Blackmail!! Forbidden , Fun Pt. 01


Jimmy always knew his love for his mother ran deep, but he just didn’t know how deep, or how passionate his love might be until that night at the strip club. He makes his way gingerly to the bathroom in the back of the club, wondering if this was all some sort of forbidden dream. When he gets into the bathroom and locks himself in an empty stall he will understand soon enough this was no dream. He undoes his jeans, and sure enough, there it is; a large wad of sticky cum is staining his new boxers.

He does his best to clean the cum up with toilet paper as his mind races with a million thoughts of which the primary is a solitary question: did she know he came in his pants, and if so, what would be her reaction? He imagined the worst—complete and total disgust.

The long odyssey to that fateful night in the strip club began several years earlier. When it all started, Jimmy had no idea his lovely mother, Kellia, worked at a strip club. He thought she worked at Hooters, and, therefore, was not terribly surprised when on her 34th birthday she remarked to her 15-year-old son she was going to have a small operation. When he asked what kind of operation Kellia responded casually, “Oh I’m just going to have my boobs made a bit bigger so I can better compete with some of these younger, hotter chicks I work with.”

Upon hearing this Jimmy responded with sincere flattery for his mother. “Mom you are still young and hot, so it’s those stupid bimbo’s should be worried about competing against you.”

It was remarks like this that so endured Kellia to her young son. She knew him well enough to understand he was not given to handing out false praise.

Yet she was not being completely honest with him. Although she was getting a second boob job it wasn’t because she needed to compete with any of the girls at Hooters. Instead, she had recently taken a part time job dancing at a local strip joint downtown and it was there she was worried about competing for customers.

Kellia simply did not feel the need to tell him about her new profession as she knew it would just cause him to worry. Jimmy’s father, Frank, had died this past spring unexpectedly. He had been a terrible father to Jimmy, and an even worse husband to her. He had carried just a small amount of life insurance for his family so with his unexpected death Kellia found herself in a tight financial bind.

He had worked as a salesman for a tool company and always seemed to be “out of town” working on some major deal. As Jimmy got older he suspected what his mother already knew to be the truth-his father was cheating on her.

As a result of Frank unfaithfulness, Kellia found herself having trust issues with men. After his death, she tried dating, but always seemed to attract only losers. Besides she found out a bitter truth. It seemed that the true gentlemen of the world, the ones with the kind hearts, tended to shy away from strippers when it came to serious dating.

She found out most men considered strippers to be “damaged goods”. In the end, she simply made a decision to give up on the whole dating scene. Maybe when she got older and had retired from stripping she would give it another try, but for now she would just concentrate on putting food on the table for her and Jimmy.

This was a real loss to the men of San Francisco as Kellia was one sexy, mature woman. She was of Chinese descent and had married the handsome American businessman when they met in a Taiwan strip club. At the tender age of 19 Kellia was both young and naïve when they meet.

Like most strippers she followed the money and fell for the aggressive American when he started shoving 100 dollars bills down the front of her bra as she danced for him. The money from the handsome American got her attention while his witty charm and warm demeanor seduced her into thinking she had found true love.

Kellia, after her first boob job back in China when she was only 18, possessed a pair of nice sized 38 D tits which fit well on her 5′ 7″ 121-pound frame. Her tits looked so much bigger framed against her slim 22-inch waist. Besides the nice tits, she had the dark mysterious beauty that Asian women seemed to possess in spades, accented by long jet black hair that was simply gorgeous and fell all the way to her sumptuous ass.

After a whirlwind romance, she and Frank were married. He brought her back to San Francisco where they had only the one child as Frank did not want anymore. This was fine for Kellia, even if it wasn’t, as she had quickly learned that what she wanted in life mattered little to her new husband.

Jimmy looked like his father, only instead of being strikingly handsome he was devastatingly cute. Innocent, puppy dog cute that is, with long dark hair framing an artist’s kind and sensitive face.

Kellie, looking at her son from a mother’s jaded viewpoint, thought her son was just about the cutest thing she had ever laid eyes upon, especially when he turned Başakşehir Escort those eyes on her. Yes, those devastating eyes were his secret weapon. At times his eyes were full of gleeful mirth, other times, like when he wanted something, they full of such love and longing for her that she could never, ever resist them.

