This is a complete work of fiction, really.


“What the hell is it about blondes?” I seethed as I slammed the car door. I had just been dumped. Now, I will admit I’m not the hottest girl in town. I have mousey brown hair and I wear glasses, but I’m not fat, I’m athletic, no warts on my chin or anything, I’m smart and I’d like to think I’m interesting. Ok, so I was whining, I’m allowed, I’d been dumped for a fat, scraggly, blonde with braces on her teeth. Argh

By the time I’d climbed the two flights of stairs to the apartment I shared with my brother, I was out of gas and near tears. Softly I opened the door and slipped inside. There was my brother, six feet of pure gorgeous, sitting on the sofa with his cock in hand, watching a porno. Open mouthed, I watched as he slowly stroked that delight, feeling myself get wet and feeling weird about it, then I saw the TV. Some guy with a dick like a horse was banging away on some blonde.

Another goddamned blonde! “Tell me something, Con,” I sighed as I plopped into a chair where I could see both him and the TV.

His reaction was priceless and I laughed out loud as he jumped so hard he nearly tore off his own penis. There he sat, cock still clutched tightly in hand, his beautiful blue eyes wide like a startled deer, and his mouth working soundlessly. Finally he got some air in and shouted at me. “For Christ’s sake, Jean, what the hell are you doing here?”

“I live here, pretty boy. I got dumped, so I came home. Now, what the hell are you doing here, cock in hand, on Friday night?”

“Same as you,” he muttered as he tried to cover himself. “No date, just me and Lefty.”

“Don’t tell me, Sadistic Sadie, the blonde bitch from hell, stood you up again?”

“Ok, so I won’t tell you,” he sighed as he covered his now limp dick with a cushion and turned back to the TV screen. The blonde was now swallowing the guy whole with a big grin on her face. I sighed too.

“This turns you on huh?” I asked after a few awkward moments of silence.

“So, is that a crime?” he replied sullenly.

“No, I guess not. Con, can you tell me something?”


“I need some answers, and I need the god’s honest truth, can you do that for me?”

“What’s up, Sis?” he asked, concern clear in his voice as he turned to face me. Ever my protector, my dear little brother. All embarrassment forgotten in his need to nurture me. I loved this handsome young man far too much, and wished to hell he was anybody else’s brother but mine. Ah crap, he would never look at me anyway, I’m not blonde.

“Conrad, god’s truth now, do you think I’m attractive?”

Bless his golden heart, he took the time to look me over. I blushed a bit and, god help me, started to get wet. “Yes I do, Jeanie,” he replied at last, “very attractive.”

“Thanks for that, sweetie,” I sighed. “So, now tell me what the fuck is so special about blondes. Don’t screw around now, Con, I need to know. Look at that damned TV and tell me why that girl is so special. I know you picked this one because she is a blonde.”

“Busted,” he sighed. “Jeannie, I have no good answer for you. I don’t. All I know is, if a blonde girl walks by, my head turns. Just the thoughts of running my fingers through that golden hair makes me weak in the knees.”

“You and every other guy on the planet,” I groused.

“I know it shouldn’t matter,” he went on, “but it does.” He was looking at the screen now where the blonde was getting it from behind, and obviously loving it. She was begging for more. It was disgusting, worse yet, it was turning me on. I watched for a minute, getting wetter all the time, then I glanced back at my beautiful brother, a man any woman should be willing to kill to have. There was a tear in his eye.

That broke me, killed my horny mood, and stirred all my maternal instincts. “Con?”

“It just isn’t fair, Jeannie,” he choked out. “That guy on the screen is tossing her around like junk, and I’d kill for just one date with a girl like that.” That did it. My brain nearly exploded with the craziest, nastiest, idea I had ever had. Dear gods, I could be jailed for what I was thinking, but the devil on my shoulder said go for it then shot the angel off the other shoulder.

“What would you do with her, Con?” I asked softly, my eyes riveted as his hand strayed back to his newly hardened cock. I licked my lips, suddenly very horny all over again.

“What do you mean, Jeannie?” he asked softly, still completely distracted by the TV where the girl was now taking it up the ass.

“What would you do with her? Where would you take her on this date? How would you treat her?”

“Why?” he asked as he turned to me again.

“I know somebody, a blonde, who is single at the moment,” I lied. “I could set you up, but you’d better treat her like a lady.”

“Are you serious? Jeannie?”

