Bobbing for Peaches

Big Tits

“I made…something…”

“You made…something…?”

The sight of Melanie with a spatula made Jocelyn cringe. With Melly in the kitchen, it was a wonder the fire alarm wasn’t blaring.

“What kind of something did you make?” Jocelyn asked, with palpable trepidation.

“I don’t know exactly.” Melanie turned her back on Jocelyn as she hovered over the glass pot. “It might be a dessert.”

“Give me strength,” Jocelyn sighed. Though, to be fair, the kitchen did smell wonderfully decadent, like cream, warm cinnamon sugar and… “Did you use my Tahitian vanilla?”

“Guess so.” Melly shrugged, glancing over her shoulder. “Why? Is it bad?”

Jocelyn nearly choked. “Is it bad? I paid eighteen dollars for that bottle!”

“Oh.” Melanie sucked the spatula. The shifty look in her eye suggested she was wondering whether or not to say what she was thinking. “I guess I shouldn’t have used so much.”

Sinking into her chair at the breakfast table, Jocelyn let her head fall into her hands. She let out a deep chuckle. What was a little vanilla if it kept Melly occupied?

“Happy day, then?” Jocelyn asked. Her heavy hope stretched to heaven, like a helium balloon lined with river stones. It was the question she always had to ask and never wanted to ask.

Melanie cocked her head in consideration. “Yeah, good day. Not a psycho-dizzy-giddy day, just a good one.”


“Yeah, exactly,” she replied, nodding more slowly. “Calm.”

Jocelyn closed her eyes and breathed in the soothing aroma of Tahitian vanilla. “So, tell me what you cooked. Smells gorgeous.”

Hopping on the spot, Melanie clapped one hand against the spatula, sending splatters across the cooktop. “I think it’s going to be really good. Probably the best thing I’ve ever made!”

“All right, so what is it already?” Jocelyn traced a finger down Melanie’s back. Lost in some distant land of rain and fog, Melanie didn’t seem to sense the touch. She stared into her creamy creation.

“What did you make, Melly?”

“Oh. Well, you know those peaches in the fridge?”

“They were on their last legs.”

“Yeah, they were getting all wrinkly and dried out. I looked at them this morning and they made me really sad. They reminded me of old women, withering away in a basket, and I thought, ‘I have to do something about that.’ So I decided to make them into…something…”

“You’re still not sure what?”

“Maybe it’s a soup.” Melanie lifted the vat from the stove and poured its creamy contents into the big glass bowl waiting patiently on the breakfast table. “Like a dessert soup? That’s a real thing, right?”

“Yes, there are dessert soups,” Jocelyn replied, feeling somewhat like she was talking to a child. “I’ve had a lovely cold cantaloupe soup with a raspberry drizzle.”

“No, this one has to be warm,” Melanie interrupted, her countenance brightening. “Did you ever play bobbing for apples when you were a kid?”

Jocelyn laughed. “Umm…let me think about that. Did I ever plunge my head into ice-cold water infested with the germs of countless other children? No, I can’t say that was an appealing activity.”

“But you’re not worried about my germs, are you?”

Jocelyn’s lips turned up at the sides like broken window blinds. It had been ages since Melanie had been in the mood for love, but Jocelyn could play the coquette too. “What are you proposing?”

Melanie squealed. “Let’s go bobbing for peaches! I took out all the pits and cut the peaches into halves. Come on, it’ll be fun. Cross your hands behind your back.”

Plump cooked peaches floated at the top of the bowl of vanilla milky-ness. It did smell wonderful. How bad could this mixture taste, if it was basically just milk and peaches? And, really, what harm was there in shoving her face into an aromatic soup? There was always a chance it would improve her complexion.

“Okay, I’m game,” Jocelyn said. “But I’m taking off my blouse for this. Seems like it could get a little messy.”

“I hope so.” Melanie giggled, helping Jocelyn with buttons before tearing her own top off over her head.

Though her hair had been tied back in a messy bun, pulling off her tight shirt loosened it so golden strands hung against her shoulder. Her bra was bright yellow. It didn’t suit her, but Jocelyn didn’t tell her so except by reaching around to unlatch it. Melanie hopped in place until the straps fell from her shoulders and slid down her arms. Because her wrists were already crossed behind her back, it stopped there and hung around her hips.

“I love your tits,” Jocelyn sighed as Melanie leaned into the big bowl. She dunked most of her face into the milk, chasing peaches around until she came up with a gasp.

“I didn’t get one.” Thickened milk dripped from her nose and chin, running down between her breasts and soaking her ugly bra. Jocelyn couldn’t keep herself from laughing, but Melanie was happy as a clam. “It’s your turn now. Your bra’s going to get all dirty.”

