Big Payoff at Foxwoods


Author’s Note: This story is based on a real-life encounter several years ago; there was an employee of Foxwoods who resembled Sam, seen from the window of a pausing bus, who provoked the naughtiest desires… If he ever sees this, thanks for the fantasy!

Maria’s head leaned against the window of the bus, her body curled into the seat. One bare foot was folded under her, resting on the empty seat next to her, the other played with the sandal dangling from her toes. The ride from New York to Boston seemed to be taking forever. Either that, or the warm sunshine was making her sleepier than usual.

She wished she could find a more comfortable position to sleep in—not to mention more comfortable clothes. The underwire of her bra dug into her sides; Maria hated wearing a bra, but her DD breasts needed all the support they could get. She pulled at the edge of the bra, and shook her breasts a little. She could feel the lacy cups scratching against her nipples. Unconsciously, her fingers moved to brush against her nipple, gently rubbing it through the fabric of bra and light t-shirt. Both nipples hardened in response, and Maria felt a familiar tingle between her legs.

As the bus moved steadily along the highway, Maria’s thoughts turned to her favorite daydream: recounting a particularly steamy encounter with her ex-boyfriend. She closed her eyes, imagining his hot, hard body beneath her. Jason worked out at least six days a week, honing his gorgeous body to rock-hard perfection. Maria used to love running her hands over his taut abs, feeling the curves of his cut arms, her fingers playing across his incredible chest. The rest of him was just as hard—especially his cock: 7 inches long, thick, smooth, with a bevel-shaped head, and curved slightly. Maria loved sucking him to the verge of orgasm, then watching him as he exploded onto her tits. Jason would rub his hot jism all over her body, then lick and suck on her nipples before moving down between her legs.

Maria’s body shook with the memory, her face flushing a bit. She opened her eyes as she felt the bus making a right turn off the highway. “Must be time for another stop,” she thought to herself. “Hopefully, there’ll be someplace to get something cold to drink, too.”

The bus turned several times, traveling further away from the highway, and deeper along a two-lane wooded road. Ahead, Maria could see what looked like a castle, with flags fluttering in the breeze. It wasn’t until they were turning into the long driveway that she saw it was the entrance to Foxwoods Casino. “Hmm,” Maria thought, “I didn’t realize the bus stopped here, too.”

They pulled into a bay of the busy garage. Tour buses were packed two and three-deep, and people were everywhere. Maria watched the comings and goings and marveled at how busy the casino was. “They must rake in loads of money here!” she laughed. “It looks like everyone in the region is here today! Maybe I should check it out sometime.”

Just then, the bus driver cut the engine, and announced, “Attention passengers: we’ll be resting here for about 20 minutes. You can get off the bus, but please don’t wander far. We’re leaving at 3pm sharp, okay?” Some of the passengers grumbled, others got up and filed off the bus to stretch their legs, have a smoke, or look around.

Maria grabbed her small knapsack and climbed off the bus, looking around for a soda machine or a snack stand. Her mind on an ice-cold soft drink, she didn’t notice as she walked right into an enormous man standing next to her on the platform.

Although he was just few inches taller than Maria, his enormity was due to his incredible girth. Standing maybe 5’9″ tall, he must have weighed at least 400 pounds. His body resembled nothing so much as a stepped pyramid sitting on top of its mirror image: a diamond-shaped mass of flesh, encased in voluminous khaki. His shirt bore the Foxwoods logo, along with a name tag that read “Sam”.

Startled, Maria took a half-step back, and looked at the man she’d just knocked into. His eyes were a deep, warm brown, clouded by a look of concern. “Are you all right, Miss?” he asked politely, before Maria could say a word. He had reached out and taken hold of her elbow to steady her, and his hand still gripped her arm. Her skin felt hot under his hand, and Maria’s face reddened in response. Sam took her blush for discomfort, and released her arm, waiting for her to assure him she was okay. She stood there, not moving, not even speaking. Sam studied her face, unsure what to make of her behavior. He waited. “Miss? Can I get you some water, maybe?” She still didn’t respond, but she let him guide her towards the depot office, just inside the garage.

The air-conditioned air was a relief to Maria, who thought that maybe the summer heat was affecting her in the oddest way. She watched as Sam took a paper cup and filled it with cold water from the water cooler. He nudged her gently towards a chair and handed her the cup. Maria took a long sip, and closed her Kastamonu Escort eyes as she swallowed the water. Sam watched her drink the water. “Yeah, maybe she was just dizzy from the heat after sitting on an air-con bus for a few hours,” he thought to himself.