Christ, he looked like a kid in a candy store, his dick still in his hand. I just had to smile. “Yes, I’m serious, Con. She’s out of town right now, but Bayrampaşa Escort will be back soon. I can set you up, but, best behavior.”

“Jeannie, you’re a goddess. Best behavior, I promise. No roving hands, or…”

“Look, she will probably want sex, maybe after a date or two, but she doesn’t like rough stuff, and she likes to be treated respectfully.”

“I got it, Jeannie, I got it. You know I’m not into the rough stuff. Can you really set me up?”

“Yeah, I will, but it will cost you.”

“Anything, just name it.” I was tempted to tell him to fuck me, but that would ruin everything.

“You’re on laundry duty for the next two weeks.”

“Deal. Jeannie, you’re the best sister ever. Thank you for this.”

“Go back to what you were doing, Romeo,” I sighed as I rose, went to kiss his head, then started down the hall, “I have to work in the morning.” I also had to masturbate immediately. The very idea of what I was about to do had me soaking my jeans.

I didn’t see a lot of Conrad for the next few days, but what I did see gave me more than one guilty twinge. He was so happy and excited, working lots of overtime so he could take his date to some special place. For my part, I’d been making plans of my own, and spent a small fortune on clothes, shoes, and the major makeover that was booked for the next Friday. I’d already told Con that Ellen would meet him at the apartment Friday night at six, and he was on his own from there.

I took the day off Friday, and went to the salon for the full dye job. Yep, a nice light blonde, plus a manicure, pedicure, and even had my pussy waxed. Ouch. When all was done I raced home to get in the shower and shave my legs before Con got home from work. I was back in my room, quietly putting on my make up, when he returned. I heard him singing in the shower and giggled, trying to picture his reaction when he first saw me.

While he got ready, so did I. A tiny thong and matching push up bra went under a simple black dress, one very tight, yet stretchy, so I could move in it, and split up the side nearly to the hip, then four inch heels. I had forsaken my glasses for new contacts (tinted very blue). I fluffed up my new blonde locks, pulled the dress down to show far too much cleavage, and I was ready for the grand entrance.

My poor hunk of a brother was standing near the door, waiting, as I came into the room from behind him. I turned slightly to the side, struck a pose to show lots of leg, then spoke. “Conrad?” I purred.

He spun around like a cat, then his jaw dropped. I was instantly wet as his eyes roamed over my body, but always coming back to the blond hair. Finally it sank in that it was me, and he found his voice. “Jeannie?”

“Ellen,” I replied in a sexy tone as I swayed towards him. “Plain Jeannie is gone. Do you like it?”

“Oh god yes, you are hot. I mean, Jeannie, what is going on?”

“You wanted a blonde, sweetie, and I wanted a real man who would be nice to me. So here I am, I’m blonde, I’m hot, horny, and I’m all yours. You can do whatever you want with me, just play nice.”

“Are you serious? Please don’t tease like this, you know we can’t do this.”

“Yes we can, and I want to, don’t you?” I was in his arms now, breathing in his ear, and rubbing my thigh against his crotch. He was already hard, I could feel it through his jeans.

“God forgive me, Jeannie, but yes I do want to, and I always have, but…”

“No buts, Buster. You wanted a hot blonde, now you’ve got one. So, what are you going to do with her?” That’s when he did it, and I became a blonde, his blonde, forever. He took me in his arms and kissed me softly, although I could feel that he wanted more, lots more.

“First I’m going to take her to dinner someplace nice,” he whispered in my ear as he ran his lips lightly over my neck, “then I’ll take her to a movie where we can neck in the dark, then I’ll bring her home and make love to her in a way that will make her mine forever.”

“Oh gods, Con, can’t we just skip to the last part right now?” I moaned softly.

“Are you kidding? Woman, you are seriously hot; I am going to take you out and show you off. My god, I’ve got the world’s sexiest blonde, and I’m going to make sure the world sees that. Every man who sees us will be hot for you, jealous of me, and I will love every bit of it.”

I was blushing with delight, and giddy with the excitement of it all, as he took me down to his car, put me in, then drove to the most expensive restaurant in town. They might have turned him away for wearing jeans, but all eyes were on me, and no one seemed to notice the jeans at all. Gods, how I loved being the center of attention for a change.

It was all so magical, the meal, Con being so attentive, the eyes of the men following my every move as we entered, then again as we exited the restaurant. Once the movie started I cuddled into his arms, whispered in his ear that I’d give him a blow job if he wanted. He gently squeezed my breast, rubbed Bayrampaşa Escort Bayan the nipple and whispered that he wanted to save the good stuff until he got me home. The goddamned movie seemed to go on forever, but finally ended.

