Blindfolded Submission


The doorbell rings. Have set the door ajar. Put the mask on and attach the nipple clamps. Blindfold myself and start to masturbate. Stop as soon as Mistress Catja comes in.

“Here I am again filthy slut.” “Yes Mistress.” “Go on, masturbate, or have you already done that filthy slut?”

“No Mistress.”

“That’s the way! Make me proud. Continue until I have My changed my clothes.” Shaking with my nipple clamps I am getting in a state of ultimate happiness.

I notice traffic passing by. Is the balcony door shut?

“Thats the way. Do not stop. Keep on doing it filthy slut. Mmmmm.”

Slightly dismissive telling me “Well better stop. This aint working I guess. Do you?”

With just a few words she brings me back to a measly slutty object. “No Mistress.”

“Come with me.” Led by the dog leash I follow her. “I will lead you.Thats my boy. Stand still for a moment.”

“Open your mouth!”

Feel the handle of the belt in my mouth.

“Close it!”

Mistress Catja pulls firmly at the nipple clamps.

“Hands in the neck filthy slut. Nice feeling? Pulling on that chain. Huh?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I am curious about how well you’ve practiced with doing a blowjob.” (Greedy I suck the dildo as far as possible in)

“Yes. You can go deeper. “Thats the way. Hmmmm what a pleasure to show it to me. You can perform such a great blowjob. Don’t you agree with me?” She pulling the clamps harder.


“Yes Mistress”

“How many times have you practiced?”

“Three times a week Mistress.”

“Three times a week? You will do it every day from now on. That seems better to me.”

“Yes Mistress.” For a moment there is silence.

“Three times a week aint much. Huh?”

“Yes Mistress.” Mistress Catja pulls harder on the nipple clamps.

“Why only Three times a week? Well!? Do I get a answer?!”

“Because I.”


“I don’t know Mistress.”

“Right! You don’t know much, do you filthy slut?”

“No Mistress.”

“But I do know that you just have to go practice every day for me. Am I clear? “

“Yes Mistress.”

“Then you will think every day off me.”

“I always do Mistress.”

“Yes but I just want you to do it.”(The nipple clamps are pulled again.)

“I just want you to do it without contradiction. Did you hear what I am telling you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What will you do every day?”

“I’m going practice every day cocksucking Mistress. And remember you Mistress.”

“Every day, like a real slut. Did you hear that? ”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What do I see over here for goodies? Will be fun to pump your whoring nipples. Hmmmm such a delightfull pumping. How does that feel slut?”

(Feel how the nipples are being stretched vacuum.)

“Feels good Mistress.”

“Do not enjoy it to much. Beware you slut!”

“No Mistress.(It’s hard to forfill her command. Not enjoying being together with Mistress Catja? Would do anything for her but this is almost impossible.)


(Short orders from Mistress Catja increase even more my horny submissive feeling).

“Hmmm, so nice to twist these nipples.” (Her divine nails teasing my hard nipples).

“Time for me to place again that clamps on it. Huh?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Your nipples have become large.”(Moaning with pleasure I feel the clamps being placed back.)

“Get forward. With your hands and knees on the bed. Yes, over there.Thats the way. You know very well where the bed is. Right? ”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You really look like a slut with that skirt.”

“Yes Mistress.”


“Yes Mistress.”

Getting unexpected 10 hits with the paddle on my backside. “This will give you red buttocks.” 11.

“Yes Mistress.” 12, 13 squirming I stay in position.

14 “Thats the way.” istanbul escort 15 the hits are getting harder. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 “Yes!”

Sighing I receive what I deserve. 22, 23, 24, 25.

“Have mercy on me Mistress.”

“One thing is for sure. You know who is in charge here.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Hmmm.” Her sharp nails grasp over my buttocks.

“You sit there at least in a right position. So stay that way. I’m looking forward to rape your slutty cunt.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“Before I’m going to rape you, I’m just going enjoy the view. And from my drink.”

“Yes Mistress.”


“Thank You Mistress.” “So that I can piss straight away in that decanter that you will be forced to drink. Have you heard that filthy slut?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“It is already ready to be used filthy slut.”

“Yes Mistress.” Hear how the condom is placed on the dildo. Followed by the lubricant.

(Am still blindfolded. Not knowing what she does only increases the tension. It is also a proof of complete surrender. Mistress Catja knows exactly how far she can go.)

“Hoping you cleaned the glass well. That there is no foam. Otherwise you’ll have to do it in the kitchen for me once again. What do you think? ”

“Cleaning it always very secure Mistress.”