Maria opened her eyes, and blinked. Her stomach did a little flip when she looked over at Sam, and her pussy betrayed the thoughts she couldn’t believe she was having. “I want this guy,” she thought. “He is making me so wet I can’t believe it—why??” Maria had never been attracted to even stocky guys, and never to anyone so huge. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was, though, at the idea of stripping him naked and exploring every last inch of him with her tongue and hands, and then being pressed under him as he fucked her silly. She could only imagine what his weight would feel like, pushing down on her body. How soft he’d feel under her hands… Her mind switched to envisioning him lounging on a pile of pillows, with her crawling all over him and his mouth lapping at her dripping wet pussy.

Maria shook her head and refocused her eyes. Sam was looking at her, confused, waiting for a response. She realized that he must’ve asked her a question, but she she’d been too rapt up in her daydream to hear him. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” she asked him.

Sam was surprised to hear how soft her voice was. “I asked if there was anything else I could get you—a doctor, maybe?” he said, concern clearly evident in his eyes, his own voice soft and comforting.

“A doctor?” she asked, confused. “I don’t need a doctor—I’m fine, thank you though,” she replied. “I’m sorry I was so unresponsive—I was just…” Maria’s voice faltered, and she let the sentence remain unfinished.

Sam waited a moment, and then smiled gently. “It’s okay, I understand. You were just shocked to have stumbled into someone like me. It’s alright—it happens a lot.” His voice carried his resignation, and his disappointment, clearly. He sounded hurt, and Maria’s eyes flashed with panic.

“No! That’s not it at all!” she cried out. “You’re so…” Again, she faltered, looking down, away from his eyes.

Barely audible, Sam filled in the last word. “Fat,” he mumbled.

Maria gasped softly. “No,” she whispered, not looking at him, though, “luscious.” The word hung in the air between them. Neither one moved for a long minute, until Maria raised her eyes and looked at Sam. He felt her gaze on him, and turned to face her.

“What?” he asked, not believing what he’d heard. “Did she say I was ‘luscious’?” he asked himself. “That can’t be—no one’s ever called me ‘luscious’ before.”

“You heard me,” Maria said, her voice now tinged with teasing, emboldened by his apparent shyness. She could think of nothing but writhing naked with this huge, hot, mountain of a man. Her mind flashed to an image of those chained slave girls in service to Jabba the Hutt, and how that scene from “Return of the Jedi” always turned her on for some inexplicable reason. Damn—she always thought it was the slave girls. The idea of fucking—or being fucked by—Jabba had never entered her conscious mind before. Not that she’d admitted to herself, at least.

Maria stood up from the chair, and put down the empty cup. She’d made herself pretty clear already, she figured. No sense in stopping now. “Luscious,” she said again, pronounced exactly the way the word was intended—invoking images of wet, juicy, bountiful enjoyment in both of their minds.

Sam looked straight at Maria, taking in her curvy body, full lips, thick shiny hair, and the lust in her clear brown eyes. She looked a few years younger than him, maybe 30 or 32. No wedding ring on her finger. Dressed casually, in jeans that hugged her curves and a zipped, hooded sweater with a light blue t-shirt under it. Her nipples poked through the thin fabric, catching his eye. Almost involuntarily, he reached out to stroke them, causing Maria to moan and close her eyes. “Ohhhhh yesssss,” she whispered. “I want you so badly, I can barely stand.”

Sam’s heart raced, amazed at this beautiful and undoubtedly aroused woman standing in front of him, telling him she wanted him. He pulled her by her nipples closer to him— she followed, leaning against his chest and belly, her own hands reaching out to stroke his flesh inside his work shirt. Maria’s fingers deftly undid the buttons, her hands slipping inside to caress the curves of his chest as her mouth quickly followed. Sam’s hands, meanwhile, moved down to cup her round ass, squeezing and gently kneading her behind, as she softly moaned into his chest. He pulled her tighter against him, as Maria moved her thigh between his legs, pressing it against his hardening cock. Now it was his turn to moan, and moan he did, surprising Maria with the intensity of his response.

She smiled and raised her head to kiss his mouth deeply. Their mouths opened to each other, tongues cautiously exploring, dueling for dominance. Maria’s hands gripped Kastamonu Escort Bayan the flesh around Sam’s nipples, as Sam took her breasts in his hands and squeezed right back.

