Big Brothers unexpected gift. Pt 2


Big Brothers unexpected gift. Pt 2

Early on Sunday morning the house phone rang. Because Alice and I were expecting Rachel to arrive shortly, we were both up and about, so Alice answered the call and a few minutes later, she rushed into my room to spoil my day.

“David, Mom and Dad are already on their way back and expect to be here for lunch. You sort your bedroom out while I ‘phone Rachel and give her the bad news, she will be so disappointed. She was floating when she went home last night knowing that you wanted to marry her and now she won’t even be able to be alone with you for days.”

“Why can’t she come? She practically lives here anyway, so I don’t see why she should have to stop now.”

“I think she’d be so nervous, that she’d be afraid of it becoming obvious that there was something going on between you two.”

“Tell her that I would be unhappy if she didn’t come to visit as she normally did, and our parents would become suspicious about the sudden change.”

The doorbell rang and I was happy because Rachel was obviously eager to be here. The ‘happy’ turned to ‘glad’ because my enema kit had arrived and so had the slim vibrator. I took them upstairs and stashed the kit in my wardrobe’s ‘secret’ compartment. This was in fact a section of the base support frame which could slide out to reveal a compartment under the wardrobe’s base, but only if you knew how to trip the release spring. The vibrator went into my bedside table drawer.

We turned the house back into a normal three bedroomed house and guessing that our parent would be weary and hungry I prepared a salad lunch with the usual cold meats and awaited their return from their weekend partying.

I wondered what the atmosphere would be like, because for the past few months, things had been a little strained, sometimes even volatile, between them. Dad had even made it plain that he had not wanted to go with mom for the wedding.

They arrived just after mid-day, and the strange thing was that they were both tired, but cheerful and they weren’t acting. They really were happy. After we had finished our lunch, they told us all about the trip.

The wedding had been well attended by the groom’s friends, both old and new. It seemed that my cousin Jack, who was some years older than I was and I hadn’t seen for several years, had grown out of his anti-social phase and mom actually praised him, which was a first. She was also complementary about her new brother-in-law and his daughter Amy, so finally mom would be happy to visit her sister, whom she loved dearly, again.

Aunt Jane divorced her awful first husband 6 yrs. ago and then went to Canada with Jack. She met her new husband Alex, four years ago. He was a brit and had made no secret of his wish to return home. When he asked Aunt Jane to return with him he was holding an engagement ring and a picture of his 30 yr. old divorced daughter, saying that she was all the family he had now and was hoping that Jane would help him to alter that.
Mom said that it was quite possible that the photo was the clincher in Jane’s decision to join him. When she showed me a photo of her, I guessed that Aunt Jane was probably Bi, and so I could understand the remark.

The wedding apart, the weekend had been one long party, and therefore there had been some parts of the proceedings which, for some people, would remain shrouded in an alcohol fuelled mist. Mom and dad insisted that they had not been amongst them, but I swear she had a red tint around her neck when she said that she could account for every minute.

It appeared that everything in my parent’s garden was lovely, and I was happy for them, but I wondered just how happy they would be when I eventually informed them of my own plans. That wouldn’t happen for a few months yet, but it would happen.

The course of our lives was about to be changed a lot sooner than I realized and not from anything that I had started.

My mind was miles away; I work in my dad’s printing and company, at the bottom end of the ladder. My dad calls it ‘learning the business from the bottom up’ and I get no special treatment. Odd though it may seem, I actually enjoy it and have found it to be extremely interesting.

The workload is usually high and today had been no exception so, when I arrived home; I had enjoyed a shower and then lay on my bed to relax a little before dinner. My mind was on Rachel and that caused certain chemical reactions to my thoughts.

My erection had happened without any conscious action on my part, but my instincts had been triggered and therefore, although I was gently dozing, I was masturbating.

Because I had left my bedroom door ajar, when mom brought my freshly ironed laundry for me to stow away, she merely pushed it open with her foot. What she saw as she entered my bedroom was a 5ft 10in. nude male, on his back, massaging 8 inches of swollen penis with no idea that he was no longer alone.

She stopped dead and kept what she had been about to ask me, for a later time and watched her son.

