Black’s Last Stand


It was late on a Friday night. Eric Lowman and I were having a giggly, flirtatious night of movies and wine in his apartment. Every time a new leading man would come onto the screen, I’d snuggle close, drape one leg over him, and whisper in his ear like a good slut,

“You’re cock is bigger than his.” This time, I was pointing at Brad Pitt.

His response was always the same.

“I know.”

While we watched the rest of “Troy” (Dreadful film!), I unzipped his jeans and began giving him slow, sloppy, lounge oral. It took restraint to keep myself from inhaling his massive meat into my throat, but I held on, and spent good time slowly licking and giving puckering little kisses to his unbelievable rod. I slurped on his balls and cock, watching it wobble as it hardened, and pulled it this way and that to get different angles for me to suck and lick.

As I coated his whole pillar in moisture, soon he began to contribute some wetness of his own. Pre-cum began to flow from his dickhead. A few drops at first, easily licked up, but they gradually got bigger and bigger. Soon I was sucking pints of drooling jizz into my throat, smearing plum size orbs around my mouth before swallowing down his voluminous loads. I broke from his dick to take a swallow of wine, pulling alternately from the bottle and his prick, letting the tannic whine counter the taste of the bittersweet shaft-sherry.

Now I’m not wine snob, but when it comes to cum, I am a connoisseur extraordinaire. Eric’s tasty testicular juice is something I would buy by the bottle for far more than I’d pay for good wine.

Of course I knew that in order to get some all I had to do was keep sucking.

Lucky me! So suck and slurp I did, finally working his huge cock to a standing position, casting a long shadow across the bed, and obscuring his view of the movie from his current vantage point. He made no effort to look around it though; he was closing his eyes, enjoying my slavish ministrations on his massive prong.

Suddenly I gave him a sluttish look as an idea flashed though my head.

“What?” He asked.

I smirked and grabbed the wine-bottle, setting on the bottom part of his cut abdomen, just above his pubes.

“Look at that!” I said, my jaw dropping with new wonder at the beast before me.

His towering fuck-mast wobbled and trembled at its full twenty-two inches, the length of it extending far past the whole wine bottle! It was not even much slimmer than the base of the thing, and this was not a thin bottle. I just stared at the image, trying hard to burn the impossibility of it into my brain.

“You just gonna look at it or do you wanna suck it?” Eric asked.

I just gave him a naughty look and wrapped my famous FF’s around the pillar of pleasure, loving the slap of his shaft against my cheek as I started to jack him gently with my tits.

I was of course, smothering his dormant grapefruit-like testes with the bottoms of tits, loving the feel of their wrinkled surface scraping the sensitive undersides of my boobs.

Then I was feasting on him. My huge, drooling, pillow-soft lips worked his shaft with a hunger that was born of unspeakable lust.

He reached out and seized my breasts in his big hands; I was amazed at how much of my tit-flesh was covered by his long, strong fingers. He began to jack me harder than I had been doing it to him, teasing my nipples with his thumbs while he worked.

I moaned like a wild woman and raised up to devour his head like a wild animal, reveling in the juicy, spermy taste that trickled steadily into my mouth. It puzzled me that no matter how often I drained this stud’s balls; they filled up with even more as though to spite me.

I grabbed those heavy hangers in my hands and started to pump them aggressively, squeezing and tugging them in a way that let him know that he was all man.

Soon I was spewing out throat-fulls of cream all over the two of us, completely soaking his cock, my tits, my hands, and his balls in a drippy mix of saliva, pre-cum, and pure unadulterated horniness.

He moaned loud as I shifted position and started to engulf him into my throat. The very fiber of my being wanted nothing more than to pleasure him. My throat was massaging its full effort around his thickness; my gag reflex was fighting nobly as I choked inch after inch of huge cock-shaft down.

Soon I was bobbing my head and gagging on a foot of dick, eagerly moaning as he pumped my tits and I pumped his balls. Suddenly the massive orbs swelled, and I knew I was about to get rewarded for all my sluttish effort. I pulled back and braced for impact.

I got impact all right. My head snapped back in an explosion, pressured eruptions of cum blasting my head off his cock and back onto the bed. With a roar of triumph Eric proceeded to hose me down.

But this kind of hosing did nothing to cool me off… instead it just heated me up. I writhed and moaned under his pounding salvos of spunk, the creamy torpedoes of hot sperm detonating off my face, my tits, my legs, and my stomach. I was shoveling it into my mouth as fast as I could, but I can’t Marmaris Escort keep up with Eric. Soon I was a panting, moaning mess, lying drenched in gunt on the bed, rubbing it into my body and licking my hands.