“Take off your clothes, Sam,” Maria cooed, not waiting for him to react, but unbuttoning the rest of his shirt and reaching for his belt. Sam blushed, but removed his shirt as he felt his zipper being pulled down. His pants fell silently to the ground. Sam’s stomach poured over the top of his underwear, falling in a cascade of flesh that made Maria want to bury her hands and face in. Dropping to her knees, Maria placed her hands on the waistband of his long briefs, then slowly ran her hands up his body and over the curves of his stomach. She reached her arms around his middle, and found that her hands didn’t meet. Pressing her cheek against him, she knelt there silently, sliding her hands between the rolls of his stomach, enjoying the weight of his flesh on her hands.

After several minutes of this worshipful pose, Maria moved one hand down to trace the outline of his stiff cock. It was remarkably large and thick—her hand circled its girth through the fabric of his briefs, gently squeezing. Sam moaned and quivered under his touch. She leaned in closer, breathing against him. Maria’s warm breath felt great on his cock, and he longed for her to touch it directly.

He didn’t have long to wait. Maria reached up to pull his briefs down his thighs, allowing his cock to pop up free and firm. Kneeling there in front of him, Maria had an unobstructed view of his thick, dusky cock and balls. “Ooohh!! You’re uncut!” she cooed, taking him into her hands and softly stroking him.

“Do you like that?” Sam asked, knowing already the answer, as he felt Maria’s soft hands stroking his cock, gently tugging his balls, and toying with the foreskin that was just starting to retract.

Maria didn’t bother to respond. Instead, she reached out with her tongue, teasing the tip of his cock, and licking off the bead of pre-cum that appeared as the head of his cock revealed itself. Swirling her tongue around the head, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock. Sam gripped the edge of the desk, lost in the warmth of her mouth and the sensations she was sending throughout his body. “Oh my god, that’s incredible,” he cried. Maria responded with a low “Mmmmm” that reverberated through his cock. Sam was left speechless.

Maria pulled him from her mouth, licking up and down his length, her tongue running under his balls. Suddenly, leaning back on her heels, she looked up at him, still holding his balls in her hand, playing with them like toys. “I have an idea,” she smiled. “Pull those cushions off the couch and sit down on the floor, leaning against the side of the couch, okay?”

Sam nodded, not sure what she was up to but too mesmerized to argue. Cushions arranged, Maria helped Sam settle into position. He sat reclining, his erection still visible between his thighs, watching her move the pillows where she wanted them. His makeshift throne complete, Maria stood in front of him and smiled. “You look absolutely regal—and good enough to eat,” she said, a wicked smile playing around her lips.

“Be my guest,” Sam shot back, feeling frisky and daring, reveling in the way this woman was making him feel. “But first, don’t you think you should remove some of those clothes?” he asked her.

Maria looked down at herself, just realizing that she was still fully dressed. Laughing, she took off her sweater, and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Quickly unzipping her jeans, she pushed them down her legs and stood before him in bra and panties. Her nipples were rock hard and poking through the lace cups of her bra.

Sam licked his lips at the sight of her 36DD tits, eager to wrap his lips around those stiff nipples. “Almost,” he replied, watching Maria play with the elastic waistband of her panties. “Now the rest,” he finished.

Maria turned around and bent over, pulling the panties down over her ass, and sliding them down her legs. Stepping out of them, she opened her legs so Sam could see her pussy glistening. She straightened up, and looked back at him over her shoulder, smiling. He smiled right back. She quickly unclasped the bra, and slid the straps off her shoulders, holding the cups against her as she turned around, doing her best imitation of a striptease.

Sam laughed playfully. “Come here, you,” he growled, low and determined. He reached out his hand to pull her towards him, watching as she dropped the bra and stood naked before him. Her body was beautiful—curvy, soft, toned, voluptuous. Sam wanted to taste her, feel her skin on his, and explore every inch of her with his tongue.

Maria moved closer to him, standing in front of him, her legs straddling his as he sat there amidst the pillows. She was so close, he could smell the moistness emanating from her clean-shaven pussy. His tongue reached out to taste her, tickling her swollen Escort Kastamonu labia in a long, succulent swoop that culminated on her clit. Maria’s knees buckled, and Sam’s hands came up to grip her ass and hold her in front of him so he could do it again. “Ohhhh….” Maria moaned. “That’s wonderful! Do it again!”

