Bianca Bewitches


MEETING BIANCAIt’s a warm morning as I walk the two blocks from the bus stop to Pilates Palace, where I’ve been working as a trainer for almost a year. I like it well enough, and at least it’s an all-female centre, so I don’t have to deal with leering blokes as I had at the first place I worked after getting my Cert IV in Pilates.As I enter, the cool air in the centre is refreshing. “Hi, Lydia,” I say cheerily to the receptionist.”Hey Anne, how’s it going?””Can’t complain. You?””Never better. I’m having a weekend away with my girlfriend at Cradle Mountain Lodge!””Wow, that’s ritzy. Did you rob a bank to afford it?””Haha, no. It’s a gift from her parents for her birthday.””Wow, lucky you.”She pauses with a dreamy look on her face. “I think she’s going to propose soon.””Oh wow, that’s wonderful. I know you always talk about her. I wish you all the best.””Thanks, Anne.”I head to the change room and get into my uniform. I’m glad that I’m a bit early for my first lesson, so I can prepare mentally. It’s my Wednesday morning basic class, so it mainly has retirees and housewives. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, but some of them don’t take it seriously but treat this as a social outlet.Then there’s Olivia, the one that knows better than I do (she doesn’t), criticises others (not her place) and is generally imperious. I sigh and gird my loins to deal with her. I pee, take a drink and fill my water bottle.I head down the hall to the Jasmine Room. It used to be Room 1 but Edith the manager decided to slap some superficial redecorating around the place and rename everything. I’m surprised she hasn’t renamed the toilet as The Throne Room.I go in and say hello to the ladies, who are all chatting in the corner. I look around and I don’t see Olivia. “Good,” I think to myself, “a peaceful session.”Thankfully she’s a no-show and we have a good session without her sniping, getting some good work out of the ladies. They thank me on their way out at 11:00. I walk to the break room and order a cappuccino. A few of my last class and a few of my next class are also having coffee.That’s the best perk of this job. We get free, good coffee. I am about to sit when Edith walks in with a stunning specimen of femininity beside her.”Hi, Anne. I’d like you to meet Bianca. She’ll be our new trainer. She’s just relocated to Launceston.”I am captivated by this tall, slim, exotic woman with an athletic body, firm little boobs, a beautiful face and long, dark hair. I shake myself out of my trance and say, “Nice to meet you, Bianca. We’ve been a bit overworked since a trainer left last month. Welcome.””I’m so pleased to meet you, Anne. I’m sure that you can show me the ropes.”At the word “ropes” my mind reels as it has a fantasy of tying up this lovely creature and having my way with her, or she with me. I snap out of it and say, “Of course, Bianca.”Edith says, “Bianca has had two years as a Pilates and Yoga trainer in Hobart, and her references are glowing, so we’re happy to have her.””Great,” I say. “When does she start?””Today she’ll just learn the layout and our procedures. She’ll start tomorrow. I’ll let you both know the revised schedule,” Edith explains.I sit and my coffee is delivered. Edith and Bianca walk to the office, and I stare at Bianca’s sensuous walk as she fades away.In the rest of my sessions that day, I have to force myself to concentrate on work. Bianca’s image keeps floating in front of me, enveloping me in a haze. At the end of the day, I drift into the change room and strip for my shower. My body is electrified by Bianca, and I find myself rubbing my nipples and soaping my pussy a bit too long.When I hear Edith stepping in, I snap out of my daze. “Oh, hi, Anne. I have the new schedule. I’ll set it on the bench for you.” She walks out. I turn off the shower and dry off. I am hoping to see Bianca again, but I suppose she’s gone already.I dress and travel home in a fog, daydreaming of Bianca. I step into my unit, not even remembering that I stopped for takeaway dinner. I wolf down the food and run to my bedroom, throw off my clothes and toss myself onto the bed.I bring up the image of Bianca and my hands fly to my boob and pussy, rubbing madly. Within a minute, I’m screaming as I cum faster than I have ever cum in my life. I keep rubbing