“Reminds me of the day we met.” Eric chuckled.

“Mmm” I purred. Than another sluttish idea leapt into my head. “Hey! Wanna fuck me?” I asked.

“Of course.” He said.

“Let’s go visit Aaron, then!” I laughed.

“What?” He blinked. “You aren’t thinking of going back to him!”

“Oh no, of course not stud. Not after meeting a real man like you. I just wanna make him watch! Show him what a better fuck you are than he is. What do you think?”

“He cocked his head, considering a moment.” Well fuck, I’m drunk enough. Let’s do it. Call a cab.”

*** The whine had my already low inhibitions down as we sped across town in the little yellow & black.

I leaned over the front seats, seatbelt unfastened, displaying my generous deep cleavage through a red halter-top, tight and braless.

“Please fasten your seatbelt, miss” The cabbie said.

“My boyfriend here?” I bragged smarmily, “He’s got a 22 inch cock.”

“Miss, I—” Both Eric and the cabby blushed deeply.

“I bet your dick isn’t that big. Is it?”

The cabbie looked like he wanted shriven up and disappear. I imagine that’s what his balls and dick where doing while I went on and on. I held my hands far out to show him. I talked about how much he stretched my pussy and mouth. How he towered over the wine bottle and how he had nuts that could almost knock you unconscious if they were dropped on your head.

The cabbie was so eager to kick us out by the time we reached Black’s house that he didn’t even wait for a tip.

My tips would have been, “Grow a big dick. Then girls like me will fawn over you instead.”

Oh well.

Onto Aaron Black.


Not that I would ever strictly get “on” to Aaron Black every again. My days of craving his gigantic jock ended the day Eric’s popped out his pants. Imagine that you’ve been listening to say, a single man playing a kazoo, and than suddenly you’re exposed to chamber orchestra or a good rock band. The scale when it comes to those two cocks doesn’t even come close.

I recall back to my first encounter with Aaron when I miscalculated that he might have been packing as much as 18 inches. How foolish I was to exaggerate that now insignificant length into more than it was worth. Well I was fool no longer, and Aaron Black was unsuspecting in his dark little house on the hilltop.

Even the mansion seemed small compared to Eric’s apartment when Eric’s giant dick was in either.

At the moment though, I just wanted that dick in my hand, my mouth, my cleavage, and my pussy.

The first step to getting that wish was a knock on the door.

*Knock* *Knock*

The door slowly opened, and revealed Black in his casual robe.

“Veronica. What are you doing here?”

“You called me by name. What happened to Slut?”

He scowled.

“I meant slut.” He explained, looking blearily at Eric. I knew I was safe in my new stud’s presence; even Aaron Black wouldn’t want to take another beating like the last one.

I put a hand to his chest and pushed him back. He still had muscles, but oh how much slighter he suddenly seemed. He swung wide like the door and I breezed past him into the fabulous place.

“But you are right, Aaron. I am a slut. I’m a slut for Mr. Lowman, and the thought that you would think yourself worthy of addressing me as such is laughable.”

Eric had followed me in, and I reached back, cupping his weighty, massive package through his jeans as I said so.

“Mmmm…”I added, winking at Aaron.

Eric pointed to Aaron’s chair with one of his long, beautiful fingers.

“Sit.” He growled with a rumble that came from the base of his tremendous balls.

I know because I could feel the shake.

Aaron sighed with a desperate look, and proceeded to flop down in the chair. I could tell his penis was hanging over the edge. At one time, this would have impressed me.

Now I just laughed, pointing at it, “What’s the matter, ‘stud’ can’t get it up?”

He actually turned a little red. Apparently I’d touched a nerve.

Not that this surprised me. Black is the kind of man who needs to have dominance over all others…and here was his favorite woman, disparaging him with a man who beat him physically.

He had no idea how he was about to get beaten next.




It wasn’t me gasping this time, though my heart beat and my massive bosom heaved with lust.

Black’s jaw was dropped, and he was just staring at the powerful pendulum now swinging between Eric’s legs.

“What in the name of…”

I reached in and maneuvered Eric’s balls out too, letting the tremendous cream-filled fruits bounce out against his powerful thighs.

I writhed my body away from Eric and danced over to Black.

“Got any music?” I asked.

Aaron looked confused until Eric met his gaze. Black’s eyes Marmaris Escort Bayan drifted from the harshness of Eric’s expression, to the mortifyingly gigantic cock. He winced, and then pointed to a CD player in a cupboard.