The scene had brought back memories of the very recent past when someone else’s son carried out a similar activity, albeit while wide awake, who then told her to remove the remainder of her clothing so that he could see what went with her fabulous tits, and then she could decide what she would like to do first

The fact that her husband was on the other side of the bed and up to his balls inside his new sister–in-law’s daughter-in-law at the time, had been icing on the cake. It had been such a long time since she’d been so sexually aroused that she wasn’t about to stop her nephew from providing her evening’s entertainment.

She stripped, then leaning forward she grasped his cock and asked him if he needed any help.

The sound of my mother’s voice, together with the cool hand on my cock brought me back to reality with a rush. I was looking at a pair of 36D breasts swinging above me as mom placed herself astride me and lowered her 5ft 7in body down to impale it with my cock.

That swollen, and now aching, appendage slid into her until her cunt lips hit my groin and then she rested and leant forward to allow her nipples to brush against my lips.

“Please don’t bite, they are sensitive.”

I was dreaming, I had to be dreaming, but when she began to lift her rump up until my cock was almost out of her vagina and then ram herself back down I knew I was awake and being fucked by the one woman I never expected to re-enter.

The questions could come later; right now, I had an urgent desire to fuck my mother, not to be fucked by her. It was a struggle to get her to stop what she was doing, until I became vocal.

“Stop that and get on your fucking back, woman.” She did so immediately. I hadn’t really expected to be able to control her, but it worked, which surprised me.”

“Lift your legs up and open them wide, I want to have a good look at your sex to see where my cock is going.”

Once again, my mom did as I instructed her to do and I was looking at smooth, hairless, pudenda, already open and oozing juice. I was shaking with lust as I pushed my face into mom’s open pussy. I breathed her moist scent before opening my mouth to begin sucking, licking and chewing the pink inner flesh. My cock had become so stiff that it was beginning to hurt and so I moved upwards to assault her puffed, rosy clitoris jutting out from its sheath.

The soles of her feet slammed onto the mattress and she thrust he her body upwards as she screamed through her climax. Then the fucking began in earnest. When dad came into the room, I expected to die. I was sucking on one of her tits and holding the other one tightly as my cock shuttled into his wife’s cunt. I couldn’t stop, she wouldn’t let go of me and so I watched him as I fucked her, but he walked to the bedside and knelt beside it to talk to mom.

“I know we were going to see if we could persuade them to fuck with us; love, but I honestly expected it to happen at the weekend, did you eat some more of those cakes I saw in the kitchen.”

Turning to me, he smiled and told me to enjoy myself then left the room.

Now I knew I was dreaming, but I kept going because both my mom was gasping and grunting into the final phase of another climax and my lust was also beginning to reach the climactic part. I had no idea if she was on any contraception or not so poor mom was about to have my cock in her back door.

I felt the start of my eruption so I pulled out of her vagina, lifted her broad, round backside up, found her sphincter with my cock head and pushed my cock into her. She yelped, she grasped her tits and shouted:


I had absolutely no problem in entering her anal canal. I was now fucking mom’s arse, but I didn’t get much time to enjoy it because I had been about to cum when I entered her. I pumped a load of what felt like red-hot semen into her and when that landed in her rectum, she orgasmed with a shout:


I rolled off my mother’s body and found that dad had returned at some point, this time with my sister. They were both fındıkzade escort naked and she was kneeling in front of dad and sucking all 7inches of his cock into her mouth as he mauled her breasts.

On seeing that I was watching them, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and smiled at me.

“I was going to do this for you, but you were already busy when I came home. Dinner isn’t ready so dad gave me some of those little cakes that mom baked; he said that they are special and taste better when they’re warm, but they tasted very nice cold.

Dad wants to fuck me, and if you can fuck with mom then I think I should be allowed to fuck with dad, do you mind?”

“That’s your call Alice, it is your body. If you like the idea of losing your virginity to your dad, then go ahead and enjoy yourself. I was never going to be the first to fuck you, but I will definitely be the second.”

Mom and I went and showered. She in their en-suite, and me in the family bathroom. Having dressed, I went downstairs to find mom starting to prepare dinner.

“Have some of those cakes David, they are good and they help you to relax. We have to have a family get together tonight and then we can tell you about our trip.”

“Doesn’t it bother you that dad is fucking your virgin daughter?”

“Not in the least, I’m happy for both of them. She now has the freedom to have sex whenever and wherever she wants and your dad has finally returned to being the randy man that I married. Have another cake; the herbal extract in them will do you good.”

