Beverly Took Pity On Me


Drew stood staring out the window in the back of his house, looking at Beverly as she squatted in his next-door neighbor’s yard weeding a flower bed. Beverly was a good neighbor helping out the elderly people on the street. Drew was now one of those elderly people and Beverly often cut his grass and a large field next to his house. Due to his muscle weakness, his wife, Judy, usually cut the grass, but she worked a full-time job and had very young grandchildren across the street, next to Beverly’s house, that needed her attention and adornment. She appreciated Beverly help.

Over the last 20 or so years Drew had spent a good amount of accumulated time studying Beverly; doing her own yard work, neighbors’ yard work, washing her car and other things that brought her out of her house. Of late, Beverly had been spending a lot of time at her parent’s house taking care of her mother, so, Drew was delighted to see and study Beverly from afar.

Today, Beverly wore formfitting white, jean shorts that were rather short and fit tight around her thighs. Her posterior, over the years, had become a bit broader and beefier but still was well worth the effort to check out. She had been a pretty girl 20 years ago but Drew did not feel that it was the years that gave her the now hard, and unfriendly facial appearance.

Beverly was a redneck from North Carolina. She worked as a bartender and if you happened to cross her, like parking in front of her driveway, she was likely to bolt out of the house cussing a blue streak. Her numerous boyfriends that did not seem to stick around long, rode motorcycles or drove cars with NASCAR stickers or flags. Beverly herself drove a truck jacked up about 4 feet off the ground with huge tires.

Drew would admit that Beverly had excellent breasts, though they too had become heavier with age, but his mind was more focused on her ass or thereabouts. As always, he pondered what her pussy must look like, did she have a lavish bush and was she any good in bed. As usual, his cock had risen substantially and in the past he might have even pulled it out and stroked it a bit. But, today Judy was in close proximity.

“I see Beverly is home.” Drew said, probing his wife for any information she might know.

“Yes. I spoke to her just a few minutes ago.” Judy replied. “She’ll be here most of the week. Her mother is doing much better.”

The weekend pasted and Drew was determined to weed-wack around the driveway. He’d been retired on disability for nearly 30 years with muscle weakness in his arms and legs, but he pushed himself to keep going. He figured he was good for the 20 or 30 minutes it would take to get the job done.

Straight from the bed, wearing gray cotton shorts and a long-sleeved sweatshirt, with sleepy, uncombed hair, Drew walked out the front door and carefully negotiated the ramp. Judy had already retrieved the weed-wacker and electrical cord.

“HEY, DREW!” Drew heard Beverly shout.

“I HEAR YOU! WHERE ARE YOU! He shouted back.



Drew continued on, plugged in the weed-wacker, and then turned to walk to the beginning of the driveway. He\ immediately saw Beverly walking across the street wearing black jean shorts, much like the white one she wore two days earlier.

“Why don’t you let me help you with that? ” Beverly asked. “Your wife said you wanted to do the driveway?”

“Yeah! Should take about 30 minutes.” Drew replied, giving up the machine.

“30 minutes for you, maybe.” Beverly said. “Why don’t you go up there and sit on the porch.”

“I’m fine right here!” Drew assured her, moving over to the chain-link fence to give him support.

Beverly started weed-wacking the edges of the driveway. She felt that Drew was watching more than just the work she was doing.

“So, you are just going to stand there and watch me?” She queried.

“The view from here is much better than the view that I usually have.” Drew replied. “Much closer!”

“How about I tell your wife you’re watching my ass? Beverly threatened, without a smile.

“That would not be very neighborly.” Drew replied, smiling. “How old are you anyway? You might be too old for me!”

“You are a dumb ass!” She said. “And a dirty old man to boot!”

Drew had never been so bold and thought that Beverly had took his brazenness well. He withdrew up the ramp and sat down on the built-in seat near the front door.

Beverly continued her work and finished in about 15 minutes. She attached the blower to the electrical cord and finished up the driveway. She then walked up the ramp to join Drew, sitting down next to him.

“You have any tea, old man?” Beverly inquired.

“Sure, come on in.” Drew answered.

Drew opened the door for Beverly and followed her through the living room to the kitchen, studying her ass the whole time. He wondered was she Kastamonu Escort deliberately swaying a bit more than usual.

“I’m 46.” She answered his previous question. “I might be too old for you, but you’re definitely too old for me. How old are you by the way?”

