Bill and Karen Ch. 02


I finally broke the hug and started to clean up the kitchen. Karen gave me more details about Bob and their breakup. It all amounted to her feeling stupid for believing his bullshit stories. I was surprised by some of the details, like the fact that she was a virgin on her wedding night and that they had only had sex 5 or 6 times in their brief marriage.

I assured her that buying Bob’s line of crap was not her failure. She was in love and had always been such a trusting soul. I often worried about her falling for some asshole but was apparently powerless to recognize one for myself when it came down to it.

I finished putting things away and loaded the dishwasher as Karen wiped everything down. I said, “I’ll get some things and sleep on the couch tonight. Tomorrow I’ll get the upstairs cleaned up so you can make yourself at home for a while. I doubt you’ll be back in Wilmington for over a week the way things are looking.”

She looked at me with those pretty eyes and said, “Please stay with me at least for tonight, Billy. I’m not sure I can spend the night alone after what I’ve been through today.”

I thought to myself, “…or the terrible past few months you’ve had.”

“I’ll do whatever you need me to do,” I said honestly. “You’re safe and dry now. We will both be forced to have a few days of downtime courtesy of Hurricane Florence”

“Downtime is something I haven’t experienced since the summer before college,” she said. “I’m not sure I’ll know what to do.”

We walked to the bedroom. I opened the closet to get a couple of extra pillows out and put fresh pillow cases on them. I went to the bathroom and got a new toothbrush out of the cabinet. I kept a few of them just in case.

Karen entered the bathroom and I showed her the toothbrush and where all of the hygiene items were stored then I started to brush my teeth as is my nightly routine. To my surprise she went over to the toilet and pulled down the pajama pants and boxers I had given her and sat down to pee as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

I guess my mouth had fallen open again and she laughed when she saw it. She said, “What’s the matter, Billy?” in a sing-song voice. “You’ve seen a woman pee before, haven’t you?”

This was completely true and it brought back a flood of memories. Our parents weren’t hippies but nudity was pretty common around our house. In fairness, it was usually only partial nudity involving boxers for men and panties for women. Tops were always optional, especially in the summer months on the family homestead which had no air conditioning. Karen and I were quite close despite the age difference and only our own modesty at puberty caused a little more cover-up.

We touched frequently in our house and evening back rubs were not uncommon when we were in our adolescent years. Karen and I continued that until I went off to college and we lost the ability to spend much time together. The few times we saw one another we were very affectionate with respect to holding hands and kissing lightly on the lips. She seemed to look up to me and enjoy having me around.

The summer Karen turned 18 our parents took an extended trip to Canada to visit distant relatives and they left Karen home since she wanted to spend her last summer with her high school friends. That summer was as hot as any I remember and we were forced to revert to our old habits to cool off while our parents were away. My room was upstairs in the rear of our house and it got almost total shade due to the large, mature trees in the yard. My room had windows on opposite walls making it the only Isparta Escort tolerable room in the house when the weather was like this. A gentle cross breeze was common in the summertime.

That summer Karen and I spent countless hours lying on my bed enjoying the breeze and getting to know one another more completely as (almost) adults. The sweltering heat meant that I was usually dressed only in boxers and Karen would only be wearing a thin tank top and panties. There was no other way to stay cool.

We would watch baseball games on TV while we would rub one another’s backs and feet as many siblings do. Sometimes talk would turn to more personal things like sex and dating. Karen had been on a few dates but had not had sex yet. As for me, I’d only had sex with one girl at college and she turned out to be flaky so we parted ways soon afterwards. I learned little from it.

One weekend it was well over 100 degrees and Karen suggested (not quite seriously) that we just spend our evenings in the nude for some added relief. Never the one to back down I shucked off my boxers immediately and raised an eyebrow at her as a challenge to do the same. She did and we reverently regarded each other’s bodies that first evening and as subsequent evenings came we would increase our examinations and began some light touching. Neither of us being experienced in sexual matters, it was a significant bonding experience for us.