“He was always ready to screw me whenever he could get me in some secluded spot, but for some reason he changed, it made us both unhappy.
Because of what happened over the weekend he wasn’t at all bothered that you were fucking me. We knew we had to try to get you and Alice to have sex with us, but as he said, we hadn’t expected to get this far so quickly. It is wonderful.”

We heard Alice lose her hymen and mom smiled and said that it reminded her of the day she lost hers. Her dad took it and she said that it was the best gift he ever gave her, because after that she could have who she wanted, when she wanted.

The only person mom had ever wanted had been my dad. He wouldn’t fuck her because she was a virgin, but the night after her dad had fucked her she told him and then he fucked her twice that same night. They had to get married soon after that because she was pregnant with me.

The interesting part was that dad had never tried to get Aunt Jane into bed because she was having regular sex with her mother and he knew that interfering in that arrangement was not a good idea.

Unsurprisingly dinner was late, but Alice and I were desperate to find out exactly what had happened during the weekend to cause such a change in our parent’s behaviour, demeanour, and readiness to include us in their sex lives, so we weren’t about to complain that we were hungry.

Once we were settled in our living room, the story unfolded.

The first part took place on the Friday evening, after they had arrived at her sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law’s house. It had once been a manor house and so is, by modern standards, quite large.

Aunt Jane was a little behind preparing dinner because she had been baking. Would they like to have a cup of tea and try these freshly baked cakes? They taste best if eaten warm, and these have just come out of the oven

The cakes were lovely. Jack plied mom and dad with them until Aunt Jane told him that they would spoil our appetite. Amy had said that she rather hoped that they would increase our appetite

After dinner, they sat and chatted. Mom and dad were asked lots of questions about their lives and information and pictures of their children was greeted with great interest. Jack had looked at mom and asked her if Alice was available, mom said that she wasn’t certain what her status was, but he was welcome to ask her. Alex opened s bottle of wine as he told Jack not to rush his fences.

After the first bottle of wine was finished, they were told that the cakes had a herbal extract added to them which enhanced their taste and helped in relaxing the body and mind, but they had to be careful not to eat too many because of the herbal content.

Jane and Alex said that they were going to leave us in the care of Jack and Amy because they were going celebrate their last day as singles in private. Then, as they departed, Jane said to Amy that she and Jack should make sure to give mom and dad a time to remember.

Jack opened another bottle of wine and after a couple of glasses; he sat on the arm of mom’s chair and asked her if she felt relaxed. She felt very relaxed, and she said so. Jack smiled, put a hand inside her blouse to fondle her tits, and then told her to put her glass on the table, to do that, she had to stand up and walk to the table, which she did.

As this was taking place, Amy had put Alex’s glass on the table and then sat on his lap to ask him if he also felt relaxed. He was staring at her uncovered breasts when he said that he was and Amy asked him if he would like to relax with her in her own room because it was much more comfortable in there.

She turned to Jack and told him that she and Alex were going to her room to change into something more informal and she thought that they would all be much more comfortable in her room, which had a huge bed and lovely comfortable armchairs.

Jack was busy opening mom’s blouse, but agreed to the suggestion. He took her blouse and bra’ from her, kissed a nipple and then lead her to Amy’s room.

Once In the room Amy went into the bathroom to undress and came out wearing a bathrobe. She also had a second bathrobe for mom, but as mom had already lost her blouse and bra’ she came and fondled her tits and said that she’d like a closer inspection of those beauties sometime in the near future.

Mom swears that neither she nor dad had any feeling that there was anything unusual in any of this, even when Amy sat on the edge of the bed and asked dad to rub her feet because they were aching. Mom said that she watched dad kneel down to do as asked and it seemed perfectly normal for Amy to lie back and open her bathrobe so that Dad could see what was on offer.

It was when she turned to Jack that her pulse quickened, because he had stripped and was on the bed, stroking his erection. He told her, not asked, told her to remove the remainder of her clothing so that he could see what went with those fabulous tits, and then she could decide what she would like to do first, which she did.

On the other side of the large bed, Dad was just about to enter Amy’s garden of delight and mom said that at that moment she realized that what she wanted, was sex with her husband, and if she had to sort Jack out first then so be it.

She stripped and then leant forward and as she grasped his cock, she asked him if he needed any help.

