writers, commentators, etc. The Messiah was always meant to be simply a human liberator or hero of sorts, flesh and blood, some texts claim his descent from David and Solomon, and I’m not sure that anyone can trace their lineage that far back anymore. Even the writer of so-called Matthew left gaps in the genealogy at multiple points in order to defend the supposed royal pedigree of Jesus Bar Joseph of Nazareth, and that was nearly two thousand years ago!

“He also horribly misquoted various Hebrew prophecies, such as the one from Jeremiah about Ramah, and completely ignored the fact that if Jesus was descended from Jehoiachin, as he claimed, Jeremiah would have considered him unfit for the Davidic crown. Trust me, I was taught by some of the best rabbis in the Garden State, even studied some Orthodox and Conservative religious materials…

“In the end, of course, I became more secular with Reform tendencies. I literally don’t believe that there was ever going to be a personal Messiah, so why not become one myself? That’s probably close to the same conclusion that Jesus and his disciples reached, and I can’t do any worse than they did, right? At least my teachings won’t lead to witch burnings, Inquisitions, and Catholic guilt. While I wouldn’t try for a literal kingdom, the world has room for another religious community devoted to pluralism, goodwill toward one’s fellow man, free love, liberty, progress, social justice, and human decency,” I mused until Sally pressed her lips to mine and we made out very passionately.

“And you’d start out with a more inclusive community, even more meritocratic hierarchy, I imagine,” Shannon observed, proving that she was whip smart herself.

“Certainly. Clergy from all races, both sexes, all religious backgrounds. No exclusion on the basis of marital status or sexual orientation. Religion has often been a force for evil, but history has shown that it has a capacity to be used for good as well. People who don’t like it can go suck an egg. Maybe we should all get religious tattoos to symbolize our ideals. Things like freedom, justice, equality, etc.

“Instead of going to a church every Sunday that preaches that a man executed two thousand years ago will send you to a burning sulphur lake forever if you don’t believe his bizarre story, we will teach and preach that if you want to be more righteous, you should reach out to your neighbors, give to the poor, and listen to others’ perspectives. If we do that, though, I’ll need to get us all ordained so that we can perform weddings and such. Naturally, I’ll encourage the idea of plural marriage … both kinds of it, though actually getting to legally wed more than one would be a trick,” I remarked as Kelly played with my buns under the water.

“Well, if you can lead the way to a better society, aren’t you guiding us to a Messianic Age of sorts, and if you do that, this makes you a kind of Messiah, right?” Patty shrewdly observed.

“That’s a good outlook on it, I think. I can see it now. ‘Local cult forms around Yankee Jew.’ I can only imagine how the competition will take it. Anyway, I will naturally push for nudism as a key component of our teachings. That in itself will help separate the wheat from the chaff. Also, the tattoos will benefit us as symbols of our faith. Nudity, incest, Escort Aksaray tattoos, bondage, orgies, bisexuality, cross-dressing, and polyamory … not to mention interracial. What a wild and hedonistic sect we shall be, not that this is a bad thing!” I commented with a grin.

“Well, the contradictions between the Bible and what we were doing never sat well with me, but what else was I to do … or any of us? This sounds much better to me, to find a religion that makes sense to me, to us, in light of what morals actually work. I want to worship a God who understands me, not one who judges me for being what He made me,” Lowell agreed while fondling Mary as Carver rubbed his cock against his own ass.

“I can see that this swim has gotten us nice, hot, and bothered again. I have a proposal, though … I want us fully in a good, fucking mood, so I have decided to go to a tattoo parlor and get some of us inked. When we’re nice and properly marked, we can then grab some lunch, and then go to a porn theater. I promised Belle a gang-bang, but it has occurred to me that hers doesn’t have to follow the same rules or pattern as Mary’s … after all, she’ll have plenty of chances to get screwed by every man in the family. We haven’t been out together in public as a group, so this would be a great first for us.

“There are some rules, however. First of these is, well, I’m in charge. I will listen to ideas, but I make the final decision. Second, of course, we’ll have to wear clothes, but I can veto the outfits. Third, and I must insist upon this, Joey goes out as Joanna today. All day long. She must look and dress the part, down to her panties. Skanky, too … lots of makeup to smear.

“Fourth, every woman in this group must wear a thigh harness and strap-on dildo under her clothes as soon as possible. Trust me, I have reasons for this. I want every woman here dressed to kill … and to fuck. The thigh harnesses must all have openings in the back, however, for sound reasons as well … and they must have feel-do functions. Might have to buy some at the shop for the future.

“Fifth, we take the camcorder with us, just in case it’s needed. Sixth, no bras. Seventh, every guy and gal here must do cosplay of some kind … and make it hot as hell, okay? Eighth, and this is key, butt-plugs in every lady and gentleman, at least for now … except for me. I don’t think that we have the kind that I really want, so I’ll be looking for remote control, vibrating butt-plugs to use on everyone.

“That’s enough rules … for now. If I think of any more, I’ll let you know,” I ordered the Bottoms and Watsons around, which hardly seemed to displease them.

“Oh, so, can I go bare-midriff with Daisy Dukes again? I want to show off my best features, after all,” Sally solicited me.

“How well can you fit a strap-on and thigh harness inside them? Not to mention a butt-plug,” I observed.

“Can I try and find out?” Sally pleaded further and beamed as I nodded my approval.

Well, much as Sally tried, she just couldn’t get that damn thigh harness and strap-on inside those tight Daisy Dukes, so she settled for a classic Catholic schoolgirl outfit that still accentuated her delightful figure while concealing her toys. After all, she had to admit that she found the idea of going around in public with such a contraption under her clothes was a really kinky, raunchy thrill. She didn’t even know who I wanted her to fuck with it, but she was noticeably wet as she displayed her uncrossed legs while putting on her shoes.

“Damn, you look as fuckable as they get!” I told Sally in front of everyone, but then we both noticed that Belle had on a sundress that was surely capable of inducing a priest to drool.

“Like my heels? I wanted to be more lady, less redneck, but still with a strong hint of country to me,” Belle winked at us as I put my thumbs up.

“Nice and saucy, hon,” I remarked as I noticed just how much lip gloss she had on … damn, that was hot!

“And me?” Patty was dressed as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, complete with her jet-black wig, suggestively open bosom, and Goth makeup.

“Naughty of you, but in a good … well, great way!” I chuckled as she was joined by Candy, who dressed as a librarian, down to the pantsuit and bifocals, with legs that somehow made even penny loafers look good.

Mary, for her part, got fully into the role of a prostitute, from the short, red dress to the high heels, to the full makeup regime and flashy jewelry … she was quite convincing in that capacity … and arousing, too. Kelly went all-out punk, up to and including a leather skirt, thigh highs, fishnet stockings, a leather jacket, and a spiked collar that matched her spiked hair. She looked hot as fuck, I had to confess to myself, even with the purple mascara and the strange, hot pink lipstick. She was virtually topless under the jacket, of course.

Shannon, however, really took the cake, wearing horn-rimmed glasses and scrubs, with a deliberate emphasis on being nerdy and professional, yet sexy and kinky, too. She looked like the sort of doctor or nurse that if you weren’t the patient you’d want to take off her scrubs and slam her sweet slit from behind until she screamed for mercy. There wasn’t even any makeup on that I could see, but she still managed to look as delicious as one could get.

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