and cum again a minute later.After a few minutes, my breathing and pulse slow and I think, “Wow, this Bianca has possessed me! Is she a witch?” I wonder how I am going to control myself tomorrow when I see her in her tight uniform. I get up, clean my teeth and wash my face and go back to bed.Two or three orgasms later, I drift off to sleep.THURSDAYI wake up in the morning and have my shower. Halfway through I remember Bianca and my body shivers with excitement. All during the morning up to going into the centre, my mind has thoughts bouncing around. I will be excited to see her, but I’m afraid of making a fool of myself if I can’t control myself.At the door, I hesitate, then push my way in. “Hey, Anne,” Lydia says with a smile.”Good morning, Lydia,” I reply, forcing a return smile.I walk to the change room and take off my outer clothes, standing in a bra and knickers, ready to put on my uniform. Bianca strolls in and says, “Hello, Anne. Nice to see you.” I blush at her (imagined?) implication.”Hi, Bianca,” I reply, pulling my uniform on quickly. “Ready for your first day?””Yes, I’m excited.””Well with your experience, you should do just fine.””Thanks, Anne. I hope so.”She whips off her top and I see her lovely small boobs, firm with big dark nipples showing through her sheer bra. My nipples harden and my pussy starts to exude its juice. “Control yourself, Anne,” I think to myself.I quickly zip up, grab my bottle and rush out of the room before I do or say something stupid. I walk to the break room and fill my bottle and hurry to the session room before I have to see Bianca again. My pulse is racing, and I’m trying to prepare for my session. I’m glad that I’m early.My first session goes well, with my students motivated. Working with them distracts me from my thoughts of Bianca. I stay in the room before my next session, afraid of my reaction if I see Bianca. My second session is trying, with the women not really paying attention. I come close to asking one to leave because she is distracting the others with her chitchat.At least my exasperation is another source of distraction from my recent obsession. But Çankaya Escort now it’s lunchtime, and I will have to face Bianca. I walk to the break room and get my lunch out of the fridge.I order a coffee and sit, starting to eat my sandwich. Bianca breezes in and comes straight to me, displaying the incredible form of her body through her tight uniform. I gaze at her amazing boobs, the bumps of her nipples showing through, although fortunately not the dark colour. That would have turned me soaking wet.”Hi, Anne. How were your sessions?” she inquires as she sits with me. Thank goodness that she’s given me a neutral topic to talk about.”My first one was great – they took it seriously. But in the second one, I had chatters who kept distracting the ones who were working. I almost threw one out.””Hey, I am very strict. They get one warning, then they’re out the door. I don’t put up with any nonsense.” Her stern tone has a thrilling but scary effect on me. I sense her controlling nature.”Yeah, I guess I’m a softie,” I say. My coffee is delivered.Bianca smiles at me, and says, “Yes, I can see you are soft and lovely.” I think she is about to say more but thinks better of it. I keep feeling that she’s coming on to me, but of course, she may just be a friendly, outgoing type.In any case, my body is very stirred up. I try to steer the conversation. “So, Bianca, tell me, what brought you to Launceston?””Oh, I got tired of the hustle and bustle of Hobart.”I nearly spit out the mouthful of my sandwich. I moved here from Melbourne, which is a real city with truly hectic traffic and lifestyle. Hobart is a country town by comparison, although still larger than Launceston.”Oh, I see. Yeah, I get that,” I lie. At least this banal topic helps calm me down. Still, I find myself admiring her lovely form. “Well, I hope you enjoy it here.””How long have you lived here?” she asks.”Uh, five years now.””Well, you can be my tour guide,” she says with a beaming smile. I almost lose it again.”Oh, sure, I’d be delighted,” comes back my automatic polite response.”Fantastic! May I have your number?” We exchange contacts.I gobble the rest of my sandwich and blurt, “Well I’d better prepare for my next session.””See you later,” she says (voyeuristically?).I