“This was where I came in. “That is what you said to me earlier.”

“I was having a flashback; I really believed I was in Amy’s bedroom again, with Jack.”

“When I heard Alice say that dad had told her that he wanted to fuck her I was so happy for him first, and then for us as a family. Jane and her family are a very loving family and now we can be the same.”

“It’s the herbal extract, not the cakes that are special. Once the herbs have been through the cooking process, you could add the resultant liquid to any food or drink. They said that it is so potent and effective that it makes Viagra seem like a pick-me-up by comparison.

“Alex had been given a big bag of the herbs together with their names and the recipe for making the juice extract, after he saved a little boy’s life from a flooded river. He was from a local Indian tribe and had fallen into the river from a canoe which had hit the submerged branch of a tree.”

“Alex and Jane were on holiday and had taken a boat trip on the Amazon. They were just passing the village and he saw what had happened and jumped into the river. He managed to get the boy to the river bank and Jane made the boat crew stop until Alex could get back on board.”

“The next day they went back to the village to make sure the boy was okay and his grateful parents gave him what they thought would please him the most.
The boy’s mother said that they did not have much to give in thanks, but what they did have, was the knowledge that their offering would bring him much joy, the father warned that the extract should be used sparingly and only within the family, the size of the family was for him to decide.”

“David, when I went into your bedroom, earlier, it was because I wanted to ask you about the blood stained sheet that I found soaking in a bucked in the utility room. I thought that you had done to Alice what your dad just did to her.”

“Not ‘to me’, ‘for me’ mom, I wanted it.”

“So if that blood in not from…. Did you fuck Rachel?”

“Yes mom I did and I shall be doing it fairly frequently from now on, but before that happens I told Alice that I would be the next person to fuck her and in approximately fifteen minutes that is exactly what I intend to do. Alice go and have a shower and then güngören escort get on my bed.”

When Alice immediately left the room, mom looked at dad and said:

“It seems as though he’s got the idea, don’t you think? Life is really going to be fun.”

Alice was on the bed with eyes closed. Her legs were wide apart, and her feet were flat on the sheets. She was stroking inside her pussy lips, and rubbing the nipple on her left breast. I wet my finger and slid it into her, now fully accessible vaginal passage, her eyes opened and she smiled at me as I commenced to finger fuck her.

“Is tour cunt sore, Alice?”

“Yes, a little, but I don’t care. I want you to fuck me David and I don’t care how deep you go. Dad wouldn’t go all the way into me; he said it would hurt me too much.

First, I inserted one finger inside her soft tunnel, then two fingers. After a short while I stopped moving them in and out and opened them wide instead and then rotated my hand as I leant down to lick her pink, erect clitoris.

She sighed gently and lifted her pelvis so that I could more easily do what I was doing to her. I closed my fingers and made a hook with them and then pressed upwards towards her clit as I removed my mouth away from the danger zone.

Her bottom came off the bed as though she had been stung so that her body was now forming an arch. Her head was pressed into the pillow and the heels of her feet were rammed into the bedding at the foot of the bed.

“OH FUCK, OOH that was soo, mmm, oohh….”

I was now between her thighs with my cock at the entrance to paradise, and as I prepared to take her with me she opened her eyes and said:

“What was it like, fucking mom?”

“I thought it was fantastic. She was soaking inside her vagina, very slippery, but her tunnel walls clamped around my dick and I had to work to pump in and out. She is a lot like you, really strong cunt muscles and she loves being fucked through her rear door.”

As I spoke, I fed my cock into her waiting tunnel. Alice is a lovely, shapely and sexy girl and I was in the fortunate position of having access to all her delights, and I was about to access one of them now.

It was wet, it was bright pink and it was, for the moment, mine. I fucked her. I did everything I had ever learned to make her climax without touching her breasts or any other sensitive spot on her body. This was all about raw, basic fucking.

To begin with, her vagina clung to my cock like a limpet, but gradually it began to relax until I could hardly feel her tunnel walls as I pumped in and out of that tunnel, but I was now as far inside her love tube as I would ever be.

I stopped pumping and rested for a few moments with my cock head pressing against her cervix and then I commenced a slow, application of pressure, relax, pressure, and relax. Five minutes of that and she was almost weeping with frustration, and then the dam burst and she wailed through an almighty climax. Her vagina clamped around my cock and I could not move it for several minutes as she shuddered and shook through the release.

