Birthday Surprise


I decided to treat myself. It was my birthday. Unfortunately, I was stuck on the road traveling for business again. I am, Dan, 45, married, relatively attractive white male. Strong arms, slim waist, rugby player type. Neatly trimmed full beard, 5’9, and 190 pounds.

I returned to my hotel after the leaving the clients. After a workout, steam and shower, I was in the mood for a drink and nice dinner. I redressed in my suit and tie and headed out. Not knowing the city particularly well, I wandered across the street into a nice bar near my hotel. The place was half full with a well dressed crowd. However, it thinned quickly.

I sat at one end of the bar and this tall woman sat the opposite far end. Even from this distance she was intriguing. She wore a black knit top that showed off her broad shoulders as well as larger the average breasts. The turtle neck accentuated her long neck. Her auburn hair shone as it cascaded about her shoulders. She toyed with the remnants of what looked like a Cosmo apparently waiting for someone. I asked the bartender to buy her on me. My phone went off and I stood in the vestibule to handle the call.

I walked back to the bar and was disappointed see my lady friend had left. I sat down, gulped the end of my single malt and asked for another. Over my shoulder a low husky voice called, “Make that two!” It turned to see that the Lauren Bacall-like voice belonged to the lady from the far end of the bar.

She seemed to tower over me, she was at least 5’11 or 6 foot in heels. She extended her hand and “Thank you for the drink.” My hand nearly disappeared within her long fingers. She firmly gripped my hand and said “I am Ginger.”

I stuttered and responded “I am Dan.”

She had hypnotic green eyes, and perfect pale skin. I held her soft hand in both my hands as I invited her to join me. As she sat down next to me and she crossed her legs, her knit shirt revealed her long shapely legs. Her perfume was subtle but enticing -clearly expensive and French. She wore modest but tasteful jewelry including a pendent around hr neck that nested between here breasts. Her height, large breasts and the glittering pendent created a tendency to stare into her chest.

The bartender looked at me oddly as he brought our drinks. I made nothing of it as I was captivated by this Amazon. I explained I was in town for a few days on business and didn’t know the town well. Ginger remarked that the city was usually dead this early in the week but that I was close to some of the best restaurants. She explained her date had called and canceled at the last minute. She swigged her scotch with the best of them. Over small talk, we each polished off three. Without any dinner, I was beginning to feel a bit light headed. I finally asked Ginger to join me for dinner. She politely declined. I did not want her to leave. I played the sympathy card and told here it was my birthday and I did not want to celebrate alone.

She hesitated and took my hand. She bent forward and whispered “Are you sure you want to celebrate with me?” I was puzzled.

With a few scotches under my belt, my bravado took over. “Of course I do. What man wouldn’t want to spend tayland porno the evening with a beautiful lady like you?”

She smiled and whispered again, “I have a surprise for your birthday then.”

I quickly paid the tab and followed her out the door. Again the bartender gave me an odd look.

She said nothing as we crossed the street to my hotel, rode the elevator up to room. In the elevator, she leaned over me and began to deeply kiss me. It was most forceful, lustful and unsettling kiss I ever received. As the elevator rose, she probed my mouth with her tongue. I opened the door and we tumbled into my suite. She obviously was feeling the effects of the scotch as well. She excused her self and slipped in to the bath room.

The hotel featured large mirrored bath with a huge soaking tub which obviously intrigued Ginger as the next thing I heard was the bath start. She called out and said to give her a minute then join her in the tub. I undressed and wrapped myself in one of the bathrobes. The bath turned off, and she called for me. I opened the door. The lights were dimmed; a large candle’s flame was reflected around the room. Ginger sat in the tub brimming with bubbles. Even in the dim light, her breasts were amazing as they danced above the water, her nipples clad in tuft or two bubbles.

I dropped my robe, revealing my growing hard on. Ginger reached out and grabbed my cock and led me to the water. Now at my full 7 inches, she playfully soaped me as stood next to tub. With a gentle tug, she coaxed me in. I began kissing her, moving to her now bear neck, and shoulders. My hands were drawn to her firm breasts. I rolled her nipples between my fingers as I devoured her neck. I could not keep my lips from her nipples and soon was sucking like a child on her ample breast. She continued to stroke my cock as was mesmerized by her chest. I would have been content to stick with the breast play, but she pushed me back so I was sitting on the tub edge.

She grabbed a towel wiping way the soap on my cock and ass, and then began to caresses it. Her hands kneaded my balls as her tongue playful teased my head and shaft. I never had it so good. Her silk auburn hair fell about my crotch as she took me into her mouth. All I could see was her perfect waist and ass framed in bubbles as she devoured me. Despite the scotch, I was soon ready to explode. My moans and her slurping echoed off the mirrors and tiles. Her fingers now explored and excited my ass. She looked up, her eyes lustfully, erotically half closed, and asked “Have you ever been rimmed?” Catching my breath I am barely able to say “No.”

She turned me around so I was now standing in the tub facing the wall. She spread my cheeks and began to tease my ass with the tongue. My cock was leaking precum as she sent erotic shivers through me. Her tongue playfully slipped in and out of my ass. Her hand reached up and started stroking me again. She inserted one finger then two into my ass. I winched and then moaned as her long fingers begin playing with my prostate. She pulled them out and spun me around.