Sam complied, happily, his tongue tracing a lazy path up between her lips. His tongue was soft and hard at the same time, wriggling into her and drinking deeply at her juices. Sam pulled back and licked his own lips, reveling in the taste her—musky, sweet, and delicious.

Maria pushed herself back, her hands braced against his shoulders, and stood there looking down at him, smiling. Her eyes had a glazed look about them, utterly aroused and eager to feel his mouth on her again. She reached out to cup his chin, and stepped over his thigh to move next to him. Sam looked at her, unsure of what she was up to.

Maria knelt on the couch behind him, looking down onto his body. She leaned her head down to kiss his lips, tasting herself on his mouth, their tongues resuming their battle. Breaking the kiss, Maria placed her hands on his chest, her body stretched over his head, her breasts hanging down in front of his face. Sam reached out with his tongue and licked at her left nipple. Maria squealed in delight. He held the breast in his hand, and paid proper attention to the nipple, sucking and gently biting it, then doing the same to the other. Maria’s moans indicated that she was enjoying the play, as her nipples hardened like cherrystones in his mouth.

When Sam paused in his ministrations, Maria resumed her downward path over his body, sliding down over his voluptuous middle to lie over him with her face at his lower belly. Her legs held his head between them, her wet pussy directly in front of his mouth. He wasted no time in dipping his tongue back into her, just as Maria took his still-hard cock in hand and guided it to her mouth.

Sam loved the way she felt lying on top of him, and Maria reveled in the feel of this large, soft man underneath her. Her body moved as he breathed, her tongue lapping at his cock and drinking in the pre-cum that poured from him. Sam gripped her thighs and held his mouth to her pussy, his tongue dancing over the many folds and surfaces, all slick with her juices and his saliva. Her hard nipples scraped against his belly, and he moved his right hand down to pinch at one.

Maria squealed into his cock, the fingers of her left hand sliding down to fondle his balls, and rub underneath them. Sam groaned, encouraging Maria to continue her exploration. She paused her enthusiastic sucking to wet her finger in her mouth, then delicately teased the tip of Sam’s cock with her tongue tip. Sam was in heaven—her mouth felt amazing, warm, wet, soft, and protective—when suddenly he felt her moistened finger circling his anus.

“Ohhhhhhhhh…that feels so good!” he murmured, his lips lightly resting against her pussy. “Please don’t stop!” Maria laughed, her finger gently tapping around the rim of his tight hole. “I’m glad you like it…how’s this?” she asked, as the tip of her finger pressed firmly against the entrance.

“Oh my god, yes!!” he cried, his cock jumping in response. “But if you go any further, I’m not going to be able to stop myself from cumming!”

Maria pulled back, turning her head to look up his body to his face. “I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you on top of me, and then watch you cum all over me,” she told Sam, a serious and almost desperate expression on her face. “Will you, please? Now?”

Sam nodded, just as desperate to penetrate this amazing woman. He helped her climb off of him, then looked at her seriously. “Are you sure you want me to be on top?” he asked, worry in his eyes. “I mean, maybe it’s better if you’re on top, don’t you think?”

“No,” Maria responded, looking directly at him. “I want to be underneath you, to feel this magnificent body spread over me, holding me down, as you slide into me.”

Sam took her by the shoulders, and laid her down on the cushions. Carefully, he knelt in front of her, and gently pushed her knees apart to move closer between them. Maria looked up at him and smiled, one hand trailing down his chest and stomach, softly rubbing and gripping the flesh. She opened her legs wider, and reached out for his hard cock, guiding it between her legs.

Sam knelt above her, poised and ready, his arms on either side of her body, on all fours over her. Moving closer, his belly rested on Maria’s body, draping over her frame and obscuring her view of his cock. Maria moaned at the touch of his flesh on hers, and repositioned her grip on him. Sam’s cock reached the entrance to her pussy, and he paused there, looking down at her. “Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes, fuck me, Sam. I want you to fuck me now,” she whispered.

He slid into her wet folds, supporting most of his weight on his hands and arms. Deep inside of her, he shifted to lean on his forearms, his elbows tight against her ribcage. In this way, more of his weight rested on top of Maria. She moaned in delight, raising her legs to hook around his body. They could barely reach, so she dropped them back to the floor and concentrated on holding him tighter against her.

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