She encouraged me to touch her breasts which were beautiful and quite firm. There were freckles on them and her nipples were almost invisible pink. She asked if men liked larger breasts, since it was almost universally accepted that this was true, and I told her that I considered the slightly smaller ones that stood up much sexier. She informed me that hers were B cups.

I was most fascinated with her thick, dark brown pubic hair. It was perfectly-shaped like a triangle and as dense as any I’ve seen even to this day. She encouraged me to lightly rub it and she would close her eyes and coo in the most adorable feminine way. I never strayed south of that because I just wasn’t comfortable with the possibility of messing things up with someone so precious to me. I’m almost positive that she would have let me but the consequences could have been disastrous.

She loved my thick chest hair and six-pack abs. She had a thousand questions about my cock and I permitted her to ask anything she wished. She asked why it was soft sometimes and harder at other times and we talked about male sexual arousal in a very clinical way. This obviously meant that I divulged to her that she commonly aroused me by virtue of the fact that I was usually hard when we shared our special, private times. I allowed her to handle it as kind of an educational experience. She never got to touch it when it was soft, as was her desire, because it could never be soft when she showed the slightest interest in it. Again, she never asked for anything more than a curious examination and I’m not sure I could have told her “no” if she had.

One particularly hot afternoon we decided to skinny dip in the creek behind our house. Our closest neighbors were about a mile and a half away so we didn’t worry about anyone seeing us, but the creek was about 100 yards from the back door and she insisted we run the entire way naked. I further challenged her to be brave enough to walk the entire length slowly, hand-in-hand. We giggled like the fools we were. The deepest part of the creek near our house was only about 4 feet deep so we had to bend our knees to stay mostly submerged.

Over the Isparta Escort Bayan next few evenings we repeated this activity and we would hold onto one another in the creek which gave us ample opportunity for skin to skin contact. We would talk about school, family and even our life’s ambitions. Our emotional bond grew stronger and I developed the opinion that she was quite a remarkable young lady.

Sometimes we would spoon in the water, staring off into nothing and just enjoying the sensations of touch. We talked about anything, everything and nothing as if we were the only people in the world. The smell of her shampoo and the feel of her skin as the water meandered slowly around us made me feel intoxicated. The coolness of the creek usually kept my cock soft but on occasion it would misbehave and Karen would poke fun at my discomfort.

One time she announced that she was going to pee and I cupped her vagina with my hand, reveling in the thick bushy curls or her pubis. This was absolutely the only time that I ever let my hand go down there. She squealed that she couldn’t go with my hand there but I playfully refused to remove it telling her that if she really had to go then it wouldn’t be a problem. After a while I felt the first bit of warmth escape her and then she was finally able to let loose after she relaxed a bit.

The hot, velvety feel of her urine contrasting with the cool water of the creek mesmerized me and my cock got hard against her back almost instantly. She thought this was interesting and reached between us to grab my cock insisting that I return the favor. At that point we had to have another anatomical discussion about a man’s inability to pee with a hardon. And there was no damn way I was ever getting soft here naked in the water with her hand wrapped around me! She only released me several minutes later after I promised to let her watch me pee once we were out of the creek. After we got out of the water I managed (barely) to get soft enough to pee and only then did she declare us “even”.

For the next three weeks we reveled in each other’s company. More back rubs ensued and we slept in my bed a few times when she “accidentally” fell alseep while we were watching a movie on TV.

Now, back to 2018, my sister was peeing a few feet from where I stood and suddenly those affectionate feelings washed over me. Although she had matured in every way I still saw that same young 18-year-old girl. But the sound of her urine stream was causing my cock to expand rapidly – just like feeling her urine had in the creek years earlier.

She finished peeing and started to rise and she noticed my frontal discomfort. She giggled and said, “Is that because of me?”