“Don’t disagree with me! If I decide it is not. Then I send you to the kitchen. Did you hear that?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“With the risk you might be seen.”

(My voice is decreasing.) “Yes Mistress.”

Noticing Mistress Catja places the glass at the table.

(If the glass would be slightly aware of what privilege it enjoys I guess the glass would be very happy.)

“Hmmm. Can I test whether you’ve practiced.” feel something in my anal pussy. “Feeling obstruction. You did practice, filthy slut?”

“Yes Mistress.” (Luckily I plugged myself 1 hour ago.)

“It is hard to get it in filthy slut. Open your pussy! Well say! What is this!?”

(Spreading my legs a little wider. How can you best receive anal? Legs together or apart? Trying to relax but it aint easy.)

“Backwards!” (Practice only with the anal plug. Not with a dildo. Tears welling in my eyes.)

“Yes come on!” (Start making beastly noises while the veined dildo slides along the inside.)

“Do your best. Yes! Come on! “

Mistress Catja laughs triumphantly at the time I have no reason to laugh. “Do it, come on!” She is laughing loud when she takes the dildo out.

“I let you restore for a moment but then you get it in again without any doubts. I notice you did not practice that much filthy slut. How is this possible?”

“I need more practice Mistress.”

“Hmmm. Well, come on.”

The dildo is going far in right now.

“Backwards you! Come on! Backwards! Your efforts aint sufficient for the Mistress.”

Short chuckle of the Mistress interrupts my groans.

“You disappoint me.”

“I’m not done with you yet. Come on.”

This is a pleasure after the dildo. My anal pussy is used to it.

“Get backwards. Thats the way. “

I really enjoying the plug in my anal cunt.

“Raping that slutty cunt from you in a hard way. Delicious. How do you feel? “

“Very good Mistress.” (Searching words for the blissful feeling)

“How do you like to get used by the Mistress?”

“O Mistress.”

“Keep it in!”

Crying out loud when Mistress Catja pulls the plug out.

“Well little slut.” Pats! (Getting with the flat hand.)


(After the preprocessing with the paddle these beating with her divine flat hand gives a lot of impact.

“You got lucky that I previously could come to you.” She keeps whacking my ass.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Hmmm, stand up for a moment.” (Mistress Catja removes my blindfold but I don’t see her yet.)

“Put Escort Anadolu Yakası this on. Come of that bed so you can put it on yourself in a proper way.”

(The tension, temperature or excitement? Don’t know whats the cause but I am getting it very warm while I place the mask.)

“Let me have a look.” The laces are getting more tight.

“Thats how we do it filthy slut.”

(Nipple clamps going off. What remains is the feeling) Mistress Catja places them at the cupboard. Waiting for what is to come.

“Sit down. Look what I have for you. Rig your belts up. Hold it.”

Feel the small needles settles into my skin as the Mistress closes the bra firmly.

“Refill my glass again slut. This way you are making yourself usefull.”

(The way she addresses me. Short commands and light humiliating giving me a special sense of enjoyment).

“And don’t spill a drop, be carefull.”

“No Mistress.”

“As you please Mistress.”

“Thank you filthy slut. Delicious. It won’t take long anymore before I will fill the carafe full of piss. You will drink every drop after this.”

“Yes Mistress.”

(Before I had the honour to taste Mistress Catja’s champagne I sometimes drank my own. After the first experience of drinking Mistress Catja’s it is useless to drink my own. Can’t be compared.)

“Did you hear what I just said?” Mistress Catja leans over and strokes her divine hand over the bra.

“You start stroking yourself that prick bra.” a faint smile, “Aint that nice, huh?”

(Rubbing harder on the bra.)

“Yes Mistress.”

“Yes that’s the way.”


(Mistress Catja’s encouragements and my slutty desires making me slapping harder the surfaces with needles).

“I want to see you suffer. Yes. Keep on doing it. Yes.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Thats the way. Go on.”

Smacking as hard as I can.

“Yes, yummy.”

“Get on the bed! On your back!”

“Yes Mistress.”

(Being blindfolded again.)

“Hands backwards.”

(Pulling the hands backwards making the needles getting deeper.)

“You feel it much better this way. Huh?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mistress Catja hitting with short quick taps my manhood.

This slut belongs to her.

The masculinity ain’t much at the moment. Am just a horny slut whose life is completely governed by Goddess Catja.

“Hmmmm. Your whoring slutty nylons!”

(Answering is difficult.)

The rapid taps bringing my thing to life. Feel the blood flowing.

Then she interrupts for a moment and I hear she getting again something out of the bag.