Her fingers quickly found their way back to my prostate as she tecavüz porno took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue slid over my head making my knees nearly buckle as she massaged my prostate. I could feel I was about to cum. Despite my warnings, her fingers furiously manipulated my gland as she seemed to swallow my cock and balls. I came with such force I swear I saw stars. Her fingers slipped from my ass as she licked up my cum and cleaned my cock.

I stood there eyes closed trying not to collapse as leaned back against the wall. She pulled off and stood up to kiss me. I opened my eyes as her tongue gave me a taste on my own cum. Our tongues playful intertwined as I savored my first taste of cum. Despite what I thought, it did not repulse me. It helped that I stared into those beautiful green eyes. She pulled me closer and I reached up and cupper her ass and pulled her close to me. The warmth of her breasts and …..

As I stood there, I knew my cock was spent and limp. But against my stomach, I felt a rock, hard hot rod. It was too late. I was hooked. My shock was overcome by lust. My hand slipped between us and took hold of it. It was larger and thicker than my own. The evening was full of surprises. I don’t know what came over me. I spun her around so she now rested against the wall, and stood back to get the full look. She stood there 5’11, auburn hair, piercing green eyes, pale skin. She did have broad shoulders, broader than my own that supported her very ample, firm breasts. Her nipples were small and appeared more so on the DDD cup breasts. Her long shapely, athletic legs, tight waist and hips were perfect but I was awestruck my what lay between. Her cock was at least 8.5. or 9 inches long, thick and now hard! Her auburn pubic hair stood out against her white skin. Her circumcised head seemed huge and was dripping precum.

Her face showed fear. She like I was unsure how I was going to react. I just had the most incredible blow job, rimming and prostate massage from the auburn haired Amazon godess or God!

I reached out, warped ny hand around her tick fullness, and gently began to stroke her cock. It had been since high school when I last stroked another mans penis. It was unbelievable. She reached out and pulled me close again. We kissed as I was transfixed by the feeling of cock in my hand. I began to caress her shoulders and breasts. I almost did not notice her gentle pushing, coaxing me to kneel before her.

I slipped slightly and soon was kneeling in the bath looking straight on at her cock. Tentatively, I leaned forward. Again, her hands coaxed me forward. Any reluctance was removed as she thrust her cock into my mouth.

My first time, not knowing what to do, I mimicked what I felt her do. My enjoyment was evident as my own cock began to revive. The smell and taste of her manhood had me. I could not take her all in as she did me, but I guess I was doing an okay job by her growing moans of pleasure. I could feel her getting ready as her balls tightened and she gasped for breath.

The first shot caught me by surprise in the back the throat. Nearly gagging, I pulled back to be hit in the mouth, tombul porno lips and jaw by her thick milky cum. The last spasm covered my cheeks. The taste was strangely good and different. I sucked her head to coax the last drop out and licked her cock clean. I stood and she licked her cum from my face. Taking a dollop from my beard she fed it to me and then kissed me.

After we bathed, wrapped ourselves in the fluffy hotel robes. She led me over to the bed. “I want you,” her husky, low voice pled. Before tonight I never sucked a man’s cock before, now this ravishing beauty was about to impale me on “her” 9 inch cock.

“I don’t know”, I said.

“We can stop whenever you want,” “she” assured me. AS we kissed her fingers again slipped into my ass. The feeling of her fingers in me was intense and I wanted more. I sheepishly agreed.

She playful pushed me on to the bed and I fell back onto it. She pulled off my robe and laid it beneath me. She pulled a condom from her purse and some lube. She dropped her robe and stood before me. The incongruous sight of her large breasts and cock was exciting.

“Let’s have some fun!” She said. “Do you like to be tied up?” I was now her slave.

She tied my hands to the bed post with one of the bathrobe straps and bound my feet together with the other. I was now helpless. She pushed my legs up and began to eat my ass again. After a few moments of teasing my ass with her tongue, she liberally applied the lube and slipped one, then two and now three fingers into me. Momentary pain gave way to pleasure. Then sadness she pulled out. She stood before me again pushed my legs up but this time tied the strap around my feet to the bedpost. I was now doubled over my ass facing her. The strain of the straps was uncomfortable. I watched as she slid the condom over her semi erect cock and liberally lubed it. She pushed her cock against my well lubed hole. I was sure it would not go in. The pressure was becoming painful. As she pushed harder, I yelped in pain as her head slipped in. I began to protest, but she pushed a nearby wash rag and pushed it to mouth. She then pushed hard and slid in. I screamed in pain. But she waited, and the pain again subsided and soon she was sliding further in. As her pace quickened, she pulled the rag from my mouth. I was soon moaning in pleasure as she pumped in and out.

I looked to my left and the mirror over the bureau reflected her image as she rammed my ass. Her balls and breast bouncing to the rhythm of her thrusts. As she continued she loosened my feet and I wrapped them around her pulled her closer.

We both were now sweating and moaning. I loved the feeling of her cock in my ass. She furiously pounded my ass when she finally shook as she exploded in me. My cock was quivering and leaking precum. She collapsed and pulled out of me. She dove into my lap be immediately devoured my cock. In no time, I too was ready to explode. She wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and held tight. My cock twitched and spasmed but my cum was blocked by her firm grip. After that subsided, she went at it again. This time, she couldn’t hold it back and it sprayed us both as she tried to swallow it.

She climbed up on the bed, untied my hands, and we relaxed. I guess I feel asleep.

I awoke a few hours later all alone. My ass and my head ached. I was sticky with lube, sweat and cum. The room smelled of sex. As a lay there, I thought it was great birthday surprise.

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