“What do you think?” I replied. “You’re not my little sister anymore. I mean, you’re my sister, but…hell, Karen!” I’m sure that I blushed beet-red.

She wiped herself and stood before reaching down for the boxers at her feet. Once again I marveled at the thick brown triangle beneath her waist. She kicked the flannel pants away from her and came to the sink to brush her teeth. She reached for the toothbrush with her right hand and with her left she reached for the front of my boxers and squeezed my dick.

“Nice,” was all she said. She began brushing her teeth and I retreated to the bedroom. The local news was relegated to 24-hour weather when a storm like this was blowing in so I turned on the TV long enough to get a forecast. It looked bad for us for the next day and a half as the storm track brought the eye of the storm about 100 miles south of Raleigh, meaning Escort Isparta we would get severe rain and near hurricane-force winds for hours at a time. The reports out of Wilmington were not good. It seemed like Karen would be with me for quite a number of days.

I was lying on the bed above the covers on my side facing the TV and Karen came out of the bathroom, turned off the light and sat down on the bed watching the coverage without comment. When the weather report was over I turned off the TV and she laid down beside me. She scooted back into me in a spoon position and wiggled her way-too-fine ass against me.

I had to move my waist back because my dick was starting to harden. Karen turned her face back to me and said, “Billy, I’m sorry that I’m making you uncomfortable. I am just teasing you a little but I miss the way we used to be so comfortable around one another. Please don’t be mad at me.”

I said softly, “Karen, I could never be mad at you.” This was completely true. “I was just surprised at your openness and I realize how much I miss being physically close to you. But you are too damn hot for that kind of teasing now.”

She whispered, “I’m sorry, Billy, let’s get some sleep. I love you so much for being my protector.” Her eyes closed as she planted her soft lips against mine. There was no tongue, but – damn! “Thank you for caring so much,” she said, then she turned away and snuggled back into me.

Mercifully, sleep came quickly.

I awoke at about 2am wishing I had not had two cups of coffee before bed. I had to pee badly and my raging hardon was tucked between the perfect ass cheeks of my sister who remained pressed against me and seemed to be sleeping soundly. My right arm was draped over her and I realized that my hand was underneath Karen’s t-shirt cupping her perfect left breast. It was firm and so very soft, seeming almost lava-hot on my palm. As much as I wanted to squeeze it I began to try to sneak it away without waking her then I realized that her right hand covered mine to hold it in place! Did my hand seek out her breast in my sleep or did her hand place it there? Either way, it clearly shouldn’t be there!

I pulled my hand away (reluctantly) and slid as quietly as I could from the bed. I was so hard that when I got to the bathroom it took several minutes for my erection to abate so that I could pee. I tried to determine whether I should return to my bed or not but I rationalized that not doing so might alarm or confuse Karen. She said she needed me and I would honor that.

I returned to the bed and got in slowly so as not to awaken her and after a little consideration I snuggled up to her again. Sister or not, my bed had been empty for way too long not to appreciate companionship and the snuggling of a soft young woman. She mewed softly and reached back for my hand which she pulled around her again, bringing it up between her breasts on top of her t-shirt. She bent her head forward and kissed my hand tenderly.

“I love you, Billy,” she whispered.

“I love you too, princess,” I whispered back.

She wiggled herself back into me and squeezed her butt cheeks together gripping my semi-hard dick causing it to spring to life!

“Karen?” I whispered.

“Relax, I’m just teasing you!” she said. “…for now…” she trailed off in a whisper.

I pulled my hand from between her breasts and pinched her sharply on the butt.

“Ouch! Don’t tell me you forgot how to take a little teasing!” she said.

I largely ignored her and said, “Go to sleep you little minx.”

She pulled my hand back up to her lips and kissed it again before clutching it tightly between her breasts again. Soon I heard the rhythmic breathing of her peaceful sleep. I laid awake for another hour reveling in the feeling of warmth and the smells of a woman for the first time in years – a woman that I loved to my core.

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