I threw on a little something slow and sizzling, and then proceeded to dance.

I circled Eric, wiggling my ass, signaling my obvious arousal before sashaying over to Black. His eyes widened as my tits nearly popped from my top with my jiggling. I worked my torso in front of his face, teasing him, letting the nipples barely brush his chest and then almost all the way down to his…

I pulled back, throwing my arms around Eric, smirking down at Aaron with a smugness that clearly put him to shame. Then I glided down Eric’s body, mashing him with my jugs and taking his pants with me.

With a sluttish gasp, I seized his soft cock in both hands, emphasizing the bit that still dangled over the back, and brought my lips to his crown.

God I love my dick-sucking lips

I thought as I puckered my pillows around his glans, letting my eyes and drooling mouth express more love for that one part of cock than I’d ever shown Black.

I looked at Black accusingly as if to say, “Don’t you wish your cock was this big?” as I slurped and sucked more of him into my mouth.

As Eric grew under my loving ministrations, I talked my sluttiest to him. A non-ending tirade of cock-worshiping praise and slurps filled the air.

“Mmm, God Eric, you just have the biggest, thickest, manliest stud-horse cock I’ve ever sucked. Your prong is so fucking huge it’s making my pussy all wet and my nipples all hard. I love sucking your prick, because when it’s stretching my lips I know my dick-slurping mouth is being stuffed by a REAL man.”

I looked hard at Black on the last note, letting him know that in my mind, he no longer was that at all.

Then I started to slap myself in the face with Eric’s cock, smearing his rich pre-cum all over while dick-whipping myself in a display of worship.

“Oh fucking yes! Cock feels so heavy on my face, so fucking huge and thick. Jesus.”

When I was done beating myself silly with the monster member, I looked at Black with my smeared make-up and glistening lips.

I dove my head down and smeared his dangling, huge nuts all over my face, loving the rough feel of the burlap-like sac.

I beat the sides of my face and the top of my head with his schlong while I vigorously licked, sucked, and even gently chewed on those magnificent sperm tanks, loving how there was always more untouched ball-meat to fill my eager mouth.

Finally I pulled my head out of his scrotum, gooey strands of pre-cum, musk and saliva dripping between us, and saw that his cock was at full mast, pointing dangerously in Black’s direction.

Black was trying for all he was worth to melt into the chair, desperately attempting to conceal his own arousal at all this.

His sixteen-inch tent looked “cute” or “quaint.” But it commanded no respect as I lifted Eric’s meat missile straight up into a launch position.

“Hey Eric.” I said as I looked adoringly up all that cock.

“Yes?” He asked.

“How big is your dick?” I blinked innocently.

“Gee I have no idea.” He lied badly.

I stuck out my tongue and stood up, swiping the base of his balls up to the tip of his dick in one endless lick.

His cock rewarded me with a creamy morsel that I deliberately smeared on my lips, just swabbing it around with my tongue.

Pumping him enthusiastically a couple of times, (enthusiastically enough to cause my boobs to sway around,) I turned to Aaron Black.

“Where’s that ruler I measured you with?” I asked.

Black visibly paled, seeing where this was going. But again his eyes drifted over the superior specimen of manhood that stood before him, and you could almost see his spirit being crushed.

He pointed to a drawer, and I fetched the familiar sixteen inches of cold steel.

Languidly, I wiggled my ass as I walked over to Eric, very slowly lifting his cock by the center of the shaft and holding it straight out.

I grunted slightly, letting Aaron know that the weight of this tremendous knob was a struggle to lift.

Then I held the ruler to the cock, smiling as it fell almost seven inches short of covering the whole cock.

“Well gee whiz,” I smiled, twisting the knife, “This ruler just isn’t big enough. Maybe it would be for SOME wanna-be men…” Here I looked pointedly at Black, “…But for you, we’re just gonna need something bigger. Have a yard-stick, Aaron?”

He put his head in his hands and groaned as I laughed at him, drawing my usual tape measure from my cleavage instead.

I pulled Eric by one of his big fat balls gently over to be somewhat closer to Black; I wouldn’t want him to have a bad view now would I?

Then, slowly I unrolled the inches, making a little moan at each one added after 6.

When I had reached the bottom I whistled long and loud.

“22 inches. Hm. That’s much bigger than you isn’t it Aaron?”

“Yes.” He murmured.

“You Escort Marmaris need to speak up cutie-pie,” Here I pinched his cheek. I thought he was going to have a heart attack. “It’s also much thicker, isn’t it? Kind of like a can of Australian beer, huh?”