She thanked her lucky stars that Jimmy did not have Frank’s personality, but only his looks. It was already much too late when she discovered Frank had a cruel temper that he used liberally on the both of them.

Neither of them shed many tears at his funeral. Their friends thought they were just being stoic, but the truth was they found very little to cry about knowing they could now live their life without Frank’s constant verbal and physical abuse dogging them.

The shared abuse only caused Kellia and Jimmy to grow close over the years as they found warm comfort in one another arms. Fear of a common enemy brought them together, while the simple love and affection they felt for each other wrapped a tight unbreakable bond around their hearts.

Kellia knew her son well. He was an incurable romantic, much like her, maybe more in fact. He never failed to forget her birthday, unlike her husband had on many an occasion. But what impressed her the most was his knack for surprising her with a small gift or trinket on what could be any day of the week for no special reason other than because he loved her.

But it was especially Valentine’s Day that they both held sacred. Frank, who was about as sensitive and romantic as a rock, considered Valentine’s Day to be a total waste of time. He refused to have anything to do with it, believing it to be nothing more than a holiday created to make the card and candy companies rich. He was just cynical like that.

Jimmy knew this about his father and therefore tried his best to fill the void. So, without fail, from a young age he always asked his mother to be his Valentine.

Kellia always accepted his invitation to be his special Valentine girl, and later on, as he got older and started working, they would always go out on a special little date. February 14th also happened to be Jimmy’s birthday, so this little added bonus made the day so intoxicating as she would go out of her way to make the day special.

A few months prior to Jimmy turning 18, Kellia quit her job at Hooters to concentrate on dancing full time. It had not been easy, but somehow she had managed for all these years to keep it a secret that she worked at a strip club.

At the ripe old age of 37 now, Kellia was feeling a bit of pressure to make herself get noticed up on stage among the majority of younger and prettier dancers. As a result of this added pressure she did a couple things.

First, she put herself on a strict diet and workout regime. Second, and maybe even more important, she came to the conclusion she should go ahead and have a third boob job to make her tits even bigger.

Her reasoning was simple: she was getting older and figured she needed a nicer, i.e. bigger set of tits, to draw attention away from her face which was not looking quite as attractive as when she was younger. So it was with this reasoning firmly in mind that she went ahead and had her breasts increased to an awe-inspiring 38 E which on her still slim 24-inch waist made them look simply huge.

Kellia was still in great shape, no doubt thanks to her emphasis on diet and exercise, even as she approached her 38th birthday. She had nicely toned legs, long and lean, to go along with a well-shaped ass. She could still make her face look fairly attractive if she took her time to carefully apply her make up just right, but it was her newly upgraded tits, more than anything, that was her pride and joy.

This was in no small thanks to Jimmy, who as he got older, found himself helplessly shooting sly subtle glances at her chest. When she caught him doing this, instead of being mad, her heart swelled with pride. Maybe because Frank as the years went by and their love continued to fade would crack wise about her “big, fake, ugly ass boobs.”

Knowing that Jimmy would not risk being caught staring at her tits, unless they really were worth staring at in the first place, gave Kellia the needed confidence to keep dancing, and maybe even was unconsciously the reason she had them enhanced again.

She told herself that she was doing it for business reasons, in other words to make better tips at the club, but in her heart of hearts, she knew the way her son secretly admired her was a compelling reason to make them larger. She had always welcomed her son’s attentions and wanted to impress him enough to keep his attention focused squarely on her.

Keeping his attention on her was becoming more difficult as he started dating girls on a semi-regular basis shortly after his 17th birthday. But thankfully, it never seemed to turn out very serious, but still there was Başakşehir Escort Bayan always a first time. Kellia had a real motherly concern that her sweetheart of a son would lose his innocent romantic heart to some bimbo who would break it into a million tiny pieces without thinking twice.