When Alice had more or less recovered, I told her to lie on her stomach and as she did so, I pushed a pillow under her hips and then spread her buttocks. I had no problem entering her anus, she was ready, she was extremely willing and her sphincter parted as soon my cock announced its intentions.

I fucked her lovely soft bottom for all of three minutes before she climaxed again. Both her sphincters clamped around my cock so that, once again, I couldn’t move it without hurting her and because her release had started my own, this time I was with her all the way. I lay on top of her lovely soft rump and emptied my balls into her, filling her rectum with my semen.

We rested for a short while and as her muscles relaxed, we parted to lessen the soreness, which she was bound to experience. Alice asked me if I would carry on fucking her now that our parents were home and wanting us to fuck with them. I pointed out that I expected to be fucking her for many years to come, if Rachel left me with any energy.

“From what we have just heard I think the occasional trip up north may well be on the cards.”

“I would love to know whether mum would be interested in having sex with you. I am even more interested in whether or not she would have sex with Rachel. If she would, what is the likelihood that she’d go for a threesome? Would you like to have Rachel and mom on your bed? I know I would.”

“You’re correct in thinking that trips up north are a possibility, but it depends on how willing you two are to take instructions. I have never had sex with a female, David. I don’t know if I would enjoy having sex with my daughter or her friend, what makes you think that Rachel would go for such a thing, considering how demure and shy she is?”

“Was mom, was. The world has turned while you’ve been away. How long have you been there?”

“Long enough to understand that while we were away, you must have been having as much sex as we were having. Our excuse is that we had been drugged, what’s yours?”

“We don’t have one because don’t need one. What we did was done because we could and because we had realized how we felt about each other.”

“For how long does the effect of the drug last?”

“Three drops of it will relax you to the point that your mind is in neutral and you become strongly sexually aroused. Never, ever, give anybody more than nine drops of the drug. It was used in those cakes and you had six of them, so you became completely suggestible and sexually stimulated.”

“The effects will last for up to eight hours and you will willingly do anything that you’re instructed to do and will not feel that you were maltreated in anyway when the effects wear off. Be warned; never, ever, take this drug outside this house. Remember also that it could be someone who has also taken the drug who gives you a command and you will obey them until the instruction is completed.”

“If you have more than the recommended amount, you could have the same experience that I had and relive a previous incident, even if that is re-enacted with a total stranger.”

Jane told me that she would only let Alex use the stuff in her cakes for our visit because it would be fun to have a family fuck fest. She also said that after six months, they had stopped using the drug and the effects hadn’t lessened at all.
She thinks that after such a period, the effects of the drug will remain in the body and they are now trying to find out for how long that will be.

It was getting late and we worker bees had to be up early so we went to our separate beds. My parent’s bedroom is immediately behind mine and as dad owned his own business he could afford to start a little later than his employees did and so I had to listen to mom getting what she’d been missing, a long, goodnight fuck.

After I returned from work on the Tuesday, I found my mom in her usual chair, reading.

“Hi mom, how was your day?”

“I had a wonderful day; I hope that they are all like it in future. Your dad was later leaving for work than he expected because he decided to have a ‘quickie’ on the sofa and it turned out to be a little longer than he expected. It is such a long time ago since he last fucked me before going to work that I can’t remember exactly how long ago.”

“Mom, I need a new bottle of shampoo, but I can’t find one, where have you put them?”

“Oh sorry David, I had to move things around a little so that your dad had somewhere to store the drug. I know he needs to have one, but why he has to have his storage jar in here I can’t imagine, there only four of us and he soon won’t need to use that stuff on us.”

“Do you think he’s planning on having the occasional fuck fest with our friends?”

“No, he has some of the herbs and I think he wants to turn all the herbs into liquid and seal it. He thinks the raw leaves may rot over time and he doesn’t want that to happen. Then he may well have plans for its use.”

I followed as she walked into the utility room and stretched to reach the top shelf of a cupboard. Her blouse was a loose fit, her big breasts were lifting the fabric away from her body and she wasn’t wearing a bra’.

My cock rose as her blouse rose and I couldn’t help myself, or rather I could, because I did, help myself. My arms were around her and my hands slid upwards to grasp her big, soft, bare breasts and pinch her nipples, which hardened as I did so and the little buds were suddenly as big as hat pegs.