“Just turned 64.” Drew answered, passing her in the kitchen to retrieve the tea from the refrigerator. He put some ice in two classes and poured the tea, handing her one glass.

Beverly leaned against the kitchen counter and took a drink of the tea, eyeing Drew.

“So, how long have you been spying on me out of your windows?” Beverly queried, a slight smile finally showing.

“Forever, I suppose.” Drew replied. “You should smile more often. You’re much pretty when you smile. I could make you smile.”

“Drew, I don’t believe you can keep it up long enough to make me or any other woman smile!” She replied, the smile gone. “I should tell your wife on you.”

“Bev, I have a lot of problems but keeping it up is not one of them, I assure you.” Drew said.

Beverly continued leaning against the counter, taking small sips of the tea and studying Drew.

“Your daughter lives across the street and Helen next door is always home.” Beverly theorized. “We would have to travel a hundred mile from here to find a motel. I can’t believe I’m actually considering giving you a little pity pussy!”

“I wouldn’t think you would know, but my daughter takes the two kids to Jack’s rehabilitation classes and Helen goes for chemo at the same time. They’re gone for about two hours at the same time.”

“And when would this be?” Beverly inquired.

“Wednesday. They leave about 12:30.” Drew replied. “You come over here freshly showered and I might except your……..what did you call it…….pity pussy.”

“You’ll accept!” Beverly said, sitting down her glass and walked out.

Beverly entered the front door of her house and walked to the bathroom to pee. Sitting on the toilet, she shook her head thinking how brazen the old man across the street had been. All the years that she had lived across the street from him and figured that he didn’t even like her.

She was still tempted to tell his wife on him, but what good would that do, except to really alienate him, his wife and probably Helen too. She could just ignore him.

All day Tuesday Beverly pondered the situation. Back and forth, should she, should she not! Getting caught would be disastrous for both of them. She remembered his words “freshly showered”. If that meant what she hoped it meant, that would be worth taking the chance. And, if indeed, he could keep it up that was a bonus! It had been months!”

All day Tuesday Drew pondered the situation. He had taken a hell of a chance but he weighed what he had done and what Beverly had done. The scale of fate, he figured, was balanced as she had continued probing and not shutting him down immediately. His sex life with Judy had dwindled to the point that pity pussy would give him a bit of relief. If Beverly came through, his brazen attitude would be rewarded. He doubted seriously it Beverly would say anything to Judy. Probably just ignore him!

Wednesday afternoon, Beverly watched Becky’s, Drew’s daughter, car and Helen’s car. Nearing 12:30, both cars lift within minutes of each other and she quickly walked across the street, studying all of the houses and neighborhood for people. Thank heavens, for the dead end street, she thought, as she tapped on the storm door, opened it and entered quickly. She saw Drew sitting in his recliner.

“I have to tell you Drew, I’m a bit nervous about this!” She said, standing inside of the door. “We’re taking a hallva chance!”

“Why don’t you close the door and lock it. The storm door too.” He advised. “I like foreplay but under the circumstances we should get right to it, if you’re in agreement?”

“Certainly!” She replied.

Beverly followed Drew to the back of the house.

“Drew! For crying out loud! We are not going to use your wife’s bed?” She exclaimed.

“The other bed is not tall enough.” He replied. “If I get on top of you in the conventional style………awww!…………you’ll see. Just pop up on the bed.”

Skeptical and nervous Beverly pushed off her sandals and kneed herself onto the bed and stretched out. She watched Drew move to the foot of the bed, there being only about 2 feet between the foot of the bed and the wall.

He wore black cotton shorts and a white T-shirt. He was barefoot and he looked and smelled freshly showered as she was.

Drew studied Beverly lying on the bed. She did not have on her usual jean shorts but wore cotton shorts with an elastic top, a good choice for the occasion. Her gray cotton T-shirt showed off her ample breasts nicely enough but it was not his main focus at the moment.

“Forgive me for being so direct,” Drew offered. “But we do have a time factor here.”

“I understand.” Beverly replied dryly. “You want me to pull Kastamonu Escort Bayan them off?”

“No! Please, let me have the pleasure.”

From the foot of the bed, Drew reached to slide his fingers beneath the elastic of her outer pants, careful not to snag and remove her panties. H\e pulled them off her legs and tossed them to a nearby chair.