rush off to the toilet and sit in the stall, trying to cool down. Bianca’s face and body loom in front of me as I try to avoid touching myself. I pee and wipe, a little jolt shooting through me with the touch of the toilet paper near my pussy.I run back to my session room, eager to avoid seeing Bianca. My last two sessions are good, with younger students eager to do their best. I manage to avoid thinking about Bianca during most of the time.END OF DAYI walk to the change room, ready to call it a day. I strip off and toss my uniform into the laundry bin and my bra and knickers into my bag. Second perk: they wash our uniforms for us. I walk into the shower and let the hot water stimulate me as I think of Bianca. I close my eyes, and my hands start wandering over my body.I indulge my passion until I decide it’s too risky. What if Bianca sees me rubbing? I rinse off and grab a towel from the stack and dry myself. As I walk back to the locker area, I see Bianca in her bra and knickers, deftly kicking her uniform up to her hand and tossing it into the bin.She notices me and eyes my naked body up and down. I am flustered but I can’t help gazing at her exquisite body in return. I see her dark nipples again and see the hint of a trimmed bush under her knickers. My nipples get hard and my pussy starts to drip.”Did you have a good afternoon?” she asks.”Uh, yeah. It was okay. Quite good, actually. Yours?””Oh, I had to scold one or two women for slacking off, but other than that, it was good.” I blush again at her stern demeanour.”Great. It sounds like you will do well here.””Yeah, it feels good. I like the all-female vibe – no creepy men.””Yeah, that’s the best part.”I open my locker and dress quickly, feeling her eyes burn into me with a lustful gaze. At least, that’s what I imagine. As she walks to the shower, I admire her naked backside. She has left her bra and knickers on the bench. I wickedly pick up her knickers and sniff them. Her sweet aroma overwhelms me.I quickly drop them and finish dressing, getting out before she comes back and I have to see her lovely nakedness from the front. I run to the bus stop as if she were going to track me down. I am lucky to catch a bus quickly, and I tap my transit card and step to the very back.I sit by the window, so nobody can see me below my shoulders. Bianca has thoroughly infused me with her energy. Has she been coming on to me, or is it my wishful thinking?I close my eyes and bring up the image of her in her bra and knickers. I immediately get wet. I imagine taking off her bra and sucking on her lovely dark nipples. My hand slides onto my pussy and rubs it through my jeans. I gasp as I imagine her sliding off her knickers and spreading her legs.I rub my pussy and moan before realising where I am. I clamp my mouth shut and look around. Fortunately, nobody is looking back. I look out the window to see where I am and realise my stop is next. Wow, how long have I been rubbing?I run to the door to exit the bus, panting from the sprint and from the excitement of my fantasy. My mind and body are reeling as I walk home. “Oh, Bianca, I want you,” I say over and over to myself.I thrust the key into my unit lock, turn it and throw the door open, barely remembering to retrieve my keys and close the door. I jump onto the couch and rip off my jeans and knickers. I rub my drenched pussy and plunge two fingers into it, fucking myself madly as I stare at the gorgeous image of Bianca floating in my mind.I fuck myself silly until I cum with a scream. Then I spread my copious juice over my clit and rub it madly. Around and around in circles spin my fingers, pressing on my hard clit. I cum again, screaming, “Bianca, ohhh.” My fingers slow their rubbing as my body shakes.I collapse. I can’t move for a few minutes. Then I finally sit up, feel the massive wet spot on my couch and groggily get a towel to wipe it up. I then go to the kitchen and pour myself a wine from the fridge, gulping half a glass down before refilling it. I take a pizza from the freezer and pop it into the oven.What has Bianca done to me? Is she a witch? Has she put a spell on me? I Keçiören Escort don’t know, but my feelings for her are consuming me. My heart is still pounding. I sit back on the couch and sip my wine for several minutes before taking out the pizza.After eating