Now, as yet another Valentine’s Day approached Kellia was a bit sad. She just assumed that Jimmy would have a date for the night with some pretty, young high school honey, especially since it would be his 18th birthday, and she would be stuck home all alone after she finished her shift at the club.

Then everything changed thanks to one of those weird quirks of fate that life throws at its hapless participants every once in a while.

It was on the morning of Valentine’s Day as Jimmy and his mom shared breakfast that the hand of fate began to show itself.

So are we going out tonight or what Mom?” Jimmy asked trying not to sound overly eager.

This caught Kellia off-guard as it appeared her assumption about him having a date is way off base.

While more than pleasantly surprised about his invite, sadly she has to turn him down. Thanks to her assumption Jimmy would have a date for the evening, she did not protest when her manager scheduled her on the four to midnight shift at the club, instead of her usual noon to eight.

“I am scheduled to work tonight Jimmy. I was sure you were not in the least bit interested in taking your ugly old mom out anymore on Valentine’s Day.”

“Well, you thought wrong,” he retorts the disappointment showing on his face. He notices his mother look up from her breakfast of cottage cheese and peaches with a look of mild shock on her face.

Catching her look, Jimmy immediately switches gears. He softens his voice as he flashes a clever smile. “And by the way, sorry to inform you Mom, you are neither old, and as for ugly . . . Ha never!!”

“Honey, you’re sweet but I really do have to work until midnight.”

“Couldn’t you call off?”

No, are you kidding,” she sighs. “It’s Valentine’s Day remember. The restaurant is going to be real busy.” Kellia hoped he would not press her on the issue as she always hated to lie to him about her job situation. Thankfully, he did not and so that was the end of it . . . or so thought the both of them.

Jimmy is in a glum mood as the day passes. A mood that only gets worse when his mother, looking particularly hot, leaves for work at 3 pm. They had made plans to go out the next day to celebrate his 18th birthday, even if it would be a day late.

Jimmy decides to head to the mall and get his mother a Valentine’s Day gift to present to her that night when she gets home from work even if he is a bit pissed at her for not taking the night off. He simply did not understand how working a shift at fucking Hooters was more important than their traditional dual celebration of Valentine’s Day and his birthday.

At the mall, after spending quite some time searching for just the right gift, he buys her an expensive heart-shaped diamond pendant. Then fate intervenes.

As he is leaving he runs into three of his old buddies from the neighborhood: Ronnie, John, and Jacob. They ask Jimmy if he wants to join them as they are going to a strip club to help give Ronnie a warm send-off before he heads off to basic training for the marines the next day.

Jimmy hesitates. He has just blown the majority of his paycheck on the expensive diamond pendant for his mother.

“Hey it’s birthday today right Jim? 18th huh?” John says to him.

“Yeah, big deal. I don’t have any money to party with anyway.” Jimmy turns to walk away feeling more dejected than ever as going to a strip club on his 18th birthday sounds like just the kind of fun he needs.

Then John, his best buddy of the bunch, steps up and suggests since it’s his birthday he “wouldn’t need no money for drinks or the dancers.”

Jimmy readily agrees figuring going to a strip club and seeing beautiful women take off their clothes is better than sitting at home waiting for his mom to get home.

After they stopped off at a nearby restaurant to eat dinner the boys head straight to the club anxious to get their night of drinking and debauchery started.

They arrive at the large strip club, which was nestled in among a bunch of college bars, not far from the University of San Francisco campus, around 7 pm.

He assured Jimmy, who was the runt of the litter and the only one under 21, that he wouldn’t be hassled for identification. Ronnie is friends with one of the head bouncers inside the club so there really shouldn’t be any problems as long as Jimmy doesn’t draw attention to himself. He already called ahead to talk to and get clearance that he was bringing someone under 21.

Ronnie’s little party will be held at a pair of adjacent private booths reserved for them. The booths Escort Başakşehir are up a short stairwell on a landing that overlooks the main club floor. His party also comes with four girls that will be their personal escorts for the evening.

The healthy cash payment he made for his party will buy them as many lap dances as they want up in their booths, but anything beyond that the boys will have to work out with the girls on their own terms. John has generously loaned Jimmy 300 hundred dollars in twenties telling him it’s an interest free loan to blow on the lovely ladies.