“Oh, right,” Jocelyn chuckled, taking Maltepe Escort it off. Hers was white and expensive and not at all ugly. “So, I just put my mouth in there and try to catch something?”

“Yeah, but it’s hard. They’re slippery.”

Peach halves bobbed unsuspectingly in the creamy white liquid as Jocelyn planned her surprise attack. If they didn’t see her coming, they couldn’t react.

She dove at the bowl, aiming for one in a cluster of peaches. When her mouth hit the milk, they scattered in all directions like frightened sheep. She chased them through warm liquid all around the edge of the bowl, but she had to retreat, breathless.

“See? It’s hard.” Melanie laughed at the warm milk dripping from Jocelyn’s hair and all the way down to her stomach. “How did you get so messy?”

“I had my head in a bowl of milk. What do you expect?” Jocelyn chuckled, feeling quite relaxed as the soft milk streamed down her chin. “Your turn again.”

When Melanie eased her head into the bowl, Jocelyn was sure her technique would fail until she drew right back out with a peach in her mouth. She squealed, even with the slippery thing between her lips. “Uhh eeeyy. Aaa ahhh eiiiiyy!”

Translation: Come here. Take a bite.

Jocelyn sunk her teeth into the peach. It melted in her mouth like sponge toffee. The taste could only be described as gorgeous. In fact, the only thing more gorgeous was the sensation of Melanie’s soft, wet tits against hers. She felt a thump of ignition between her thighs as she pressed her milk-softened body against Melanie’s, whispering, “That tastes incredible. I’m very impressed.”

Reaching into the bowl, Jocelyn fished for another peach half. Even grabbing them with her fingers was tricky. When she managed to secure one between her fingernails, Melanie cried out, “Cheater!” and ate it from her palm.

“I have you eating out of my hand, do I?” Jocelyn chuckled, picking out another peach.

“Put that back!” Melanie snapped.

This time Jocelyn backed away and popped the slippery fruit half in her mouth.

Melanie’s indignant jaw tightened. “You’re doing it wrong!” She picked up the bowl, holding it against her stomach like a pregnant belly.

With a playful laugh, Jocelyn plucked out another peach and crammed it in her mouth. She took off like a shot.

Milk splashed against Melanie’s breasts as she chased Jocelyn down the hallway and into the bathroom, cornering her in the shower stall. The opportunity to have fun together arose so rarely that Jocelyn wanted to take full advantage.

“Is this a stand-off?” Jocelyn asked, watching warm milk melt down Melanie’s bare chest.

“You bet it is,” Melly teased. “And I’ve got all the ammunition, so you’d better take off those pants.

Her best trousers had absorbed a significant amount of milk. Normally, she would have been peeved, but the scent of Tahitian vanilla soothed her troubles away. When she’d tossed her pants and underthings outside the shower stall, Melanie crept in like a mouse. She turned her back to Jocelyn. “Now take off mine?” she said, her voice a raspy whisper.

Inching forward, Jocelyn pressed her naked breasts against Melanie’s back. Before she could even think of undressing the girl, she had to nuzzle close to Melly’s perfect neck. Her hair smelled of the wonderful things she’d been cooking.

Jocelyn sighed at the divine pleasure of having a woman in her home. Though she never knew what to expect when she walked through the door, she always knew Melanie would be there. Some people need to be needed. Jocelyn was like that.

Reaching around, Jocelyn traced her hands under the waistband of Melanie’s yoga pants. Melly giggled at the touch of fingers on her bare stomach. She grasped the big glass bowl as Jocelyn pulled her bottoms to her feet. When she turned around and kicked her clothes from the shower stall, Jocelyn’s heart pounded. Melanie was unconscionably beautiful, like a mermaid with legs.

Melanie held the bowl for Jocelyn to dunk. “Try again?”

Jocelyn shook her head in disbelief. If they’d asked her at the office, “What are you up to after work?” this was the last thing that would have come to mind.

“Why not?” Jocelyn said, and plunged her head in the delicious milk. As she sought a peach with her mouth, the bowl started tipping. Had Melanie lost her grip? When Jocelyn’s hands sprung up to catch it, they met with resistance. Melanie was pushing.

Jerking her head up and out of the bowl, Jocelyn nearly lost her cool before hearing the laughter like bells from Melanie’s lips. Melly dumped almost half the fragrant milk over Jocelyn’s naked body before setting the bowl outside the shower stall.

“You’re so smooth,” Melly gushed, licking a path up Jocelyn’s leg. She didn’t stop at the dark hair dripping with milk. No, no, no—she traced her soft tongue up Jocelyn’s stomach.

Jocelyn’s belly leapt in response. A warm mouth settled on her nipple, sucking vanilla milk from her skin.

Oh, Maltepe Escort Bayan that sensation! Jocelyn was lost in Tahitian vanilla heaven. A warm mouth against her tender pink nipple, suckling in wet, straining pulses? It was beyond heaven. Her pussy responded big time, clenching for something, anything to hold on to.