half the pizza and saving the rest in the fridge, I pick up my jeans and knickers and go to the bedroom to finish stripping and putting on my nightie. I flop into bed and think about what’s happened to me.I’ve never fallen this hard for someone. Sure, I’ve had crushes and a few hot times after some mutual seduction, but wow, Bianca has bewitched me. It’s going to be hard to keep control at work.My mind whirls in circles until I fall asleep.FRIDAYI wake up drenched in sweat. I’ve been dreaming about Bianca. The last dream is of us humping together on the floor of the break room, with other staff and students watching. As we cum, they applaud wildly.I dread going in to work, fearful that I will make a fool of myself. But I manage to get dressed and walk to my bus stop. I try shutting my brain down during the ride, and it works to some degree.I step into the centre. “Hey, Anne. How was your night?” Bianca asks. Her body in her tight uniform shocks me awake.I mumble, “It was okay.””Well, wake up, sleepyhead. We’ve been given a joint session this morning for a visiting group.””Uh, okay. Let me get changed.”I am glad that changing will get me away from Bianca for a few minutes, so I can compose myself. The heat is turning up in my body again.I find the session. Edith meets me and introduces Judy from another Pilates centre which is closed for a plumbing emergency. There are about twenty women of all ages from there. We discuss the plan for the two-hour session. Judy will lead the session, and Bianca and I will roam around, correcting positions.I am thankful for having a lot of work to do, as it keeps me from lusting after Bianca too much. I do glance at her frequently when not busy, however, and I find myself wishing that I had thought to wear a menstrual pad to soak up the juices that I am generating between my legs.At the break, I go to the change room and change my soaked knickers. I put a pad into my fresh knickers. There is a small spot on my uniform, but it looks like sweat, so I don’t worry about that.The second half of the session is also busy, so I don’t get too worked up. As the session breaks up, Judy thanks Bianca and me for helping out with her crisis. Bianca says, “Of course! I’m sure you’d help us out in a pinch.”Judy leaves. Bianca and I walk to the break room for lunch. We order coffees and we get our lunches from the fridge. As we eat, Bianca asks, “So tell me, Anne, do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?””Uh, no,” I mutter, “I had a girlfriend that lived with me, but she moved back to Melbourne.””Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” she replies, gently placing a hand on my forearm. I nearly jump at the contact. Feeling that, she asks, “Are you okay?””Oh, yes, sure, I’m fine,” I splutter.She grips more firmly on my arm, sending shock waves of pleasure through me. “You seem anxious. Is anything bothering you?””No, no, really, I’m good.”She smiles at me and takes her hand away, relieving me. “If you say so,” she says, smiling broadly at me.”What about you?” I ask.”Oh, I haven’t had a serious relationship for a while. I like to sample life as I go along.”I feel like I’m her next sample. I can’t think of anything to say. I concentrate on my lunch and coffee. She smiles at me between bites, also remaining silent.I finish and excuse myself. “See you later, Bianca.””Yes, you will.”I visit the toilet and get ready for my afternoon sessions, without Bianca. The rest of the day is routine, and for some reason, I don’t think about her. After my last session, Edith comes in. “Anne, would you close up, please? I have to leave early, and Lydia has also left.””No worries, Edith.”I go to the change room and strip, ready for a nice hot shower. As I step into the common shower, I see Bianca naked for the first time. She’s turned away, toward the spray, and I stand and gawk at her lovely form. She has shapely hips and a firm bottom.She turns and notices me. “Well, hello there, Anne. Do come in,” she says with a big grin.”Uh, of course,” I stammer. “Edith said for us to close up.””So we are alone?””Um, yes.” I move to the shower next to Bianca, trying not to stare at her perfect boobs. She finishes showering and turns off her tap. She steps toward the towels, facing me, smiling, wiping water off of her.She grabs a towel and starts