“OOF, OOH wow David, I told you my nipples are sensitive. Ohh, fuck, now what?”

“Now you get on your knees and swallow what you just caused.”

Standing in the utility room, with my trousers around my ankles as my mom used her mouth to fuck my cock was not how I wanted my dad to find me, but he did.

He watched for a moment as mom, who hadn’t seen him, began to use her hands on my erection saying as she did so that she had a much more accommodating hole for that beauty.

Dad removed his trouser and asked me if I would mind using her back door as it wasn’t his thing and as he knew that she did enjoy being sodomised, I could fatih escort have the honour, but he wasn’t prepared to wait until I had finished, so we’d just have go for a tandem ride.

Dad took her skirt and knickers off and made her stand on a low stool, put her arms around dad’s neck and then wrap her legs around his hips. I had dashed into the kitchen and grabbed the olive oil bottle to rub onto my cock and her rear door.

I pressed the head of my cock against her sphincter, which allowed her to ease herself onto my shaft and when she was ready, dad inserted his cock into her sex and kicked the little stool away. Mom sank down our shafts and then we began to fuck her. He thrust in as I pulled out and then I went in as he came out.

Mom was oofing, and oohing, and telling me to stop pulling her nipples otherwise she’d cum and she didn’t want to do that just yet. I managed to reach the olive oil and use more of it to lather my cock as I pulled out, for which my mom thanked me and promised me a special treat for being so thoughtful.

I just could not leave her breasts alone and so they were squeezed, fondled, pushed and pulled until it was too much for mum and she climaxed with an almighty shout of:


I would never have believed that my cock could be squeezes as tightly as mom’s anal canal did, and Dad said that he had never experienced such a grip from her cunt muscles. She had a big smile on her face as she was released from the cocks impaling her body.

“Oh I want more of that, I want that every day, please tell me you will do that every day.”

Dad carried her upstairs, put her in their bed, and then asked me to order take away for our dinner.

Alice and Rachel came from their gym class and went straight up to Alice’s room; Rachel was looking nervous, demure and very desirable.

“Dad, as you know, on my 21st birthday I can access the trust fund that granddad set up for me. Rachel will be 19 then. I’ve already told Rachel that I am going to marry her and as she didn’t argue, I’m taking that as agreement. I want to use the money in the trust fund to get a mortgage. ”

“I want your permission for me to tell Rachel that she may come here whenever she wishes and be one of the family group. I would like her to be aware of recent events, but I also want you to promise me that you will stay clear of her until Rachel says otherwise.”

“Well done son. That was about as diplomatic and tactful as one could wish for, and you may do as you wish. We will help out with the mortgage son, and I promise to behave.”

“On a different subject, there is a letter in on the hall stand addressed to you. I suggest you read it before going to work tomorrow.”

I went to Alice’s room and knocked. Alice opened the door and asked me why I’d knocked.

“I just thought that at the moment a certain person should aware that her privacy is sacrosanct. Fool.”

“What did dad say when you told him that you wished Rachel to be included in our ‘family’?”

“I didn’t tell him, I asked for permission and he gave it, he will also stay clear of Rachel.”

Alice left to go to the bathroom.

“Has Alice told you anything about what’s been happening since dad and mom returned?”

“She’s hinted a lot, but nothing concrete.”

“Will you marry me?”

“Oh David, I haven’t been able to think of anything else since you casually dropped it into a conversation and then carried on as though it hadn’t happened. Of course I’ll marry you, just as soon as we can afford to get a flat or something. I wouldn’t want to start our married lives living with either of our parents.”

“Er, I have something to tell you that just might cheer you up a little. I have a trust fund, which I can access when I’m 21. Unfortunately, as you know, that is a year away, so if you won’t marry me until we have our own place, then we’ll just have to carry on wearing my, and Alice’s, bed out.”

Alice got the good news when she returned from her tactical withdrawal to the bathroom.

“Now can we tell Rachel all the details, and results, of mom and dad’s trip?”

We could, we did, and Rachel kept looking at me and saying things like:

“You fucked your mom? With your dad in the same room. You fucked your mum with your dad in the room with your sister? You fucked your mum.”