The four boys pack themselves into one of the booths and are enjoying their first beers when four dancers emerge from the semi-darkness and arrange themselves in a small semi-circle in front of the booth.

Jimmy looks up at the foursome of girls just as he takes a drink of beer. He nearly makes a fool of himself by spraying beer everywhere. There is his mother at the far left of the four girls staring at him with a look of extreme bemusement. Jimmy barely even looks at the other three as his eyes lock onto hers. He feels his initial shock quickly turning to horror.

But buried underneath that horror is something else. Something that cannot be denied. Something deep, dark and very, very forbidden—desire.

The longing for something he should not long for starts slowly as first while he looks timorously at her feet. She is wearing a pair of pink leather lace boots with five inch spike heels. The boots, despite being pink, still look slutty as all hell, which stands in direct contrast he soon notices to the rest of her outfit.

What she is wearing appears to be made to order for his own personal wishes as his fretful gaze travels upwards. What his mother is wearing, surprisingly enough, is kind of sweet and simple, but still somehow manages to be incredibly sexy.

As his eyes move slowly north he sees she is wearing a pair of white fishnet stockings with matching lace panties, along with a simply delicious looking bra. The bra is pure white with lace trimmed edges, but what really captures his heart is the way her pretty bra is imprinted with small red rose petals scattered all over the sizable cups.

“Jimmy . . . Oh Jimmy . . .” Jimmy is lost to the world and on the verge of making a total fool of himself as he stares helplessly at his mom. “Earth to Jimmy,” Ronnie is speaking to him. “Hey, birthday boy go ahead which one you want. Pick your date for the night. You can go first since it’s your birthday sport.”

“Hey, no way it should go by age and I’m the oldest so I go first,” Jacob pipes up playing the role of a bully as usual.

Jimmy snaps out of it and comes to his senses just in the nick of time. “Yeah, well, I think Ronnie should pick first since it’s his party. After all, he is paying right?” He is finally able to tear his eyes off his mom, whose look of bemusement has not changed one bit.

John, playing the role of arbitrator perfectly, announces a decision. “OK, so Ronnie first, then Jacob, then Jim since it’s his birthday and me last. Hell, I ain’t picky anyways.”

“Sure.” Ronnie agrees as he picks a cute brunette on the opposite end of Jimmy’s mother. Jacob then picks a tall, skinny platinum blonde with a real nice set of hooters. She is wearing a sexy pink see-through mesh top that showed off her ample tits to an extreme degree along with a matching pink mesh short skirt that accents her long, lovely legs and petite little ass.

She announces to everyone in a sweet little girl voice her name is “Candy with a y.”

Everyone now turns their attention to Jimmy. There are only two girls left. Jimmy is still staggering from this shock to his system over learning his mother is not a Hooters waitress, but instead a God-damn stripper. Now he is going to be forced into choosing his mother or this other woman.

What he wants to do is simply get the fuck out of there. But if he does that he will never hear the end of it from the guys. They already think he is weird, and maybe even a bit of a puss, for being the shy, sensitive type around girls, and this would only add fuel to the fire. In the end, it is simple peer pressure that forces him to stay.

Maybe if he said, “Hey guys, yeah hmm, I gotta go because that Asian women there, you know the one on the far left with the gorgeous jet black hair, fetching smile and awesomely huge melons . . . yeah that is my mom.”

But, of course, for obvious reasons, he really would prefer not to let his buddies in the neighborhood in on the secret his mom is a fucking stripper. Almost as if he could read his mind about wanting to leave, Jacob barks rudely, “Come on Jimmy make a choice of one of these bitches, or maybe now that the girls are here you are thinking of turning tail and running like a scared little rabbit.”

Jacob, ever the wiseass, starts to bellow derisively at his own cleverness. The rude comment comes as no shock to Jimmy, as Jacob is the one who is always ribbing him the most about his lack of success with the females.

“Bad news buddy,” Ronnie joins in on the fun piping in with his own wisecrack. Taking them out to a candle light dinner and wining and dining them is not an option so fucking choose already.”

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