As we came through the door, I turned and stepped into his arms. I kissed his mouth softly, teasing his lips with my tongue, and slowly pushing my thigh between his to rub against his growing cock. “Sweetheart, that was a wonderful evening,” I breathed as our lips slowly parted. “Now I want the rest of it. Go put that porno with the blonde back into the machine.”

“The porno?”

“Yes, my delightful man, the porno. You have shown your blonde a good time, and now she is going to show you a good time. Your blonde is going to give you everything the girl in the porno gives her man. Go put it in the machine now.”

“Ok,” he gulped softly, “but this will be different. He is way too rough with her, and I don’t want that for you.”

“I’m all yours, Handsome, gentle, rough, or sweet, whatever way you want me, I’m all yours. Start the porno now.”

The movie started with the couple dancing, kissing, and slowly stripping each other. We followed suit and soon I had him stripped to the waist. At this part the guy tore off the girl’s dress and pushed her onto her back on a couch. Con had other ideas. He kissed me deeply, taking my breath away, then as his tongue danced with mine, I felt the zipper of my dress slide all the way to the bottom. He gently pulled the straps off my shoulders, then unhooked my bra. I let them both fall to the floor and kicked them aside, all without breaking the kiss.

We finally ran out of air and broke the kiss. He started kissing my neck and throat, working his way over to my shoulder then down to my breasts. My nipples were hard as bullets by this time, and I shivered with delight as he first kissed, then nipped, then sucked firmly on them. All this time his hands had found my ass and the thong that kept him from me. Slowly he worked it down over my hips as he kissed his way down my navel. “Con,” I gasped, “I’ll fall.”

“I won’t let you fall, my darling blonde,” he chuckled as he gripped my ass firmly and nudged my thighs apart with his nose. “Grab my hair and hang on tight.”

I moaned loudly then gasped as his tongue found my wet slit and began to probe me. I went animal then, all sense of the world gone as I grabbed his hair and began to grind my pussy onto his probing tongue. I mewled, moaned, groaned, and grunted, then let out a half stifled scream as my whole body locked up in temporary rigor, then all the bones turned to jelly and I began to melt towards the floor, wave after wave of sweet energy washing over me.

I was swept up in strong arms then and held gently, lovingly, for a few moments, then I was laid very carefully on the sofa. As I lay basking in the afterglow of the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced, Con took the remote and paused the movie. “We need a few minutes, my delight,” he whispered as he kissed my lips softly.

“But, I’m supposed to be….”

“Resting and recharging your batteries,” he grinned. “We’ve got all night, and I plan to use it. Take your time.”

“Take off your jeans,” I grinned. “That should give me a recharge.” He laughed as he unhooked his belt then slid his pants to the floor. His jeans landed on my abandoned dress as he kicked aside his socks and underwear. That beautiful cock was now proudly looking me over with its one good eye. I reached out to lightly stroke it with my fingers and it jumped in my hands as though it had been given an electric shock.

“Mmm, yummie,” I purred. “Start the film, Con honey, let’s see what’s next.” As it started again, the guy grabbed the blonde by the hair and jammed his cock into her mouth. She made gagging sounds as he tried to feed her all of it.


“Ellen,” I corrected.

“Ellen, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to…” He got no further as I had risen up onto my knees and swallowed him whole, burying my nose in his pubic hair. “Mmmm,” I hummed as I worked my tongue around his shaft. Dear gods he tasted good. I had wanted to do this forever, and I was determined to enjoy him. Eventually, I pressed my fingertip up into the soft flesh between the base of his shaft and his asshole, pulled back and tightened my lips as I worked on the head of his cock. He moaned and began to thrust gently into my mouth. He groaned again with some urgency and began to swell in my mouth. With a small squeal of delight, I swallowed him whole once again as he squirted down my throat. I sucked gently, milking him of every drop, until he began to melt, then I released him and guided him down onto the sofa beside me. It was my turn to pause the movie.

“Oh my god, girl, that was amazing,” he sighed contentedly.

“So, you liked that? How am I doing as a blonde, descent blowjob?”

“Blondie, that was the best ever, I have died and gone to heaven.”

“Well, you’d Escort Bayrampaşa better get back here, because I’m gonna suck you until you get hard for me again,” I giggled. I nuzzled down and slurped him back into my mouth. He gasped and began to harden immediately. A moment or two of gentle sucking later and my man was ready for more. I flicked on the movie to see the guy climb onto the girl and start banging away. Smiling with delight, I kissed Con and gently pulled him over onto me, wrapping my legs around him as I did.