drying off, still gazing at me. “I love your larger boobs, Anne. Mine are so tiny by comparison.”I am taken aback, but I blurt out, “Oh, Bianca, yours are so perfect. I love your firm little boobs.” Oh my, I didn’t mean to admit that. I am soaping myself, finding my hands on my boobs a lot. My nipples are hard.”Well, thank you, Anne.”I turn away before I do something I may regret. I quickly finish washing and rinsing and turn off the tap. I turn back to find Bianca sitting on the bench, still naked and gazing at me and smiling. My body goes flush again.She holds out a towel. I go to her and take it and step back, drying myself. She starts rubbing her boobs, making her nipples stand out – over a centimetre I would bet. I gasp as I keep drying myself off. When I’m done, I toss the towel on the floor and stand still, transfixed by her.She starts pulling her nipples. I moan and my hands fly to my boobs, copying her. She moans in return and nods and smiles. Then she spreads her legs widely and slides her hands down to spread her full lips, showing me her pink pussy which contrasts with her lovely olive skin.”Ahhh,” I cry. One hand goes to my shaved pussy and slides a finger in.”Mmm, yes, Anne. I knew from the moment I met you that you wanted me. I want you, too. Look at my pussy starting to drip for you. I know you want to taste me, but you must imagine it for now.”I stare at her pussy and fuck mine hard and fast, now with two fingers. “Oh yes, my lovely Anne, show me how much you want me, how much you want to serve me. Surrender to me.”Her words excite me, especially “serve” and “surrender”. I plunge my fingers in deep and rub my clit now with the other hand. I continue for a minute, getting close, my knees wobbling.”Good girl, cum for me now.”I fuck and rub furiously, and scream as I cum hard. Juice gushes out and flows Etimesgut Escort down my legs. Waves of pleasure crash through me, and I stumble to the bench and collapse over her legs.Bianca holds me as I recede from the most intense orgasm I have had for a long time. When I open my eyes again, I look up at her lovely face, smiling at me. She strokes my hair and says softly, “You are so wonderful.” I cannot speak, but I return her smile.After a few minutes, I manage to sit up next to her. She holds me in her arms and whispers, “You’re spending the weekend with me.” It isn’t a question or even an order. It’s a statement of fact.BIANCA’S PLEASUREWe dress quietly. In fact, we don’t say a word while locking up the centre or during the ride in Bianca’s car. I gaze at her face which reveals an air of assured control. I feel she has taken control of me. When that dawns on me, I am amazed that I feel no fear. Rather, I feel like I have found where I belong.She only breaks the silence when she closes the door behind us in her place. “The toilet is the first door on the left down the hall if you need it.” I suddenly realise that I do need it, so I go in and pee and wash my hands, drying them on a luxurious towel on the ring by the sink. I notice that the room has a toilet and sink only, with no bath or shower.She’s standing by the door as I come out. “I’ll give you the tour.” We walk back past the entrance foyer of a house that is compact but that feels paradoxically spacious. “Here is the lounge/dining room, and the kitchen there, of course.”We go back down the hall. Pointing to the first door on the right, she says, “This will be your bedroom, but you may not be spending much time in it this weekend.” At the second door on the left, she says, “This is your bathroom, with a tub, shower and bidet.” We walk to the room at the end.We enter a large bedroom with a king-size bed, a small sofa, closets, dressers and a large bedside table with drawers. She points out to me the ensuite bathroom. I turn around, taking in the view as she looks at me with a gentle smile.I realise that I have not spoken a word since I said, “I love your firm little boobs” in the shower. I glance down at her lovely boobs and feel my body warm up again.”Well, Anne, how do you like my place?”I struggle to bring my mind into gear and engage my voice. “Um, wow, it’s so elegant. I love it. How did you find it?””I inherited it from my aunt, who died last year. She and I had a special relationship, and I guess I was her favourite family member.””Lucky you. You