Boogie Van Pt. 20

Big Tits

I flopped back, pleasantly drained, Noni cuddling close to me, sharing the post-orgasmic afterglow.

“Colin, you are such a fantastic lover, I could get used to this.”

I was feeling a deeper affection than just merely fucking. Noni was amazing, her free, uninhibited hippie personality, the way she moved her amazingly cute body when she rode my pole, the way she looked in the throes of passion, I was wondering if she’d like to come with me.

“How would you like to come with me to New York, and see what the Northeast is like?”

“That sounds like fun, yeah, I’m gonna do it.”

Oh yes, great visions filled my head, Noni and I fucking and sucking our way across the country. I pleasantly drifted, until I felt her hand on my cock, and her amazing cute mouth quickly went down on me, sucking me back up to full glory.

She pulled her mouth free, and purred, “Ummm, all ready again, lay back lover, let me take another of my favorite rides!”

I was happy to do so, watching her by candlelight as she swung into position, I could feel my cock head rubbing against her tight pussy lips, as she teased me a bit. Noni rolled her hips back a little and I could feel the tip of my cock nudging against her opening.

“Yes, oh yes, my favorite ride, hang on lover.”

Noni let out a low moan, pushing down, when I felt the warmth start to surround my prick, I pushed upwards, eager to bury it. She let out a gasp of pleasure, mixing with my grunt as was I once again wrapped in her tight, wet, clutching heat. Oh yes, such a nice tight pussy, enjoying her little moans and purrs as Noni started to hump up and down against my thrusts, her warm wet muscles milking my cock as I humped up towards her.

“Oh yes, my tight little snatch is getting so nicely stretched out. I love it, fuck it feels so good!”

We moved slowly, each of her downward thrusts was deeper and more intense than the one before it. Noni’s gasps urged me on, and I started to hump up toward her faster. I felt the muscles of her pussy gripping my shaft like a velvet-lined glove as she drove herself down onto me, my cock plunging between the tight, wet lips.

I moved my hands up to her breasts, and pinched and gently tweaked her stiff nipples, she grunted and started to ride me faster. She dropped her hand down, and her fingers rubbed circles all over her hard little clit. She started to gasp, making little ah-ah-ah sounds, as her fingers stroked over her orgasm trigger. The gripping cling of her around my shaft made my prick sizzle, the cum starting to boil. Again and again, I thrust upwards into her tight pussy until I thumped against the back of her cervix, making Elvankent Escort her moan deeply.

She whispered, “Oh fuck, yeah, fuck, gonna cum, flood me, Colin, gonna cum all over your hard prick, I’m cumming, oh my god!”

Her howl of pleasure sounded as she tensed suddenly, letting out gasps and grunts of pleasure, her body went rigid for just a second. Noni’s orgasm rushed into her body, I felt her pussy convulse around my cock as she came, the juices of her release gushing over my hardness.

“Oh fuck yeah, gonna fill you Noni baby, gonna flood your hot cunt with my hot spunk, oh yeah, cumming baby, cumming, YEAH!”

She whispered back, “Yes, oh yes, fill me, flood me now!”

Her orgasm drove me over the edge, I grasped her hips and pulled her down hard, burying my cock as deep as I can, my cock swollen inside her tight pussy, the head of my cock pressed tightly against her cervix, splitting her open.

She let out a grunt as she moaned, “Oh yeah, your cock is kissing my womb,” as my cock head forced its way into the entrance to her very womb, and I burst inside of her, my throbbing cock squirted wildly, and my hot seed pumped directly into her womb. Her pussy pulsed several times, her tight grip milking my cock for every drop, her body shivering in multiple climaxes. I pulled her close to me, Noni lay her head down on the pillow and gave a soft satisfied sigh.

“Ummm, so relaxed, let’s sleep Colin, then in the morning, we can make our plans.”

That sounded really good, and I drifted off with her.

I opened my eyes, it was 9 AM, and I reached over for Noni, but she was not there. I got up, figuring that she was in the bathroom, or just outside. She was nowhere in the van, and when I looked outside, I felt a sinking feeling. Her Toyota Corolla was gone. l tried to calm my disquiet, maybe she had an early shift at the diner. I quickly made tracks and was soon back where it had all started.

When I was seated, my waitress was a long-legged blonde named Nancy, she was nice, and she was pretty, but she was not Noni. I ate a rushed breakfast and could think of nothing else except staking out the diner. Maybe she needed to wrap things up here, do a couple of shifts, then hook back up with me.

I was able to park far enough away from the diner that I could not be seen and waited for the shift change. When that happened, I decided I’d better head back to my spot at KOA, I had decided to stay at least another night, just in case she came back to the spot for me.

I waited until the same time this evening, that I had been there last evening. Beşevler Escort When I was seated, the long-legged blonde Nancy was still there, greeting me with a smile.