“You have fucked your mum more times than you’ve fucked me, and Alice said that you’ve just fucked her. You have some catching up to do because I do not intend to be the last in line.”

“Are you going to give me any of that stuff?”

“Certainly not. If you don’t have that inside you, then nobody can get you to do anything. On the other hand, you could make any of us do anything you wanted, because we’ve all got it inside us.”

“Before you even think of doing what I know you’re going to think of doing, I want to ask you something. If you were asked to have sex with
Mom, would you do it, with or without Alice or me being present?”

“If she asked me, I would. If she tried to tell me what to do, then I wouldn’t.”



“Fuck me. Fuck me now, here. Never mind the dress, just pull it up and pull my knickers to one side I want you to fuck me. Alice, get your clothes off, I want to see your pussy while he fucks me.”

“Oh fuck I’ve been aching for this. Fuck me David, harder, oh that’s big and ooh, it’s tight. Oh, at last you’re inside me, this is heaven.”

“Well I know you said the world had turned David, but I didn’t realize by just how much. OOH, Rachel you have a lovely bottom and you should be careful because he likes fucking bottoms, don’t you David?”

“She knows Mom, believe me she knows, she still has it to come, but he’ll get there. Now fuck off and leave them alone.”

“OOH, my lovely daughter, naked and moist I see. Your dad just told me to come up here and take you into our bedroom because he wants to watch us have sex and I’ve never done it so you’ll just have to show me. He will also have to buy me a new outfit because he’s just ripped the one I had on.”

“Take no notice Rachel. She’s under orders and has to do it, just like I am, except that I haven’t had anywhere near as much as the rest of them so what happens to you is most definitely not because I’m under the influence of any drug other than sheer lust and love.”

“Oh fuck this is fantastic. You are so wet I can feel it squelching inside you. Oh your tits are lovely, I want get them out to suck them and I want to suck your clit. Rub your clit as I fuck you Rachel, I want to watch your eyes as you start to lose control.”

“Oh, don’t finish yet. If you finish I’ll strip you and go straight back into you. I wish your dress didn’t have such small buttons I can’t get hold of them. Thank you, now I can lift your bra’ over your tits.”

“Good heavens, that must have been mom finding out what its’ like to have a climax with another woman’s fingers and tongue inside her.”

“Get on your hands and knees and spread your thighs wide sweetheart, I want to play at doggy for a few minutes. No love not your bottom. That is for another day when there is no one else around to hear you begging me not to stop.”

“I do believe that your tits are getting bigger. They feel fatter and they sway about more when I bang into you. Feel your clit, is it swollen?
Rub it, faster, come on love, and bring yourself off for me.”

“That’s it, oh that is so good. Your cunt is gripping my cock so all I can do is rock while I squeeze your tits and pull those big nipples… Yes love, big nipples. Your body is enjoying this; everything is swelling.”

“Wow sweetheart you really can yell when you climax, when you stop trying to squash my cock flat I want you on your back again. No I’m not, I want’ to go 69 with you and this time when you cum, I will cum as well, but with any luck my semen will go straight down your throat”

It did. I also received my reward, a drink of Rachel’s juices.
Rachel was a sweaty, exhausted heap. She lay on her friend’s bed, on her back with her legs bent at the knees and thighs wide open so that I could watch her vagina dribbling liquid gold onto the bed sheet.

I pulled her soaking knickers down and off her and wiped my cock and then put them in the laundry bin when I took a shower. Mom was waiting for me when I came out of the bathroom.

“Rachel and Alice are in our en-suite having a shower, do you think that Rachel would have sex with me?”

“She will, if you ask her. Can I take it that you enjoyed your first experienced of sex with a woman?”

“You know full well that I did. I never realized that my daughter was so knowledgeable about sex. I expect that Amy will be pleased when she finds out; I had told her that I wasn’t interested in having sex with her and now I admit I would probably enjoy it.

Put something on and come downstairs, dad is making some sandwiches and tea. We want a quick family powwow.

The powwow was a sort of clarification of what we now expected to happen within the family.

Dad told us that he had locked the drug away because it had served its purpose with us. He said that if we wanted to use it on someone, it had to be with the agreement of the whole group. We knew the score and we all agreed that we were willing to have sex with whichever family member asked us. Rachel would be allowed to decide if she was willing, or not, to fuck with dad.

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