“Oh Melly, baby, that feels amazing.”

Jocelyn sent a loving hand through Melly’s hair, releasing it from its tie. Her golden locks flew as she shook her head side to side. She sucked one tit, and then licked between Jocelyn’s breasts before sucking the other. Even as milk dripped from her skin, Jocelyn felt wetter and wetter. Each time Melanie’s luscious lips met Jocelyn’s breasts, a surge like lightening coursed straight to her cunt.

“Finger me, Melly.”

Jocelyn gazed down as Melanie looked up, an expression of sheer supplication glinting in her eyes.

“You’re getting me so wet, baby. Fingerfuck me, okay?”

“Okay.” Melanie traced her fingernails through Jocelyn’s sopping pubic hair, zeroing in on Jocelyn’s erect clit.

Jocelyn jumped when Melanie touched it. God, her clit was sensitive. It hadn’t been touched, not by Jocelyn, not by Melanie, not by anyone, in a couple weeks at least.

“Oh God,” Jocelyn said in a pant. “God, Melly, that feels good.”

Melanie traced circles around Jocelyn’s clit with the pad of her thumb. Her skin was incredibly soft from the milk and the peaches, and suddenly Jocelyn craved the taste of it. Melanie crouched in front, her pink lips hovering over Jocelyn’s nipple. The position didn’t work for reciprocity.

Jocelyn would just have to wait.

“You want my fingers in your pussy?” Melanie asked, a divine little tease.

“God, yes.”

Without removing her thumb, Melanie pressed two fingers into the welcoming warmth of Jocelyn’s pussy. When was the last time she’d been this wet? Maybe never. She could have sworn pussy juice was streaming down her thighs, but it could have been milk. Hard to say.

“Oh, that feels so good, Melly.” Jocelyn’s knees buckled with the intense pleasure of being filled, being slowly fucked by two languid fingers. “Give me another one, baby.”

Melanie gurgled with delight, pressing a third finger inside Jocelyn’s pussy. “It’s so hot in here. And wet. Like your body’s on fire and it’s trying to put itself out.”

That thought had never occurred to Jocelyn, and it made her laugh. The giggles subsided when Melanie picked up the pace, reaming Jocelyn with that thick bundle of fingers. The wet squelching sound resonated against the shower walls.

“I love your pussy,” Melly said, her breath hot on Jocelyn’s nipple.

Jocelyn set her hand on the back of Melanie’s head and pressed it flush to her breast. Without delay, Melanie started sucking again, gently at first, and then a little harder, a little faster, until Jocelyn couldn’t handle the rough strain of that sensation.

“You’re gonna kill me with that mouth of yours!”

“What a way to go,” Melanie said, still fucking Jocelyn with such voracity her knees went weak and she had to lean back against the wall.

Giggling like a pixie, Melanie moved to the other nipple and licked it with the fullness of her tongue. Her face looked so pretty like that, so youthful and fresh. God, Melanie had a wide tongue—and a soft tongue, soft as velvet, and warm, warm as a cashmere blanket on a cold winter night. And wet. Wet as Jocelyn’s pussy, which clasped Melanie’s furious fingers as they reamed it.

“Mmm!” Melanie backed off Jocelyn’s breast. “Your tits are delicious, but they need more peaches.”

Before Jocelyn could respond, Melanie extracted her fingers and reached for the milk and peaches. She stood, rocking with the bowl like she was trying to build momentum. On instinct, Jocelyn grabbed it too, and they struggled somewhere between playful and serious, each vying for control of the warm milk.

Melanie shrieked when it started spilling over the edges, splashing her arms. Jocelyn flicked the bowl from underneath, sending milk and peaches flying at Melanie’s chest and soaking her tits. When Melanie squealed, Jocelyn did it again, getting some backsplash on her own breasts and jerking the bowl even harder in Melanie’s direction.

“Oh no you don’t!” Melanie cried, trying to lift the rather heavy glass bowl over Jocelyn’s head.

“Oh yes I do!” Jocelyn shot back, turning the bowl just enough that it splashed mostly over Melanie.

Peaches flew everywhere.

Melanie set the almost-empty bowl outside the shower and rose like a flower to the sun, tall and proud. Droplets of cinnamon-specked milk dripped from her pebbled pink nipples, and Jocelyn dove at them, pressing those big breasts together like two pallid water balloons.

“God, you’ve got great tits.” Jocelyn licked them, tracing her tongue over every curve, every valley of Melanie’s perfect spheres. She never could get over the natural shape of those tits, or the way her own nipples sat in Escort Maltepe the perfect position atop them—pointing slightly upward, but not too much. “They’re perfect.”

That was really the only word for them.