“Hey sweetie, it’s nice to see you again, really like our food, do you? Al’s made a fried chicken dinner that you’re gonna love, how about that sweetie?”

I forced a smile I didn’t quite feel, and said, “Sounds good Nancy.”

She jotted it down, and said “One chicken dinner, coming right up!”

I took a closer look and liked what I saw. Nancy filled out her uniform very nicely, she was really put together all right, with a solid body, not fat but big. She must have been 5’11” tall, just an inch shorter than me. Her hips filled out her lower part, nice and wide, and her chest pushed out the top part. She was really put together all right, looked like she had a nice set of 38Ds.

As she walked back towards the counter, she was giving her ass some extra sexy swing, and it had my attention, such a fine rump, I’d love to see that up close. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail, and it swayed with the rhythm of her hips. At the counter, she turned, her eyes flashing blue fire, giving me a big smile, she knew I’d been watching.

Damn, it was hard to keep my mind on Noni, with Nancy showing me what she had.

When she brought my dinner, we were alone in the diner. As I tucked into the fried chicken, I invited her to sit, she gratefully took a seat at the table and said, “Ahh, it feels good to get off my feet. I took a double shift today, we were mobbed at lunchtime, a couple of tour buses stopped in, plus the usual tourists by car, and we were really jumping. Working a double shift really kept me going, it’s nice to have the calm after that storm. Too bad Noni wasn’t here to help out.”

I asked, “Noni, is that the one that served me last night when I was here?”

“I thought you looked familiar, last night, I was just going off shift when Noni went to your table, Yeah, that’s her. No way to get a hold of her to come in for an extra shift. She lives off the grid, back out in the desert somewhere, with some guy who’s a survivalist type, he’s been in a couple of times, and I get the feeling that this is not a guy that I’d want to get on the wrong side of. She comes in, and sets up a few shifts per week, other than that, we barely see her around, driving that old blue Toyota. I get the feeling she’s kinda flighty, like a modern-day hippie, says a lot of things she doesn’t mean, I think she smokes a lot of pot, right after the shift, she’ll be firing up a joint.”

That answered a question, Cebeci Escort her all-over tan, she probably went around naked all the time, wherever out in the desert she lived. I’d seen at our campsite last night that she was a pothead. Flighty, yeah, just like her enthusiasm about going with me was part of her flightiness. I had the feeling I probably wasn’t the first lone male customer she’d enjoyed a ride with, and I wouldn’t be the last.

I was startled when Nancy said, “She fucked you last night, didn’t she?”

I couldn’t speak, so Nancy continued, “Yeah, that’s her. She keeps talking about how much she loves her boyfriend, but he’s not exactly a ball of fire in the sack. So, she told me how she gets lone male customers to give her a night of hot sex when he’s not around, then she splits. Would I be correct in assuming she did that with you?”

I nodded, and said, “She was talking about going home with me to New York, I was feeling pretty deep feelings for her.”

Nancy said gently, “I’m sorry she led you on Colin, but it was just talk. Once she’d gotten her fill of sex, she’s gone like the wind. She’s not up for anything other than hot, no-strings sex.”

Well, that finally broke the spell. Noni had led me around by the balls and then taken off.

Nancy said softly, “Colin, the best way to get over the pain of being used is to get right back on the horse, as it were. Would you like to get together with me, after my shift?”

Her eyes were glowing with blue heat, and my cock naturally shoved aside my wounded pride and took over.

“That sounds real good Nancy.”

She gave me a smile, and said, “Where are you staying?”

“I have a boogie van, I’m at the KOA, lot number 117.”

“A boogie van, oh yeah, I can see how that caught Noni’s attention. Okay, Colin, I’ll be off in an hour, I know where the KOA is, how about if I drive over after my shift, and help you feel better? I promise I will be there.”

“Okay Nancy, I’ll see you then.”

A couple had just come in, and she got up and snagged a couple of menus and she went over to their table. I again watched the sexy swing of her full hips, giving the very sexy shimmy for my eyes, as I got up and went to pay the tab.

She had unbuttoned the top three buttons of her uniform just as I was walking up to the counter, and at the cash register, she was leaning forward as I paid the bill, letting me get a very good look at her very enticing cleavage. I made sure to tip her very generously.

She gave me an eager smile, and said, “A little preview of what awaits you, Colin, I’ll see you soon.”

Back at my KOA space, I quickly had the services hooked up and got a fire going in the pit. Nancy was real sexy eye candy, her full body really hit the right notes. Made me think of Maggie and Janice, two full-bodied ladies from my earlier journeys, the remembered pleasures of their voluptuous bodies, cumming all over my cock, oh yeah, I was very much looking forward to my night with Nancy.

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