must love it.””Yes, but I may do some renovation to modernise it, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. But it will certainly do for the time being. Now, I have a rule. Everyone in my house must be naked. So take off your clothes. You can put them on the sofa. Relax on the bed while I go pee.” She strips and goes into the ensuite and I gaze at her lovely body again.I feel deliciously entranced. I slowly undress, folding my clothes and placing them on the sofa. I climb onto the bed and lie in the middle on my back and wait for Bianca’s return.When she comes out, I turn my head to see her glorious body. She walks to the side of the bed and says, “Oh, Anne, your body is so beautiful. I can’t wait to explore it. But first, you gave me a show in the shower at work, cumming so wonderfully for me. I will return the favour. But I want you to keep your hands by your side, not touching yourself at all.”I nod, letting her know I agree. She caresses herself, up her sides, over her stomach, on her neck and shoulders, avoiding her boobs. Then she teases the edges of her boobs, and I see her nipples grow. I feel mine harden.Her fingers slowly close on her nipples, and she strokes them to make them even longer. I love them, so firm and brown. When she grasps them and pulls, I gasp. She whispers, “You love my nipples, don’t you, Anne?” I nod enthusiastically. “Well you will have plenty of opportunities to show me how much you love them, but now I’m going pinch them for you.”She does that and I moan. My hand starts to move to my boob, and she barks, “No!” with an intensity that shocks me into putting my hand back down.”Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, but you really need to follow my instructions.” I nod in acceptance.She continues pulling and twisting her lovely long nipples. My excitement is building. My legs squeeze together, trying to stimulate my pussy, but it doesn’t do much.”Oh, am I making you hot? Mmm, yes my lovely, you just get hot for me.” Her words amplify my heat. “I remember you seemed to enjoy looking at my pussy. Well, look some more.”She moves her hands down and pulls on her full lips, exposing her pinkness. I stare at it and gape. “Oh, my Anne loves my pussy, doesn’t she?” I nod. “Well, you have made me wet by looking at me. Look how easily my finger goes in.”She pushes her finger in and it glides all the way in. My pussy clenches, wishing I could feel her finger. “Ohhh, look. Your pussy wants to feel my finger, doesn’t it.” She starts a slow fucking motion. “It wants to feel my finger slide in and out, yes?” I moan.I writhe my legs, trying to get pressure on my pussy. “Is my Anne getting wet? Spread your legs and let me see.” I do as she commands, and she leans down and peers closely. “Oh, yes, I believe there are some drops of your juice. What a good girl.” I smile at her approval.She stands again, now swirling her finger around inside her pussy. Then she pulls it out and examines it. “Look, I’m wet too. Want to smell it?” I nod heartily. “Well smell, but don’t you dare try to touch it or taste it.” She brings her dripping finger to my nose, and I inhale, becoming intoxicated by her heavenly scent.”You love my scent, don’t you? I saw you sniff my knickers, you naughty girl. Well, I may let you taste me later.” With that, she pops her finger into her mouth and cleans it off. “Yum, nice and tangy.”I groan, her show driving me wild. I want to touch myself but I dare not do that. I can’t even bring myself to speak. Somehow I sense that she wants me not to speak.She now plunges two fingers into her pussy, twisting them around. “You want to feel this, don’t you, sweet Anne?” More nodding. “Well, you just have to imagine this.” She starts fucking madly, then rubs juice over her clit and rubs it. Her other hand slides three fingers into her pussy and fucks it.”Ahhhhh,” I groan.”Yes, Anne, you are making me so hot. I’m going to cum for you.” She climbs onto the bed, straddling me with her pussy over my face. She resumes her mad clit rubbing and pussy fucking.The view of her pussy just above me is driving me wild, but I know that she forbids me to touch myself. She plunges away and then screams and gushes juice all over my face and chin. “Ahhh yes, Anne, you’ve made me cum.”

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