He lowered his torso to the bed and began to push his nose into the crotch of her panties.

Beverly immediately moaned and surrendered her skepticism and nervousness. Drew, she figured, was definitely going to give her what she hoped for, hence being asked to shower. She no longer cared whether he could keep it up for any length of time. She was getting what she desired and it would lead to a very satisfying orgasm, she was sure. She lifted her head to watch him give her oral pleasure.

“If I had known this was available right across the street, I might have given you some pussy a long time ago.” She mumbled between moans. “I never knew you thought of me sexually. I didn’t think you liked me.”

Drew felt inclined to answer and there was a time factor.

He withdrew his nose and began to pull her black panties down and off. With her knees high, spread wide, he lay there studying her pussy as he answered.

“It was your mean ass dogs that I didn’t like!” He explained. “You’ve always been fun to look at and I’ve always wondered how you would be in bed. You’ve had a lot of boyfriends. I have to admit I’m a bit self-conscious wondering how you will appraise my cock.”

“Your burning time sugar and I’m sure I’m going to appraise your tongue very well indeed!” Beverly urged him on.

“You don’t want me to tell you how pretty your pussy is?” Drew queried.

“I know it’s pretty!” She replied. “You could tell me how it taste…… Later!”

Drew put his face to her pussy and began to explore with his tongue, sliding his hands under her ass.

Beverly positioned her feet on his shoulders.

Now Drew, for the last 40 years, had only one partner to practice his technique on, but if you were to ask Judy she would give high praises to her husband for oral sex.

Drew soon focused his attention on Beverly’s clit.

Oral sex for a woman tends to be intense stimulation, so it was no surprise when within minutes the orgasm seized and shook Beverly. Her moan was loud and could have easily been heard anywhere in the small house.

Drew was not to be a hasty jackrabbit like a younger man might have been, eager to get his cock wet. He kept his tongue lapping at the sodden pussy before him. His face and chin awash with her juices.

Beverly went from extreme orgasm to relaxed satisfaction to renewed arousal all within the matter of four minutes. She was beginning to think of Drew as a wonderful, tender and loving old man. When his tongue plunged into her hole, she would have slapped Judy to lay with him. Her moans were singing his praises as her ass gleefully humped his face.

“Don’t stop! Push it deep!” She cried. “No! No! Damn you! Yes! Right there on my clit. Don’t you dare move!”

Beverly was showing her demanding, redneck breeding but Drew was happily doing his thing.

“I’m close! Yes! Right there!OOHHH! HHEEELLLLLL!” Beverly squealed as the second orgasm gripped her as strong as the first. Her body trembled and her ass bucked causing Drew to grip her thighs strongly, hanging on.

Drew only removed his tongue from her clit when her body totally relaxed.

“Scoot your ass down to the edge of the bed.” He directed, still gripping her thighs to help her maneuver down.

When her ass was positioned properly, he stood up straight, pushed down the elastic front of his shorts and released a very firm cock.

“SWEET JJJeess!” Beverly exclaimed, looking for the first time upon Drew’s cock. She stopped herself from finishing her words. She was a redneck but a religious redneck. “You will go easy with that thing?”

“You’re fretting over nothing, darling!” Drew assured her. “A little tender, slow adjustment and you’re going to wonder how you got along without it all these years.”

Drew’s cock was a good 8 inches and thick. He rubbed the head of this cock over and up through Beverly’s pussy to lubricate the head and then slowly pushed the large domed head into her fuck hole.

Beverly pulled her legs back, spreading wide, to accommodate. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened as she inhaled and visually watched the shaft slowly disappear into her. There was a great deal of pressure but there was hardly a note of pain.

Drew pushed it deep and remained still for long moments.

“Damn! I actually did it!” She exclaimed. “I took it all! I can feel your balls against my butt.”

In the back of Drew’s mind, he was pondering the possibility that Beverly had had so many cocks stuck in her that her pussy might be a bit loose. In the end, he put that thought to rest and began to pump slowly into her, building Escort Kastamonu his rhythm as Beverly began to grunt and moan in pleasure.

Long, long minutes passed by as Drew enjoyed fucking his neighbor from across the street. If asked, he would probably tell you it was the best piece of ass he had ever had. She was semi-aroused once more and her ass was thrusting back. He had fewer to pick from and all, except Judy, was ancient history. And, Judy had become accustomed to the size of his cock. It still took moments of adjustment but she had lost her admiration for it. It was old hat, so to speak.