Con squirmed a bit as he got his knees under him, then he wiggled around a bit more until the head of his cock was just at my soaking wet entrance. I thrust up to meet him, but he pulled gently away, just keeping the tip in. he was driving me nuts and he knew it. “Patience, my beautiful blonde goddess,” he breathed as he bent to kiss me again. His tongue teased my lips for a moment, then he firmly pushed into my mouth as he pushed deep into my pussy. I groaned with delight at this double invasion, wrapping my arms tightly around him and pulling him deeper into me.

Con was supporting himself on his knees and one elbow, slowly working his cock in and out of my cunt while he worked his tongue in and out of my mouth, his free hand lightly caressing my body from my nipple down to my ass and back along my thigh, then back up again. I relaxed my mouth and my pussy to allow him in, then sucked on his tongue and tightened my pussy muscles to hold him there, to keep him from leaving. This seemed to go on forever, but eventually he began to speed up, fucking me with more urgency. I broke the kiss, gasping for air, moaned a few times then begged him to do it harder. “Harder, Con honey,” I panted, feeling my own orgasm growing nearer, “fuck me harder. Please honey, do it harder.” He was more than willing to oblige.

Suddenly he tried to withdraw. “Jeannie, I’m gotta pull out,” he gasped. “I’m gonna cum…..”

“No, no, no, don’t you dare leave me,” I gasped. “Let me feel you cum in me. Please baby, fill me up.” I was gasping, panting, begging, and gripping him with my legs so he couldn’t escape me. With a low animal growling groan he began to spurt into me just as my consciousness vanished in waves of ecstasy. I half screamed, half howled as the orgasm took me and threw me into another dimension. I slowly floated back to earth to hear his voice.

“Let me up girl, I’m killing you,” he panted.

“Relax, Con, relax down here, I want to feel your weight on me now. You’re not hurting me, lover, relax down onto me.” I hugged him tight with both my arms and legs until he relaxed on me. God, he felt so good lying on me, his slowly shrinking cock still buried in my pussy. I kissed him lightly as I hugged him.

After a few minutes I reached out and clicked the movie onto pause. Con rolled off, wedging himself between me and the back of the couch. I rolled to face him, we kissed, squirming as we did, until he was on the bottom and I was on top of him. We lay this way, kissing softly, murmuring words of love and delight, until we got our breath back.

Con flicked the movie on again, the guy was deep in the girl’s ass and she was begging for more. Gods, he was built like a horse, that girl impressed me all to hell. Thank god Con wasn’t that big, he was big, but not cruel big. Ok, it was time to fess up. “Con honey, we’re going to need lots of lube,” I whispered as I kissed him lightly then reached out to pause the movie. “This is virgin territory you’re going into.”

“My sweet Blonde darling,” he smiled as he kissed my forehead, “you have already given me the greatest sex of my life. You do not have to do this.”

“I’ve wanted to explore this, Honey, but never found anybody I’d trust with it,” I giggled. “I really want to give this to you, but you gotta slick me up.”

“Ok Blondie,” he smiled as he squirmed out from under me, “a new tube of lube coming up.”

He disappeared into his room, then reappeared with the goods. Her found me with my ass in the air and a grin on my face. Now, there’s never a good time, but this was the worst. Just as he started to take the cap off, I farted. Damn! Con started to laugh and I threw a cushion at him. “Lose all internal pressure did you?” he giggled as I tackled him. “If I’d been in there I’d have popped out like a champagne cork.” We collapsed onto the floor with him on the bottom. He was tickling me and I was squirming and squealing, trying to escape. Suddenly the tip of his cock slipped into me.

We both froze, gazing into each other’s eyes. I grinned, licked my lips, and slid down his body until he was buried to the hilt in my pussy. I started humping and grinding away as our mouths sought each other. “To hell with the movie, Blondie, just keep doing what you’re doing,” he growled as he gripped my hips. I rode him hard for a few minutes then hopped off, spun around and stuck my ass up in the air.

“Come on big boy,” I purred, “come and fuck this blonde in the ass.” He didn’t need a second invitation. A moment later I felt the cool touch of the lube. Using the tip of his finger, he rubbed lightly all around my rim several times. It was driving me crazy and I pushed my ass back at him, trying to get him to enter me. Suddenly I felt his finger slip in with no resistance at all. I wanted more and told him so.

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