Beverly Needs A Plumber Ch. 02


Beverly was sitting at the kitchen table recalling the events of yesterday. She still couldn’t believe she had let her nephew fuck her or how she had sucked her brother’s cock but she had no regrets. If Jack wasn’t going to take care of her needs she knew she had two men that would and she had her sister in laws blessing. Her brother, Brian, hadn’t fucked her but she knew he would and she looked forward to it. She grew damp between her legs as she thought about learning that Bobbie and Katy were fucking and wondered if her own children had ever experimented.

She was lost in thought when her 20 year old daughter, Mary, sat down at the table.

“You sure look happy today, mom,” Mary said.

“Well, I am actually. Life is pretty good.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Mary replied. “You’ve seemed depressed lately.”

Bev smiled and asked, “May I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure mom, ask me anything.”

“Do you ever think of Mike as more than just your brother?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, like just any other guy, like sexually.”

Mary blushed. “Why would you ask that, mom?”

“Well, I found out yesterday that your cousins, Bobbie and Katy, have had an intimate relationship for several months.”

“Intimate? What do you mean exactly.”

Beverly took a deep breath and said, “Fucking, they’ve been fucking each other.”

“Wow, are you kidding? I never had a clue. How’d you find that out?”

“I was visiting your aunt Laura yesterday and I told her how your dad has lost interest in sex. She suggested that I consider Bobbie.”

Mary looked astonished. “You mean she suggested Bobbie fuck you?”

“Yes, she said Bobbie has been fucking Katy and could do me if Jack isn’t willing to.”

“How Kars Escort did you feel about that? Did you think it was disgusting?”

“No Mary, actually I thought it was hot that Bobbie and Katy were doing it.”

“Really, you think it’s hot? What about you and Bobbie? What did you think about that?”

“I’m not depressed today. Can’t you put two and two together?”

“Oh my god, mom! Did Bobbie fuck you? Is he good? Does he have a nice dick?”

“Yes, yes and does he ever!”

“That’s so hot mom and I’m so happy for you. I have a confession to make. Mike has been fucking me ever since he turned 18 8 months ago.”

“All this sex going on around me and I never knew……,” Bev sighed.

“I have another confession, if dad hasn’t been doing it to you that’s probably my fault.”

“How could that be your fault, honey?”

“Dad caught Mike and I and said if he didn’t get some of what Mike was getting he’d tell you. I was scared that you’d be upset so he’s been fucking me 2 or 3 times a week.”

“That son of a bitch, getting so much pussy from his daughter that there’s nothing left for me. It’s not your fault, baby. It’s ok because Bobbie and Brian can take care of me if he won’t.”

“Uncle Brian? Did he fuck you too?”

“No but I sucked his cock while Bobbie was fucking me and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until he fucks me. I’ve always thought he was a hunk.”

“You know, if Uncle Brian and Bobbie are ever too busy taking care of Katy and aunt Laura I’ll bet Mike would jump at a chance with you and you’d love his huge cock. Just between us he’s a lot better fuck than dad.”

“All this talk is making me horny. Yesterday your aunt Laura watched Bobbie fuck me. Maybe when Mike Kars Escort Bayan gets home I’ll watch him fuck you. Would you mind being watched?”

“Dad has watched us lots of times. Dad and Mike have even fucked me at the same time. I think it’s hot being watched. When Mike gets home he always comes to my room wanting pussy if no one’s around. Why don’t you stay in your room until we’re fucking and then sneak in and watch then you can fuck him. I want to see his face when you tell him you want to try out his cock.”

“I could use a nap. I think I’ll go lay down and wait for Mike to come home. Maybe we can have some fun this afternoon,” Bev said as she left the kitchen.


Mary was in her room when Mike arrived home. He walked into her room and just as she anticipated said, “Hi sis, I’ve had a hard on all day. How about a quick fuck before the folks get home?”

“Well, get those clothes off, bro. I’m a little horny myself.”

Mary had already shed her clothes and was laying on the bed playing with her pussy. Mike laid on the bed beside her and she reached over and fondled his cock.

“I love your hard cock. Let me get on top and ride that big dick.”

Mary threw her leg over her brother and slid down onto his cock. She began a slow up and down movement that made Mike shudder. They hadn’t been fucking more than a couple of minutes before she noticed their mom peeking in.

“Do you like fucking me, Mike?”

“Of course I do, you’ve got the tightest cunt I’ve ever had.”

“What if it wasn’t so tight? What if I were older? Would you like some older pussy, Mike?”

“What are you getting at? What older pussy?”

“Would Escort Kars you fuck mom if you could? Dad fucks me, maybe you could fuck mom.”

“Mom is hot but she’d never go for it. If she would, I’d fuck her senseless.”

Mary rolled off her brother and looked toward the door. “Come on in, mom. He’s hard and ready. Come fuck his brains out. See how you like a really big cock.”

Mike looked toward the doorway and couldn’t believe his eyes. His mother was standing completely naked holding her robe. She dropped her robe and walked toward the bed.

“OK big boy, you’ve been fucking your sister. It’s time to show your mother what you can do. Are you ready to give momma a good time?”

Beverly laid down beside Mike and pulled his mouth to her breast as she wrapped her fingers around his throbbing cock.

“Fuck her, Mike. Shove that big thing in her and fuck her like you fuck your whore sister,” Mary said. “Show her you can fuck her better than Bobbie fucked her yesterday.”

Mike looked up at his mother as she hovered above him. “You fucked Bobbie?”

“Yes baby, Bobbie fucked me and now I want you to fuck me. You and your dad have been busy screwing Mary while I got so horny I had to finally find someone to fuck me and it just happened to be Bobbie.”

“Auhhhhhhhhhh” Bev grunted as she lowered her wet pussy onto his cock. “Let me get used to it. Your dick is huge. Lie still for a minute”

“I suppose you’ll be fucking mom all the time now. I wonder if I can get Bobbie over here to keep my little pussy happy.” Mary muttered to herself as she began to play with her clit.

Mary sat on the side of the bed and cupped her brother’s balls in her hand as he eased in and out of their mother’s pussy. “Come on, Mike, fuck her hard. Pound her pussy into the mattress. Isn’t he the best, mom?”

Her mother muttered incoherently as her son slammed his cock into her. Her entire world was suddenly the cock between her legs and the mind blowing orgasm she was building toward.

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