(Trembling for a moment. What´s next?)

Can’t see anything but feel it much more. Getting hard taps with the riding crop. This slut is completely depending by the mercy of the Mistress. Moaning I receive what I wish for.

Hard strokes coming down on my stomach. Every now and then she places them extra viciously on the bra with needles.

“Open mouth!” (Getting the dildo deep in my mouth.)

“Suck it!”

I try to get it deeper into my whoring throat by sucking. Mistress Catja fucks my horny mouthcunt with the dildo.

“Keep it this way. Yes? Keep it in this position. Raise a bit. Up!”

The bra is loosened. For a moment I feel her divine arms.

“Lay down again filthy slut! This is what I long to see.”

(She grabs the nipple clamps. Suddenly feel again how the clamps settles in the nipples. The dildo just makes possible that I can only respond mumbling.)

“Place your hands backward! Yes. Delicious pain. Lovely pain.”

Sucking the dildo I lick the glans. Every now and then I bite it by a reflex.

“Pulling these clamps you like very much. That is what you shared with me.”

Mistress Catja pulling the clamps until they jump off. Then she Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort puts them back on. Not careful but just by letting them loose. Can’t see it.

The mix of pain, pleasure and humming Mistress Catja giving me a strange sense of security.

Sucking on the dildo fills my whoring mouth with moisture. That’s where this piss slut longing for. The dildo muffles my painfull cries. This part is the absolute highlight for me in this session.

“I’m going piss for a moment in that decanter.”

I lay at the bed still shaking in gratitude and worship.

“In the meantime enjoy yourself by sucking that dildo.”

“Not as much as I would like to but maybe there will be more later. Your delicious nipples has become huge filthy slut. Stretch your legs! What a nice view I have.”

(Mistress Catja takes a seat next to her slut removing the dildo out of my mouth.)

“You’re going to exercise every day for me. Am I clear?”

“Yes Mistress.”

(In the meantime she plays with my nipples.)

“Every day!”

“Thank you Mistress.”

Mistress Catja hitting again my male appendix with her riding crop.

(It is not what I want I admit, but really it makes this painslut feel good.)

The hits are becoming harder and more vicious .

“Stretch your legs filthy slut!”

Moaning in pleasure I hear the buzzing of the massage bar coming closer. Relaxed I undergo the vibrating feeling.

Every now and then Mistress Catja pulling the nipple clamps and taking her slut back to reality.

Noticing clicks. Are these the nipple clamps or straps she taking of? I am in a completely different dimension. Goddess Catja´s dimension.

“Well, filthy slut. Stand up. Take of your mask.”

“Thank You Mistress.”

“Drink it.”

Gently apply the carafe to my mouth. Grateful looking at her while I try to restrain my gluttony.

“Thats the way.”

Gurgling I enjoy the taste off her precious liquid gift.

“It’s not much but of course very valuable.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“That I allow you drinking my champagne.”

“Yes Mistress.” (Emptying the carafe with small sips.)

“Thank You Mistress.”

“Very good Mistress.” “Yes, good. Huh?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What did you think of the session?”

“I enjoyed it very well Mistress.”

“What did you say?”

“I enjoyed it very well Mistress. I hope you also liked it. “

“I liked it also. Just a pity that I wasn’t able to pee more. I have drank a half a liter bottle but.”

“I didn’t deserve more today Mistress.”

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t deserve no more today.”

“You did not deserve. That has to be the cause. Because you didn’t perform very well in sucking! You didn’t practice enough! Every day!”

“Yes Mistress.”

“From now on. Every day. Have you heard what I am telling you?” (Viciously pulling at the nipple clamps.)

“Ahhhh, yes Mistress.”

“What are we going to do from now on?

Don’t know if it’s her nails or the nipple clamps. Don’t dare looking down anymore.

“I’m going to practice every day to perform a blowjob Mistress.”

“Well understood.”

“Every day Mistress.”

“Right, every day. I will change my outfit now and I would like to receive the report by email soon. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”


“Yes Mistress.”

“Thats the way. Better lay down so you can relax.” Hear how she washes her hands.

Few minutes later, the solid steps of her boots become light footsteps.

“Well, filthy slut. See you next time.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I hear when you want me to come again. And remember: Every day you will practice.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“See you soon.”

The door slams. Staying for a little while laying on the bed.

This was again a great session. Most of the time blindfolded. Making everything much more intense. The hits on the top and the buttocks. The self punishment by slamming myself on the bra with needles. The dildo in the mouth. The short commands. The unexpected.

Every single second being with supreme Mistress Catja I cherish.

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