For Beverly, she was definitely sure that it was the biggest cock she had ever had put in her and would just as definitely place Drew at the top of the list

of her many lovers. She was amazed, long minutes ago, of his stamina and he was still popping her ass with an aggressive rhythm, much to her pleasure.

She had repeatedly dropped her head back to rest her neck muscles, only to lift her head again to watch his cock pump in and out of her. He seemed nowhere near a climax.

“It’s okay if you come in me.” She assured him.

“I doubt very little if I’m going to come in you.” He replied, with labored breathing. “I haven’t been able to come in Judy for years. It must have something to do about disease. If you start getting sore, tell me and we will quit.”

“No! I’m fine, sugar.” She assured him, trying to absorb what she had just been told.

A man that can fuck you not mess up your belly, Beverly thought. What a novel idea.

Her actions up until now could not have been considered passive, but now she began to accentuate the wiggling of her ass and thrusting more aggressively against Drew’s thrusts.

“Give it to me!” She began to demand. “Give me that big hard cock! You’re fucking me so good!”

Beverly’s intention was to give Drew a good fuck, letting him know that he was fucking her good, though her arousal level was low due to her two previous orgasms.

Her banter was causing a pressure in Drew’s loins that he had not felt for years. Sex with Judy consisted of fucking her a bit before eating her pussy to climax and then fucking her a bit more. While usually a participant, Judy had never offered sexual banter.

“Harder, baby!” She continued. “Come on! Touch my belly button with the head of that cock! Harder! Push it deep!”

The groan started deep within Drew and grew in volume as his cock jerk hard; once, twice, three times shooting his come into Beverly’s belly.

His orgasm and his loud moan surprised Beverly, but it made her happy knowing that she had caused the man to come, when he said he probably couldn’t. She felt the jerking of his cock and knew that he had given her a good amount of cum.

“Ahem!” Drew cleared his throat. “That hasn’t happened for a while. Bless your heart!”

“Glad I could be of service.” Beverly offered, starting to lower her legs.

Drew stopped their descent.

“Just lay still another moment and let’s see what you have left.” Drew said tenderly.

With that said, Drew, keeping simi-erect cock in place as best he could, put his thumb to Beverly’s clit.

Beverly instantly melted.

“I can’t!” She whispered. “You’re going to get me excited again and I won’t be able to come!”

“Just relax.” Drew instructed. “No matter how long it takes give me one more.”

Drew had learned a bit this day and would try the same technique on Beverly.

“I loved the taste of your sweet pussy!” He whispered. “Your clit was so hard!”

“Did you really like the way it tasted?” Beverly queried.

“Like candy.” He assured her. “Did you like the way I tongue fucked you?”

“Yes! You pushed it so deep into me.” She panted.

Drew, keeping his limp cock embedded in her, began to push against her pussy. It had the desired effect.

“Yes! Fuck me some more with that big cock of yours!” She begged.

“I’m going to fuck your ass off!” Drew assured her. “I’m going to fuck your gorgeous ass off!”

“AAAAAAWWWOOOUUuuuu!” Beverly’s sighed more than moaned as

the low intensity orgasm flowed through her. As it receded, her hand gently pushed his thumb off her clit. She smiled the biggest smile she had smiled in a long time.

“We been at it for quite some time!” She observed, craning her head back to eye the clock on the bed table.. “I better get what’s left of my ass out of here. It’s really been fun, Sugar!”

Drew leaned over to give Beverly a passionate kiss on the lips, which she returned just as passionately. He then lifted and pulled his lengthy but limp cock out of her, asking her to swing quickly off the bed so as not to stain the bedspread.

Beverly, perfectly understanding there was no malice in the request, did as directed and slipped on her underwear and shorts quickly.

“I’m happy to have something to clean up at home.” She told him, inquired. “Are you?”

“Yes ma’am! I certainly am!”

Beverly gave Drew a quick peck on the cheek and rushed through the kitchen and living room. Unlocking the two front doors, she glanced around the neighborhood quickly before exiting. Her quickstep slowed when she reached the middle of the street. Glancing back, he saw Drew at the door and threw him a wave and a smile.

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