Jocelyn pressed her face between those vanilla-scented orbs, getting her cheeks all sticky and wet, licking that syrupy sweetness from her woman’s fresh skin. She was dizzy with desire now, her head spinning with lust, her mouth salivating for another taste.

For a not-so-sweet taste.

For the musky, supremely feminine aroma of Melanie’s cunt.

Falling to her knees, Jocelyn spread Melanie’s downy golden pussy lips and leaned in close. Everything inside of her was calling out, “Suck that clit!” but Jocelyn knew if she attacked such a sensitive spot Melanie wouldn’t be able to handle the pleasure.

“Oh, you’ve got a pretty pussy.” Jocelyn licked those glistening pink lips as gently as she could bear to, suppressing her drive to ravage the girl. “You’ve got such a pretty, perfect pussy.”

Melanie cooed like a mourning dove as Jocelyn licked her clit, just teasing it with the tip of the tongue. Jocelyn could feel her body trembling, and licked her clit with firmer strokes, building pressure, coaxing pleasure from that lean body.

“That’s good,” Melanie said, panting. Her eyes were closed, her head down, soft pink lips planting unconscious kisses against her own shoulder. Both arms cradled her big tits, hugging them, rocking them like a child. “Oh God, honey, don’t stop.”

Jocelyn licked harder, nodding her head, pressing her face against Melanie’s pussy. That golden hair tickled her nose, and she wanted to sneeze, but held that sensation in her belly like a building orgasm.

“Suck it, honey.” Melanie lifted her milky tits to her mouth, sucking one nipple, sucking the other.

That image nearly put Jocelyn over the edge, and she reached between her soft thighs to find her clit protruding rudely between her pussy lips.

“Suck my clit!” Melanie said, letting her nipple fall from her mouth and then taking it up again, sucking with her eyes gently closed.

Was there anything hotter than watching a woman suck her own tits? Jocelyn was so turned on by the image she wouldn’t let herself blink.

Pressing one finger against her fat clit, Jocelyn rubbed in tight circles and nearly came on the spot. It felt so good beyond good that she almost wanted to stop. Her thighs tightened around her hands, trying to squeeze her out. She persevered, stroking herself while she sucked Melanie’s slippery clit.

“Oh God!” Melanie squirmed, hugging her big breasts close to her face like she could bury herself in their warmth.

Everything tasted faintly of peaches and vanilla as Jocelyn consumed Melanie’s pussy in messy licks and sucks. She loved the way her woman squirmed, squealed, shouted and shook. Melanie’s thighs tightened. Her belly muscles clenched noticeably. She was about to come, and Jocelyn wanted to be there too.

Opening her thighs a little wider, Jocelyn rubbed her engorged clit with her whole hand. It felt so good she started bucking against it, ramming her wet pussy against her fingers, her palm. Her hips jerked of their own volition, circling, cycling, thrusting rigidly until she started slapping her cunt, spanking her clit. Oooh God, it felt so good she sucked even harder between Melanie’s legs. She trembled, hearing the woman she loved pant and moan.

“Yes, honey, yes, I’m coming!” Melanie squirmed and writhed, still cradling her pale breasts, kissing them, licking.

Jocelyn’s skin felt sticky and taut as she rubbed herself off, getting higher and higher, building toward orgasm, feeling it sitting there, just there at the base of her belly. Ready. It was ready to come when Melanie was, waiting for release.

Bucking wildly against Jocelyn’s face, Melanie shrieked an incomprehensible string of syllables. Jocelyn’s pussy pulsed and spasmed against her hand, throbbing so hotly she reached behind Melanie’s legs to turn on the shower.

She couldn’t take any more. The pleasure was much too much.

Melanie squealed and jumped. Her eyes flew wide open when the water came out cold. “What the hell?”

The shower warmed as Jocelyn stood on trembling legs, taking Melanie in her exhausted arms and kissing her deeply. Melanie released her hold on her own breasts, wrapping her arms around Jocelyn and returning the kiss tenfold.

Steamy air took over the shower stall, and Jocelyn pressed her sticky tits against Melanie’s, mashing their bodies together until she could feel Melanie’s pubic hair meshing with her own.

They moaned in each other’s mouths, kissing while the shower washed all traces of milk and vanilla from their skin. There were still mashed peaches underfoot, crushed by their feet and toes, making them giggle.


“Yeah, babe?”

Melanie gazed into her eyes for a long, long time. “Thanks for taking care of me.”

Jocelyn’s heart felt too big for her chest when Melanie’s eyes filled with tears. She hugged Melanie hard. Their wet breasts pressed together under the cascade from above. “You don’t need taking care of.”

They held each other, rocking in the shower’s mist.

“Can I tell you something?” Melanie asked, hooking her chin over Jocelyn’s shoulder.

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