Black only nodded in response.

“Now,” Said Eric, his cock pointedly jumping above his lurching balls, his smile showing his obvious joy in all this, “I’m going to fuck her. I’m going to fuck her better and deeper than you ever could, and you’re going to feel every thrust.”

Eric grabbed me firmly but gently, and guided my head down into Black’s lap. My face was pressed against the throbbing sixteen-inch shaft, my jaw resting in the packaged mass that was Black’s balls.

Eric pulled down my shorts, exposing my pussy that was dripping so much juice; you could drown in seconds beneath my thighs. I wiggled my ass as I bent over, and allowed him access.

First Eric thrust his monster member between my legs, letting the dripping head ride up my stomach and beneath my shirt, buffeting my swollen goodies to my delight. I moaned and ground my face against Black’s package like a cat in heat.

He trailed the cock back down, streaking pre-cum along my entire body before positioning his tremendous head at my entrance.

I looked up into Black’s eyes and took a deep breath, emphasizing how much more I would need to brace for this impact.

Admittedly I was only trying to play with Black, but I quickly gave silent thanks that I had prepared myself, for Eric’s first thrust was swift and savage, splitting my soul and pussy alike.

I collapsed with a deathly moan into Black’s lap as the huge gunt-cannon invaded me, and than shivered with lust as inch after inch was driven deep inside.

Eric’s cock drove into the 10-inch mark, and then he pulled out, expertly mashing more and more meat into me with each thrust.

So strong were his thrusts that my ass lifted a little with every puncture, my face driving harder and harder into Black’s cock.

Black was clearly at war with himself, his cock betraying the shameful arousal his face and eyes so clearly contradicted.

As Eric pounded into me faster and faster, the intensity of my moans increased. When 11 inches were spreading me wide, I started to buck through my first orgasm, Cumming so hard on the rock-hard fuck-stick, my hips gyrating up and down to try and engulf more meat.

Me tits jiggled out of control, finally bursting from my top as I arched my back with the apex of my climax, the halter serving to support the two gigantic mega-mounds as they fell right into an astonished Black’s lap.

I panted a few times, Eric slowing as I regained my strength. I looked up into Black’s pinched face, licking my lips a little. I shimmied my heavy breasts a little as I spoke playfully, “Hey Aaron, you never made that happen did you?”

I laughed harshly along with Eric as our incredible fucking began again. Eric plowed into me even deeper as he increased the tempo. My tits beat time on Aaron’s chest and cock as my hips swiveled to give Eric extra pleasure inside me.

He had fucked me to another fourteen inches, making long deep strokes, all the way out than back in again; my whole body was breaking out in sweat from the nice pain and naughty pleasure.

I gave Aaron’s left ball a squeeze that might have been just a tad hard, and as he winced I said, “I’m not going to touch my clit Aaron. When I’m with Eric, I don’t need to.”

And then I broke into another orgasm. I would like to say I was faking the incredible scream that split the air like Eric’s cock was splitting my cunny, but it was all real. All too real.

I jammed back on the cock, my hands alternately stroking Aaron’s dick, than squeezing his balls to prevent him from Cumming.

I could tell that even the pain I was causing by not letting him release didn’t hurt him nearly as much as having to watch this superior man punish my pussy in a way his cock never could.

Speaking of pussies, mine was doing summersaults at this point, both trying to escape the monster impaler, and somehow trying to stuff itself around more. My whole body was guided by its impulses, and it made me buck as it dumped load after gooey load of my own girl-jizz onto Eric’s cock, dripping down his shaft and coating his balls. Those had swollen to a grotesque dimension and were swinging between the two of us like ripe fruit on vine.

As my orgasm subsided, Eric’s strong arms corkscrewed (his cock didn’t do the “cork” part) me around and pushed me back against Black, my head resting on his chest while my ass sat just above his balls on his hard-on.

Now Eric started to sweat a little as he began to fuck me in earnest. The amount of power behind his previous thrusts could have lit New York for a week, and yet somehow in those thighs, those hips, that deliciously well-muscled butt there was more strength just waiting to be let go.

With his renewed vigor, he began to bang into me with a force that threatened to knock over the chair, and possibly the whole mansion. With each thrust my ass ground back against Black’s cock, offering it the tease of a fuck with no real satisfaction. Occasionally he did give a little grunt of please as I writhed against him…that’s when I’d reach down and give his firm sperm-bags a hearty squeeze, just to remind him who was in charge.

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